Have You Told The Elders?

Have you told the elders about this at your congregation?

(I have since fled the organization due to the Matthew 24:15 discernment. See here)


Well not personally in a direct manner, but in time and even now, JWs “staying awake” to the Bible’s actually easy to determine pattern fitting only a specific time in history – in it’s own time – as much does replicate in all this, will begin to see a masterful “man of lawlessness”, aided by celestial angelic demon intelligence, is certainly not going to to reveal himself, nor is Bethel going to properly explain the Daniel 8:11-14 parallel to Daniel 11:30-32 which is a divinely programmed prophecy with self-incrimination already in it;

“Those leaving the holy covenant”, as we JWs are so forceful in proclaiming on the one hand, cannot be a Christendom purged in 1919-1922, in our own interpretational rules, on the other hand;

Meaning Daniel 11:30-32 “they” “place the disgusting thing” can ONLY be a team effort of te 8th King “disgusting thing” owner and developer AND “holy covenant” defective anointed, who can ONLY be in JWs;

And the prophecy is clear as day as to who originates the Bethel apostasy in Daniel 11:32, from Daniel 11:30-31 and Dan8:11-12 intrigues involving JW sell-outs in fancy suits and ties, echoing claims developed not by the GB, but by Fred Franz utilizing Russell’s main initial God given impetus and extreme interest in the Bible and God’s Kingdom;

Meaning a 1976 “lifted up” GB was in hindsight “man of lawlessness” from inception, in “bodily” form of factional traitors “transformed” (2Cor11:13-15) who have not added one iota of “new light” since that time, and 1990, as all “new light”, like the apostles themselves, was delivered by God driven INDIVIDUALS, like Christ himself – the whole Israel nation was defective, except for some individuals (John1);

So in all honesty, we JWs have to set aside partiality, man worship, denial and traditions made vain, to actually see the truth in Daniel 11:30-32 critical developments paralleling Daniel 8:11-14 critical developments; And as the first test of truth in his people, we either believe God’s word as the truth is made known in a revelation of many things (2Thess2:3-4) all present in this 1990 to now JW sequence of apostasy, or we listen to the GB “man of lawlessness” himself;

As some may recall I started out on this forum defending the GB, but as that led me into more Bible research, God had to make it apparent to me the King North reality as a continuum that must be met (Dan11:36) from Daniel 11:31 3rd Un placement, covered up by Bethel in the prophetic way, but co-promoted by them in the UN NGO way, as that Daniel 11:31b 3rd placement event leads to Daniel 11:45 4th UN placement final event leading to Armageddon, MARKED at Daniel 11:31b by the collusion of Bethel, as obviously “set in opposition” final “man of lawlessness” as UN NGO;

The prophecy is what ties it all together in Daniel 11:30-32 “place the disgusting thing” causing desolation, MUST BE the “transgression causing desolation” of the Daniel 8:13 indictment of the Daniel 8:11-14 Biblical segway to the final timed temple judgment of Daniel 8:14, and obviously the required clean-out of the Bethel apostasy in order to empower the final 1260 day warning that MUST also replicate in the final cycle as Rev8:2-5 parallels the “altar fire” purification of Daniel 8:14, Zech3:4-5, Mal3:1-5 in modern times marking the final cycle as having begun in the JW temple judgment; (1Pet4:17);

Just a few scriptures prove what is happening, to be marked by JW Bethel and temple desolation, tat is Rev 8, must lead to Rev 9 temple recovery and onto a clean JW ministry as Rev10-11 gives the final 1260 day Kingdom [completion] warning;


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