On Preaching the JW/Bethel UN NGO judgment…

On preaching the JW/Bethel judgment…

God willing more is coming attempting to condense the meaning of the coming foretold Bethel desolations.

Lately I got into some lengthy explanations at various forums for some persons seeing a thing or two, but not yet the bigger UN 1-2-3-4 picture or how Bethel aids their sector of world deception in that coming world government which by prophecy must complete as also by prophecy it will be a climax of the whole Bible progression to Christ.

In my speculative opinion on timing, for commencement of the final cycle by temple judgment signal, there is not that kind of exact detail in the prophecy, just many converging signals reflected by Bethel such as 2Thess2:3-4 and Zech3:1-3, as also a final prophetic cycle will replicate along with the UN use of world tribulation in a fourth cycle as in the three prior world wars, one cold war included were also used to “birth” world government developments at those times.

A world tribulation resolved, such as Matt24:29, is how the 8th King “births” world governmental presentations by using that “world peace” hope and effect to highlight 8th King existence and claims.

But speculatively, it is very hard for Bethel planners to pass up a 1914 to 2014 psychological “centennial” connection to future events to further aid the hoax upon JWs who will of course believe it all the more given the former 1914 occurrence, and current Bethel engineered theological diversions are well founded mentally, to already prime JWs for an attack and desolation – JUST NOT THE ONE JWS WILL THINK IS IN ACTIVATION AS DAN8:13, as Bethel applies Daniel 11:44 in error, premature, and out of sync, and of course still covering up 8th King reality at Daniel 11:30-45 as King North.

It will also not be the end of the overall cycle as JWs are misled to accept, but the beginning of the final prophetic and 8th King development final phase of fulfillment and 8th King development to required sovereign defiant global zenith as 1Thess5:1-3 post tribulation (Matt24:29) sovereign world peace actual climax claims a number of years from commencement of the final cycle.


Thanks John, keep an open spiritual mind, yet guarded, because this is going to broaden out into an attempted erasure of also JW former VALID ministerial prophetic awareness in those first two UN placements of 1919 and 1945. This “WW4” thing already started as a “global war” “on terror”, so it’s unique deployment (Dan11:29) will now utilize all those post 911 worldwide Global NATO and other military bases and support systems for the final conflict, however it is carried out and presented, as the final cycle repeats the WW1 initial 1914-1919 cycle world government meaning of first international forum nucleus of world government, now to the final coming 8th King version at the end of the cycle as real “8th King” full bodied “scarlet wildbeast”.

And all that will unfold upon a well proven pattern JWs will understand fully in time, and one easy to explain and verify in basic terms of the most significant aspects of two world governments completing parallel for battle in 8th Kingdom and Messianic Kingdom completed entities concurrent, and well mapped into the progression by prophecy and world events.

Of course I have an eye out as to things that may lead into 2014, to start the actual required Bethel downfall, as both God and the 8th King have a common interest in desolation, as God before uses the enemy system to chastise His people, but God has a limit to be imposed on the 8th King frenzy as per Dan8:13-14.

Like Michael and Assyrian forces in Hezekiah’s time (Isa36-38; Hos1:4-7), once the 8th King hits the divine limit, a guaranteed covert deliverance will be commenced to also unfold over a “morning” phase of that Dan8:14 prophecy parallel to Revelation 9 temple desolation “abyss” exodus of JWs approved at that time. The divine action is for Christian ministerial recovery (Zech3:4-8 parallel; 2Thess2:8; Mal3:1-5) not world conquest.

From then on the updated prophetic and world event description of reality since 1990 and the UN NGO subversion campaign, must be fully explained accurately globally to God’s spec concerning what this all is actually meaning. Hence it truly will be a “bittersweet” “little scroll”, because the implications are Armageddon itself, and a map to “game day” “super bowl” of all world and universal rulership given to Christ as the human element of “enemies” goes underfoot. The Kingdom is “sweetly” close though, as the final message is of course also joyful for those “keeping in expectation”. And yet God will provide a wake up call for all He purposes as well to make personal decision to live under Christ’s Kingdom authority, by sacrificial guarantee for those cooperating and aiding personal decision to pursue actual repentance – much simpler than the current JW totally lost focus on minutia and “establishing their own righteousness”, etc, all just a big distraction “set in opposition” to actual undeserved kindness in Christ’s sacrifice.

But with a detailed and full final and fair warning the final ministry MUST deploy as decreed by God, again (Rev10:11).

And thus the “big picture” Biblical framework JWs did have built by God through Christ with 2 first UN placements, can then be completed as a guaranteed continuum as all obstacles will if need be, be covertly removed with angelic aid as the Zech3, Mal3, Isa66:6, Rev9 parallels MUST become active to oversee the final world warning of Rev10-11 1260 days, whenever it may begin, no doubt in the heat of Satanic and 8th King world distractions. (As before, as in the use of WW1 from 1914 to distract attention to human world government and away from God’s Kingdom birth phase of Messianic sovereign Kingdom).

The use of a symphony of repeating elements in not just prophecy, but corresponding world developments, will make it about as easy to see and understand as is possible for the validity of the final warning. God by Christ is merely reconnecting JWs to the proper line of tracking lost after UN 1945, to meanings of the final two UN placements as irreversible trajectory to Armageddon. Many organizational burdens, if not all, MUST be shed.

And though 1/10th the duration of the former IBSA/JW ministry approximately, it will be of proper duration and divine control as per Rev8-11, to produce what is foretold for the finale from approved anointed Christians and all affected by the reality to come to light as the desolation unfolds and is ceased in a timed way by God as per the real Daniel 8:13-14 developments to climax soon, but will extend some time to meet the requirements.

Brother, NO ONE can stop or reverse what God has purposed for the finale. It will, to the last detail, manifest as spoken by God.


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