Bethel Apostasy Repeats Basic Principle in Man and Religion

Bethel Apostasy Repeats Basic Principle in Man and Religion

Well I do not know if you are or were a Jehovah’s witness. I am a witness of Jehovah’s Kingdom and believe in spite of anything humans may do, the Bible is a document of truth as actually more validated in truth by the very war of misinformation upon it for over a millennium, and if we include Israel’s history the truth has always been warred upon with a barrage of claims and information.

And the effect of one basket of apples going bad is to of course to project upon the validity of the apple itself. And as with the many example we have with Israel, we are simply seeing a pattern repeating as they always do. In fact it has all the same earmarks, gradual decline that accelerates once everyone is in the illusion. We have leaders of JWs claiming one thing and doing another. We have now, after decades of GB tenure, patterns of actually very serious lawlessness that is so systemic and so serious in nature no responsible actual leaders could accidentally be doing this. The nature of it is actually engineered because the effects are the same as other past systems of corruption, and in hindsight on those systems we know from many examples in time lawlessness becomes the norm. It may begin purposeful, but in time the whole thing assumes a “mind of it’s own” and it keeps leading to an “ADJUSTMENT”, that is sometimes severe.

This one will be severe and it will not be in a development in prophecy and human history paralleling that JWs will think it is. It is not the end yet, it is the final plunge that is actually foretold and mapped in enough clues to know this plunge will also have a final recovery into a final globalized solution under a world government whose evolution to that point of power is as natural as the national evolution that preceded it. But it will take one final cycle to achieve that 4th UN placement, and all four of them are foretold.

Now Jehovah’s witnesses foretold the first two UN related placements. And many people do not make the connection to the cold war as also being a global scale war, it’s openly difference was it was mostly “cold” in nature and drawn out for decades. BUT there was a third UN placement after that war. And the co-promotion of that 3rd placement is what the UN NGO real motive was. And covering it up in prophecy as a failed USSR who also had to fail Daniel 11:36, is also an objective. And it has been carried out. The 3rd and 4th UN placements are shown in a required continuum (Dan11:36) from Daniel 11:30-45. Now the Governing Body and Bethel who are the foretold “those leaving the holy covenant” of Daniel 11:30b, are also in UN collusion seen in the prophecy further in Daniel 11:30-31 to profane the ministry and to be partners in the 3rd UN placement.

And it is obvious that is what is going on, because they also cover up the selfsame prophecy they are fulfilling, while they are in subversions fulfilling it.


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