Bethel Daniel 11 False Interpretive Hoax

Bethel False Interpretation in Daniel 11 on Purpose

Yes and it is also a great opportunity when the “attack” begins, for Bethel to also fill the fictional “King North” character of Daniel 11:44 with whatever new “villain” should appear. And this will make JWs think the Daniel 11:44-45 “end of the world” sequence has begun. The the “Babylon the Great is being attacked” illusion can be made to cover-up the Bethel desolations of finance.

Because what will actually be occurring if catalyzed by world war or false-flag or real attack, or even naturally, is national financial implosion into a globalized international finance and monetary system:

(Daniel 11:42-43) And he (8th King globalists) will keep thrusting out his hand against the (national) lands; and as regards the land of Egypt (King South symbolic national domain), she (subservient to 8th King) will not prove to be an escapee. (8th King pawned soon) 43 And he (8th King) will actually rule over the hidden treasures of the gold and the silver and over all the desirable things of Egypt. (national wealth goes into globalist 8th King control).

But at Bethel, that worldwide “King of the Gold” was somehow a bankrupted and now non-existent USSR. And now JWs can be prematurely advanced too far into 8th King world government developments at a Daniel 11:44 that is not what is developing. In fact a worldwide globalization of finance is what is obviously next, plainly seen in the world alternative news and research, will take some years, would be aided and accelerated by world war and or tribulation. That is what must occur next as is easily seen in the 100s of trillions in national debts globally readying this very process of financial globalization which must occur prior to any real “world government” as the basis of economic control to “gather” the nations further into that unification.

And as Bethel implodes into intrigues of Daniel 11:42-43, JWs will be sold the Daniel 11:44 cover up a world war development would open up. Everything appears to be converging, and getting ready to blow in some direction to drag in all the nations, and JWs thinking “it is the end of the world brothers!”, when to the contray, it is the beginning of the final globalization process that will take a number of years to complete, and needs a world war to get it going in accelerated fashion, and to provide a handy distraction from the real financial source of collapse.

We have a perfect storm brewing here that will also wash the Bethel sand castle away, while the core engineers in that system have already positioned WT assets to be redirected into other hands in the process, all covered up with interpretive deceptions to dupe JWs to the very end, for even a couple years in the process. That cannot be all accidental and coincidence.


Sure it could work. Even “worldly” people have respected that marriage arrangement in certain cases.

And honestly we must se JWs today are now becoming proponents accidentally from guidance of purposeful leaders providing valid lawless evidence that is:

(2 Peter 2:1-3) However, there also came to be false prophets among the people, as there will also be false teachers among you. These very ones will quietly bring in destructive sects and will disown even the owner that bought them, bringing speedy destruction upon themselves. 2 Furthermore, many will follow their acts of loose conduct, and on account of these the way of the truth will be spoken of abusively. 3 Also, with covetousness they will exploit you with counterfeit words. But as for them, the judgment from of old is not moving slowly, and the destruction of them is not slumbering.

Thus marrying a “devout” JW in today’s Bethel system is marrying a member of the actual apostasy which is in JWs by clearly a 37 year pattern under add-on, non-Biblical “Governing Body” dictatorial power. In effect the modern papacy of Bethel is what is actually in power “in the truth” and that is why “you will know these men by their fruitage” is growing in public view on the now dead tree of Bethel and the GB collective “pope” “body”.

So if one flees the main apostasy (Matt24:15 with also UN NGO evidence), and sticks to God, Christ, the Bible and UNDESERVED KINDNESS first, a marriage in such a state of spiritual transition preceding a “Jerusalem” judgment again, can work. Because if one truly repented, and on truly endeavored to obey the love and mercy commands, God would aid the union because God cannot be fooled if we are trying to serve him or we are not.

In spite of Bethel organized lies, there is still God, there is still Jesus Christ and there is still actual truth in the Bible. Bethel’s leadership is the problem of the blind now leading the blind JWs.

A “fader” may actually have a far greater spiritual discernment than a whole elder body and governing body that now accepts even UN Bethel dedications as no big thing. Many faders are the actually spiritually strong, as no robot sheep in JWs is actually following Christ and God any longer, nor do the LISTEN to the Bible, they listen to non-anointed  frauds in a modern papacy of Bethel above the commands of God.

(Matthew 15:7-11) you hypocrites, Isaiah aptly prophesied about you, when he said, 8 ‘This people honors me with their lips, yet their heart is far removed from me. 9 It is in vain that they keep worshiping me, because they teach commands of men as doctrines.’” 10 With that he called the crowd near and said to them: “Listen and get the sense of it: 11 Not what enters into [his] mouth defiles a man; but it is what proceeds out of [his] mouth that defiles a man.”

Now God and Christ are stating that to JWs, but JWs only hear Bethel ear tickling that everything is AOK. You are better off with a fader, than with a JW heading rather into judgment (Matt24:15; Dan8:13-14), and great disappointment, because when the GB and Bethel pay the divine bill of God’s accounting, JWs focused on those fallible idols and organizational idol, will be greatly stumbled when those sinful men go down as an organization.

And they will, because it is plainly foretold in prophecy and principle, Bethel is lawless and reproaches God’s name in a self-proclaimed covenant with him, and no people in history ever got away with transgressions of these magnitudes, with out a divinely selective judgment on the “wheat” and the “weeds”. And the problem is, Bethel is the main weed patch and seeding system.

Faders, not the congregational leaders and zombies, are the ones clearly beginning to realize this, and that it’s implication is Bethel going down like Jerusalem, for the criminal lawlessness in organized and self-justified fashion. It is the same old story, just repeating in JWs as blind as any Jew in Jerusalem for the most part, a few will make it out to tell the story later. It is all simply repeating right in JWs.


Yes In my opinion it is part of the “mother” complex. But it is far worse than just “blending in”. Trans-national CEOs, like many others, would plainly understand a financial globalization in the world scene would have to take a number of years, and possibly world war and world depression to actually globalize the national debt blackhole into an again functional system. And that will occur, and that will not be “any day now brothers!” as “the end” is said to be, but instead the beginning of a drawn out process globally that will take some years.

After or during such a globalization of the financial mechanism of control of say the leading 50 core nations economic systems first, then along with it or after it a globalization governmental infrastructure could then be extended fully into national powers (already in place in concept in many nations, and in preliminary application in the US and advanced in the EU) to bypass national governmental authority to guide this system from specialized internationalized groups who understand international issues with real-time reliable information, and national politicians could continue for a while to act as if they understand Texas and El Paso “issues”. Issues that ultimately have an international fractal pattern that controls it all, or is about to fully in a more complete way I should say.

And that process is going to take some years to actually put in place with the globalized authoritative backing to enforce it. Which would be a final stage to uni-polar globalized military top control as the ultimate enforcer of last resort after finance and governmental regulation in internationalized control.

The point is, many people even on the street, now understand globalization concepts as a framework (not unrelated pieces), to actually present a true “8th King” world government, beyond the UN schematic, and that it will take years to actually complete. Not many, but nearly a decade or so. Yet WT CEOs are acting as if they do not understand some basic globalization projections, and instead tell JWs “it can end any day now brothers!”, meaning the whole world system. Yet for that JW end scenario, the 8th King world government must complete first, it cannot be just a UN schematic, and that takes YEARS. Meaning the top Bethel brainwash creators full well know it cannot end “any day”.

So it cannot end any day now, the final globalization cycle can START any day now. And in that start, eventaully national financial autonomy (Dan11:42-43) and eventually sovereign national power (Rev17:12-18) is what WILL also end starting any day now (deposition or transfer to globalist authority), but has to go on for some years to finalize into required national unions created or overhauled to cascade the international governmental administration according to how it’s schematic is designed and already partly in use, to actually be a true world goverment.

Thus is appears the GB and other central Bethel authorities know a national collapse is coming in all te nations to some degree, and it is not “the end of the world”, and in those periods of upheaval they also have a JW “theology” that can assist Bethel’s financial pillage in that period to be covered up by (1.) “Daniel 11:44 is next!” fictional hoax King North role and further by (2.) “it is the attack on Babylon the Great” (BTG) as very convenient misappliable fictions, to cover up what is actually the end of Bethel to some severe degree in this initial national plunge that will take some years, and will in fact lead to world recovery, even from a final world war, as the obligatory womb of world chaos by which world government is born in concept and in final reality.

And obviously it takes some years to complete the process.

The fact is in JWs a self-fulfilling prophecy and predictive programming is so common in Bethel JW brainwash for anticipation of Bethel “desolation”, and in fact globalization reality is just so far from actual world government at this time, it is hard to reconcile such an actual contradiction from WT top administrators who are not as dumb as they choose to appear without some purpose to the design. No one can today be this ignorant unless on purpose and at that level of operation at Bethel top globalizers of tat religion, tey cannot not know all this. Especially from men who claim to study the Bible and world events as full time jobs. (Which they do, to apply an illusion for cover, rather than the actual affirmable globalization reality).

JWs are indeed in 1980 levels of basic globalism understanding, that is complete ignorance of the understanding of the basis of the primary globalization of world finance, government and military from eventually all national “providers” that must precede and actually be the basis of an actual world government. (Dan11:42-43 assist Rev17:12-18 and Rev16:13-16) But the WT CEOs cannot run a trans-national corporate complex (and a globalized religious empire) and be ignorant of what is really going on in the world globalization process, but they can mislead JWs even at high levels into this illusion and project the impression they are also as backward, and that it is all progressive instead.

And that is why it is very interesting that JW “theology” is more aiding the globalization process of the initial cycle to start with engineered confusions, but suggesting to JWs it is “the end of the world any day” which already has also a JW pre-programmed theology of Daniel 11:44 “attack” expected with a BTG “attack” element as well. Meaning JWs expect a desolation, but JWs are not being told at what point in the process it is actually at, that is at it’s beginning not it’s end, that will actually be developing next – and on who the “attack” is coming Bethel, not BTG. And thus it is not the “attack” they think it is.

It appears the engineered retardation in globalization purpose and awareness in JWs and an engineered theology with the supporting deceptive advancement of “prophetic understanding” way too far in the cycle (Daniel 11:44) are elements requiring intelligent design and purpose to be promoted concurrently in JWs that can actually aid the Bethel transition to new ownership completely out of control of modern actual JWs as Daniel 11:42-43 process activates next, but Bethel will apply Daniel 11:44-45 out of sync with world developmental globalization reality requiring financial globalization at Daniel 11:42-43 first to assist the rest of the cycle. (Thus out of sync with their own prophecy, and not realizing Daniel 11:30-45 is 8th King “King North” activity of the 3rd and 4th UN continuum to the actual end years later).

Thus JWs can be organizationally desolated, and believe it is “the end of the world”, but it will actually be the beginning of the full globalization final cycle, no Armageddon will come as expected, JWs will be bewildered, and that aids the following two years of the process. With no central reliable information, that confusion can last potentially years longer into what will actually be the trek to world government (Dan11:42-45), and the period JWs thought was developing but it was applied prematurely, due to Bethel hoax theology already setup for this purpose.

JWs will swing on and miss an ultimate change up for a while.

I do not see how a puzzle like that picture, just spontaneously constructs itself from these various pieces, without purposeful and intelligent guidance right from Bethel as the primary designer of this process. I can see the incentive in 100s of millions in Bethel assets though, and shutting down JWs fully for a few years in the process.


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