Bethel Hoax and the 7th King

Yes, but remember that the WT is adamant that the end of the U.S. as world power means the end of the world. When that prophecy fails, it doesn’t bode well for the Society.

You hit the nail on the head. The WT will actually AID the transition to the international order on one hand, by causing a mass bewilderment period on the other and over JWs and people believing the current false expectation propaganda. Bethel is just one of many entities that are aiding the process by engineered confusion that leaves those believing it vulnerable to be led to liquidation or transitional facilities, among other neutralizing objectives of the international transition.

In fact the WT organization itself is a conduit already programming it’s members to:

“At that time, the lifesaving direction that we receive from Jehovah’s organization may not appear practical from a human standpoint. All of us must be ready to obey any instructions we may receive, whether these appear sound from a strategic or human standpoint or not.” (WT 11/15/2013; pg. 20, par. 17)


Well it seems WT leaders are very certain of “that time”, but uncertain “directives” will just be swallowed and instantly obeyed by JWs, so they are priming JWs to not only obey, but to be herded, and to probably car pool to the “safe house” as if the aloof GB has the whole placed mapped out for certain “safety” worldwide.

The Bethel system has it mapped out alright, for the internationalist world order first sweep of the herding process to internment and liquidation. JWs will lead the procession. The WT theology and the obvious mental programming is all indicating they want JWs and others to be bewildered aiding their redirection in the first couple years, in many sub-events worldwide, of this inevitable process; voluntarily by WT corporate mandate. (Expect more mental alignments of obedience to precede the opening events).

And individual decision aided by fear and confusion is like birds fleeing a good hiding place into the range of the “hunter”, his “shotgun” and his “dogs”. Meaning civil unrest also aids the herding process as enraged or confused people will deliver themselves into the sweep; voluntarily.

So, keep you cool, get into a “cage” with as few other “gerbils” in it as possible, may be even get out of the “pet shop” completely, and do not over react to the fear, terror and confusion of something whose first wave cannot sustain for more than a couple years, in my opinion. Just keep your cool, and know it will indeed go on for a decade of big transitions being carried out in the national regions of priority, it may include nukes and what have you, but in time it will actually lead to a period of world recovery similar to the end of WW2 in the US system of that time.

But this recovery will be pretty much global, and capable of sustaining that great recovery for potential, not guaranteed, but for decades. Hope is what the internationalists will create for the world, hope is a carrot to use after the chaos provides a proper contrast against the hope to be offered. They want most people to follow the new international order, and know how to turn tribulation into hope, in time, to achieve that kind of world following, in fact with strong conviction in many being recovered into this period of hope and world peace; and actual globalized resources, distributed properly, to back the recovery into that period of stabilizing transition.

People will see this unfold over at least a decade, but world changing events and internationalist preparatory announcements will begin to be made over the next 7 years approximately.

Do not believe it is “the end”, it is not, it is in fact “a beginning”. And obviously the internationalist populated GB knows all this, it is logical, it is known geo-political modeling, it is required in the globalization process. Thus they must be willing aids, playing dumb, fooling everyone, to do their part in the initial preparatory global “sifting” in their “field”, and NOT of “the wheat” and “the weeds” if you know what I mean.

It’s “the end” of national power, and the beginning of international power. All the nations international “tents” will be in good order, the national decline must aid the international ascension gradually, with some abruptions, then it will smooooooooooth out globally.

I thought I simply heard the brother assuring us that the U.S. would be the last world power.

Well there is an 8th King you should remind that brother. And point out by WT theology the US [national alliance] power with Britain is 7th in the sequence. It is logical 8 comes after 7.

So the “7th King” Anglo-American national power must in fact become subservient 100%, to the 8th King international rulership in the logic of 8 following 7. The UN itself is a 17 acre complex of dated buildings in NY state, and is but a forum representing an ACTUAL world government of international hegemony. It is not actually the full “8th King”, just a foundation of it’s creation.

And that will take YEARS to complete number 8 to full world rulership. Thus it is apparent the WT is actually AIDING the transition to 8th King international power, over the first couple years of that transition, with a simplified manufactured expectation complex that “the end” is soon. Yes, it is. The end of the US national 7th King kingship. (but the arrival of the international component beginning to replace it by transition).

And the worldwide 8th King ascension upon the 7th head national crumpled body, merely means a US focused globalization structure will replace the 7th King Anglo-American [national power] “brain” and “central nervous system” with 8th King modifed ruling devices implanted into the former “chains of command”. And not just in the US, but all nations must undergo such a national lobotomy, for an international “transplant” in the coming decade, it is NOT an overnight affair as JWs are misled to believe aiding the “end of the world” mentality that leaves people vulnerable in a period that is a transition of a number of years to complete King number 8 complete international power.

You may try to explain to that brother the difference between US national power and US internationalist power. US internationalist power is meraly part of an international 8th King global government with many other internationalized former “national” powers, which the UN is just one “department” in that worldwide system. The UN is merely the main “conference room”, the 8th King is the entire government “building” worldwide of international government.

This is how you know JWs are undergoing a purposeful personal lobotomy of known globalization facts. JWs are being set-up to be deconstructed in the first three years of internationalizing overdrive events globally. The theology is too purposely simplisitic, leads JWs into organizational herding conduits, and cultures a 1980 view of world power, as if national power is the apex form of world power, as if international world government will never come, as if the next world war is “the end of the world” when it is just the required womb of tranition to birth full 8th King international world government power like after all the world wars, 1, 2, and 3 (cold war) before it all birthed a UN presentation and progression towards full “8th Kingdom” international world government actuality, the actual power and resources in full 8th King control internationally to do so.

The UN itself is not that entity, just a snapshot of it, a concept, an international boys club.

The JW system is already globalized to aid the deconstuction and re-allocation of WT wealth resources to aid the first stage towards internationalized gradual power. The WT theological programming and central cabal-like rulling structure also makes it appear like a production to handle the JW global element in the first phases of the transiton, with other national and internationalized organizations doing likewise with their own “herds”. When we keep in mind a full international order will take a decade or so to get up and running, and must have a global set of war events (in various arenas of power), to actually finalize the national deathstroke, and the recovery into an actually believable world peace actuality.

The 8th King will end that period of engineered “induced labor” from space locales and by war bots, so traditional “fields” of “war” are irrelevant to true 8th King international weapons paradigms and application. (The international power knows all this, Russia and China and US national leaders are as dumb as the average JW, many of them too will have to be “reorganized”)

No one at a “GB” level of corporate understanding could actually be this unaware of basic globalization processes. They MUST be purposely aiding the globalizing process with fabricated expectations that facilitate the work of dividing up their “herd” prior to “reorganized” absorption into “safe houses” Bethel shall “provide” at the time of the first phase, over a couple years globally.

Those “safe houses” will be far from actually safe. And the world will not end as JWs left remaining will expect “any day now”, the international order is in fact just beginning.

THAT is how far off course Bethel has led JWs. They must now complete the “shepherd’s” journey to the corral. They are almost there now.

I doubt that China will “takeover” from the USA. And, I do not think they want to.

That is true even for Russia. But China is in a period of boom and good times for the elites, with a conservative trajectory that will deliver them over the US and EU in a century naturally, and want nothing to throw a wrench into this cinderella story.

It is the US and EU powers who have no alternative now but to cover their 3 foot deep tracks up, loaded down with 12 years of US and EU loot and gold tat is now completely out of te realm of national power access, whose tracks run through the national government, through organized finance, to international locales of power. In banking terms even over 90% of “monetary” volume is all digital. So that stuff is pure fiction held in satellites capable of being “located” in any digital form. No one can actually touch that means of fueling the hard wealth acquisition that that multi-trillions in debt and unfunded [national] liabilities already in theory is also in internationalist hands.

So the EU and US are the ones that require a sort of scapegoat event to cover up the fact they are the main culprits of a worldwide national collapse that must evolve from that debt hole that the US national ruling zombies went hogwild creating after 911. And it all converges back to the US national government as the conduit of the con. The US average Joe is who will “foot the bill”.

That is why the next set of world events MUST distract away from the simple and well evidenced actual story of the pillage, and project it onto a scapegoat, and to decelerate China in the process, but eventually China and Russia must kiss the Anglo-American INTERNATIONAL elites feet. Even the US national elites must do so as well. And thus this distraction will probably have a “monetary” related target, and in the end will aid the whole internationalizing process, because the internationalist element is actually the richest it has ever been in hard assets, and the national MASSIVE losses invariably will equal internationalist gain, because they will “re-invent” a globalized wealth system, just like the fiction they did invent for national use, programmed to of course lead to this out come. They can simply whip out a solution from thin air, back it with resources they have in quadrillions growing daily, and shift those resources as needed in either fictional or actual form to nations sinking into a tar pit, like a 50 foot rope to pull out the national mammoths to “save the day”.

A war event just makes sure the national mammoths get into the tar pit fully, to be hauled out later as subservient and grateful turtles.

Soon world war will be te only alternative for the US fiscal negligence, ONLY some one else can actually foot America’s and EU’s bill, and it aint the public this time, it will be international power that set up the play to go this way, but those nations will ave to sell off their entire national physical resources for that “payment”. And the payment (and it’s globalized “solution” complex), again, will be pure fiction, but as long as some actual backing exists, and it will in mass quantity, and the national powers believe it, which they will, they will accept a receipt of “salvation” for their entire nations.

Then international power will continue the trajectory, as this will affect all the biggest powers first, everyone else will tumble in like eggs in time. But, true, it will be a time of “peace and security” in the hands of uni-polar international power who can war on anyone trying to break that peace from 10 miles above their head, at light speed. It will be a time of world peace, at the same time a few hold outs and some expendables will be being removed “during” “a freedom from care”.

And that is not happening next week or next year, even if it started tomorrow, it will take a decade plus minus, to get it in it’s first completed phase of hegemony.

Any turbulent period of time will obviously serve the Watchtower society well, so we can expect a surge for them and a revival for them whenever this happens, but it is important to remember that the collapse of a super power is not something new and is normal in global societal and financial dynamics. EVERYTHING has a life cycle.

If the WT was actually a Christian group (in it’s top leadership) what you say is true. And they too have a “lifecycle” that now I feel they are actually planning to terminate by human means early, and vacate the entire system, while leading JWs to liquidation worldwide.

I say this due to evidence that is now 10 years trended in WT mental programming actually making sure the international aspects of world government are not understood clearly by JWs; even in te most basic aspects. What this does is leave the JW “herd” vulnerable to engineered premature expectations of an “end” that the globalization process itself ensures will not come for at least 7-10 years, based on JWs own 8th King understanding when updated to an international government meaning beyond the UN facade and clubhouse being viewed as the “end all” system of power.

They have JWs sort of “hypnotized”, frozen psychologically in a time and space of another era.

The UN is NOT a true system of any true power but in theory. A true internationalized uni-polar world government structure fully controlling all physical nations is what an “end all” “8th King” would actually need to be. And like WW1, WW2, and cold WW3, a world war is required to birth and present each form of this international forum, and a final cycle is required to actually present a international government and the UN forum centerpiece as a unique whole, which is a UN now impotent without very real power from former national powers under it’s full control.

And that process is not an overnight affair. And even novice globalists know this fact inside and out. The world war is the element that compels the final national subservience by debt or actual force. By debt in those actually already aligned for international power government, by force for all the rest. The worldwide national human resources must aid that transformation on both sides of the fence. So, there has to be a final war of some typical or unique nature of deployment and branding, to even get the real process going.

Peaople are not just going to finish up globalization on their own, they need a big push and massive incentive, but not the actual awareness of what they are actually empowering.

The final world war, already started in the uniquely branded “global war on terror” in effect a “world war” “on terror” with 12 years post-911 positioning, and maybe 200 trillion in new bases and supporting infrastructure and logistical systems in Global NATO alone, spreading worldwide and into space, is also required to provide the required world tribulatory fear and desperation (the incentive or persuasion) which by contrast, makes the international government “peace” and “security” hope and actuality, being then presented, all that more desirable and acceptable as the world war period concludes to birth a now widely accepted “world government” of supra-national worldwide actual infrastructural dimensions.

And again, that is going to take an approximate decade and some huge global obstacles to overcome.

So a WT “theology” stating “it can end any day now” is simply untrue, when all the supposed WT earmarks of the signals of a divine intervention “end” will take at the least 7 years to even be made publicly known in preliminary forms, as no international government is going to actually proclaim worldwide sovereign “peace and security” until ALL the nations are bridled and harnessed fully and reliably, taking some doing, not impossible, but requiring a final world upheaval and realignment of some years.

And these are things even researching high school kids interested in globalism and geo-politics are also coming to understand as simply the reality of a natural human governmental evolution that created nationalism, and that is merely evolving to globalism as the foundational concept of world government, way way beyond the theoretical scale of a UN control center not yet in full control of even the EU and US national components of it’s own main supporters, and we are at the beginning of the final stage, NOT it’s end.

So how can Bethel live in a 1980 mental state of world power awareness, act as if national power is some apex form of world power, act as if the UN is even now a true “8th King”, and act as if “it can end anytime brothers”, when in fact it cannot end “anytime”, it must proceed to a true apex form of internationalized final power 8, and it has to make certain and assured worldwide claims of apex super-sovereign power, and it has to have control of the dominant national powers 100% to do so. And that will take a decade, plus minus.

These are globalism process basics.

Instead Bethel is priming JW loyalty not to God or Christ, but to the GB, elders and the “organizational arrangement” as the source of protection when the first global shockwave of this inevitable final cycle actually hits. (e.g. WT 11/15/2013. pg. 20, par, 17) And they are explicitly telling JWs to obey any and all directives of relocation. And yet, this is a period that MUST go on for years, so where are they actually going to lead JWs when the bombs of the first cycle, or whatever, start to blow?

What is Bethel REALLY doing here?

They are going to lead JWs to “Egypt”, into proverbial worldwide King South hands subservient to international agenda, while they hoist up another King North national or terror group decoy as the attacker, while they and the actual 8th King (real internationalist King North) are going to capture all the WT billion in assets, already setup for this fall, and seize, remove or destroy all WT resources worldwide. Then they are going to vanish, and leave the JWs left bewildered to pick up any pieces left, while the international order will be like 5-7 years from first uni-polar super-sovereign actuality. Meaning this is all taking place in the first three years of the first required worldwide national upheavals preparing for the internationalization streamlining process. Meaning JWs are organizationally wiped out in two years at the start of the cycle.

That is what I feel the WT is actually up to, and their UN record and other dubious activities and cover-ups only adds to the evidence they really also do not believe their own ministry. Instead they full well know the internationalist cycle that MUST develop in this national engineered implosion, world war, and tribulatory cycle. Yes, there will be a tribulation, that is all they are accurate about. No, no “Armageddon” is going to come for some years, because that “tribulation” and it’s world war must and will end to present an actual full bodied, worldwide supra-national complete world government and international system of uni-polar “8th King” rulership. (and all that by WT theology and various scriptures also ignored in this process of JW brainwash).

And the Bethel fakes at the top who engineer the JW mental world into a perpetual 1980 awareness and stagnant and overly simplistic brainwash, know all this as well. They are already part of the internationalizing process of the 8th King overall global process at the WT for 50 years, and the WT is one of the treasure troves that will aid the asset transference to fuel their part of this world government engine at start-up, and will iron out any possibility of even the peaceful dissension potential in JWs and as much as possible their former worldwide reach. JWs are just one wrinkle to be ironed out in the first 2 to 3 years of the internationalist overdrive cycle commencement leading to King 8, but are apparently on the top of the scheduled list with some other wrinkles to get ironed first.

That is why I believe, atleast in this current pattern of corruption and duplicitous WT “leadership” and obvious hidden agendas, the Watchtower and Bethel system of today is living on borrowed time, and worldwide it’s days are now numbered. How successful that erasure will be I feel will not meet “8th King” expectations, JWs will arise from the ashes. Then they will finally actually teach, what the prophecies actually describe, while they are in the midst of that self-same progression to a full King 8 “world government”. Like national powers, they will simply have a rude awakening, but will regroup as a tough wrinkle, a peaceful but incorrigible rebel crease that just won’t go away.

At that time, years from now, “it can end any day now brothers” will actually be true. At that time the whole prophetic pattern is actually in full form and in final action, rather than today’s premature and way incomplete Bethel illusion that neither affirms globalism logic or their own “theology”. Today’s Bethel is playing dumb on purpose to aid the first stage of this drama.


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