Bethel Infiltration Has Greater Meaning

Bethel Infiltration Has Greater Meaning

Yes it makes sense because what is just signaling lawlessness again in the Kingdom ministry, typified by post first century Christendom “infiltration” for over 1000 years, and a re-corrupted “reformation” attempt, is now being made known because it is going to mean a judgment now on the last place a clarified Kingdom message completed, as IBSA and early JWs did expose also 2 UN manifestations as prophecy.

That is very important because like the 1914-1918 verification of the Daniel 12 preview, the League of Nations did make a rival world sovereignty statement that Christendom endorsed and still endorses WHILE the Messianic Kingdom foundation phase also made a sovereign proclamation. JWs held fast to the second UN placement of 1945, but after that time the 1990 UN “new world order” 3rd placement after the “cold war” was lost.

By that time GB overrun Bethel since 1976 instead joined the UN as UN NGO, like their Christendom UN endorsing sister harlot, and that marks a derailment of a JW ministry that was once tracking UN and Kingdom development parallels. Thus the Daniel 11:30-45 3rd (Daniel 11:31b) and 4th (Daniel 11:45) UN placements are now covered up by Bethel as King North identification as 8th King is masked by the impossible USSR now purposeful error.

As the USSR dissolved and Russia essentially “cold surrendered” to the UN elites to join them, Betel saw such a milestone as not significant. In fact they know it was significant but they are 8th King allies to the core, and cover this up as now all professed Christianity in organized for endorses the UN one way or another. Since Christ is not coming to join the UN 8th King but to conquer him, it is important to understand future events will attempt to get all te world to follow the UN in grand fashion.

So a JW ministry that has the basics, but dropped the UN exposure ball of prophetic commentary since 1945 by 1990 fully, is of course also an invalid ministry in it’s deepest cover up of actual Daniel 8 and 11 details.

So your understanding this personally means your ministry is valid and exposes this truth as the JW ministry even though having basic truths, is now compromised in UN cover up and is profaned in God’s sight.

But as reality is Christ is access to God and the Bible aids that faith, really an “organization”, just like the Jewish system of old, is only valid if it actually aids, not competes as an intermediary to God that ONLY Christ is PERSONALLY, PERSON TO PERSON, between a person having faith and desired obedience, in spite of sin and imperfection, to God Almighty.

That basic truth is obscured by Bethel, as they “establish their own righteousness”, gradually and cleverly inserting themselves as mediators above Christ, between JWs and God – of course a total delusion – in ANY event, Christ assess a person individually, but has used apostles and congregations to aid the process of faith support as long as it is true and valid.

But now Bethel is just another profaned (Zech3:1-3) invalid “aid” now, and really it is pointing to the FACT a completed Messianic Kingdom is the ONLY true “organization” infallible to come for sheep soon. So another Christian transition to a final “aid” to get to that Kingdom completion is what must replace the Bethel system however God does that it will be very clear as to the final 3rd and 4th UN placements as Daniel 11:42-45 is the last 8th King sovereign events to AGAIN (Rev10:11) lead to a Messianic Kingdom sovereign statement at the same time, as in 1914 WW1 to 1919 UN League of Nations, AGAIN on the Daniel 12 pattern in final form.

Daniel 8:13-14 REQUIRES from God a JW organizational judgment “trampling” desolation for the UN NGO signal “transgression causing desolation” as a divinely permitted coming 8th King desolation of the JW worldwide org as Daniel 11:42-43 activates in world financial compromise meaning leading to 8th King world wealth control.

That means you and I now, and many later, will \see this take place, but do not want to get caught in JW “Jerusalem” for that UN NGO judgment as Bethel aids 8th King JW capture and JW ministerial cessation for a profaned “constant feature”. It means Bethel lawlessness will not go unjudged, and the 8th King UN undercovers at Betgel KNOW this and want to use that period of Daniel 8:13 “evening” darkness to take advantage of that bewilderment to try to cease the JW ministry permanently, and this signal the start of the tribulatory cycle.

But God will instead recover and explain te final cycle to result from this temple purification to found the final CLEAN ministry of coming Messianic Kingdom completion. And since it is an 8th King activation of Daniel 11:42-45, the 8th King, like in WW1, will use overall global tribulation to found his own final drive amidst a world distraction again, away from Kingdom reality to try to cover up tat final warning of it all repeating to final form.

How God and Christ do this is yet to be seen, that they will do it is guaranteed, because once the UN completes it’s 4th placement as world government, the real end is coming for then a stated world sovereign rival actually in existing operation is what Christ is coming to conquer when that 8th King actually completes.

Hence God and Christ MUST empower a final warning, for this is the true end cycle leading to actual Armageddon war phase. Until that reality is the JW Christian message, JWs will continue to falter, and in the meantime us becoming aware of this already have a valid ministry that MUST turn into the final Revelation 10-11 “little scroll” and :two witnesses” FINAL Kingdom warning as God will clarify and recover approved JWs and all returning to a ministry tat MUST repudiate the current Bethel conditions that MUST be removed to carry out a final ministry in whatever form God purposes to be revealed as Bethel goes down.

We need patience – that whole judgment, desolation, purification, recovery, redeployment, final 1260 day final warning, and final 8th King attack some years later as Revelation 11:1-7 as a cleansed final “little scroll” final Kingdom warning ministry will take the Daniel 8:14 and Daniel 12:7 time periods to unfold. The Christian ministry is not over a JWs are deluded to believe, the final phase climax of it all will just be getting started with the Bethel desolation of Daniel 8:13-15 that will activate Revelation 8 in final fulfillment that MUST lead into that final Kingdom warning of Revelation final fulfillment recovery “abyss” of temple desolation and judgment opening and merging into Revelation 10-11 final “two witnesses” deployment of the Kingdom proclamation “little scroll” to Christ’s actual Messianic Kingdom completion and arrival as the final reality to conquer the 8th King globalized rival world government permanently.

So just keep accessing Christ DIRECTLY to God, study Bible and prophecy, pray, and rely on God, Christ and holy spiritual power to guide you and stay aware of this reality unfolding now. There is no way, like apostate Jerusalem of old, that Bethel is getting away with this brazen lawlessness and reproach and UN allegiance and prophetic subversion. Expect a JW judgment and do NOT get caught in tat organization when it implodes as per prophecy – it will be unmistakable and a great initial signal of more to follow.

God bless you in Christ, keep getting stronger in  true faith in Christ and God undeserved kindness direct access by him to God Almighty, It is Bethel that “can end any day now”, not the overall world system heading into Daniel 11:42-45 over this cycle connecting to Daniel 12 final fulfillment live and real-time, year over year all outlined in prophecy already, prophecy concealed by lawless Bethel.

Another “ten” “virgin” judgment is due. Everything repeats in final form now, even Bethel’s UN allied lawlessness is itself a repeating principle signaling guaranteed judgment first; (1Pet4:17 as Dan8:13-14 as Rev8:1-6);

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