Bethel UN NGO Red Flag

Bethel UN NGO Red Flag

Yes the GB development is just the tip of the iceberg. The fact a UN 3rd manifestation was not commented on at all, other than in co-promotionals of George Bush Sr.’s “new world order” mantra is a bad sign of reality. That the 1st, 2nd and last UN placement is all shown in prophecy, but the third placement falls off the Bethel radar as prophecy or even significant in global meaning is of course also suspect.

To think a GB group could not foresee a UN NGO in itself would be a reproach, regardless of rationale, is also suspect. In fact once one lists the anomalies all one can see is an expert infiltration which operations are well known in intelligence type methods of internal control of many organizations that could account for all this weirdness.

And thus any JW comment or concern is merely channeled to the trash can, and the GB inquisitional self protection device can filter out any dissension closer to home, and thus the illusion can easily be maintained by simply sampling a volume of past articles, continuing the charade and JW busy work, while central control takes the whole actual corporate system way off course.

All it will take is the proper global event to catalyze the rest of the operation, and JWs know full well the Devil and the current forming elite 8th King system would have a goal of simply shutting down JWs entirely, even in the current misled state. It will take such an event to also get through to JWs, because now the GB is in total control of mind and operations. I really would hate to see the real depth of orchestration that the GB is just the tip of. Actually I would like to see it in fact, but I will just assume the WTS is also full of impostors and the method of multi-generational and multi-organizational infiltration is well planned and founded and is actually of exert deployment; an operation such as this has the goal of avoiding outright detection and removal, yet must display signs of operation, and simply uses plausible deniability to cover any accusation.

Literally for a true Christian in Kingdom covenant NOTHING could be worse than a UN association other than outright sins against the holy spirit that is in the operation itself as the only thing worse than a UN alliance. But I think none of the current GB is actually even Christian, much less genuine anointed.

I think they plan to use a 2014 centennial timing to really cap off the illusion for the JW psychology. Just my speculation, it is in my opinion, pretty hard to pass up such an opportunity.

In the end, recoverable JW Christians will have to make that 1-2-3-4 UN placement announcement while the 8th King is heading for that 4th placement event; (Dan11:42-45). Meaning it’s implications and it’s solid historical continuum to obvious Armageddon meaning and climax, will be very disturbing to some people indeed once purified JWs click UN 3 and 4 into place properly. (Thus “little scroll” news ending in Rev11:7 final 8th King attack will parallel Daniel 11:44 8th King “attack” reaction);

But recoverable JWs (and others) will be filled in on all this after the temple judgment as per Rev8:6-12 heralds. Once Bethel takes the marked initial hit, you can use Daniel 8:14 to know it will go on for at least 3 years of desolations. (Hos6:1-3; Isa37:30-32). And that timing will be needed to convince many JWs in shock. Dan8:13-14 activates with Rev8:1-6, so JW temple judgment basically starts Rev8-11 and it cannot be reversed but takes a few years (Rev11:2) to get to Revelation 11:7-15.

The internal Betel subversion cannot forever keep JWs at first two UN placement understanding, the 3rd placement will have to be explained while the 4th placement approaches, because this world is even now, not far from the Armageddon divine war phase, well marked in prophecy and world events to continue, and of course God WILL let the world know what is actually up (the little scroll) in this 4th UN placement in no uncertain terms as to where it must and will lead as the 8th King completes actual world government. (Rev10-11, final fulfillment).

Using JWs in a judgment will get world attention as well (1Pet4:17), and what seems like a celebration to opposers due to the JW downfall, will end up becoming a very ominous explanation of prophecy instead, well marked and evidenced, and in the final activation, of the final cycle, that must proceed to the finale, all foretold and well mapped in the original JW development of 1914-1918, merely replicating to actual Armageddon finalities, and 8th King and Messianic Kingdom basically concurrent completions.

All in all, it will be a very clear, drawn out and thorough final warning. (Rev11:1-15; Zech3:6-9).

Thank You,


USSR Fails, Also Fails as King North, as UN Third Placement of 1990 Assumes King North Identity as 8th King!

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