Connecting Bethel Apostasy and UN NGO as Prophecy Continuum

Important to connect Bethel lawlessness and UN NGO to prophecy…

Since it is prophecy based, we can only try to explain the seemingly random lawlessness is actually connected to prophecy actually fulfilling now that leads to a judgment. And the judgment on JWs, like the Revelation microcosm “earth” is a foregleam of what will lead to the foretold final arrival of Christ and final judgment of the whole world.

This signal is something that will relate irreversibly to were this next ten years is headed as already outlined in the Daniel 12 initial fulfillment. No matter what some may say, as this lawlessness calls into question the ENTIRE JW ministry to some people, in spite of that a true and valid Messianic Kingdom warning did go forth as a UN first manifestation ALSO made a sovereign claim of developing world government, and it did unfold in 1914 as WW1 led to a resolution leading to that League of Nations presentation that a Kingdom proclamation of 1260 days did in fact also lead to prior to that first 8th King identification affirming.

NO WAY is all that just made up, even the globalist first unique first international governmental basis forum “image” appeared for the first time since Genesis 11 developments 4000 years ago, on the world scene. Thus do not be fooled, a League of Nations birthing of a world government as a globalist unique world power even in development is NOT insignificant, it is greatly significant also as to where that must lead in this fourth cycle of completion amidst another tribulation to birth a final 8th King world government.

We cannot let Bethel lawlessness and seemingly total invalidity of the historic whole make us lose sight of that hugely significant era in world history starting in 1914 as also a unique global war as if it means nothing a Kingdom proclamation, now world known to a great degree, also came forth. THAT is the foundational truth the Bethel “lawless one” is trying to undermine and is very successful at it, as also foretold.

A point is this is GUARANTEED to unfold to even an 8th King completion. And it is GUARANTEED the Messianic Kingdom and Kingdom of God overall WILL make also a competitive sovereign announcement that it WILL back as 8th King completion allows Armageddon to complete as finally a true global sovereign entity will be presented and stating world peace claims of it’s then fully operating world government. Until that actually occurs, Christ cannot arrive to conquer a rival 8th King who is simply now not a complete sovereignty.

And the point is what you may mail to JWs or congregations or email anonymously or however you may do it, it may be doubted and resisted as Bethel is the main example of this, BUT in time it will unfold the primary patterns as JWs go down organizationally and no Christ will arrive as expected, and in time many JWs MUST face reality or simply fail personally.

Thus a temple judgment reality will soon be undeniable.

The end will not arrive as JWs imagine, so in the ensuing years of Dan8:14, JWs must in time come to see something just is not right.

A world tribulatory financial global intrigue is the feature of tribulation starting as overall context as Daniel 11:42-43 is clearly world wealth prophecy going in 8th King systems control needed to successfully fuel this final phase.

Thus just those three events, and no “end” as JWs imagine amidst a Bethel guaranteed desolation from the 8th King planners and God’s requirement (Dan8:13) will in time become apparent to JWs something is terribly wrong.

And indeed it is, the ministry is not approved as per “1/3” symbolic profanations and effects of Revelation 8, JWs will as per first four guaranteed trumpets of alarm, be clued in by God in those being approved for final mission, that a JUDGMENT OF GOD is what is coming on JWs,. NOT a complete approval, only symbolic “five virgins” will come into final mission of bridal completion being announced as Kingdom completion announcement to form in the GUARANTEED divine recovery as God’s spirit returns and is poured out again on the “2/3” symbolic approved to form a new clarified final ministerial deployment progressively, however God may accomplish this y Christ – their aid will be required or JWs would stay as the “log” in that Zech3:2 fire of desolations.

From which the “smoke” of Revelation 9 “abyss” of temple judgment desolation comes from, as the judgment by that smoke symbol becomes instead world seen on JWs.

So anyway you choose to state it, or copy information, know that in time it will come true, and JWs cannot live in denial forever, and you have the prophecy as a framework to have truth as the upper and on now misled JWs. Being DFd from an org disassociated as a whole from God, is meaningless.

But it is good to understand God is not tossing all JW truth, the foundational cycle is valid up to second UN placement commentary valid after 1945 until a full 1990 default and GB led error has now rendered the ministry into that Revelation 8 condition of compromise. Do not let this GB and Bethel stumbling campaign make you think the whole prophecy is bunk, it is NOT, God is going to recover the ministry and clean it out upon the FOUNDATIONAL truth as JWs tracked Kingdom and 8th King developments side by side proving they will converge to Armageddon.

Since 1990 we lost that trajectory to convergence of BOTH Messianic Kingdom and 8th King COMPLETIONS leading to Armageddon over a final cycle that will repeat known prophecy in final form as Daniel 11:42-45 merges into Daniel 12’s final fulfillment. We are not re-inventing the wheel, God is just putting it back on track to where it was already leading in 1914-1919 events until Bethel changed course and derailed the whole thing temporarily.

We just await a judgment of God, and a recovery amidst a world scene that will indeed change towards 8th King actual world government presentation over another tribulation cycle. Stating any of that basic progression can be useful for some now, but in time events will become undeniable to JWs, so in time your words by a prophecy pattern guaranteed, will come true so even a message rejected or doubted now, will become the truth later for some who may even doubt now, but in time can use your information to know it is not the end, it is in fact the beginning of the final cycle of prophecy and 8th King completing world events.

Just like 1914, a world tribulation and probably war will lad to an 8th King presentation, soon in final form, over a Daniel 12 timed progression to be made more and more known by even UN world news, as in time they must start to announce world government actual intent.

Jus pray to God to “open a door” with a strategy and He will inspire through Christ what to do as your warnings now are truly more important than you may think. When Bethel goes down, they will not let up, they will try to erase the whole truth, and that is why “the destroyer” is deployed in Revelation 9, not to conquer an uncompleted 8th King, but to open an abyss and perform a guaranteed recovery of this ministry AND a guaranteed period of deployment to full lead Revelation 9, into Revelation 10-11 because God’s Word cannot fail, and it is merely REPEATING!!

We are merely saying it all repeats. We are just updating UN meaning in Daniel 11:30-45 since 1990. We are not inventing a new faith or interpretation, it simply repeats upon the same world government principles of 1914-1919 League of Nations event following a Kingdom announcement, like that time, but now to final forms of both those opposing world governments in 8th King and Messianic Kingdom.

Appeal to God and He will aid your ministry as it must, God willing, merge into the final one to come from this development of prophetic replication being made known over some years, certainly not an instant “end”.

Keep studying and proving it to yourself in the basics, because a validation of what you will be saying is GUARANTEED to unfold all features in the coming repeating cycle. It already happened once, so we can know it must happen again to a completion!!

Of course the JW org desolation will be a HUGE sign of what is to follow in earnest as that judgment completes to an actual Dan8:14 “right condition” cleansing. We too will get great affirmations this is not imaginary or made up soon. EXPECT IT, we do not need to get caught like the JW org by the “thief in the night”, he is already running Bethel, but not all JWs know this of course, and that “arrival” will be a surprise in the judgment as foretold, and as it always does sneak in on some.

Pray, pray, pray deeply, keep building faith, it will not be late in it’s initial signal, even signaled by Bethel apostasy and lawlessness prior to activation of judgment. We have quite a mission to deploy from all this development, and we need to not let stumblers and stumbled ones lead us away from foundational Christina Kingdom related truth, AND the required exposure of the 8th King UN as prophecy of Daniel 11:30-45 leading to final UN placement as Daniel 12:11 repeats at the end of that coming cycle taking some years to get there.

Keep preparing sister, keep getting ready!

Daniel 12 Repeats to UN 4th Placement as Complete World Government 8th King


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