Daniel 8 Small Horn Globalists

On Daniel 8 Small Horn

This is interesting and it would take time to read all that. Thanks for posting that.
Daniel 7:7-11 speaks of the beast with ten horns and the eleventh horn there were three plucked off making the eleventh horn the eighth horn. Is not the beast with ten horns, then eight horns Satan? That eight horn speaks grandiose things at Daniel 7:11. The beast is killed and completely destroyed. The KN puts on great airs during a freedom from care period but it will be without hand that he will die or be broken in the end without hand or warfare at Daniel 8:25 and 11:20. He will die when he is ousted from his own kingdom by his own policies. Courts are seated at Daniel 7:9 before the death of Satan or the beast with eight horns and Christ is given rulership after Satan destroyed which is not by hand or warfare. Courts adjourned until BG is destroyed by Satan when he returns.


The “root” 8th horn (which does not stay small) is the British based ingenuity of globalism utilzing national elite power drawn into the scarlet wildbeast 8th King, whose root in Anglo “small horn” Britain elite guided system;

Showing us the root of the two horned wildbeast UN engineering as one of those two horns, is the small Anglo forn that grows along with the subsequent American globalist UN engineering center, hence why in 1919 the US did NOT join the League of Nations ratifying the Paris Peace Treaty, ut soon capitulated to the UN system, as of course coercion (Rev13:16) is needed for any nation to surrender it’s national sovereignty to Anglo based, now Anglo-American UN designs forming a [globalist unification] scarlet wildbeast, from a [national collective] that will take one more world tribulation/war cycle to finalize as Revelation 16:12-16 as Daniel 11:42-43 makes 8th King world wealth rulership, and Revelation 17:12-18 is the final surrender of national sovereignty to the UN, now forming world government in addition to the “image” of the UN into which all the national elites are gathered to learn globalist elite meaning of ingenuity in those Rev16:13-16 “inspired utterances” as those are what draws the subservient national powers into the UN whole world government, with a now illusion of national sovereign preservation;

With the dragon as ultimately the main architect ALL of them are the seven headed structure;

The “two horned wildbeast” is an independent globalist elite guide system, so secretive in Rev13:11-15 it does NOT draw worship to itself – a great clue;

The [national collective] “wildbeast from the sea” of Rev13:1 is aligned into the UN scarlet wildbeast [globalist unification] for the final King North, King of Fierce Countenance and 8th King identical final world power container containing all the national powers as one 8th King sovereign defiant package finalizing in this final world drive, fully complete and to be proclaimed in sovereign world rulership against the also complete 144000 full under Christ, Messianic Kingdom to ALSO complete in this final Rev8-11 stretch to Armageddon, to be marked by JW temple desolation as the start point of Rev 8:2-5 as Dan8:13-14 as 1Pet4:17;

The Daniel 11:45 “palatial tents” are not some national world power that overcomes the 8th King, and neither is the Daniel 8:25 King of Fierce Countenance “last stand” that is ALL logically a final 4th UN placement as identical 8th King, currently of course diverted and subverted in Bethel USSR “King North” lies, as if some Anglo-American opposing world power is going to ALSO set up “palatial tents” unto Armageddon;

That is ALL 8th King sovereign climax as Dan12:11 replicates as Dan11:45 and Dan8:25 to culminate the final Rev11:7 attack on a by then cleansed JW ministry as the “man of lawlessness” is removed; The “tribulation of those days” starts with JW temple judgment, and deep into the Rev 16 replicating prophecy, upon Daniel 12 timings (12:7, 12:11), BTG ends the “tribulation of those days” deep in replication 6th Plague timing at Rev16:12-16 as also placed at Rev17:12-18 as BTG MUST aid the final tribulatory war cycle, as logically to be deposed AFTER that period is ending, as the UN 4th placement world government uses a war peace resolution, and BTG’s deposition, and JW “two witnesses” “killed” to make the world truly believe in this final world “peace and security” 8th King sovereign proclamations “while they are saying”, as in a few “peace and security” statements;

And further proof is in Daniel 8:25 DURING a “freedom from  care” for many worldly powerful people and supports, DURING that time, the final “bring many to ruin” is ALSO taking place; That one-sided 8th King attack is leading into, or at 4th UN placement as shown in Daniel 12:11, parallel Daniel 11:45 parallel Daniel 8:25, AFTER a final world war and tribulation of some sort is ending as shown at Matthew 24:29-31, to be shocked (Rev6:12-17) by Christ’s Kingdom final manifestation at that time, as per Daniel 12:1 DURING “that time” of final 8th King, UN 4th placement world “peace and security” grand illusion is finalizing fully;

Thus Christ at Matthew 24:30-31 is FIRST finalizing Daniel 7:26 Court (Dan12:11 parallel), as parallel Matthew 25:31-46 “sheep and goat” very real, separation work to complete all 144000 from “we who are surviving” “gathered”, to finalize the earth “sheep” “gathered” into the security Kingdom security complex of Zech12:-69 as Zech2:5 “wall of fire” of a complete, all 144000 under Christ, Messianic Kingdom power overseeing the final separation and then Daniel 7:26 “FINALLY took the [8th King’s] rulership away” at Armageddon tying all Daniel 8:25, 11:45, and Rev19:19-21 final annihilations together into one Armageddon Kingdom of God conquest event as all prophecy actually started converging in the 1990 3rd UN placement of Daniel 11:31b, and it’s foretold “those leaving the holy covenant” Bethel defection, as the cover up that 8th King (not USSR) REQUIRED prophetic continuum (Dan11:36) to UN 4th placement at Daniel 11:45 which leads very quickly to Armageddon conquest [after] the sheep are all secured in the guaranteed surviving “great crowd” as “the harvest of the earth” in the Rev14:14-20 final judgment sequence after Rev14:1 FULL 144000 completion in final fulfillment which all repeats all the minor 1914-1918 and 1919-1922 events in final actual form;

Hence why a JW temple desolation, removing the obstables at Bethel is required and will be a great signal Rev8-11 in in fulfillment in a continuum, over some Bible gauged years, to Kingdom completion and Armageddon as the 7th trumpet and 7th plague also converges as Revelation 16 first four world plagues are 8th King events used by God as the context of the Daniel 8:13-14 timed JW temple desolation to clean out the 2Thess2:3 and Daniel 11:32 JW apostasy amidst a JW temple judgment at “Biblical proportions” worldwide;

And that will be BIG, and why the rogue 8th King controlled GB hangs JWs in expectation of Daniel 11:44 next, to cover up the temple desolation of actually Daniel 8:13-14 next, to bewilder JWs as much as possible in erred expectations and a temple judgment made to look like “the end of the world”, and how we know it will be big enough 8th King events to make JWs thing the end has arrived, but in fact it is the BEGINNING of the final prophetic cycle and the completions just described as Rev8-11 replicates live and real-time, as the 8th King fulfills Daniel 11:42-45 also live and real-time connecting live and real-time to Daniel 12 as final fulfillment live and real-time as it must replicate “during that time” with the events just described;

JWs will think it is “the end of the world” way too prematurely, as instead the Dan8:14 timed temple judgment, desolation and purification (Rev8) leads to a JW recovery of the “wheat” from temple desolation “abyss” (Rev9) for the final true understanding and recommission of the final “little scroll” last warning of God (Rev10) and 1260 days of that last warning as the second “two witnesses” (Rev11) prophesies again (Rev10:11) and that leads to the end, as 8t King completion and 4t UN placement is concurrent with Messianic Kingdom completion to resolve in “the war of the great day of God the Almighty” at full Har-Magedon;

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