Governing Body 1976 Root of Subversion

Governing Body 1976 Wormwood Root of Corruption and Subterfuge

The real culturing of the JW mind occurred under the GB tenure (1976 incept) and gradual development that quickly instituted a system of self protection by removal of any outspoken critics. (1980).

Thus like the concept of boiling a frog in water increasingly heated gradually, the GB subverters have been very careful to observe scientifically backed methods of very gradual, subtle, but regular mind control methods over 37 years of their direct guidance as a “rule by committee” formerly unheard of in JWs and IBSA.

The “frog” is the JW mindset, the water is the organizational culture, the heat is the mental conditioning that is not meant to retain members, increase growth or recover JWs, as the statistics show in a 10% decrease in JW growth in that GB tenure period, and the worst retention rate of any religion on earth, and probably 1/3 of JWs mentally fully out of “the truth”, because GB stumbling methods, also scientific in application, must be by this time purposeful. The JW organizational engineering cannot simply create all this negativity, under a veneer of illusion for no reaosn.

And that reason is to aid the concealment of a final world cycle that starts with national financial “problems” as a scale requiring an international monetary, finance and investment authority implementation as the “solution”. And that financial globalization process of that international authority will take time to implement, it’s creative structure for doing so is already present – thus just a matter of time when national financial compromise will equal international ascension of financial power. (And in prophecy it is also the first step in that process of full world government; (Dan11:42-43)).

A point is the web and international news is full of the realization a large financial solution will be required, and it will take a number of years to even get foundationally implemented, and in that process nations will have to forego former ownership control of many debt ridden institutions that have to fall under a new “master credit” system in that process, as just one part of the transformation. A globalized world governmental process is also common knowledge to many world geo-political experts, elites, and international minded politicians like Putin and Ron Paul as examples of men knowing a uni-polar potential world government is well underway to attempt a sole world sovereignty over say a decade. This is why Bethel dumbs down JWs to anti-web impressions which also equals an ignorance of a globalization process with much developmental evidence.

And thus we reach the actual Bethel objective. To sell what is coming as the BEGINNING of the globalization process in marked acceleration as it’s end. JWs are expecting “it can end any day now brothers!”, when in fact it cannot end quite so fast, because God and Christ cannot come to confront a world sovereign (8th King) who does not even exist yet in complete form, and will not exist for another ten years.

So the Bethel GB cabal, installed in 1976 anticipating this cycle to start soon, have an ultimate goal to disable Bethel financially and organizationally in this process, because trans-national corporate planners, like Bethel’s, know full well the true financial condition of the US and EU and that they underpin 2/3’s of the world’s monetary and economic systems fully. So a US and EU engineered financial meltdown, will of course affect even the stronger fiscal systems, like China for example. And in many of those external creditors, like China, is the final ownership of the final controlling portion of America’s financial and investment power (compromised by 15 trillion in debt and 100 trillion in unfunded liabilities), and within other nations also disguised in the international corporate investment complex of the international order in that way.

Thus in simplified concept, many national financial entities in America in a 10% range of consolidation, must also end up absorbed into the bigger picture, as with the EU situation as well. And in that financial meltdown engineered, not total collapse but guiding partial implosions, is when Bethel is also going to be “absorbed” into corporate entities NOT connected with a Christian ministry. And that developmental period of say 2 or 3 intense years, the GB wants to sell to JWs as an instant end scenario, and use JW “self fulfilling prophecy” to make an organized corporate takeover look like “prophecy fulfilling brothers!”.

So the JW mindset of trust and obedience to the organization, and prematurely applied prophecy misapplied to this major event cycle, will aid the bewilderment of JWs thinking one thing, when in fact another totally different scenario will be what is in action. Thus JWs “self fulfilling prophecy” will be coming true as they expect a Bethel “attack” and “desolation”, but it will not be at the actual point in time of world government completion at the end of the cycle as per JW expected Daniel 11:44-45, but only the BEGINNING of the final cycle as Daniel 11:42-43. So JWs will be out of sync with prophecy and with the globalization process to actually a decade later, finally present a fully functioning international scale full world government, including the UN international forum, but far beyond it’s financial and military scope of authority.

Thus the corporate raid of Bethel at international scale with a billion in potential booty, has an internal Bethel subversion and mental conditioning program to minimize the chances of any JW obstacles to form now or later as the raid actually goes into clandestine means of liquidating Bethel as to form WTS and corporate control, at a scale and complexity that will shift many WT “peas” to new corporate financial “shells” to effectively dissect and devour Bethel’s assets to some severe degree in the process, making 100s of millions in hard asset scores, and demobilizing the whole JW ministry in the process.

And poor JW “frogs”, now set to boil, will all the while think it is all prophecy, but it is all misapplied prophecy cultured to aid the cover-up of first two or three years of the operation Bethel corporate takeover. Since the operators know it must go one for a decade or so, all they want to do is get past the first couple years of most of the actual corporate finalities, then JWs can be left to figure it all out on their own, the operation will have been fully successful, and will have employed expert tacticians and operatives right in Bethel, through the GB fronting control group, to facilitate the operation in direct manner since 1976. It’s gradual nature of many objectives in the process is wy most JWs today, 37 years later, are mostly unaware of what has actually been changed to aid the final Bethel takeover, and to create in JWs a mindset that actually expects that “attack” and “desolation”, but of course is unaware of what is actually attacking and it’s starting point in the process of Daniel 11:42-45, not at it’s end as JWs “expect Daniel 11:44 next brothers!”.

The whole thing is a perfect hoax and engineered expectation in JWs to cover up the actual operation meaning, with a delusion, until of course it is way too late to reverse. Once it is as complete as it can be in in 2 or 3 years, JWs can just be abandoned to try to figure it all out in a final cycle leading to actual world government that must continue to go forward for more years of final developments. JWs will be to say the least, lost and bewildered for quite some time.


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