Is Infiltration Present in Other Religions?

Is this [infiltration] only with JWs or is it being done to other religions?

Your welcome.
That is something not fully knowable (but clues are present), but by some evidence of the basic pattern underlying it all, which I will explain has roots in the Bible and actual record of the human fall, and the angelic demon interest and methods in that first compromise that even includes the actual “organization” of heaven itself as the precursor, we have great clues as to the final cycle’s use of other religions and institutions for the final prophetic progression. I will also eventually show that the JW Bethel situation and set-up is for a unique purpose to cut a thread of prophecy that describes the final cycle in detail. (Please be patient in this logical background, it will all tie together to your question and the overall prophecy currently subverted by Bethel in specific, and many other institutions in general).

It is all related to the whole Bible story and it’s origin in this “infiltration” that had to begin, in the Bible record, by other Bible clues, with the “infiltration” of heaven (which was an attitude of rebellion that developed from one angel; anointed Eze28:12+) that was resolved in Revelation 12 ouster of Satan and the demons from that “place”, in “1/3” of the angels siding with the Satanic origin of the sovereign challenge against God (Eze28:12+; Eph6:12) that after Eden’s “infiltration”, resulted in the “infiltration” of physical creation in Genesis 6. (of course Genesis 6 explains much alien “conspiracy theory” as the Genesis 6 account of “sons of the true God” who come from heavenly places (Eph6:12) is related to all this alien evidence, they are the same overall persons, angelic persons);

This heavenly “infiltration” is in principle, those angels were already present when Satan’s idea had to have an origin in himself (John8:44; Eze28:15), and had to spread among some angels becoming demons, and is the reason we are even discussing the Bible (or why it exists to explain these things in basic terms), because the conflict of those very real “seeds” of Genesis 3:14-17, resulted in the continuation of the righteous seed’s history in the Bible and it’s peoples as Israel eventually became the physical route by which Christ would become the recovery and salvation “seed”, by route of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob who became the father of Israel.

And those “seeds” are related to heavenly righteous and evil powers from origination in this actual drama as things “in” the physical world aligned with God’s will or Satan’s in actual human form of the effects of each power on their respective seeds.

Even from Cain and Abel we have an example of the kind of conflict the opposing seed in engaged in and how early strong features of those “seeds” manifested. And like the symbol, that “seed” is “planted” in the physical Adamic man and spirit which as an example, resulted in only 8 people being saved in Noah’s day within about 1600 years of the sin of Eden. And so severe was the compromise, it also resulted in nearly the whole world from Eden, to the expulsion, to Noah being also terminated. And the restriction, whatever it is, placed on the “invaders” as in 2Pet2:4-5 and Jude 6, regarding Genesis 6 activity.

(Gen3:17 reference to cursed “ground” is more than agricultural, but means the Adamic “ground” from which humanity springs Gen12:3; 22:18 “families of the ground” and “nations of the earth”)

Thus “infiltration” is a common Bible theme between the lines.

After the flood, nearly immediately but in enough time to found the 70 nations of Genesis 10, by Genesis 11 we had a first attempt at a “globalism” concept of unification of the nations under a sole “king”, who at that time was Nimrod. (at Babel in the “tower of Babel” project; This development contrary to the divine will is far more significant than and now, than it appears) It is not unrelated that a divine intervention resulted to disperse the early nations in that time, by non-destructive language multiplication. It is also related to the fact mankind is now nearing another “globalization”, similar in concept, but distributed in form, to Gen11 early globalism as Babel, that will again result in another divine intervention of Rev11 and Rev16 climax developments of Kingdom and 8th King completions, the 8th King in full globalization. (Incidentally that “collective” of “gathering” and the final divine intervention at Zeph3:8-9 results in a “reset” of the human language into a single “pure language”, because a single language accelerates progress; also why a language “confusion” decelerated mankind’s reformation of a true worldwide national collective “globalism” based unification until modern times);

Make no mistake, a sole “8th King” human world government or the concept, is contrary to the divine will that God has appointed His own Son to be universal ruler of planet earth (Ps2, 110), in true divine eternal power, righteousness and the actual ability to do such a thing. (Isa9:6; Dan2:31-45) And the “kingdom of God” in that Christ agency, is what that Genesis 3:15 “seed” of righteousness was leading to, and has led to (Gal3:15-19), at the same culminative period as humans are also about to complete that 8th King globalization over a final cycle here over some coming years.. And also realize the 1919 League of Nations, even in concept of a world government not yet complete, is a unique human development in all world history since Gen11, that many people think is not as serious as it is. It is as serious as what Nimrod was doing in Genesis 10-11, but now in a fully warned and final form of defiance, as God has already warned this final 8th King globalization will also suffer defeat.

And the final cycle is not just 8th King completion but also Kingdom completion and final salvation work to secure all the sheep in the preliminary process (Matt25:31-46) marked by Christ’s identical Rev11:11-13, Matt24:29-31 and Rev16:12-17 manifestation after the 1260 day ministry some years in the future as a replication to finality. Meaning you have a number of years to see the JW desolation and judgment as 1Pet4:17 is Dan8:13-14 and Rev8, the desolation and recovery as Rev8-9, and a recovery that requires a final true explanation of the prophetic cycle as Rev10 short but powerful “little” “scroll” divine ultimatum of Kingdom completion certainty gauged by 8th King world government completion progress, as a deployed “two witnesses” Rev11 final 1260 day warning after the Dan8:14 judgment desolation and recovery purification timing. Meaning from now, years are still involved in the final cycle.

(In time the UN 8th King system world government will have to start vocalizing globalization actuality and it’s true intent in official proclamations, I assume in advance of the final “peace and security” sovereign proclamation of complete world government; That means in time, the UN 8th King system foundation will be making known it’s completion progress, and in that world news that must develop, is a way to monitor how close Armageddon events actually are, for the 8th King MUST complete prior to Armageddon along Daniel 12:11 manifestations and that time period counting after that 4th placement as 1290 days);

A United Nations is as serious to God and the Kingdom as was the “tower of Babel” and this time a simple language confusion as an intervention is not what is going to be used by God to terminate this defiant globalism project as well. (Rev19:11-21). And we can also logically assume the governmental, military and religious aspects of Genesis 10-11 that even made the Babel and tower of Babel project possible, was an early infiltration, or should we say direct design of a system of demon intelligence that is the ultimate guide of these kinds of things actually in operation since then, and behind the current scenes.

(It is also why God took Israel’s forms of demonism seriously as say “Baal worship”, because all those other religions of the land had origins back to the Babel dispersal, and it is why all religions and governments have a common pattern merely confused by years of modification, but the base pattern is the same. Israel, on the other hand had a divinely designed religious law system (Exodus to Leviticus/Deuteronomy) that did not originate in Babel (nor did that Mosaic covenant). And that is why Israel and Jerusalem, when they did get involved in forms of demon religion, were also continuously reminded by the prophets to stay clear of it. And in the cases of Israel (Isaiah, Hosea, Micah times) and Jerusalem (Jeremiah, Ezekiel times), divine judgments took place by use of Assyria and Babylon, as Israel and Jerusalem adopted many of their religious practices and hybridized the Mosaic law and priesthood into such abominations in God’s sight (Eze1-10), and why he also terminated them at those times in 700 BCE and 600 BCE periods of divine judgment as was fully foretold to Israel in the prophets.)

Thus a form of “infiltration” was also active in all Israel’s history.

Thus even Israel was “infiltrated” on many occasions. And the “seven headed” dragon symbol in light of Ephesians 6:12 demon “authorities and governments” “in the heavenly places” in Rev12, is not accidental that it’s main and master structure (seven heads) and ultimate ruling power in angelic power is seated at the top, with Satan and the demons and forms the main “seven heads” of wildbeast power mirroring that demon master system. And these guys are not easy to detect, want to avoid detection, and have the luxury of 1000s of years of oversight of human systems worldwide that are born into this situation. They can guide it for centuries, while people come and go and never really understand what is really going on. In a way, the entire earthly system is infiltrated in this manner, like Genesis 6, but in limited means now (Pet2:4,5; Jude6), and why God does purpose a final clean out, and a final group of people worldwide to be saved in Christ by blood sacrificial pass at that time. There has to be human survivors of 2Thess1:6-10 events. The Rev14:14-16 “earth harvest” is Christ’s final gift of saved humans to God who can be part of the foundational 1000 year recovery of Christ’s Kingdom; (Matt19:28; Rom8:22-28; Rev21:1-5; Rev22:1-3; Eze47);

It is also obvious Jehovah’s witnesses are not now the actual representation of that salvation (just the early reformation truth and awareness of enough details then, to make this apparent, but now compromised), because by UN alliances they are also ultimately supporting demon world government, as part of my point here, as the real ruler of the world is demons under Satan, and their “seven heads” of dragon connectivity are in those “seven heads” of the cerebral structure of the “wildbeast” as predatory human governments in a collective (Rev13:1), that will form a globalized unification (Rev17:12-18);

And it is guided by demons, and they are not going to tell people about it, but pinnacle world power must be placed by demons in ultimate approval, like Jesus tempted with world rulership at Luke 4:5, Satan is the one that “gives it to whoever I want”. And way at the top of the governmental, financial and military order, are demon worshipers who also are not going to tell everyone about it. (There are examples of these kinds of people in entertainment as well, people in Satanic covenants, who do not say it usually directly, but in between the lines of their lives, music, symbology, or whatever. It is also why the biggest most powerful world corporations all have Satanic symbology, to those who research the meanings of such things, whose symbology all goes back to what I call “Babel Globalism” way back at the “tower of Babel” project, which was a world rulership foundation, far more than people perceive in that story on first read.)

Thus many “conspiracy theories” relate back to Genesis 6 and 11 developments as they do relate by demon guidance that crossed the deluge from the spirit world, and still is guiding the development.

(1 John 3:8) He who carries on sin originates with the Devil, because the Devil has been sinning from [the] beginning. For this purpose the Son of God was made manifest, namely, to break up the works of the Devil.

Christ’s first arrival (John1), further delays, decelerates and limits demon development acceleration and culmination as 8th King world power.

It is also why we can gauge the divine intervention of the future along the progress of completion of United Nations world government, in addition to the UN schematic, meaning real world government will form over a number of years of this final cycle. And as you know JWs are no longer speaking the entire truth and are totally derailed way off course, so in time the actual truth of this progression must be made known by God and Christ’s doing and power, because UN based actual world government completion, is also completion of the prime time for divine intervention by also completed Kingdom power and it all requires a climax cycle over some years.

And if JWs are going down in a temple judgment, JWs as a religion must also be scrapped in it’s demonic pieces that the GB policies introduced for almost 40 years. And this is good news, because it means God is making a final appeal to anyone who wants to take advantage of  a provision of salvation, as Christ did die for us, and anyone who wants to take advantage of “undeserved kindness” in this final period after JW desolation and recovery in some form as a final warning of what UN completion means as world government and divine certain reaction to that rival sovereign at apex completion, can do so.

The JW form of religion must pass away as regards it’s erred and stumbling aspects, and it will. It will be a huge world signal in general terms, but to those of us on the prophecy daily, it is a signal also of the final cycle in action in earnest that MUST go on for some more years even after JW desolations.

Revelation 14 in final actual fulfillment shows a completion of the Kingdom 144000 on Zion as a symbol of Christ’s complete power as “lamb standing”. Yet as appeal is still taking place from God (Rev14:6-7) after Kingdom completion (Rev11:1-13), and it is implied “Babylon the Great” is still present but very near removal after that warning. (Rev14:8) And the wildbeast is also shown present (Rev14:9-12), and it all precedes the parallel symbology of the sheep and goat final separation of Rev14:14-20 (Matt25:31-46 parallel) – and all that is a number of years after the start of the JW temple desolation (Dan8:13-14) that must signal it all from inception, and eventually lead to that Rev14 sequence in a purified JW ministry (Rev10-11) and of course removal of current JW lawlessness (Zech3:1-7) for a worldwide message of salvation (Rev10 “little scroll”) not dependent on current JW illusions, but as free to any person wanting it, as Christ’s sacrifice, made known to all coming sheep who actually desire to go under Christ’s Kingdom, rather than a doomed UN “new world order” world government.

(By that time in human history, the only choices will be God’s Kingdom loyalty or UN “New World Order” loyalty, national power will be pawns of the global world government, they themselves will give away their own sovereign autonomy as the ultimate form of national sell-out (Daniel 11:4-43) leading to Rev17:11-17 culmination).

And if you are even considering the logic and possibility of all this in Bible prophecy AND world events real meaning the prophecy is describing even now in details, you are already years ahead of JWs to whom all this is considered apostasy. JWs are so lost they have to be desolated first, to be able to be woken in up in some of them (Matt25:5), as to what is actually going on, and even that recovery takes a few years. This is the “unusual work” of Isaiah 21:28 of Isa21 in action in Bethel’s developmental apostate reality.

But make no mistake, when the recovery occurs, however it does occur, the resulting cleaned Christian ministry must plainly tell the world that as the UN progresses to completion as a certainty by prophecy and 8th King desire, is as certain it is also like a developmental fuse to Armageddon actualities of Christ’s manifestation to first bring in and separate out his sheep. Thus the final message to all people, because Christ will back his own final ministry (Matt10:23) himself, is to make the sheep side of that final separation of Matt25:31-46 that will parallel Rev14:14-20.

Once that separation completes after the 1260 days and 3.5 days two witnesses symbolic death state, the sheep are under protection; (Zech9:8; 12:7-9) and will witness the final  timing of Daniel 12:11 over a few last years under that protection, it is not a one day event. Like Psalm 110 in final form, Christ “goes subduing in the midst of his enemies”, the Messianic Kingdom must complete in the 8th King face (Zech4:6-9) and operate in it’s midst in the earth planetary system also in it’s face as per Rev6:12-17.

Thus the goal for living people is to make the right side of the living sheep at this stunning turning of the tables, because Christ is going to take his sweet time pounding 8th King world positions to oblivion prior to ultimate climax events of the winepress of Rev14:17-20. Christ is obviously even now, in no rush, but goes according to divine timing and decree.

And this “is it being done to other religions” question is yes, but in a different way overall leading to the same thing the JW asset pillage will lead to, but must be at the end of the globalization process (Rev16:12-17 Babylon symbol in “Euphrates” “defense” symbol of comprise of drying up support), rather than at it’s starting of the final cycle of globalization in Daniel 11:42-43 that begins with JWs. (1Pet4:17 as Dan8:13-14); Thus the JW infiltration purpose is to shut up fully the final meaning of prophecy, the mass religious purpose of compromise is to be used to the end to facilitate human division and obedience to state mandates leading to globalization unbeknownst to most people distracted by religions and nationalism, philosophies, materialism etc.

(And in “infiltration” some religions were compromised hundreds of years ago and are on “auto-pilot” now, so off course as to be no threat to the final world governmental development and deception. JWs is a relatively new compromise, but shows signs of design employed to alter the general line of prophecy and the original course of identifying a sovereign and Kingdom progression in prophecy and all the Bible that is et for concurrent final completion operations in what will be a far more identifiable side by side development as prophecy converges the Messianic Kingdom completion and the 8th King completion in the same climax of that sovereign progression. So derailing JWs is also derailing the UN 1-2-3-4 sequence from public awareness, because in the 4th UN placement is the final trajectory to the real and final climax of it all, and the thread of prophecy IDd by JWs of long ago, is a valid continuum now truncated since 1990. So the purpose of control is different in the JW infiltration, they also want to try to minimize the chances of future exposure of that 1-2-3-4 UN progression by attempting to decimate the means of the JW ministry which will boil down to finances and the ministerial physical infrastructure falling into control of parties not interested in a “final Christian ministry” . If the 8th King interests and powers had their way, a misled JW ministry would be best totally erased from planet earth if possible, because the thread of truth now severed is still present. And that is why in my opinion, Bethel has plans to try to remove all pre 1990 former JW writings. And in the desolation phase destroying that original thread of truth is also going to be undertaken, but must ultimately fail as God, Christ and prophecy cannot be overpowered, reversed or even altered. God had to permit this very JW condition to allow a lawless signal foretold to form. Ultimately the JW desolation and accounting will garner far more attention tan is currently the case in JWs actually now stumbling more people away and out of “the truth” due to Bethel lawless actuality many are researching; (2Pet2:1-3); Thus a JW desolation will meet a couple requirements, it will fulfill signal prophecy, it will purify the ministry, and it will make a known accounting and whether realized or not as a divine judgment it will get world attention. And the following explanation of course will be quite ominous and hopeful, depending on the audience orientation to the Bible truth, because the JW judgment begins a final cycle of prophecy that will also complete as foretold.)

By many religions not seeing clearly the actuality of Christ’s Kingdom and actual and real loyalty to it, and the inherent danger in UN alliances that will finalize in required loyalty to the enemy system against God’s Kingdom, to all they can get in that position (Rev13:16-18), these religions already serve the national state needs (aiding 8th King needs, aiding globalization), that in time are absorbed into UN world government globalization of “power and authority” as Daniel 11:42-43 accelerates Rev17:11-17 and Rev16:13-16. Meaning the mass religious worldwide “institution” is shown present to the end of the process, because they inadvertently aid globalization just as the root religious system did in Nimrod’s time of Gen10-11, and will be needed at the end of the process to aid the divisional and misfocused misled thinking that is the basis of “divide and conquer” in that dimension of 8th King globalized conquest, even if they are diminishing at the time as per Rev16:12 parallels to Rev17:15-16.

People distracted by nationalism, religion and the like, are focused on tings that have no ultimate meaning as any solution, and are things that will be absorbed by 8th King globalization, and are being used to aid the process by keeping people misinformed and wasting time and energy on things that only aid the process and do not culture actual loyalty to God, Christ and their Kingdom power reality.

Which disloyalty in favor of human power is no joke to God and Christ:

(Revelation 14:9-10) And another angel, a third, followed them, saying in a loud voice: “If anyone worships the wild beast and its image, and receives a mark on his forehead or upon his hand, 10 he will also drink of the wine of the anger of God that is poured out undiluted into the cup of his wrath…

World religions also have wealth that can be stored as hard assets and properties to the end of the cycle to be deposed in that Rev17:15-16 process to aid national recovery that must come with the final UN world government actual presentation and final sovereign “peace and security” statement. That is also why, by all this logic related to Gen10-11 divine intervention against globalized defiance when it culminates at 1Thess5:1-3 as Daniel 11:44-45, God will also react in intervention after the completion of 8th King world government as Dan8:25, 11:45 and 12:11 all parallel into “a freedom from care” that is also “peace and security”. And religious assets in the Rev17:15-16 process of absorption will aid that recovery and hope. (and we see Rev17:11-18 is national sovereign transfer to globalist authority, AND the deposition of religious sovereignty of Rev17:15-18);

Plus, deposing religious power also aids the cessation of religious warmongering, and will give great reinforcement to the 8th King proclamations of world “peace and security” reality, as religions will be deposed and no longer allowed to create hate based divisions that ultimately served state based goals of war and conquest for purposes of national gain and protection. PLUS, in 8th King globalist power strategy, upon a then complete actual worldwide government, religious “Babel” confusion and sell-out harlotry is part of the means to that world government end. Meaning in effect, world religions for this actual purpose are no longer necessary at that 8th King completion time – it is all done then – for the world government goal will have been reached, and that burden of “carrying” the harlot (for she is not the driver, but the passenger; Rev17:1-18), can then be turned into an asset as the harlot’s wealth, in probably a quadrillion or more of past wealth and resources can be “devoured” and deposed of the Revelation 17:18 spiritual sovereignty she also had.

She will have served her full purpose in the globalization process of the “scarlet wildbeast” 8th King and can then aid the final recovery in more ways than one. And that kind of overall multi-millennium strategy has to have had demons intelligent design and guidance the whole time in seeming day to day life of the whole world’s religious development. It is all facilitated by human division and people not understanding what is really going on here is world globalization into 8th King ultimate domination for Satan (Gog manifestation) to a culmination, and people not knowing all this are the main aids of the process – the globalists cannot do it alone –  the nations play right into the globalists hands when they fight wars that weaken and indebt the national powers while strengthening and enriching the 8th King international financial, technological and corporate mega-system governmental basis in the process. Religious massive hard wealth can then aid world recovery too boot. (Rev17:15-16).

Though this is by no means going to occur tomorrow, the beginning of the process (Dan11:42-43) can start any day now, because the source of the original finalizing Kingdom proclamation in JWs as a Christian reformation movement that did have original valid Kingdom proclamations, has now produced the REQUIRED 2Thess2:3-4 apostasy AND it’s locus of lawless promotion PREREQUISITE signal of judgment of 1Pet4:17 coming. And that indicates to us and to Christ as temple judge for God (Zech3:1-3), that “all systems are go” for JW temple judgment that in some way will be the main signal that the final process has begun, as JWs organizationally must take the first hit, and UN supporting internal sub-organization in the JW overall organization is why it is allowed. Daniel 8:13-14 connect the “transgression” to the “placing” of that “disgusting thing” in Daniel 11:30-31 parallel culminating in the UN 3rd placement of 1990, that the JW organization co-promoted and helped “place” as the “they” with the UN in “they will certainly place the disgusting thing” of Dan11:31b, so the UN NGO was part of the world UN placement of that time as it echoed directly the UN “new world order” placement quotes from before the UN General Assembly as the main location of proclamation in Awake! 9/8/1991, and continued with the covert promotion for 10 years officially as UN NGO, and still laces in UN statements and books to today unofficially.

In effect unknown to them, JWs are working for, that is worshiping the wildbeast system by also allowing members of that system to run and own the JW organization as all this must have central guidance.

And in effect the Bethel based stumbling and misinformation campaign is also making many people doubt the JW 1914-1926 movement and 1st and 2nd UN placement expositions as prophecy, are also not significant because now the whole thing looks like a lie, but it is not, now people are not recognizing the “in the temple” “man of lawlessness” is the apostasy in the JW Kingdom temple ministry.

And as you asked “is it being done to other religions” it may very well be in all the biggest world corporate and institutional systems, because none of the big systems understand the 8th King danger, they all support it or will be coerced to support it, and it is so complex and actually demonically managed, as to be unknowable how religious infiltration or long seated control will be used in the final process because it is not the whole world system that is going down, just part of it to aid a final consolidation process, because anything that “goes down”, is ultimately absorbed into globalist ownership. They already own over half of most every form or “power and authority” in the whole world system. To tip the balance over 7-10 years from commencement of the final cycle, only needs to draw in another 10 to 20 % of consolidative power in all arenas of national “power and authority”, and the rest can easily be guided into full control over a few more projected years past that.

And that is why a final accelerated cycle is required to tip the balance irreversibly into globalist control. That is also why it cannot “end any day now” as JWs are misled to believe, but requires a final power and wealth consolidation cycle in favor of 8th King controlled globalization.

That is why it will be a tribulation, that is true, but it cannot collapse the whole order which the 8th King already controls or owns, it just collapses a major percentage into 8th King wealth and power consolidation and we see then the wording in Daniel 11:42-43 “ruler of the gold and silver” is a ruler of the very basis of all financial and monetary underpinning in precious metals, commodities and other hard assets to the full ownership of “all the desirable things of Egypt” as a symbol of owning all the national powers by way of financial and asset control. And we see even national governments have aided this massive debt scenario that will aid that Daniel 11:42-43 process, they too have been “infiltrated” from years ago with those who know or aid the final process knowingly or not.

And that “infiltration” has to be present for the world at large to be herded in this comprehensive a manner without an inkling of what the real 8th King globalization ramifications will be, in effect whether they know it or not, the world is aiding the process, even resisting it aids it in application of force already ready in national arenas for the collapse. It’s best to realize this is NOT “the end of the world” coming up, and to play it cool and level headed, because those who go out resisting this transformation will walk right into the first sweeps already prepared to handle the first and subsequent waves of protest and resistance. And that too, is plainly reported in world research in national martial systems, internment facilities and militarized police systems – these nations’ elites already know what is coming, and that it is not the end, but the beginning of the final globalization process in all the nations when this snowball finally gets to rolling properly.

Which is a common pattern. It does not require everyone knowing what is really going on and is aided by that misinformation or disinformation. Like the example of American government or Bethel, it is aided by people who are not putting all the pieces together that become part of organized sub-systems guided by those understanding the actual purpose of the design, and in that a small number of people actually understanding the infiltration operation can guide a great many not understanding it to a common purpose aiding globalization sub-processes (for many years in fact).

And it is evident in politics or Bethel, they simply say one thing to the duped, and do a contrary thing in reality, and just continue to cover it up with plausible excuses and reasons because as in politics or Bethel, the duped do not have the means to expel the core corruption that eventually is manifest, instead the core corruption has already developed control of that central power of authority for years prior to full exposure. Bethel is an example. No one at Bethel or in JW masses can run the GB out of town, because they are the ones with the power to run out anyone who even thinks of running them out! Same thing in the US or EU governments, no one as the authority to imprison the central bankers and main financiers, because they already have set up the governmental regulatory system to legalize their pillage, and instead depose people who challenge their hidden authority.

And patterns of that kind of actual injustice, disguised in the most grandiose system claims to the contrary, is how the lawlessness in many human systems simply flourishes in corruptions, while making completely contrary claims only in word, all veneered under giant claims of truth and freedom, which just provides a handy illusion for people to fall back into believing due to the optimism and hopefulness in the words, not present in the actual system in operation actions. People know politicians are liars, but too, cannot run them out of town, they own the government and can run the people to prison for challenging their corrupt system.

Many people simply resign themselves and continue to believe these lies because they give people something grand to believe in, which delays actual awareness of what is going on until like the US or EU, Bethel and others, it is too late to “reform” the system, the corruption is what is the main authority, the whole system is the corruption, and in it’s mimic of the opposite, is it’s main concealment and that allows years of operation as slowly trends and evidence make it undeniable as to what is really going on. Like Bethel, in 1980 it was not so clear what the GB was actually up to until a couple more decades of well concealed corruption continued to provide evidence and trends of what is really at work in undeniable form and magnitude.

And the pattern goes back to earliest human history where by Adam and the woman (named Eve after the sin; Gen3:20) lost the blessing of Genesis 1:26-28, lost the perfect “image” of God, and allowed access to demons and death through the curse (Gen3:14-17; Heb2:14) into the entire life system of earth being now compromised slowly, through man, but now not limited to man – the whole earth is affected now, the whole life system. And by error and that actual negative spiritual condition present in man, covered up by all kinds of claims to the contrary, for thousands of years at growing massive complexity, a few demons, through a few humans in collusion, have been able to slowly gain control of the whole thing, similar to Gen6 developments, aided by human denial and desire for everything to be just fine as is.

And denial is the main obstacle. Humans have to admit it in general form first, to admit the specifics. And that is why some JWs deny reality, while other JWs admit we have BIG problems, it becomes a matter of personal honesty in appraising the “home team” as impartially as one can. The more denial, the more blindness occurs. Admitting it is the first step. And thank God, prophecy already as the real story. Even upon first admittance, like in my case in 2011, it takes time to see more and more of what is actually going on, but I had to admit it to myself first. And I can say one year ago even, I did not see all the pieces I see now in undeniable form of Bethel’s purposeful lawless operation.

The whole pattern and modus operandi is too relatable to not be connected to that past strategy since Genesis 3 and 6, simply used over and over from a pinnacle top power system that just cascades the technique down to the inconsequential powers of the masses mainly using human blindness and denial to guide the whole operation. Up that chain of command are governments and military institutions controlled by finance and corporations, founded and controlled by groups of elite power that must connect to the demons far more directly than is commonly realized. And like the Bethel demon worshipers, they are NOT going to self incriminate and make a full confession to people. As Jesus said, their fruitage exposes them, not they themselves. The main game is demon deception for their power and appetites plainly shown in Gen3, 6. Of course they are more than just experts at what they do as rebel angels, they are the founding engineers after Satan, of this from of rulership now climaxing to a globalized system to force a demon governmental system apex upon all the nations in what is becoming a very systematic process.

And that is why God has His own Christ and Kingdom purpose to get rid of those demons (Rev20:1-3) and their power system (Dan2:31-45; Rev19:19-21), and it must be that system at globalized climax culmination of human 8th King world government and final sovereign defiant claims as God and Christ’s finalize zenith target of Armageddon.

And as per Rev11:7, a final 8th King resistance must also form years after temple judgment, purification, recovery and final warning deployment active. This first “trampling” of Dan8:13-14 must begin a drawn out process with Daniel 11:42-43 intrigues as the multi-year context. This is because the attack phase of Daniel 11:44, several years after the start of JW org desolation, is due to “reports” as per Dan11:44. Those “reports” are centered in the “little scroll” and it’s final progression description of 8th King termination by Christ that results some years after, and a s a result of the JW desolation divine judgment.

And in that process, JWs will have been judged and recovered, and what was recoverable in the Zech3:1-9 (Mal3:1-5 as 2Thess2:8) process will have been enlightened in Dan8:14 “morning” phase after the “evening” darkness phase JWs are heading into as Rev9 “abyss”. Zech3:6-7 is the little scroll ultimatum of God’s final commission of the final cleansed ministry that will contain the “disturbing” “reports” of that “little scroll” leading after 1260 days to the Revelation 11:7 final “killing” by 8th King resistance, but in an approved cleansed state of the final true Christian ministry now “befouled” by the Bethel GB system as per Zech3:1-3 as 2Thess2:3 JW apostasy and lawlessness in organized fashion. Apostasy from Bible truth and Kingdom and covenant loyalty is not now “accidental” and random in JWs, it is now Bethel policy.

So this message to you of these things that harmonize many prophetic details into a final sequence, is with no coercion or scare tactic, or any of that current JW malarkey. And not only does it harmonize actual prophetic meaning being concealed in organized and dictatorial fashion by Bethel, it at the same time provides spiritual evidence as patterns and details in the prophecies themselves  from the JW ministerial apostasy and Bethel activities as policies that are contained in the very prophecies they are covering up in great detail of origin, players and goals that resulted in the cover up itself WHILE it is in action.

Plus, it also correlates 8th King globalization meaning in world governmental national compromise of financial and military developments, like the massive national debt and the 911 pretext of the world invasion for the purposes of 8th King globalism. In effect the post 911 “Global War on Terror” is just a pre world war worldwide military base positioning project now 100 trillion in advancement of development for that purpose in reality. Meaning right now Daniel 11:40 is fulfilling further in the global war on terror. Daniel 11:41 is the supporting Bethel 8th King invasion of Daniel 11:30-31 developments in JWs. (parallels Luke21:20 meaning to Matt24:15 parallel as well as UN powers in JWs).

Thus what JWs used to be warning of in 2 UN placements as per prophecy of 1919 (Rev13:11-15) and 1945 (Rev17:8-11) they are not only concealing 3rd and 4th UN placements of Daniel 11:31b-45 as Dan8:25 and Dan 12:11 now, they are also NOT understanding the UN itself is not the end all power system, it is a schematic system of an actual world government. And plainly people can see voluminous globalizing developments in now millions up millions of pages of research documentation from globalists, experts and “conspiracy theorists” and many others, projecting actual world government upon globalization of finance, government and military, WHILE JWs are kept in the 1980s mentally in regards to these developments as 8th King world government far greater than just the UN. All time seems to have stopped with JWs as to UN 2nd placement significance as the dead end of 1945, made official by GB override of 1976-1990, continuing to today as JWs now are not properly interpreting the meaning of mass world globalization of military expansion since 911 and the global war on terror that is a preliminary now maturing development to spread the globalization to places resistant to it. (The “global war” on terror is a world war of unique development);

The other means is financial control, that also is plainly seen in world news and alternative world news as the massive national debt that sets up Daniel 11:42-43 coming process. Now JWs are not commenting on anything having to actually do with final 8th King globalization since 1990 3rd UN placement. And thus as per the prophecy of apostasy and infiltration all this evidence is confirming what JWs and many others also are not seeing in a final cycle readying to begin towards actual 8th King world government, NOT ending as JWs are misled to promote.

And plainly a globalization process that will rock the world in finance and world war of unique continuation of the world war on terror will create a context of a number of years that JWs expecting a “the end” sequence will not only be made a joke to the world, they will be sorely disappointed and utterly at a loss of reality when this begins, not ends, as a great goal is to just shut up JWs entirely, and this final cycle will provide the context to attempt such a thing. And JWs in the 1990 distant past mentally, will not understand prophecy or the globalization basics, and will need a quick and intensive update to reality in the recovery. And it needs to be fast, because if JWs delay any longer after desolation, the 8th King will complete and no one will be the wiser as to the prophetic implications, JWs would utterly fail the Christian ministry.

But as per Rev10-11 a “little scroll” recovery will indeed be fasttracked by God and Christ to apprise the world of what is really going on, and as per Rev11:1-7 that message will also be terminated after the 1260 days must complete as per prophecy of Daniel 12:7 paralleling Rev11:2-3. There is no way the many hundreds of pieces of spiritual, globalist and prophetic details are all converging like this coincidentally into the “big picture”. And it is no surprise in the human repeating patterns that JWs are now as lost as anyone else, thinking the opposite, they are dealing with angelic demon masterminds who designed the final end game, and are falling into it also as per prophecy as God will not fully protect a UN compliant and dedicated religious prostitution to further UN goals, which JWs actually now assist in this process, also as fully foretold at Daniel 11:30-32 that is the temple judgment transgression of the parallel Daniel 8:11-14 sequence.


You have the luxury like me, of researching all these components as they have converged quickly upon JWs as the main severance of the 1-2-3-4 UN sequence in prophecy and human history present (1-2-3) or in the making in 4th and final placement as a real world government. And since after WW1, 2, 3 (cold war) a world tribulation aids the world government presentation process as UN related manifestations occurred after all those wars, it is no surprise a fourth and final world collapse sequence will aid the UN final world government presentation as it’s recovery system to aid the effect – taking a number of years to complete. And because of that, we have a number of years to watch it unfold, and to see the JW judgment process in the context of the beginning of the cycle eventually have to even wake up JWs to reality in very serious JW organizational compromise and judgment of God, using the UN power elements to carry out that judgment in Daniel 8:13-14, for things that cannot have fulfilled in JWs in 1940s. No way, no how, the UN NGO is the main JW nemesis tat will end up being the reason for the JW desolations.

One thing JWs did do was explain how much prophecy, like 90% of it, is all world history. JWs also showed how the main elements of judgment repeated in Christendom upon Israel’s pattern. What JWs are not seeing or saying is that pattern must also repeat in JW as well as a climax. So some of this prophecy is repeating for a  third time.

But in the process of the final cycle, it can be used as a timed signal to JWs now fully in coma, and it can and must become part of the explanation of what was really going on, and using a JW desolation will draw great attention, and eventually great attention to the actual prophetic explanation of what was really operating in JWs “in the temple”. It will also plainly identify Revelation 8-11 as a continuum is what has actually activated, and the implication is that is a progression over some years to actual 8th King completion, actual Christ manifestations for sheep securement and Kingdom completion and ultimately Armageddon along the Rev16 parallel to Rev8-11 and Daniel 12’s three timed periods underlying it all.

The “man of lawlessness” and JW apostasy is itself a beginning of the prelude to JW judgment and the final cycle activating in earnest. The nice thing is, once some JWs wake up, it is all repeating on patterns they just have to admit to see the process now repeats in JWs and activates the final cycle in that way. As per prophecy, because 1914 had to actual “fall of Babylon the Great”, no actual 8th King culmination and no actual Kingdom of God completion. But 1914 did have clear preview warning of those things in that first cycle in what became a successful JW world ministry exposing all three of those progressions. And why too, it was in opposing power interest to subvert JWs, because external attack only made more JWs. Now, subversion has compromised the whole JW system. But too, is the impetus for not a human JW reformation, but a divine purification GUARANTEEING in some manner God will restore actual prophetic truth in a final Christian ministry this will all lead to.

JW lawlessness to those admitting it and seeing it’s prophetic implications assures a judgment and purification must follow soon. It is just a matter of time that JWs, like Israel, will also fall into a judgment, because it is required for God and Christ to clean out the subversion, and as a signal starting point of a final cycle that must be carried out for a number of years. If Dan8:14 and 12:7 as Rev11:2 timing is back to back, and at maximum 2300 days of Dan8:17, that is almost a decade of judgment, desolation, recovery and final world warning through the 1260 days. It may be 1150 days of Dan8:14 though, depending on how “evening” and “morning” is counted as 1 or 2 units increasing to 2300 units. Thus in approximate form (from JW temple judgment starting) we are really looking at what is pretty much the last 7-14 years of the world system leading to Christ’s manifestation that also in itself, is not the absolute end, because he must secure all the sheep after the 1260 days.

But in prophecy very validly cross referencing and paralleling major 8th King and national world events, we have a reliable “map to Armageddon” gauged with even UN completion progress. Thus we no longer have to live in JW anxious ambiguity, and we no longer have to think it is “the end of the world” now, for it cannot be for prophetic and 8th King globalization process needs. What is coming up starts the final process, it does not end it. And by that, we also see JWs have stalled in 1990, and are off course, and do not teach the fullness of te prophetic picture, nor do they plainly expose globalization developments in the world preparing, that must align into 8th King completion.

Though this has hopeful and disturbing implications, as I said before it can be seen for years to come (once we remove the Bethel blinders), for even JWs have at least 3 years of bewilderment coming from the judgment commencement cycle to recovery beginning as per Dan8:14 “evening” phase, and Hos6:1-3; Isa37:30-32 as three years of judgment desolations to recovery commencement. In effect rather than them preach to us, we can preach to them, because they and others will at some point be updated to world and prophetic reality and the basis is already in JWs, just diverted at 1990, and inundated as per Rev8:10-11 with various profanations of Daniel 11:31a prophecy of subversion and apostasy root developments “in the temple” by the lawless core now running the JW organization and directing it all right from compromised Bethel.

It is certain from God he will have to desolate JWs to get a hearing ear among them, with a timed Dan8:14 affirmation for what will now be many stunned and bewildered and greatly disappointed JW doubters. God already clearly states the “two witnesses” must preach again at Rev10:11:

(Revelation 10:11) And they say to me: “You must prophesy again with regard to peoples and nations and tongues and many kings.”

And that kind of stuff is NOT accidental as God opens up a new thing:

(Isaiah 48:6-7) You have heard. Behold it all. As for you people, will you not tell [it]? I have made you hear new things from the present time, even things kept in reserve, that you have not known. 7 At the present time they must be created, and not from that time, even things that before today you have not heard, that you may not say, ‘Look! I have already known them.’

Now even JWs will not be able to say “we already knew that”. And it is a prophetic replication of preview prophecy already in JWs according to Daniel 12 in 1914-1926 that is what is merely repeating in final form, in Rev8-11, 1-7 trumpets in order, with the 1-7 plagues as world parallel context. It is NOT a “new interpretation”, it is a replication of Daniel 12, Rev8-11 and Rev16 marked by a signal and unique temple judgment timed prophecy of Daniel 8:13-14 commencement event that parallels Rev8 initiation, but to final climax completion of 8th King globalization and Messianic Kingdom full power, once this really gets rolling.

The real update is in JW Bethel override in 1990 of Daniel 11:30-43 as USSR error, and Daniel 8:11-14 as paralleling compromises of that culminated in 1990 JW GB apostasy, but could have been present and forming anytime after the 2nd UN placement exposition as to prophecy. Had these globalists had control of JWs then, no 2nd UN placement prophecy would have been made known in relation to Revelation. Had they controlled JWs as IBSA (international bible students association) in 1914 and prelude development, no 1st UN prophecy would have been explained as Rev13:11-15. Because the 8th King globalists do NOT want people understanding it is all foretold and divinely doomed AND a 1-2-3-4 continuum. Like the Devil, the top 8th King powers want to mislead people as per Rev13:11-15.

But after that 2nd UN placement, we see JWs do not explain the 3rd UN placement of 1990, the 1-2-3-4 UN sequence in prophecy finishing up as 3rd and 4th UN placement in approximately the parallels of Dan8:9-25, Dan11:30-45 and Dan12:11 4th UN placement, from Dan11:31b 3rd UN placement is now derailed. And instead that ambiguous Daniel 8 and 11 Bethel USSR and WW2 hogwash is what is still ironed into the JW brain, as the ultimate USSR failure as world power (Daniel 11:36 requires success) is ultimately the USSR failure from all Daniel 11:27-45 King North prophecy. The prophecy is actually logical now, now simply globalist “north” ascension to dominate nationalist “south” declination made official as Daniel 11:42-43 “Egypt” “King South” capital system, is captured (financially first), not destroyed at Daniel 11:42-43. King North globalization utilizing King South nationalization is the simplicity of the true meaning. And anyone with even novice understanding of modern geo-political development and basic globalism understanding in basic globalization processes of finance, government and military (among other globalist news available) understand how national power must give in to internationalized globalist master systems in all forms of former national “power and authority” as Rev17:12-17 aids Rev16:13-16 complete gathering of worldwide national powers into this final unification system known as the 8th King and “scarlet wildbeast”.

So that portion of this updating awareness of prophecy that must eventually confront the JW wreckage after Bethel gets done with them in foretold implosion, is just updating Daniel 8 and 11 in light of Bethel UN NGO compromise and prophetic cover up. The stumbling policies will have to be abandoned, and so will the “deserved kindness” Bethel system also be removed, because plain and simple, undeserved kindness is shown to be the basis of God’s salvation upon Christ’s perfect merit as human sacrifice to effect this deliverance and it will be needed at the actual world’s end of rival sovereigns. The JW system has lost focus. And by that distraction of Bethel and GB lawlessness, this gnat and that gnat of what is just a Bethel inquisition system of fear and guilt based human performance sold off as Bethel’s version of “undeserved kindness” actually “set in opposition” (2Thess2:3) to actual salvation in Christ sacrifice as God’s undeserved kindness, JWs have also lost Kingdom focus and have lost track of the UN 8th King system development that should and will be exposed as prophecy assured to lead to actual Armageddon.

Other than a few details of where the diversion actually took place in Dan8 and 11, everything else is already repeating the same patterns of the past that always precede an actual divine judgment in this case to begin, not end, a final cycle of prophecy and human governmental development, so God will create a period of recovery and time to get the actual story in prophecy out while the 8th King will be in final progress.

The Very Important Overall Progression and it’s Guaranteed Climax

But very important is the tracking of the sovereign progression of the rival system in prophecy. (Because in time as well, it WILL converge with also Messianic Kingdom final progression in a marked way) Those Daniel 2, 7, and 8 illustrative symbologies gives the basic national sovereign progression of the “wildbeast from the sea” of Revelation 13:1’s seven headed original collective national progressive wildbeast. The Daniel 2 “immense image” progression of Babylon, Medo-Persia and Greece for starters, are identified by name in Daniel 2 and 8. So by the historic identity of the sovereign national progression of Babylon, Medo-Persia and Greece, Egypt and Assyria can be placed in time before Babylonian events on Jerusalem from the Bible’s historic record and prophecy. From Greece to Christ and Apostle John’s Roman era the connection to Anglo British dominance (small horn that grows; Dan7,8) that led to the Anglo-American alliance is well known in world history.

Thus the entire Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece, Rome and Anglo-American national progressions can be historically benchmarked as that prophecy became part of a record of now world history. And in fact that national collective in symbolic form of world power reality forms a globalist unification as a final progressive climax. And that must be beyond the formation of the “image of the wildbeast” as a mere schematic of the climax form of actual world government.

That that same Anglo group instituted the League of Nations in 1919 that the US did not join until it was the United Nations in official national agreements. But obviously elites actually guiding the process as dual horn (two powers, Anglo and American) wildbeast of Revelation 13:11-15 progression are the progenitors of a system in design for a while that was presented in 1919. Thus behind the scenes made nationally official in the case of the US, US and Brit elites did engineer the League of Nations by prophetic certainty). Meaning as well, that sovereign progression in the “seven heads” progression to now a conceptual world government as international forum is very significant and unique for that time, and now, as the globalism concept even relates back to Genesis 11 and the “tower of Babel”. And incidentally the concept of the “illuminati” priesthood of that period in human history and the “Masonic” tower builders is the root of all the modern conspiracy theory main actual developmental origin regarding those groups, even if those groups were not known by those exact names in the process, that original attempted foundational world government of Genesis 11 intent at Babel, is still the basis and objective of Nimrod’s main players as such. And those players extend in time into today’s top leadership of those two known groups.

(Thus as a side note, Genesis 6 and 11 contain all the foundational actuality in it’s most basic form and Bile historic record of what is today a mass pile of conspiracy theory in alien and elitist world government concepts that do have a root of truth, and must be connected as demon angels ultimately guiding the human elite systems from the distant past, whose root goes back even before the Noachian deluge. And of course whose “knowledge” goes back to the tree in Eden, which was not a source of any knowledge, which ultimately at that sovereign cross roads, man fell under demonic guidance as the main “knowledge”, independent of God Almighty’s ultimate knowledge and sovereign right.)

So had we now paid attention, a very important escalation of governmental theory to globalization basis or world government, actually occurred in 1919 in the UN related League of Nations foundational system that had not occurred even in conceptual form since Genesis 11, a period that did experience a divine intervention, albeit non-destructive physically, it did destroy the globalism effort of that day, and decelerated it’s presentation in new form until 1919, although of course globalism theory was entertained since Babel’s inception, it just took time a power consolidation to actually present the initial forum. (A world power consolidation present after 1860 in England’s control of 25% of the world, like no other power in history up to that time – and it has continued)

Thus a far more significant development is contained in the League of Nations, and the prophetic framework of the rival sovereign development and progression is marked in but 6 chapters of Daniel and Revelation, with named benchmarks in Daniel, and implied in Roman era Revelation. (Rev17:8-11); And that too is very important because what is actually developing in the Bible and former prophecy now world history for the most part as all those Daniel symbologies preceded Medo-Persia, Greece, Rome, Britain and the Anglo-American alliance as actual world powers as prophecy first, now a history leading to Armageddon, because the progress of the sequence cannot remain static. In time the whole prophecy will be world history. And paying attention to it’s outworking for 4000 years of the Bible record since after the flood, is important to stay awake for the climax. (As we know, JWs have lost focus).

Now we see not only does the “seven heads” of Revelation 13 and 17, and the various metal and mixed components of Daniel 2 have specific meaning, they ALSO COMPRISE A WHOLE COMPLETE SYMBOL! The whole Daniel 2 image, and the whole Revelation 17 “scarlet wildbeast” mean something. For in Revelation 17 that WHOLE wildbeast is an 8th King system climax form, a worldwide comprehensive actual power system not present now in completion, just formation. Not an “8th head”, but a comprehensive 8th Kingdom – the whole symbology meaning tat also must become a whole worldwide actual power system reality of world government. And by logic we know globalist absorption of historic national power in modern form, is the absorption of the classic national collective “wildbeast from the sea” of Revelation 13:1, to become in time in this very important progression the “scarlet wildbeast” globalist unification whose climax of Revelation 17:12-18 is in national sovereign transfer of all national “power and authority” into globalist control. (in a sequence also deposing religious Babylon the Great sovereignty as well; Rev17:15-18, as well as that national sovereign capture paralleling Daniel 11:42-43 financial dimension of progressive globalist domination).

So where as JWs describe the UN “image of the wildbeast”, in reality it is still just an “image”, just a forum based on 17 physical acres in New York state. The true totality of world government as whole worldwide 8th King actual “scarlet wildbeast” in full absorption of all wildbeast (Rev13:1) power as national base system (Rev16:13-16), and that kind of whole world power, global, is NOT contained in the United Nations representation of such a system that would include, but not be limited to the UN.

And by modern globalization ignorance and unconnected awareness perpetual in JW “teachings”, JWs are NOT keeping track of the final stage of this progression which will also go beyond UN meaning into an actual global scale government in actual control over all the nations, which the UN has not achieved in actual “power and authority” yet, but has built the basis globalizing concepts and forum for this final procedure resulting in an actual world government, hence an actual 8th “King” – it is not King yet in full power. If JWs did understand this, they would know that last 8th King completing push will take a number of years of the globalization process to completion, and a final well defined cycle from start to finish over those years when this really begins in earnest, to go into overdrive for 8th King completion process.

(Interestingly it is a very small portion of the Bible that defines the most important structured prophetic and historic route to Armageddon. By that framework, a lot of other Bible and world history details can fall into place in a progression that must climax as foretold by God.)

And this my friend, is why JWs are also NOT understanding the comprehensive complete symbology of a whole “immense image” at Daniel 2, or it’s more complete whole 8th King “scarlet wildbeast” parallel as related pictures of a comprehensive, worldwide, complete world government of globalization of all former national “power and authority” facilitated in the Revelation 17:11-18 culmination of that final progression to completeness. JWs are stalled in a globalism understanding as a basis that must complete. JWs are mentally in 1970-1990 understanding where globalism is not connected to an actual globalization process by which all national power must in the progression, relinquish actual “power and authority” to 8th King globalized power completely.

(And as we see, Bethel keeps JWs focused on national power elements like the USSR, and national US, Britain, when those national powers are NOT the final climax of Daniel 8:25, or 11:45, or Rev17:12-18, GLOBALIZED UNIFICATION of all national powers into a final world governmental system is the 8th King container of ALL this final symbology and actuality to become. It ALL equates with, and into, 8th King globalized world government well beyond UN scope and power, but will include it as the international forum.

And of course in such an engineered negligence produced by Bethel’s lawless, stagnant and subversive override system, the coming final cycle of globalization, it’s meanings and ultimate Armageddon ramifications are ALSO not being explained and understood by people in the JW audience which does contain far more people than there are JWs who are considering the possibilities and their own Bibles. INSTEAD, JWs are aiding the illusion that the beginning of this final multi-year guaranteed cycle by Bible prophecy and globalization state of development, is “the end of the world”.

And that kind of ignorance breeds confusion potentially exacerbated when that cycle really begins in earnest, and that confusion aids the process for the globalizing powers, and in JW error they affect their part of the worldwide audience to also be bewildered with JWs. People are NOT being accurately informed of the actual prophetic and world globalization true status of development and guaranteed further progression of the prophecy to an ultimate conclusion of Christ’s Kingdom taking over the world, in fact the universe from the rival angels, over a final progression of a few years outlined in prophecy like Daniel 12 final fulfillment underlying Revelation 8-11 final fulfillment paralleling Revelation 15-16 final fulfillment sequences.

In effect, just concentrating on this most important element of understanding, becoming “old school” classic JWs, leading to understanding prophecy leading to God’s Kingdom conquest, and the trackable trajectory of the national powers soon to fully globalize in a final cycle that MARKS that progress, is really the most important element of the Christian reformation that made it a mission to clarify this prophetic understanding – because it MUST parallel fully in time, Christ Kingdom progression to completion and final conquest as well! But now, as we see, JWs really went off the track in 1990, BUT that falls back on understanding only progressing to 2nd UN placement significance of 1945. JWs are not “keeping up with the divine chariot”, they have fallen behind really over 50 years overall!

In effect, JWs have gone off course for more than just 20 years, because the JW mindset is still stuck in 1945 nationalism as “end all” UN illusory impression of completion, by lack of progress that an awareness of 3rd UN placement of 1990 would have catalyzed. So this override and stagnation of Christian sovereign prophecy understanding that is now paralleling 8th Kingdom globalization completion process in that prophetic climax sequence, and also outlining in the same prophecy framework God’s Kingdom final completion preparations, like the temple judgment, the final warning ministry to develop in the final cycle, and the final sheep and goat final  determinations, leading to absolute Armageddon divine war, is of course a total mystery to the world, and even to JWs now fully lulled into a pleasant drift way way off course.

And that is why that core human 8th kingdom globalization process and God’s Kingdom climax progression in core prophecy being tracked for millenniums to this outcome now describable, NEEDS to be reminded in accurate meaning in time, because it is very important, is the basis of the final warning ministry, and God will NOT allow that to be fully removed until AFTER the full awareness and explanation is given as per Rev11:7.

And the entire process is also ALL prophecy fulfilling or readying to fulfill: the apostasy and diversion (Dan11:32a as 2Thess2:3-4 with Zech3:1-3 effects), the source of UN interests guiding it (Dan11:30b, 32a; Dan8:12)  as what must be an infiltration (also shown in Daniel 8:11-13 and 11:30-35), the Bethel collusion related to UN placement (UN NGO portion of Dan11:31b), cover up (Dan8:12b), apostasy (Dan11:32a; 2Thess2:3), and the divine guaranteed judgment action (Dan8:13-14 as 1Pet4:17 and Rev8 activation), as the final world cycle actually begins (Rev8-11 parallel Rev15-16), to desolate the JW “temple” to effect a final “reformation” of PROPHECY ACCURACY and the state of progress, not more organizational distracting hogwash to be swept away for good (Rev8-9; Zech3:4-5), to divinely produce a clarified and purified final message of world warning (Rev10 “little scroll”), deployed (Rev11) for a final period of 1260 days (Rev11:2-3, 7).

And the basic most important aspect is 8th King UN world government and God’s Kingdom ARE CONVERGING to Armageddon reality, and it will be trackable in the final cycle, because UN globalization progress and world news of it in time more pronounced, will gauge the final trajectory to also Christ’s actual manifestation and closing completion preparations (sheep goat finalization prior to the actual divine war) leading to Messianic Kingdom conquest.

JWs have now lost the real map to Armageddon.

So no wonder something big has to be done about Bethel’s subversion, and no wonder the final actually accurate “reports” to result from God’s judgment on JWs and clarifications, will disturb 8th King powers in finalizing form, because it is very clearly 95% history all fulfilled, that defines the final national progression to what is common knowledge for many as the final cycle globalization process. It is getting clear as day what is really developing here, and it is also clear a divine action and aid will need to shake out of JWs what can be recovered (and others drawn into the sheep side of the coming separation by understanding this particular progression of prophecy fully as finally deployed), and leave the Bethel infrastructure of “the lie” and “operation of error” that has created this default of the Christian ministry, behind.

And amazingly the whole sequence from revelation of Bethel lawlessness, from it’s root, and objective, to judgment and recovery of JWs first as a vehicle of the original sovereign prophecy progression now stalled, to final deployment is already in the very prophecy Bethel is subverting, and so is the self-incrimination in Daniel 11:30-32 of the “those leaving the holy covenant” root access – of course impostor or misled proud Bethel is NOT going to confess that self-incrimination already programmed into the origins of the final sequence.

God and Christ is who will expose the “befouled garments” in the coming final purification of Zech3:1-9 parallel prophecy. But now we know, as serious as this final progression may be for a percentage of the world, even if 10% of it went down or more, it is to accommodate globalist 8th King final consolidations of power, and it is NOT “the end of the world”, but the beginning of the final progression into which beginning, JWs will be hit hard and organizationally attacked and desolated imagining something entirely different is what is activating. It’s lawless brilliance! The 8th King developers and strategists can then rest assured at the minimum, JWs will be delayed a number of years, and in total prophetic error and confusion as to the true nature of what is actually just beginning.

That is why the purpose of the JW religious infiltration is unique, and other controlled institutions will simply remain, go down, or be absorbed en route to the finale, because they aid the process by also not having a complete picture of the final cycle for the most part. And it is so complex of course as to be impossible to fully explain, but knowing this is not “the end” coming up, is a great advantage in the coming years to actually see God reclarify the truly final Kingdom ministry of guaranteed completion and conquest of Christ.


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