Judgment Prophecy Repeats Like History Repeats

Judgment Prophecy Repeats Like History Repeats

A problem with people in general is knowing history repeats in striking ways (like world wars), but fail to recognize the initial patterns of it’s replication by denial, distraction or lack of understanding. By the time it all repeats, the general societal ignorance becomes the anecdote of the next generation who learn for a while, then repeat the same thing.

JWs are te same way in their microcosm. Although furnished with not just history, they are taught repeating principles as Israel’s judgment foreshadowed Christendom’s judgment for pretty much the same disloyal to God alliances. When reading the Bible and concocting Bethel commentary everything bad applies to everyone else, everything good applies to JWs, apostates are outside the WT castle, not ruling it from the Bethel throne (2Thess2:3-4), everything negative develops in the world, not in the “blessed” JW microcosm. (Rev8 “earth”).

Thus by denial, blindness and distraction, JWs have ALL the patterns repeating in their own midst in their own microcosm, including divine disloyalty (UN NGO), predatory policy (pervert protection program), and many Bethel forms of lawlessness by policy. Yet keeping with blind humanity JWs apply none of Israel’s history to themselves, although Israel’s history provides explicit examples replicating in direct principle right in the congregations and right in the elite Bethel synagogue.

Although the divine judgment pattern is now replicating for sometimes a third time, with four manifestations including the original, all repeating at various times in history, like all those times in history upon the blind recipients of the judgment, the GB self-approves themselves as already “faithful” and call this premature self-judgment “discreet”, and now JWs of course follow psychological suit as also pre-approved. Once again like the blind leading the blind, the religious leaders of Jehovah’s witnesses now also repeat the pattern of leading their people to catastrophe (literally, WT 11/15/13 pg. 20, par. 17, #3) in a period of repeating human history as well, and now the world and JWs are all oblivious to what a 500 trillion dollar worldwide national debt (and unfunded liabilities) controlled implosion must mean.

Although the perfect financial storm of worldwide financial ruin for Bethel is now blowing wind right into the Bethel sand castle, and the waves are lapping near beach, and the big one is coming, JWs are in LaLa land, yet claim “it can end any day now brothers!”, when in fact the world gloalization of finance and monetary system will take years and inspite of some severe tribulatory effects worldwide, will be the only hope of recovery. (Of course the nations will have to surrender their core sovereign power (Rev17:11-17) which ultimately boils down to wealth first that must globalize into the master creditor system (Dan11:42-43))

Thus JWs also aid the general ignorance in the world’s “end of the world” thinking that another world war continuation of the current world war “global war on terror” is the “great tribulation” leading quickly to Armageddon – or just “naturally” nuclear doom. Even if tribulatory which it will be, the world globalization process into a final “8th King” world government CANNOT occur overnight, will take several years, will have full vocalization of intent, will resolve globalized finance, will resolve that world war for world “peace and security” to present said world government (like all the world war resolutions; 1919, 1945, 1990) and will be a full fledged worldwide international governmental system (beyond UN scope and function, but including it), and “the end” cannot come before that world government completes, and that takes several years of radical world changes to complete world globalization, depose national sovereignty, and absorb the quadrillion in former dollars valuated hard asset wealth of deposed religious sovereignty worldwide to aid the recovery process.

Meaning a “freedom from care” (Dan8:25) as a worldwide “peace and security” (1Thess5:1-3) must also come first as the climax of a cycle not yet activated in earnest, just showing signs.

It is merely all repeating but into a final cycle of completion to result from this repetition, and it is all also repeating in JWs, and the repetition of brazen lawlessness from the Bethel core in JWs, does not bode well for JWs who also cannot avoid the preliminary judgment repeating on their beloved Bethel system of idolatry with years of brazen transgressions and disloyalty to core Kingdom responsibilities (UN NGO and 8th King cover up as King North). This is not going to be a divine approval process befalling JWs, let’s put it that way, but a judgment marker, and it is all repeating in a most comprehensive fashion on JWs and the world contextual development in general, with massive world implications also primed for a global shaking to provide the context for Bethel’s downfall (financially and organizationally), just as sudden and complete as Jerusalem’s or Bethel’s downfall of old, it’s “mother” pattern. (Hos2:5; 4:5; Matt24:15).

I would guess about 1 in 1000 in JWs and the world will even recognize this replication of world and or spiritual principles cannot remain static indefinitely. It must follow the general course of a well beaten path in world and Bible history repeating concurrently. Again…


Well that is like comparing Russell to the Bethel Pharisees of today. There is no comparison as to good intentions and Bible obsessive interest Russell did have, and Bethel of today lacks, and it is obvious (Rev2:2);

There is no comparison with the first century Christians and today’s JWs, there is even no resemblance to 1940s JWs, the entire religion, it focus, it’s UN allainces, it’s financial setups, all of it indicates it is another religion entirely, and not a Christianity of it’s first reformation attempts.

Modern Bethel merely uses the past, with Bible truths they desecrate, as a cover for the modern “operation of error” that has now successfully deformed the reformation, by gradual strategy, into a United Nations annex, even covering up obvious globalization “King North” prophecy from Daniel 11:27-45 as a non-existent USSR and “it’s a mystery brothers” “King North” in general, that must be 8th King from 3rd (Dan11:31b) to 4th UN placement progress at Daniel 11:42-45 coming up.

Thus JWs also lack truth, veneered with past “truth”, and instead promote lies and purposeful “8th Kingdom” globalization process ignorance of developments that will take a number of years to even globalize world finance and monetary systems in national disarray into an international administrative “rulership” (Dan11:42-43).

Instead what Ron Paul and David Rockefeller (and many other experts in various disciplines) plainly state as a multi-year process of required financial globalization first (not Paul’s desire for a global sovereignty in this regard), that of course guides all former national “power and authority” later (Rev17:11-18) for years to come unto an actual 8th King world government, JWs and Bethel sells as the ignorance “it can end any day now brothers!!”.

It can end any day now for Bethel, not the world system in general. The world will go on for years, must complete the globalization processes in finance, government and military, and that will take an approximate decade, a world war resolved (global war on terror and continuations) for world “peace and security”, and full 8th King vocalization (1Thess5:1-3) as UN centric but far more expansive actual worldwide government as an actual functioning multi-nationally and trans-nationally based international world power.

Even high school students are understanding globalization basics, thus Bethel’s dodo bird impression is for maximum ignorance effect on JWs and their audience, not on the Bethel CEOs who as a trans-national corporate billion dollar plus complex of globalization itself, fully understand the actual globalization process basics and even advanced theory. They know Bethel is going down when Daniel 11:42-43 truly activates, and JWs organizationally will be hit for 100s of millions into organizational dysfunction, because it is not Christians who run and own the JW worldwide organization.

We know by 40 years of rotten GB “board of directors” fruitage what is really going on. This cannot just be a big oversight at the levels of intelligence in global understanding required to manage this billion dollar wealth egg worldwide. The external impression is as well engineered as everything else internal to a Bethel grand compromise. The covert UN NGO is an indication what kinds of actual operation is at work in Bethel’s fallen ministry. (Rev8:10-11). Like boiling a frog, JWs were lulled by the comfortable spa like atmosphere, gradually developed and engineered, and now it is too late.


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