More On The Governing Body Myth

The Governing Body Myth

Yes there are many strange natural algorithms now fully operating in JWs, whose real impetus of application was the “rule by committee” form of leadership installed in JWs in 1976. It is traceable to that date because soon after that “hostile takeover” by an inner Bethel mafia (governing body), the Bethel inquisition of fear and reprisal became a fully engineered device (1980-81) to protect these rotten apples in their core Bethel basket of corruption by having supreme dictatorial power, enforced by a banishment “hell on earth” that progresses to a Bethel Gehenna judgment. It is not accidental the power coup and it’s main device of protecting the corruption cell GB were nearly simultaneous. It also indicates a well planned move to remain in power come JW protesting hell or high water (which rarely surfaces by the way, due to the effective fear of the Betel inquisition). And now they alone own a billion in WT assets worldwide, as covertly administered as was the UN NGO.

But that GB directed inquisition that cascades into the GB clone elder body, and into every GB clone JW father mindset also creates an algorithm where automatic fear, overrides undeserved kindness, what JWs are supposed to be focused on according to their supposed rule book the Bible. That is rather than actually believe in love, mercy and forgiveness, the JWs were gradually inquitionized to believe in the Bethel inquisition manual of dos and don’ts, written by men who already demonstrated power, prestige and many WT pictured celebrity with massive wealth, is actually the goal of the small inner corrupted center of control, that now infects the whole WTS, Bethel and all the congregations with this “loving provision”, which is just a lie “set in opposition” to Bible basics of Christian faith.

A faith that is supposed to be based on a perfect man’s sacrifice OF HIMSELF, provided by God, so others would not have to undergo the mental anguish common to Adamic men, still hiding in the trees of Eden.

This algorithm creates fear daily, while injecting guilt in conscious and subconscious forms, and creates an internal belief never attaining the Bethel “high standard”, but externally never dropping the veneer of self righteousness. JWs are one mixed up psychology, now devoid of any actual spiritual support from their leaders, it too, is all an act, the Bible is just a cover, it is a designed device to the contrary that actually operates in JWs.

But alas, now after 37 years of this actually ice cold collective GB heart pumping that ice water into all JWs susceptible to it, we now have congregations that are polar ice caps, so far from God’s love and Christian actual warmth as to be frozen solid in injected leaven from Bethel central, and completely now trusting in a Bethel Law Covenant based on looks, performance, traditions, buzzwords, bean counted hours, days and years, human bodies, human leaders, human illusions of righteousness (self righteousness), and complete trust in the modern “JW robot” of judgment of others, in programmed deep seated guilt and fear of man injected by inquisition into all JWs like a bridle, and a completely hyper-pious masquerade, a total act, a sleep walk, that feeds off judgment of others to bolster it’s own believability.

The actual faith and belief in the sacrifice of Jesus Christ is now completely foreign to JWs. The entire JW system now defeats the very concept of “undeserved kindness”, showing mercy as a command of God, and the inevitable reaping of what is sown. (Like the GB, in spite of all this fear and guilt, it actually serves the self-approved state of delusion, JWs like the GB are self-approved!! They are already there in their heads, but a million light years away in their hearts).

And it all stems from the fear and reprisal in an Inquisition of MEN, not of God, and these men control JWs for now a billion dollar hard asset nest egg. They also cut off the expense of “weak sheep”, who could have actually benefited from a family and extended family who actually believe in undeserved kindness, love, mercy, forgiveness and faith. But instead these extra expenses to the core Bethel mafia purse in the long run of many years of support of “weak” sheep, are not only removed from the lower JW responsibility, and hence support, and hence MONEY, they are banished by policy, a human requirement from Bethel neo-papal power-ghouls, so as to create no further financial burdens as well, to the GB wallet, over the years, the ultimate place all that “saved money” goes to.

When the JW org crashes in a very strange set of events, these GB and Bethel thieves in a small core control group, will waltz off with a few hundred million in JW assets. They may end up taking the whole thing with them (transferred), already financially propositioned in securitized assets that will go to “shell B” in the process, and out of “shell A” JW corporate ownership. Those JW corporations are just a shell.


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