On Bethel Apostasy Red Flags

Bethel Red Flags

Since the gradual hoisting of the now many red flags at Bethel indicates anti-christian actual core guidance, I feel some can now read 2Thess2:1-4 and see not only is a major cycle repeat preparing to unfold in the JW microcosm (Rev8), also by massive debt preparation a major cycle is already preparing to unfold in the world system  as well (Rev16) towards an obvious financial solution of global proportions that will not be implemented overnight. (Dan11:42-43).

And as the GB supported the diversion of 3rd UN placement in 1990 as nothing special (Dan11:31b), and went UN NGO instead of explain globalist 8th King implications present there (Dan8:12), and then released the news to world press one month after 911 in 2001, it appears the GB moves right along with major well known globalist pretext creating events two times now, that last one led to the “global war on terror” and the designed shock of the whole event also aided JWs lack of comprehension of what UN NGO really means; (Dan8:13 “transgression causing desolation”), for those even finding out about it, as it’s secrecy is Bethel policy.

One has to consider the next global pretext creating event will intuitively also be backed in some covert way by the GB for their UN partners, as obviously a UN NGO reveals Bethel’s core endorsement, and it is too ominous for JWs to accept the implications, it is too big too see, hidden in plain sight – but it is all there and it is but another red flag.

Thus one must consider Bethel is actually planning a mass defection on purpose, a mass stumbling event based on the many manmade organizational idols going down in engineered fashion, and JWs with faith diffused from God and Christ to those central idols of Bethel, will have their misdirected faith also go down as a result. Finally the GB will achieve their “negative JW growth rate” goal. It is apparent all this “bad press” creating stumbling of millions must have a design to it, JWs already stumble far more people than come into “the truth”, and this next one is the big one, the coup-de-grace and the real purpose of the GB tenure since 1976.

It is too formulaic to all be simply random and accidental oversight and spontaneous hypocrisy. It is masterminded; (2Cor11:13-15). As usual, only an uncommon few see it coming. And it is not “the end” as Bethel claims but of Bethel itself, it is the beginning of the final super-cycle in many microcosms and the overall world system to go one for at least a decade into 8th King full King North ascension as super-sovereign world king, the objective Bethel aids in their sector of world influence in reality.


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