On Bethel Governing Body UN and UN NGO Connections 1

On The Bethel “Man of Lawlessness” 1/2

Hello 20571.
I have a terrible suspicion and feeling that the GB of JW are working along with the UN, and have had some measure of protection, I have a suspicion that their aim is or agenda is to join forces with the UN to try and stop Gods Kingdom from being established, or at the very least try to delay it, as they have tossed all other anointed out…


Absolutely, there is an array of proof of anomalies that when viewed as a whole, and timed with the 1976 to current GB activity, connects the UN and the GB/WTS/Bethel ruling class with UN and Satanic collusion;

First off God has foretold every relevant detail of this concluding period leading to Christ’s 100% Messianic Kingdom completion and return. So, we have to respect God will open it all up in His own time and way (2Pet1:19-21), and all the misinformation (Dan8:12b) merely clouds what is ALREADY in the prophecy. Dan11:30-32 and Dan8:11-14 are clearly subversion prophecies first from 8th King planning and Christian defection. How the subversion takes place, overt or covert, is the key to seeing the real meaning. By Bethel cover-up we now know it is a covert infiltration, by way of a Christian defection (Dan11:30b-32). And the WHOLE pattern, by all it’s respective details ONLY matches UN and Bethel events in all details that climaxed in 1990 in very telling evidence amidst a 3rd UN placement which is VERY significant because it connects continually in Daniel 11:29-45 to also the fourth and final UN “King North” placement.

No wonder Illuminati Bethel covers up that 3rd and 4th UN progression.

So we have to understand all Christianity is going to be under attack (in time, the truth first), and the core truth of Kingdom and temple meaning of Daniel 12 that manifested in those timed periods from 1914 forward must be fully erased as per 8th King objective, but of course impossible as God foretells the entire process and His and Christ’s ultimate truly earth shaking final conquest for the Adamic period.

Meaning the 8th King  has fully diverted 3rd and 4th UN placement awareness in a 1-2-3-4 foretold progression, has JWs totally subverted, and in a MASSIVE final worldwide drive towards UN 4th placement to start soon, the 8th King intends to fully exterminate all JWs and ANY Christian with even a hint of the truth – FIRST. And they plan to hit hard, fast and globally, and to keep that momentum going all the way to 4th UN placement some years later, WHILE fully burying ANY Christian validity. (Rev9:1-2); Apostates are fine, such as today’s Bethel, because error merely aids the 8th King, general churches will not be the priority – yet.

So they are very serious about killing the core truth that JWs had for 2 UN placements explained properly from 1919 to 1945. They want to fully erase all awareness of the UN significance so that of course, all mankind ends up annihilated at Har-Magedon with Satan’s earthly seed leading the progression to that intended extermination. And that is why this final awareness of prophetic meaning is so important. This is no joke. The 8th King and Devil KNOWS, if they can erase all this truth, the WHOLE world will be caught as opposers, apostates and 8th King allies, there would be potentially no human survivors.

And that is why as per prophecy God will deploy covert angelic powers under Christ to ENSURE, of course, that the final “little scroll” full meaning and ministry be deployed as exactly foretold. (Rev8-11 in a final continuum) And that covert assault guaranteed, will delay instead the 8th king (Hos1:7; Isa31:8-9; Mic5:6-7), but will only stop his temple destruction campaign.

And it is ALL upon a foregleam preview fulfillment of Daniel 12 and Revelation 6, 8-17 formerly explained properly; There is no time to invent a new faith and a new religion here, God is going to finish the temple and it’s truth, on the exact foundation of Christian truth of the Kingdom foundation and temple foundation; (Zech4:6-9). As JWs up to say 1960 or so, had an approved ministry, after the 2nd UN placement is when the lawless elements began to gain control by internal positioning and successfully covered up the 3rd UN placement by 1990 (and even joined the UN too boot), and now have JWs in a systemic apostasy commensurate with Revelation 8 modern “1/3” symbolic, but very significant compromise and 8th King alliances. (Rev8:10-11; Zech3:1-3);

It is ALL foretold in detail, because we have a series of Israel AND Christian judgments to teach us ALL the principles at work in this final phase. BUT, as you are fully aware, globalization and globalism realities are not currently being explained properly in context of the final prophetic cycle in JWs now. That purposeful globalism ignorance is a development produced by the Bethel deception campaign to keep JWs stupid, and way back in 1985 levels of sovereign awareness of what the 8th King is, a FULLY globalized world power and world government that is not yet complete. But globalization is the finality of 8th King completion, not just the UN “image” as JWs are misled to think that is a completion, it is not. Most JWs have very little understanding of the globalism concepts that are the foundation of 8th King globalization. And that globalization is the main “gathering” power of collecting all the nations in the Armageddon finality of globalist unification against Christ’s Kingdom. (Rev16:13-16);

Plus we can gauge from openly available research from worldly sources that a full worldwide globalization will require a final developmental completion cycle for these globalist powers, it is not as simple as the UN alone, it must complete upon that UN image foundation a full world government actuality. And it just so happens the Kingdom 144000 ALSO require a final anointed sealing and “gathering to Christ” to also complete CONCURRENTLY WITH the rival globalist 8th King.

JWs have no awareness of the REQUIRED 144000 completion, they think some hang out in the flesh through Armageddon into the 1000 year Kingdom rule as if Christ is not sharing the entire conquest with his COMPLETE FULL BODIED Bride. It is simple logic that JWs lack now-a-days. The Bride MUST be complete for marriage, no one eye, and one foot 144784 measured Bride.

So JWs are mentally backward in not seeing ANY of that Biblical and 8th King requirement. Make copies of all this, because when the 8th King hits, this will all be removed from the web, as they are already destroying legacy JW publications right from Bethel.

We can also note in the globalization process, God will indeed deploy a final warning that finally exposes the whole thing for what it is in prophecy, and what it is in the world, we are at the end, even if it as to go on a decade (from temple judgment start point) to get through the final 1260 days that sees Christ’s arrival in final gathering power, ten years is nothing. And the 8th King will fill that time with massive world distractions. That is why not only is the JW organizational system a deathtrap for now, compromised Christendom is also fully diverted as well, to be also led to 8th King subservience, because if JWs are lost with fresh truth, that medieval Christendom stuff is even more lost. And of course the Israel national carrot is the Christendom bait to make them believe the NWO will be God’s Kingdom restoration of the Jews. In time national Israel will be a final ploy of distraction. But it is already known spiritual Israel is not dependent on Jews, but people of the nations are what finishes the “full number of them”, thus a fleshly Israeli state is of no Biblical significance to complete Christ’s actual super-natural Kingdom “state”;

Now we know Illuminati are involved with church subversion, because many of them are the elite Israeli globalist claimants that keep the Israel prop for the final act. It is Illuminati “Israel” on earth that they are completing.  And that is my personal speculation, because God avoids Israel prophecy regarding a national earthly group, as it all actually equals Christ’s Messianic Kingdom from heavenly power, not earthly. But in any event, we see the Israel illusion to the churches is as deceptive as the GB illusion to JWs. Free studying Christians have more chance of being gathered into the final ministry, if even now JWs are organizationally fully diverted, it is even wise to leave JWs NOW, because it too is a deathtrap that MUST spring into desolation long before Babylon the Great goes down in final fulfillment 6th plague finality of Revelation 16:12-16; Meaning the 8th King will use false religion to the very end, to herd people more fully to destruction, and to even use worldwide religious destruction to aid the “peace and security” psychological effects of that illusional world peace under 4th UN placement world government. (the “freedom from care” of Daniel 8:5 4th UN placement parallel).

But on Bethel, they are dripping with “scarlet” color.

A. It is not just the UN NGO, which of course is a red flag so big and glaring it is I guess “too big to see” for most JWs; And actually quoting UN General Assembly “disgusting thing” (DT) quotes from the 3rd UN placement of 1990 (The George Bush Sr. “New World Order” UN campaign of 9-11-1990; Awake 9/8/1991) is of course the complicity of the “they” “will certainly place the DT that is causing desolation” of Daniel 11:30-32 of collusion of “King North” [[and]] “those leaving the holy covenant” (obviously at Bethel) from a context of obvious King North (8th King UN powers) main impetus of subversion development; And that also parallels the events leading to the Daniel 8:13 “transgression causing desolation” (UN NGO) in the Daniel 8:11-14 temple “brought into the right condition” obvious major purification catalyst of divine judgment.

BOTH of those prophetic sequences of 1990 culminations of UN and UN NGO events in Daniel 11:30-32 and Daniel 8:11-14, both involving 8th King root development maturing to world government, are being covered up with erred interpretations at Bethel that are plain obvious in their fabrications, from a time of development way to premature for the [foretold] Bethel period of apostate takeover and infiltration made plain as day in 1990 and UN NGO alliances;

It all became fully apparent from 1976-1991!!!! No wonder Bethel is covering up the very prophecies exposing them, while they are doing the actual subversive and traitorous dirty deeds described in the exact prophecies now being subverted!!!!!

Now the 1990 direction the 15 year placed (1976) GB took is OBVIOUSLY a cover-up involving a USSR who failed both as a world power, and due to Daniel 11:36 REQUIRED continual success all the way to Armageddon at Daniel 11:45, also failed as a valid “King North”;

And instead the GB joins JWs as UN NGO to the UN at the same exact time!? It is ridiculous, it is plain obvious a diversion of the 3rd UN placement leading to the 4th UN placement (Dan11:30-45) is what is being diverted away from in JW and world audience awareness; And we are to believe God is now not foretelling the 3rd UN placement? But He foretells the 1st, 2nd and last UN placement as the 4th at Daniel 11:45?

The Bethel warlocks are trying to tell us that the 3rd UN placement has somehow dropped off God’s radar with the whole “cold war” as also a unique world war! (Dan11:29);

That too is ridiculous. We see JWs did in fact reveal the 1st and 2nd UN placements as per prophecy. Now we see from 1990, and Daniel 11:31b actual 3rd UN placement, not a repeat of the 2nd UN placement of WW2, JWs are now being misled to COVER UP the 3rd UN placement, which of course leads to the Daniel 11:45 finale as 4th UN placement – so it is a pretty important progression to understand, and quite simple to see the 1-2-3-4 sequence of the UN four placements, one after the other after a world war, all the way to Armageddon.

Thus Daniel 11:36 King North “will certainly prove successful until the denunciation will have come to a finish” at Daniel 11:45 at Armageddon, is CLEARLY the unique cold war marked (Dan11:29) third UN placement in “NWO” mode of 1990, and it’s progression from Daniel 11:29 to Daniel 11:45 in UNBROKEN, CONTINUOUS, “successful” fashion. (Dan11:36)

Plain and simple, the GB is concealing the 3rd and 4th UN placements of Daniel 11:30-45 to aid the cover up of a VERY important final sequence of UN 8th King activity all the way to Armageddon; They are also concealing by that means that the 3rd and 4th UN placements are also a CONTINUUM! And converge Daniel 11:45 to Daniel 8:25 and Daniel 12:11 replicating);

And since Daniel 11:42-45 is yet to occur in an 8th King world financial coup first, leading to Daniel 11:44-45 later, we see the GB doing at least 2 things:

1. They are concealing the need of a final world developmental drive of the UN to a complete world government in that very Daniel 11:42-45 sequence of the future, by making JWs think it is all over, it is all hanging at Daniel 11:44 OUT OF SYNC with 8th King actual world developmental progress;

2. And they are doing that with USSR “King North” fiction and error as if the bankrupted USSR fulfilled Daniel 11:42-43 “ruler of the gold”, leaving JWs expecting the attack of Daniel 11:44 next, which cannot actually come until after Daniel 11:42-43 “ruler of the silver and the gold” completes at global 8th King scale, which will take some time;

That means they are prematurely advancing “the end” in the collective JW mind, so the 8th King can create a world event that WILL desolate the JW org, as per Daniel 8:13-14 temple judgment for UN NGO transgression already fully installed at Bethel, and now they can cover up a temple judgment desolation, AND make it look like “the end” progression at Daniel 11:44-45 (out of sync in reality), but in fact it MUST progress into Daniel 11:42-43 NOT Daniel 11:44-45 yet.

Obviously JWs will be severely LOST in that period of time! AND vulnerable to JW organizational “life saving direction” which is a trap in reality.

Thus they are plainly covering up one prophetic event of a guaranteed desolation for UN NGO “transgression causing desolation” (Dan8:13-14), with an erred interpretation of the final Armageddon sequence of Daniel 11:44-45 applied deceptively to temple desolation events;

A set-up like that MUST be on purpose, it CANNOT be “an accidental oversight”. We have a JW trap easily shown to be now set by Bethel deceptions forced into the ministry based on the USSR King North lie.

And they make that possible by retaining the USSR error, when the USSR is CLEARLY not a successful King North candidate (it cannot be off and on, it MUST be a successful continuum), but now, as a speculation, they can refill it with a decoy actual Russian national military event, or in fact any hoax they choose to plug into the waiting King North decoy at Daniel 11:44, so JWs will think “end of the world” while an unknown actual temple judgment and desolation is taking place, thereby TOTALLY leaving JWs lost and confused in a world tribulatory period that MUST go on for some years;

Thus the Devil agents as Zech3:1, 2Thess2:9 at Bethel, who know they must exit soon, can derail and try to financially destroy the Christian ministry in these drawn out events, while JWs think it is an attack in an approved state, while JWs aid and protect the internal enemy who is actually directing worldwide national and local scale desolation right from within the JW org worldwide, permitted by God, upon the JW org, while JWs are completely at a loss as to what is really going on;

B. Then look at the timing. I mean GB events with or after major globalist 8th King events.

First as shown they cover up the 3rd UN placement. Which covers up the Biblically certain UN placement sequence of a foretold 1-2-3-4 progression. And they do this as the 3rd UN placement is happening. That equals TEAMWORK with the UN and Bethel.

Then they release the UN NGO covert covenant “world news break”, one month after 911. Again, teamwork amidst a globalist world event and pretext for world war on terror. And the GB comments on none of it. And they NEVER make an actual admission to all JWs in an official JW journal of the UN NGO affair. Equaling TREACHERY, as some JWs do not know Bethel is also a voluntary UN organization.

And that is all released with the “pedophile files” at the same time.

And I won’t even get into the Satanic and NWO related graphics and signs slyly placed in JW journals that require planning and art direction.

So the GB has supported major globalist events, and has moved along with them, 1990 and 2001, to a T. And now they are placing Biblically deceptive illusion of future events in JW minds, that are not accurate, to also lead into this final 8th King world series that will manifest in some way soon, to lead JWs into false expectations as these primed illusions are then backed up by 8th King events, as the 8th King planners know exactly what decoy and hoax support the GB needs to further the deceptions, to lead JWs to prison or worse, and the org to ruination, but in a systematic fashion, worldwide.

And at that same time the real evidence and news of all this is flooding the internet to support a stumbling campaign keeping JWs at 7 million, rather than the 14 to 20 million a true ministry could easily have by now supported from pre GB growth projections, based on all time highs. Even if 12 million, we are seeing JWs and the GB are now the main source of error (2Thess2:11), that has stumbled as many or more people than there are JWs!

And JWs now have the highest turnover, and poorest retention rate of most, if not all religions ON EARTH!

Come on, let’s put 22 and 22 together, there are literally HUNDREDS of anomalies in JWs that equal a growth rate that as gone from a pre-GB 10-15% highs, to today’s 3-1% and lower lows.

C. And if we truly see the insightless stagnation typifying WT and publication writings of supposedly anointed men, we see 20 years of the most repetitive hogwash of parroting “smooth words” with ZERO progress in prophetic and loving insight. And also they NEVER adjust, abandon, or better explain the main theological contradictions and stumbling blocks! Instead they add more, and make ridiculous claims as a pre-approved, self-approved “faithful and discreet slave” bombastic self-exaltation to boot! And refute the 1914-1919 meanings as well! They are tearing out the temple and Kingdom FOUNDATIONS of truth, right before JWs ears and eyes, and employing the aid of now spiritually zombified JWs to aid the destruction of core prophetic Kingdom and temple teachings!!!

It is now brazen and surreal!!

Yes, the “man of lawlessness” is clearly “set in opposition” now in full operation and control in an accelerated destruction process right in JWs midst, while many JWs kiss the rings of the main trespassers!! The main enemy of all truth and Christianity is right at Beth-Hell.


… in this way in their deluded mentally sick mind they may feel that the UN will protect them in the GT, not the sheep they don’t care about the sheep, but only themselves, but could it be that in REV when the beast turns on their lover, that the UN will turn on the WT/GB themselves, as we know Satan has no real friends and will in the end turn on them.


Yes, Isaiah and Hosea show the same pattern of misplaced trust and spiritual adultery that preceded Israel’s judgment 133 years prior to Jerusalem’s judgment of 607 BCE.

And since we know “Egypt” pictures national powers, they are also going to send JWs “at that time” (WT 11/15/13) to nationally aided “safe houses” for protection when the next 8th King cycle truly begins. Like Jerusalem’s or Israel’s Jews, JWs are fleeing to Egypt for support, while the Bethel elites are fleeing to globalist Assyria with all the JW resources for protection.

And like Israel and Jerusalem’s trust in men and external nations, this will turn into DISASTER for JWs; In fact when the temple desolation timed period of Daniel 8:13-14 ends, it will require divine intervention, albeit covert, to save JWs from complete ruination. (symbolized by the Rev9 “abyss” lid being opened). Had God and Christ not stepped in, as foretold, JWs would be annihilated worldwide, in time, in that symbolic “abyss” of the temple desolation. (Zech3:2);

The pattern repeats again, and again. It as all happened before at other times of God’s judgment. The heavy sins, the self-righteous denial, the vilification of truth messengers, the overall blindness with a very few seeing it, ALL of it is repeating plain as day in misled JWs heading for a judgment desolation, NOT the “end of te world” sequence being promoted by the lawless traitor GB;

THAT too is all repeating in wayward leaders leading the JW nation to disaster. It is now plain as day. Just a matter of time, not if, but wen, and it is soon, because now the apostasy AND the “man of lawlessness” core leadership is being exposed beyond denial as 2Thess2:1-4 clear as day prerequisite that is being met, as it must by prophecy, prior to the judgment;

So what is coming is judgment first, not the JW pre-approved deliverance to paradise that they think is coming. So the 8th King GB plainly knows a world tribulation is coming, and they want to mislead and herd JWs into Egypt in that massive global event designed to drag on for some years. As you state, yes they are trying to stop the Kingdom completion, and it’s proclamation, and they will try to seize the ministry by seizing money, properties and other resources including JWs themselves;

Obviously one does NOT want to get caught in the JW organizational deathtrap sweeps to develop in this next event. (Matt24:15 as UN NGO “disgusting thing” at Bethel means FLEE the org NOW!!!!) The true evil operators at Bethel, meaning the ones that are Satanic impostors who fully know the kill plan, who are in factional existence, but total control, know the 8th King plan to kill the org and kill the Christians, as many as they can, in the desolation period they KNOW is given to them by God for the UN NGO heavy transgression. (Dan8:13-14);

And it is going to come soon. But of course stretch out in time as foretold.


Then we have the general JW mindset cultured by Bethel to also conceal globalist 8th King developments clearly at work in globalism itself, the 911 event as pretext for another unique world war called the “global war on terror” that can escalate, and is now positioned for 12 years after 911 in worldwide Global NATO military installations in hundreds of new bases. And they cover up the financial crisis as obviously a set-up leading nations to Daniel 11:42-43 as totally in debt and bankrupt to 8th King finance. And all the other billions of web pages on GMO, Agenda 21, NWO, HAARP, and all kinds of 8th King related information plainly made available by 8th King elites themselves, not to mention researchers and theorists. But in any event, the realization of globalization as a basis of 8th King power is COMPLETELY HIDDEN FROM JWs who live in 1980-1990 in a Bethel created purposefully stagnating brainwash, to further be blinded to 3rd and 4th placement UN 8th King world preparations, now in voluminous detail all over the web alternative news and research, expose’ sites;

And of course the GB wants to minimize as much as possible any exposure and connection to them as the final “man of lawlessness” and the MOL connection to a required final temple judgment cycle, while at the same time plastering the web with all their lawlessness to aid a global stumbling campaign!!


Now NO ONE is simply this stupid and unaware of world globalization in EVERY aspect of national power now plainly explained in 1000s of YouTube videos and documentaries and millions upon million of web pages from secular sources more aware than Bethel purposely appears to be in their backwardness strategy, of what globalism really is now in development in many aspects of world developments. It MUST be a purposeful dumbing down campaign, targeting JWs, to aid the concealment of globalism and it’s main developmental elements also some of which are prophetic, until it is way too late. It is already too late, a temple judgment and clean out BY GOD AND CHRIST is now the only way to save the Kingdom ministry.

And of course it is all foretold and outlined in detail in the very prophecies now being squelched at Bethel.


I feel in a subtle way that the GB are still pushing the new world order agenda…


Yes they cover up current globalist world developments, and they plug globalist books and organization as sideline quotes in WT articles also regularly. Ted Turner should be in the GB, as they quote his books and organizational connections slyly, with other 8th King elites. Plus there are numerous graphical signs of NWO meaning.



 …even still talking about the sham global warming in now climate change, which we know with Agenda 21 it has its find in sustainabilty, as we know there has always been climate change, and with the technology of the UN they can deliberately change patterns of climate, there goal is to wipe out billions of people.


Yes, anything to cover up, divert, and confuse developments where globalization, or globalist technologies or dubious developments are highlighted as connected to 8th King preparations for what is coming, as also some are prophetic. The GB job is keep JWs mentally in a  1980-1990 world of globalism ignorance as an 8th King “gathering” device (and basis of world government), in fact globalization is the main device to “gather” the nations at Revelation 16:13-16 to Armageddon.

Instead, like the globalists themselves, the GB focuses on nationalist incompletion, as final forms of prophecy, which nationalism is not the end game, globalization into 8th King globalist power is.

I mean all the insight available from worldly sources exposing “new world order” global developments could EASILY make every Watchtower 100 pages of PURE 8th King exposing, prophetically outlined, plainly seen worldwide developmental events and global 8th King preparations to yes, eventually start over in effect, to enable a “new world order”. The requirement of removing billions of people is supported in 8th King agendas and is plainly seen in GMO and technologies of depopulation and urban structural demolition, like nukes, or selective biological removal capable in HAARP related technologies leaving non-biological things as is.

Plus it is obvious the 8th King plans to rule the world, not 7 billion people squabbling in nations of “useless eaters” to use globalist terminology. They have to reduce the planetary burden systematically to the self-stated Georgia Guidestone 500 million ceiling of global population. That means they have to get well under 500 million to even guide it to that projection over say 10 years after UN 4th placement, as then the 8th King will run the show and deploy destruction “DURING a freedom from care”; The “during” a freedom from care shows the 8th King is exterminating people, while also providing some people a world seen “freedom from care”, at the same time.


Dont know where you get the notion but its interesting that the GB are lining their pockets with millions, but I wouldn’t be surprised in the least, as true illuminanti could it be that the GB and their lAwyers are part of the illuminati infultrated into the WTBTS as head the GB the MOL.


The main clues are in the prophecies that contain elements that have repeated and MUST repeat again.

Yes, I tried to explain illuminati connection to a JWN xJW who questioned how many JWs left because of a “conspiracy theory” involving the WT;  The “illuminati” are anointed of Satan, and it is no joke some of them are right at Bethel, that is anointed of Satan, posing as anointed of God; (2Cor11:13-15); Zech3:1 and 2Thess2:9 are clear and parallel on describing Satan’s involvement NOW in the final apostasy and “man of lawlessness” development. Basically, Satan and the demons are right at Bethel. Plain and simple. Masters of disguise.

Of course “illuminati” MUST also be right at Bethel as well, they are the main anointed “seed of Satan” now operative on earth. They are the Rev13:11 main engineers of it all for the Devil as that independent, freely detached, “two horned wildbeast” of globalist elites of the supreme council of Satan. Everything else works for them in the “image” and te national collective making up the Rev17:11-18 “scarlet wildbeast”. THEY are the 7th head globalist main guidance system of that globalist “scarlet wildbeast”, composed of many national elites. The Rev13:1 “classic” “wildbeast from the sea” is the national progression of national powers that end up absorbed into a “scarlet” “wildbeast”. It is a national wildbeast led by the Anglo-American national elites – the two-horned-wildbeast, and the scarlet wildbeast are GLOBALIST guided system.

And that distinction the GB will not make, but keeps the whole thing clouded in national levels of incomplete world power. GLOBALISTS are who complete the power progression as GLOBALIST world government controlling all the nations in the NATIONAL Rev13:1 wildbeast, into a GLOBALIST “scarlet wildbeast” total world government, total 8th King, total King  North, total King of Fierce Countenance, total “immense image” totality as all 8th King globalist world government, headed ultimately by the seven headed dragon Satan whose master 7 headed pattern is the basis of both the national wildbeast and the globalist wildbeast finality.

And God has outlined the ENTIRETY of the process and the main players as simply as possible, once we remove GB blinders and see GLOBALIST realities. THEN it all makes total sense. And it makes sense what is coming takes a final world drive of the 8th King over some years all outlined reliably in Dan8:14, leading to Dan12 timed periods underlying Rev8-11 as Dan 12:7 cross-links to Rev11:2. (and Dan7:25, Rev12:6,14; Rev13:5, which are all related events that will repeat in the future.)

NO ONE dupes God Almighty, LOL!!!!!!

And as far as the corporate GB, there has to be other controlling versions of power in the WTS, finance and logistics, teachings, RBC, Zone Oversight etc, because this is a real takeover at work for over 40 years, these guys are born-in experts at what they are doing. And the payoff will be in hundreds of millions of dollars now, and hundreds of millions in hard assets later. The GB is just one example of what level of control actually exists in the entire Bethel worldwide system. I would bet the infiltration even includes elder level placements, and in fact some congregations’ whole elder body are impostors, and that is why the placement of the GB, ZO, DO, CO and elders is all GB and MOL controlled. They are placing people by use of uncanny Satanic spirit, not holy spirit, to aid the culmination of the Dan8:13 “trampling” 8th King attack coming soon, of course not seen as an 8th King attack of temple judgment desolation, but as Daniel 11:44 prematurely advanced hoax. BUT the attack will be every real. BUT it is just the beginning, not the end, of the final cycle. So they also conceal tat from JWs and all people who would like to know.

We can surely bet the MOL is ALL OVER the WT money supply and assets. Impostors and theft is shown in Isaiah and Hosea and other prophets in relation to final temple judgment they ultimately picture. In fact JW millions diverted, are probably aiding the entire financing of the infiltration and the web stumbling campaign.

(Ezekiel 7:22) “‘And I shall have to turn away my face from them, and they will actually profane my concealed place, and into it robbers will really come and profane it.

(Isaiah 1:23) Your princes are stubborn and partners with thieves.

(Hosea 7:1) “At the time that I would bring healing to Israel, the error of Ephraim is also actually uncovered, and the bad things of Samaria; for they have practiced falsehood, and a thief himself comes in; a marauder band actually makes a dash on the outside.

(Isaiah 1:7) your land is a desolation, your cities are burned with fire; your ground—right in front of you strangers are eating it up, and the desolation is like an overthrow by strangers.

I’ll bet even with all this, we are just seeing the tip of the Bethel evil iceberg.

Here was my JWN rationale on 3rd placement UN cover-up giving us a clue as to compromise timing in the JW org:



Just some thoughts as we draw close to Christs authentic return things will only become even more wicked and more control over the sheep, especially the authentic anointed which the GB is really trying to destroy.


Most definitely. What do you think the 8th King is going to do when he scatters the JWs, has them down in total bewilderment, expecting one thing, when another thing is what is developing? He is going to go hog wild WORLDWIDE wiping out JWs is what he is going to do to try to totally erase JWs one way or another for three given years (Dan8:14), or at least two for sure (Hos6:1-3 in relation to Daniel 8:14 timing; Isa37:30-32);

The Bible is most relevant in one convergent meaning of all it’s parts right now, all the way to Armageddon, which also JWs are totally oblivious to.

And JWs are not the only target, just the Christians who had a vein of Kingdom establishment truth in the early 1900s, that is now again fully subverted. So God must reinforce the foundational Daniel 12 truth, and Daniel 7, and Rev8-11, by recovering the whole Christian ministry upon a reliable former pattern. Plain and simple, in 1914 God did in fact make a worldwide warning the Christ’s Kingdom WILL be coming, and WILL complete in the enemy system demon and human face!

And that is why the 8th King “illuminati” type planners have been targeting JWs as IBSA, and JWs from the 1930s, for years to try to conceal the significance of the UN related placement of 1919; They tried to conceal the UN 2nd placement of 1945; That is why BOTH WT presidents died in WW periods, who at that time controlled the ministry as individual leaders, they want to conceal the 1-2-3-4 UN placement sequence, and could not conceal 1 and 2nd placements, but have concealed the 3rd placement and the awareness of it’s 4th placement that must also use the same world war formula to achieve presentation of world government.

The GB is the 1976 self-invented abomination by which individual anointed guidance was overrun by a committee of increasingly more and more frauds. To even get te GB into power required a fraudulent factional majority by 1976, hence that extra surge in GB membership in 1975. (*** WT75 1/15 p. 60 Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses Enlarged ***Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses Enlarged)

In case people are not aware a “global war on terror” is just another way of saying a “world war” on terror – in other words a fourth world war is ALREADY underway in the unique deployment principle of Daniel 11:29 also marking the “cold war” as world war 3, as the 8th King is also concealing the awareness that the cold war was a third world war, merely deployed in “cold” drawn out development, rather than an intense and short typical “hot” world war.

That also aids the concealment of the 1-2-3-4 cycle as four world wars will precede individually, four UN placements.

Now on the embezzlement and theft, it is what the “CIA” kinds of infiltrations do in the process of control. They do it to banks, corporations, governments, etc, so infiltrating JWs was a breeze, JWs are very gullible and easy to fool by appearances and holy man claims; But in Isaiah, Hosea and Nahum, once we know those clues apply NOW, theft is plainly shown in various scriptures, as is apostasy of former Christians, and total fakes infiltrated in. (Eze7:22) is one example.

They are not there for free, and in fact the wealth is already gone, it just has to go into financial collapse to seize the securitized properties. So they spend and redirect JW millions at the beginning of the process covertly and placed in financial devices intended to be seized later, and seize as many of the hard assets at the end of the process, and if successful they will nearly wipe the whole organization away for all intents and purposes by that kind of bankruptcy, seizure and re-allocation of millions, maybe a billion in collateralized and securitized WT wealth. And even if they do not outright seize the hard capital infrastructure, they can tie it up in legalities for years at national and globalist levels of litigation.

It is all already in place. These guys can con con men, they are top of the line, international scale intelligence, total subversion and undercover infiltration world leading experts at what they do. Let’s put it this way, they are good enough to run the FBI, without the FBI even realizing, same scenario, control by controlling the leadership, or placing agents into that role after years, decades of prior positioning in well planned deployments meant to be carried out for years until the objective of control is met, to use the organization for another purpose. The US national government is but another example of a successful subversion.


But if we really write down everything, there is simply way too much evidence and current developments pointing to the Bethel system becoming a JW deathtrap of Zech11 meaning of “the flock meant for the killing”. And that is just the beginning of the process!! The ministry will be desolated, but it still has to be recovered, purified, clarified and deployed in the 8th Kings face as per Rev10-11!! It’s NOT the end yet! It is just the beginning of the total end.

I kid you not, this may involve multi-continental nuclear false-flags (chem/bio, etc), so make an external stash of this information. When they come on, they are going to come on like a flood, and it will be worldwide from one day to the next, and it will go on for some time (Dan8:14). You will see the desolation of the JW org as a signal that whole prophetic cycle starts there and eventually after Dan11:42-43, Daniel 11:44-45 will lead live and real-time to Daniel 12. So obviously “during that time” of Daniel 12:1 is a future final event “during that time” of Daniel 11:42-45, which is also a future live event. That means Daniel 12 MUST have a final cycle of literal, climax, timed period fulfillment “during that time”. That logic too is concealed by Bethel.

But not for long, and that expose’ will be the Christian mission leading to Christ’s arrival as Rev8-11 MUST also replicate from temple judgment (Rev8), to desolation and recovery (Rev9), to the final commission (Rev10) and final deployment for 1260 days final warning preceding Christ’s arrival (Rev11); And that will be an “end” period that must overlay the Daniel 12:11 4th UN placement final and constant feature removal of this final pure world warning (Rev11:7) marking that 1290 day period commencement after the 1260 days ends. But it is after the 1260 days of Rev 11 that Christ arrives as Matt24:29-31 “tribulation of those days” that began with JW judgment, will end with BTG judgment. (as you know the GB promotes the deception it begins with BTG, but in fact as per 1Pet4:17 the final judgment begins with JWs and any serious unattached Christian claimants that can be approved, recovered, or removed – in my opinion. That it starts with the Christian “house” is certain, NOT Babylon the Great, they are last as per Rev16:12-16 and Rev17:15-16 parallel)

Thus for Christians, the final sheep goat securing and separation process occurs after the 1260 days, so the 1260 days is the most important time period leading to Christ’s actual arrival (Rev1:7; Rev6:12-17), for all the period after that 1260 days Christ is in power, just taking needed time to complete the surviving 144000 remnant gathering (1Thess4:17 at Matt24:30-31) and the final sheep and goat separation aided by full Dan7:26 144000 under Christ full “Court” (parallels Matt25:31-46; Rev14:14-20) – and then, Armageddon war finality and worldwide and universal conquest of the Messianic Kingdom of Christ, God’s Kingdom overall. (Dan8:25 as Dan11:45 at Rev19:11-21; Rev20:1-3 as Gog Eze38-39);

The JW judgment soon, is a first 8th King attack (Dan8:13 “trampling”) that is ended by Christ, but not in total annihilation, and in time the Revelation 11:7 8th King final attack (the real attack of Dan11:44) is upon the purified ministry that resulted from the temple judgment and desolation of that first 8th King attack of Daniel 8:13-14 coming up very soon, but at that time some years prior to the final 8th King attack of Rev11:7 as Dan11:44 and Dan8:25.

Thus this final prophetic replication awareness, provable forward, backward and upside down, is what is concealed now by Bethel but MUST come forth in the final ministry (Rev10 “little scroll”), and it is already mostly interpreted in the former fulfillments in Israel and Christian era. This is grand finale REAL THING, not a foregleam, not a preview, the REAL THING! JW organizational desolation will mark the affirmation of the starting point beyond doubt in time. But since JWs are in a divine rejection to result in purification (Zech3:4) and “weed” purge, any one on earth can then join the final cleansed ministry that MUST be given back to the anointed genuine “body of the Christ” left remaining approved in human form. (Zech3:5-9); Anyone can join all the way through most of the 1260 days as well.

THAT is the whole point of this period of final “sheep” intake, and why JWs must be purged of trespassers and “weeds” to purify out the truth now being hidden in the JW system. The truth is ALREADY there in the prophetic framework and understanding that it all merely repeats in climax form – a final time – it is merely suppressed by the Bethel “evil slave” defectors and “man of lawlessness” inclusive impostors as per Daniel 11:32 8th King leaders of the apostasy itself, Meaning it is a mixed bag at Bethel, but all equaling a total cover-up of critical final truth progression. Those truth and prophecy suppressors MUST and WILL be removed by Christ as per prophecy to conclude the temple desolation “evening” period of Daniel 8:14, 26; This is the REAL THING. THAT is the presence of Christ as well (Mal3:1-2 is 2Thess2:8 as Zech3:4-5), because he will be present (Zech9:8) but only overseeing Revelation 9-11, not in full power just yet. Christ is who purifies the temple to the Dan8:14 “right condition”, cleans the faithful slave (Zech3:4-5; Mal3:1-4), and boots the evil slave from Bethel override to START the final ministry in a cleansed truthful condition. (Rev9-11);


So now about three JWs are seeing all this and getting ready  or have fled the org, that I am directly aware of. Making it official (da) is of no requirement because Bethel is a renegade apostate system. But one can follow their own conscience. But all my JW friends of course have disowned me, and let me also leave as a fade out, because they are not organizational enough to turn me in as “apostate”, but they disown me – but they also know this description. But we all know here between me and you, that Bethel is the actual foretold apostasy removing Christian anointed input and presence from Bethel, and setting up their destruction in concept to be deployed employing the JW organizational system to be the main herding device of the “flock meant for the killing” in 8th King desolations – all fully foretold. (Rev6:9-11 aiding);

And you may not know, but when I first arrived at Topix I was defending the GB, and internet related information is what helped my awareness as I have no doubt God through Christ fully removed the deception from my eyes and how it is ALL ALREADY foretold and outlined in all the prophets as an overall framework, timeline and details from apostasy revealed with man of lawlessness, to temple judgment, to desolation, to purification and recovery, to final commission, to final deployment world warning, to final 144000 Kingdom completion, to final sheep goat separation, to final Kingdom conquest at Armageddon in final full world judgment – all while the 8th King is distracting from it all, while also completing his own counterfeit “world government” 4th UN placement and ALL of it is in the prophecies. I did not go out to work against the GB, until it became apparent who they really are.

I will not set foot back in “Jerusalem” JW org (Matt24:15) until after the judgment and purification in whatever form it is left in, God willing. DFing me is irrelevant to God for speaking the truth. There is simply too much symphonic harmony in massive amounts of prophecy and world developments for this to be made up by human imagination. BUT it requires attention to prophecy, respecting the initial fulfillment timed framework and Kingdom and temple meanings, and these current org and world developments that fit the prophecies to a T, completely, to see it is foretold from final apostasy to Armageddon in a prophetic continuum that is also a final fulfillment, most of which is a direct replication of the 1914-1926 cycles.

The timed temple judgment of Daniel 8:13-14 is a one time unique timed event leading to the replication process, signaling it in fact. (It parallels 1Pet4:17 and Rev8:1-6); In principle, the temple was judged in the 1914-1926 progression, and of course in Jerusalem in 33-70 CE first cycle. ALL of them are relevant as all the principles repeat in this final cycle to a climax reality. JW desolation marks the starting gun of God, probably with a “bang” on Bethel that we can start Dan8:14 timing upon as 1150 or 2300 days, 3-6 years of judgment and recovery that lead to the final 1260 days in some manner, direct or by recovery transition.

Thanks xxxxx, talk to you later.


Final Temple Judgment and Jehovah’s Witnesses



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