On Bethel Setup

On Bethel Setups

An interesting observation to say the least. I have in my research found that some people beleive that the globalists funded the WT for CT Russell and the Mormons as well. Perhaps you know who I am talking about. I do agree that there is something not right in the organization. If you have more information please elaborate and tell me what you think of the globalist funding.

Contrary to the guy who posted after me, claiming globalization is a “conspiracy theory” (and it’s implications I assume), globalization is a now well known concept and reality, and is the final form of Rev16:13-16 international “gathering” power and is common knowledge to those who research it’s reality in what is actually a final form of natural human government evolution to a climax form of global sovereign power. (Formerly known to JWs as 8th King power – but it has to be complete AND it as to make a final global proclamation as such in full (1Thess5:1-3)). [A]

You are correct that these international government minded elites and planners have been in operation for a while in the world. (It’s main financial and capital impetus resulted from WW1 and a 2-300 billion dollar capital infusion in that days level of valuation, not of “currency”, but of hard asset basis of expansion of the industrial and financial system that also allowed WW2 to create 4 trillion in a similar process of expansion). And in that operation of aligning national government regulatory to facilitate financial set-up first, and mental directing organizations for all levels of the process awareness from uninformed, to novice to expert globalists, Bethel is but one of a number of infected institutions worldwide. And in that process they have had infiltration attempts since the early 1900s.

And how we know the globalists were not fully successful (in the beginning of JW reformation ministry) is that the IBSA (UN related League of Nations 1919 event (Rev13:11-15), clarified by 1926 onward) and Jehovah’s witnesses (1945-1969 full 1945 United Nations exposure as Rev17:8-11 fulfillment) did in fact EXPOSE world government formations in progress as prophecy for 2 UN related manifestations fulfilling parts a prophetic sovereign rival progression against God’s Kingdom that is in fact eventually a 1-2-3-4 four step phasing and progression of UN development to finally a full actual world government.

Thus had the globalist elites been successful, like with the 3rd UN placement cover-up in JWs in 1990 forward, no one would know the UN evolution was even prophetic. Jehovah’s witnesses, at a once approved condition of say 1920-1960 or so, did have a valid divinely approved ministry, and did work contrary to globalist development in that initial exposition of prophecy and UN developments.

And of course a full 1-2-3-4 UN world government development all outlined in prophecy is extremely important to understand, and affects the world audience as well, and that is why JWs are now subverted to break this 1-2-3-4 UN continuum, by internal Bethel operations that are also prophetic, as it all indicates not the end of the cycle, but the BEGINNING of a final cycle of not just prophecy, but also world government finalizing developments needing a decade or so to fully complete. (also not my speculation, but outlined in prophecy in Dan8:14 and Dan12).

Thus the UN motive in undermining that initial JW ministry describing the first 2 UN placements, is obvious in attempting to break that 1-2-3-4 UN tracking as to prophecy once maintained by JWs, now derailed for the 3rd (1990) and 4th/final (future) UN progression and awareness, and obviously a UN NGO Bethel is aiding that objective since 1990 by also diverting prophetic awareness also since that time. (Dan8:12 results in subversion as Dan8:12b).

And as we know in 1990, at a foretold 3rd UN placement in a continuum to a 4th UN world government placement, Bethel went UN NGO and now successfully diverts Daniel 11:31b-45 as the final two UN placements of the 1-2-3-4 UN overall cycle to completion, and by implication, covering up the continuum in Daniel 11:30-45 that leads to the real Armageddon event as God’s Kingdom eventually confronts an actually fully completed and operating world government 8th King making world rulership final sovereign statements at that 4th placement and completion. (1Thess5:1-3).

So it is not that JWs are 100% wrong, it is that the sovereign prophetic continuum begun by exposing the first 2 UN placements is now diverted, and subverted with what is also an organized Bethel theological diversion aided by a web stumbling campaign, all in operation at the same time now. Another clue is Bethel never has confessed it’s UN NGO affair to all JWs in an official WT publication. Never. And that means some JWs have no idea the Matt24:15 “disgusting thing” is indeed “standing where it ought not” be as Bethel is a 3rd UN placement co-promoter (Awake! 9/8/1991 incept issue) as per the real Daniel 11:30-31 events that culminated in a 3rd UN placement AND Bethel’s role in that placement and cover-up. (Dan8:13-13).

And that means Daniel 8:11-14 events also parallel Daniel 11:30-31 events as Daniel 8:13 “transgression causing desolation” (to the JW temple “established place”) is in fact the UN NGO spiritual adultery of the collusion of the UN and Bethel at Daniel 11:30-31 for subversive and world UN placement objectives. Both are covered up with once thought WW2 explanations, but now in error, that the 1990 post cold war events bring to further light as a Bethel and UN operation and event. Yet, Bethel maintains WW2 fictions, in spite of 1990 globalist developments of obviously great significance in that 3rd UN placement virtually now unknown to most JWs.

Thus the very prophecies that self-incriminate Bethel as Dan11:30-35 and Dan8:11-14, and explain what led up to the 1990 UN and 1991 UN NGO, and it’s divine indictment and required temple purification (Dan8:13-14), is all covered up with WW2 and USSR fictions by Bethel to conceal themselves as final cycle “man of lawlessness” as the Daniel 11:32a “apostasy” links to 2Thess2:3 “apostasy” as prerequisite signal of the temple profaners of this final cycle ALSO concealed by Bethel as needing to occur. (Zech3:1-3 leads to Zech3:4-5 as a modern JW temple inspection, befouling and judgment leads to a Christian ministerial purification).

Thus Bethel does not allow a connection of their own lawlessness to be seen as a prophecy fulfilling a final cycle requirement of 2Thess2:1-4, so stumbled JWs and others see the Bethel lawless condition, but do connect it to an organized Bethel apostasy and their “man of lawlessness” leaders and that tat MUST connect to a final temple judgment cycle first. (1Pet4:17 as Dan813-14).

Thus Bethel wants to appear to people as just random hypocrisy, and to duped JWs as “God’s chosen”, as they up the 2Thess2:3 “lifting themselves over everyone” signal as now pinnacle FDS self-applied and self-approved final blasphemy. [2], and JWs think it is actually the truth.

[[So take your time researching the prophetic implications and connection to the early JW ministry of 1920-1960 or so, because in the first fulfillment is the picture of the final fulfillment that MUST then connect the last two UN placement meanings. The JW ministry is also now incomplete.]]


And as many may have had doubts in the mid 1990s (concerning human global government reality), today’s voluminous research, documentaries and elite books, orgs, and statements is now a plainly broad daylight development now in such volumes one researching these things is overwhelmed; (And no wonder they keep JWs web phobic, due to information mostly on the web easily accessed in volumes, as also revealing full globalization as a process that cannot occur tomorrow but indicates clearly a final developmental globalization cycle is required – thus deluding JWs with another means of promoting a premature end thinking, by JW ignorance of globalization itself as a process).

Thus it is not a “conspiracy” if in fact it is done in broad daylight with full disclosure of world government intent, albeit with little fanfare and very low key and incidental statements from the globalist elites themselves. And as we see, many in the world also think globalization and world government are all “conspiracy theories”, because they to will not use Goggle or YouTube to do basic research from experts and globalists themselves providing the evidence and explanations of the process and goal.

And by JWs’ own logic, as I am one for years in in-depth understanding of our sovereign prophecy (in any form part, present or future), a world government climax actuality MUST be completed before God and Christ finalize the issue – thus contrary to Bethel delusion to mislead JWs, it cannot “end any day now brothers!”.  At this time, and for several more years to come, that complete world government and it’s completed sovereign “peace and security” proclamation is NOT present but in concept form. Bethel is the entity that can end “any day now”.

Thus God and Christ are not going to show up, if even the 8th King is not prepared (Joel3:9-12), and incomplete! It makes no sense to preach a premature ending for this reason, and how we know the Bethel subversion is on purpose to culture such illusion, as we put all these pieces together.

Meaning according to logic Bethel by-passes, the necessary main 8th King development apex as world government in plain operation (Dan11:45) and apex sovereign statements (1Thess5:1-3) is not present, and thus by this logic we should have reinforced more fully (rather than the opposite), the Kingdom cannot arrive to settle an issue that has not yet come to a full head as 8th King complete world government beyond the UN “image”.

And it will not come to a full head until the real Daniel 11:42-44 cycle starts and completes as Dan11:45. And as per 8th King at Daniel 11:42-43, financial control of nations starts the cycle to full pawning of national “Egypt” as “King South” national powers collectively in decline, are what globalist international powers will ascend to full “King North” world government upon in the Daniel 11:44-45 finality of the cycle a  number of years even after the Bethel organizational desolation to occur in the Daniel 11:42-43 phasing. (as Dan8:13-14 timing and meaning).


Since I do not know the experience level of a current JW to let them know the reality is also prophetic, I hope it is a JW who believes the Bible is actually God’s word in spite of current Bethel corruptions. And I have to assume it is a JW with an appreciation of our older ministerial efforts and sincerity and truth of prophecy from 1920s to 1960s in fuller and fuller clarity.

And that the Bible does indeed describe a progression of 8th King world power in Daniel and Revelation parallels from way back – and they need to be tracked and maintained – as is NOT the case at current Bethel. And that as it culminated into first the League of Nations after WW1, and the United Nations after WW2, JWs used to be actually a required Christian ministerial exposition of this truth and UN prophecy trackers. [B]

So JWs are NOT fully corrupted 100%, but as per Rev8 (Rev8:10-12) this is a “1/3” symbolic compromise as JWs also lost track of the UN system and prophecy it is fulfilling in Daniel 11:30-32, 32-35, 36-39, and 40-41 as they are not a sequence but an overlay. (For example the Daniel 11:41 “entry” in “the Decoration” is the Bethel infiltration of Daniel 11:30b-31a, and Daniel 8:12 parallels. Which fulfills Luke 21:20 as Matt24:15 parallel).

I hope the Bethel lawlessness (2Thess2:3) and “befouled” spiritual condition (Zech3:1-3), does not make stumbled JWs (Dan11:32-35) think all the prophecy is now defunct, for it is not, it merely requires a final JW purification (Dan8:13-14 as 1Pet4:17 meaning), and that is exactly what the Bethel lawlessness is indicating instead, a JW judgment will occur with the Daniel 11:42-43 8th King context of global events. And in that context, the lawless Bethel operation wants to shut down the Bethel ministry financially and organizationally, thus JWs will be bewildered and unable to explain the 3rd and 4th UN placement significance of the real Daniel 11:30-45 continuum.

Thus the JW ministry would fail to make the 1-2-3-4 UN connection to a complete 8th King world government, as JWs would be successfully derailed at only UN placement 1 and 2 understanding and exposition. (The current JW progress is at that state now).

And now as Bethel goes down soon [C] in a required temple judgment of Daniel 8:13-14 reality for the UN NGO “transgression causing desolation”, they can erroneously and prematurely apply Daniel 11:44 out of sync with globalization reality to make JWs think that the unknown to JW Dan8:13 temple desolation is “the end of the world” instead, and the Daniel 11:44 attack misapplied and out of sequence will be used to cover-up the actual initial “trampling” of Dan8:13 foretold JW organizational desolation and why.

And to many JWs it will appear as such. because the contextual events of Daniel 11:42-43 phase will indeed become global at some time in this decade long trek to world government. But in the first few years of that cycle, as we see, JWs will be fully confused as well for after it’s effects, as some years must still progress as 8th King completion.


What is happening is God is using Daniel 12 AGAIN, but in final form of fulfillment as a replication, so JWs eventually understand what is going on, as Daniel 11:42-45 MUST connect live and real-time to Daniel 12 “during that time” of Daniel 11:42-45 8th King progression to world government for real. And the Daniel 8:14 timing of JW temple judgment desolation “evening”, will further aid (in that timing verification of Dan8:14) JW awareness of the final temple judgment cycle, and purification cycle to remove the Bethel liars who are obstructing this truth. And God and Christ are the ones who will in time of Dan8:14 “evening” transition to “morning” of JW recovery and purification, will make that removal of te Bethel based modern final “man of lawlessness” as per 2Thess2:8, Zech3:4-7, Mal3:1-5 in a final cycle. (Dan 12 will underlay Rev8-11 and Rev15-16 also replicating to final meaning and grand finale.)

Of course the more a JW knows of our original 1914-1918 and 1919-1922 meanings of Daniel 12, the more obvious will be the wisdom in repeating it to a major completion of 8th King and Messianic Kingdom CONCURRENTLY over those Daniel 12:7 and 12:11 time periods repeating. And thus the Daniel 12:11 original “League of Nations” repeats as the 4th UN world government placement a number of years into the final cycle at it’s end point. And repeating principles and prophecy should be a well known concept to JWs, our very existence as defined by prophecy is based on principles of an overall judgment of Christendom from where the IBSA sprung in a replication of Jerusalem judgment types.

Thus too, what is coming on JWs as a Revelation 8:2-5 “fire of the altar” purification (Zech3:2; Isa6:6-8) as temple judgment parallel of Dan8:14 purification “right condition”, will result in the Rev 9 “abyss” of temple desolation as Dan8:14 “evening” of JW darkness, and will also result in the Rev9 extended recovery in a replication principle directly related to the original IBSA 1919 recovery that also formed a final ministerial “invasion” of truth concerning God’s Kingdom. And that in time is the final Rev10-11 “little scroll” final world warning of impending Kingdom completion as a final 1260 days. (That completes the final “seven times” as now 2520 days as 1260 days in 1914-1918 for Kingdom birth, and 1260 days of the future completion as Kingdom completion as BOTH Kingdom phases give a proclamation explaining their meaning respectively.

(Thus what applied to all of Christendom in 1914-1919 as a temple judgment type, will apply now to a well focused JW temple meaning in the final round with a more intimate meaning to JWs as a whole as the final focus of purification on the same principle and pattern as before.)

(Thus it was no coincidence that as the League of Nations made original manifestation, so did God’s Kingdom also make an initial sovereign proclamation in the 1914-1922 periods of Dan12:7, 12:11 as that League placed the “disgusting thing” counterfeit.)

(And too it will be no coincidence that as the 8th King complete world government, so will God’s Kingdom Messianic agency also complete all 144000, and prior to that will again (Rev10:11) give a final proclamation concerning that inevitable completion to settle this issue once and for all on earth in the Adamic era as Armageddon war phase.)

Thus too the Daniel 12:7 1260 days parallel to Revelation 11:2-3 1260 days will occur again (Rev10:11), but in final Kingdom warning form (Rev10-11) as a final announcement of God’s Kingdom will ALSO be making a sovereign announcement of intent as the 4th UN placement 8th King is also completing, placing UN (Dan12:11 as Dan11:45), and also making final world rulership statement. (1Thess5:1-3) Though that is a number of years after Bethel desolation (timed as Dan8:14 “evening”), into recovery by purification to enough degree for enlightenment (Dan8:14 “morning”), that is where this final cycle soon to start must lead.

And that is why the Bethel impostors want to make JWs think they are at the end of the cycle, but it is just it’s beginning. And that is why an awareness of a final cycle in prophecy and 8th King developments as full globalization, is also concealed by Bethel’s current subversion.

Now since it is a replication of Daniel 12, underlying a final progression of Rev8-11, and Rev15-16 as seven trumpets and plagues in sequence, we know by deep 6th plague Rev16:12-16 and Rev17:12-18 parallel final sovereign consolidations into 8th King full world government, that Babylon the Great (BTG) MUST still present in both those sequences (and their final timing), that BTG is deposed at the END of the sovereign cycle of 8th King power to completion to aid the world “peace and security” psychological effect religious deposition will create, and to use a quadrillion in BTG hard assets to aid the national recovery.

The “freedom from care” is the “peace and security” parallel of Dan8:25 and 1Thess5:1-3, and so too, that Matt24:29 “tribulation” also MUST end into an 8th King world peace and recovery to mark this final period further as per prophecy. (Isa41:1).

Instead Bethel sells JWs the idea the “great tribulation” is the end of the world terminal sequence to unfold quickly, when in fact, like WW1, WW2 and cold war, a global tribulation aids the birthing and further presentations of world government as that tribulation is resolved for a peace effect like in all those world wars 1, 2, and 3 with the “cold war” as a “cold” world war of extended nature (and a nuclear war psychological “tribulation” effect). Thus the UN presenting itself as the fourth tribulation cycle resolves aids it’s reception at th end of it’s cycle of final completion. And like the three prior uses of this formula, expecting a fourth cycle is now intuitive.


Secondly Bethel sells JWs the delusion that “the attack starts with BTG”, so that illusion can further aid cover up of the Bethel desolation, described at first developments as “the attack on BTG brothers!”. But in fact it will be Bethel that is targeted as Dan8:13 “trampling”, and BTG is then to be used way too prematurely as per 6th plague final events (Rev16:12), to further mislead JWs and cover up the nature of the real operation for quite some time.

Thus JWs will think it is the end, and BTG’s attack phase, all premature.

So we see several theologically set up errors used currently by Bethel to delude JWs now and later, and these are things that can logically and prophetically be proven to be Bethel interpretive errors, or misapplied premature prophecy that are now converging for a number of ways to help cover up Bethel’s desolation financially and organizationally. In fact JWs now have a well engineered and relocated “self fulfilling prophecy” to now aid the desolation. Even the globalization understanding that many in the world now realize as a drawn out multi-year final process, also shows a premature end scenario is also cultured by Bethel contrary to the need of a final cycle starting financially worldwide (Dan11:42-43), to further confuse JWs in that actual cycle.

It is not coincidence that globalization prophecy of Rev16:13-16 and Rev17:12-18 is also having it’s main financial, governmental and military globalization aspects being more revealed in world research that explains parts of that process now setting up, as seen in 100s of trillions in national worldwide debt and unfunded liabilities. Thus the financial vacuum is set up now easily seen for the Daniel 11:42-43 actual process, and no way can Bethel be this globalization ignorant, themselves being a globalized trans-national corporate entity. Meaning holding 20 years of theological interpretive error, that places JWs too far into the progression as Daniel 11:44, MUST be on purpose now. [1]

And it is also not coincidental that Bethel makes JW globalization ignorant on purpose to aid the overall delusion complex.


Now the globalist funding is secondary positioning of Bethel assets as securities in the derivatives plumbing. Meaning they divert or align WT funding from contributions later in time, not at incept, for use now in investment storage like WT properties and investment properties, but have to also have reorganized the whole organizational investment context to allow those assets to be tied into derivative and hedge scale investment “protection” devices. (and as you may know, Bethel is involved in the hedges).

Of course the sheer scale and complexity of derivatives and the required scale to be involved in the hedges internationally, means the WT can be (has been) internally positioned for externally aided financial abruptions intended to seize up, tangle or outright transfer ownership of WT assets ultimately founding the ministerial basis of operation. IN effect the WT “nest eggs” are now already in the 8th King globalist basket, it just needs the “proper set of events” to finalize the seizure. Globalist directed WT investment and financial planning is what will have facilitated this positioning.

And like other national institutions, at global scope, to be pawned in the Daniel 11:42-43 process of this overall world operation on the national powers to pawn in full ownership “all the desirable things of Egypt” under international finance and investment authority as a controller of the very basis of world wealth valuation (“ruler of the the silver and the gold”), Bethel is but one pea in the pod to be sucked into the unseen new corporate shell of 8th King external operations, intended to seize that Bethel wealth as securitized properties and flowing investment assets as engineered events will be directed against Bethel funds, portfolios, etc.

And the international legal and investment complexity Bethel will be tangled in, will of course aid the seizure. Even if te globalists do not outright own the Bethel assets, they can tangle them up in international litigation to delay the JW ministry as needed in these various ministerial resources that could be re-activated to make accurate UN announcements.

JWs thinking it is the world end, will of course be of no threat to then reverse the operation, it will be too late. So the globalists did not need to found the WT finances as protected by Russell and Rutherford’s actual legal and business expertise, but to divert it later as that complexity grew to new levels, and overall JWs are now legal and enterprise dodo birds and sitting ducks for the overall operation of this scam to now fully control all Bethel finances and global logistics. There is no modern Russell or Rutherford level of expertise and authority to today analyze Bethels positions, it is all under control of a financial “GB” similar to the talking head and teaching diversion GB.

In effect globalist impostors run and essentially own all of Bethel resources.

The globalists already forming internal development (Dan11:30b; Dan8:11-12) that led to 1976 GB development as a control center factionally able to be overridden to full control later pretty much invisibly (resulting in also UN NGO), and hence in infiltration for quite some time to internally pre-position Bethel, merely re-aligned the JW Bethel empire in all ways as thoroughly as they have overridden JW teachings, policy and overall awareness of reality.

Since the level of former protection and legal/business expertise of Russell and Rutherford and their era of oversight and that simpler legal and corporate era has ended, the key to Bethel control has again become financial redirection to facilitate the organizational cessation, and no JW is in any position in the org to detect and advise on these now very complex issues, like the GB role in theological override, other areas of the JW organization must also be as thoroughly overridden. Finance set-up is as much a key to national control by globalists as it is to Bethel’s destiny as also globalist controlled to attempt to shut up the final UN prophecy exposition.


We can see from WT 11/15/13, pg. 20, par. 17, directive #3, to obey all organizational commands, they also plan to seize as many JWs physically as they can as well, and why organizational trust is also conditioned into the JW mind. [3]

Keep researching as actually Bethels whole subversion is in itself a prophetic signal of a final cycle about to go into overdrive, but even now manifesting 2Thess2:3-4 and Zech3:1-3.





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