On Governing Body Infiltration

Governing Body Infiltration

Yes things are such that Satan and the demons are basically the “Governing Body” (Zech3:1; 2Thess2:9) and as such are foretold to be successful at this defection and infiltration operation. But as this divine permission of such subversions eventually reaches the limits of Daniel 8:14, the core issues actually covered up by modern Bethel will of course become the first chapter of the valid prophetic explanation. And it’s UN globalist objectives since 1990 3rd UN placement concealment actually starting Daniel 11:30-45 as the 8th King = King North that leads to the final UN placement of the Daniel 11:42-45 final phase activating at that time MUST of course also be made known.

Events of the near future and the impartial JW organizational desolation (Dan8:13) permitted by God will of course also become HUGE world news for those tracking JWs as valid or lawless, and the true explanation already contained in the prophecy must also come forth, and it will have the needed world attention to have quite a story to tell from valid prophecy.

Thus what God is doing will HIGHLIGHT, rather than obscure the actual globalist 8th King and Messianic Kingdom issues actually at the heart of this Bethel apostasy. So too, since even GB inception of 1976, but especially in the 1990 UN NGO, Bethel has progressively been a conduit for UNHOLY spirit as per Malachi, God of course has suspended blessing upon the organization. And thus the 2Cor11:13-15 “transformation” of the JW collective body but it’s collective corrupted GB “body” is also growing colder due to “increasing of lawlessness”, and the effect is felt by those capable of ascertaining that an “operation of error” is what is at work. Of course promoting the UN lie as UN NGO is of serious consequence, and thus 2Thess2:1-12 is now active in JWs as an organizational whole, and as per Daniel 11:32-35 it tests Christians as to who “are knowing their God” as per Daniel 11:32b, as not all JWs will be disapproved as a result of these “wormwood” developments of modern Bethel deceptions; (Rev8:10-12);

God permits this for a signal and basis of INITIAL judgment that must use JWs first as a world signal that the temple judgment on JWs first as per 1Pet4:17, WILL lead to all of Revelation 8-11 continuing in final fulfillment over the final cycle which is what is actually beginning, not ending, and goes on for some years.

Subtly Bethel has placed the org and GB as intermediaries to the sheep, rivaling Christ’s position, and the aiding position (NOT intermediary, but aids only) of the “body of the Christ” which is NOT the “Governing Body” add-on, human invented, super-imposed, non-Biblical counterfeit Bethel papacy “set in opposition” to all divine truth and provisions.

Thus the reality is between God and us is Christ – period. An organization, or “body of the Christ” remnant, congregation would merely be an aid as long as it remained pure. In the case of Revelation 8:10-11 manifesting modern Bethel and the GB and the organization they corrupt, that “aid” is now an enemy system cleverly hidden under the veneer of the 1940’s JW ministry. So as per Matthew 4:15 fleeing Jerusalem disgusting thing UN  NGO environment is returning to ma basic Christ intermediatorial sacrificial access for any human on earth with faith in that sacrifice whether covered in covenant as well, or merely by the comprehensive sacrifice; (1Jon2:2) In ANY event, we cannot leave the basic truth Christ ALONE is access to God for believers. Now we see why organizations and congregation must be constantly assessed as to their ACTUAL spiritual state. NEVER can we allow an Adamic human, group, or organization to take Christ’s place in that access point and person to God provided by a perfect non-Adamic, but last-Adamic blood and body sacrifice.

And if we wait on God, now revealing his intent as usual to judge JW “house of God” FIRST, as per 1Peter4:17, we will know prophecy already contains the whole story of truth to come forth from the Bethel contamination.  We can exercise faith in undeserved kindness, because Bethel “establishing their own righteousness” inspires a works attitude of self-approval and competes with sacrificial reality that by UNDESERVED kindness we stand by God’s power, Christ’s sacrifice and our “all earnest effort” to be cooperative with that spirit of undeserved kindness “leading [us] to repentance”, we can be refreshed by a reality of forgiveness that “hours in service” could only complement not empower. And given our knowledge of lies now present in the JW ministry, we may seek Bible studies out of te current jeopardized organization. True, JWs have the basics, hut the deepest meanings of Daniel and Revelation are now being subverted, and te “constant feature” now features hidden meanings and UN organizational references for promotions and JWs now teach full error concerning Daniel 8 and 11 and the King North identity as USSR, when in fact from Daniel 11:30 forward, King North is all 8th King final 3rd and 4th UN placement developments as Bethel went UN NGO at 1990 UN 3rd placement.

This is why the modern JW system sanctifies itself in opposition to undeserved kindness and allows people to beat themselves over organizational self-righteous issues tat are non-issues when covered by actual faith in undeserved kindness. Bethel is a gnat straining abomination hampering the ministry as much as possible under pretexts of approval that are merely self-approval by now vain organizational rituals and traditions as in Jerusalem, rendering the world of God invalid in the process.

Keep praying through Christ and have faith in God and Christ alone, and worship only God Almighty Jehovah and they will open the scriptural final meanings to full progressive understanding as that must in time lead into a final CLEAN witnessing of Messianic Kingdom reality. The WHOLE current and future Christian condition is ALREADY outlined in the final fulfillment actualities or principles of all the prophets in the final cycle actually signaled by the final Bethel form of lawlessness that ALWAYS as preceded a divine judgment made known before, during and after that time.

As usual God will judge His own people FIRST (1Pet4:17) to get world attention as to where that judgment is leading and the whole world judgment it is picturing well before that whole world judgment of Armageddon completes.

Kingdom Come: The Final Revelation is the Final Replication of Prophecy
We just need patience, all things shall unfold as already written and fulfilled once in preview form, to the final reality of the near future.


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