On Prophecy and UN World Government

There is only ONE truth,


It’s not my interpretation, everything simply is repeating before your eyes, and all eyes, day over day;

The basic pattern already fulfilled in 1914-1918 as a prelude to temple judgment; God was marking false-Christianity and true Christian prophetic meaning that the Kingdom WILL arrive and final judgment will be rendered by God, just as in Noah’s day, just as in Jerusalem’s day, just as in Christendom’s day;

Now it is Jehovah’s witnesses day; (1Peter4:17; 2Thess2:3);

The blindness of mankind and those in the judgment also repeats; It is typical for Adamic fallen man;

The judgment gives a world timed signal (Dan8:14), and cleanses a final ministry repeating Revelation 11’s 1260 day final warning;

The “man of lawlessness” “operation of error” has repeated in concept of the “evil slave” as God makes a determination in judgment of who is who, faithful or evil; (Mal3:18);

That lawless signal was present in all the judgments, this is one a signal in particular because it must be “IN the temple”;

The lawless Bethel UN NGO presumptuous of all JWs to the United Nations, regardless of the reasons, is an obvious signal Bethel has corrupted;

And that concept of corruption is ALWAYS present prior to the judgment; Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Hosea, Amos, Micah and others are an example of “whistlelowers” exposing the corruption prior to judgment;

Bethel is self-exposed because the GB “man of lawlessness” and their lawless network MUST utilize the internet to spread all the corruption proofs with great evidence, while they direct JWs into the Watchtower illusion; (Dan11:32); But the prophetic logical principle of things repeating, and the signal prophecies exposing Bethel’s corruption in detail of the alliance (Dan11:30-32) and the gradual nature of the subversion (Dan8:11-12) and it’s consequences (Dan8:13-14) are present for divine proof of where it is all repeating “in the temple” of true Christianity defined in the 1914-1922 era of a similar temple judgment and purification and also a former Christendom “man of lawlessness” also allied with the UN related League of Nations, just as Bethel’s new “man of lawlessness” is also tied in with the UN NGO; (Matt24:15);

Like Jerusalem, the diversion is very effective and will catch JWs asleep; And as that temple judgment signals final world judgment to follow along the lines of Revelation 8-11 replicating, the world, like Noah’s day will mostly be asleep as well, but what must take place will take place, a “great crowd” will be spared by faith in Christ’s blood and attainment of repentance in spirit, as some will be spared in the last hour of the judgment;

Thus it is just repeating, this time with far more evidence, to be marked by JW temple desolation, of where it is all going, as the UN world government will also be proceeding to it’s 4th and last Bible foretold placement to trigger Armageddon; People can doubt now, but as the UN “new world order” comes to take names and addresses in time worldwide, after a final world marked tribulation ceases for a while (matt24:29-31) people will plainly see a final human world government will be a reality leading to Armageddon as also God’s Kingdom 144000 under Christ will also complete in the UN’s face;

Then the end will come, again, but this is global; and will be marked day over day as JWs go down (Rev8) and get back up by God (Rev9) for a final world warning pronouncement of God (Rev10) in a final cleansed ministry as 1260 days of final warning; (Rev11);

It will be hard to deny by the time all that prophecy occurs in the world’s face, day by day, for some final years; JW temple judgment is the BEGINNING of the end;




Well in the end we have to choose between the Messianic Kingdom or the UN final world government (Dan11:42-45), that is where it is all going, and that is the only two powers that will be in operation by the time Daniel 11:42-43 national financial implosion delivers full national assets and financial infrastructure to 8th King globalist control, and Revelation 17:12-18 finalizes globalization into 8th King world sovereignty transferred from these national pawns – in an approximate concurrent fashion – accelerated and covered up by a unique form of world war;

8th King total world globalization is the main impetus and driving force of “gathering” all the “kings of the earth”, nationalist and globalist, to Armageddon; (Rev16:12-16); The financial and sovereign power transfer of Daniel 11:42-43 and Rev17:12-18 will greatly aid the persuasion of that final Armageddon gathering into the 4th UN placed world government;

By that time, it is either God’s Kingdom or the 8th King, period; That consolidation of all national power aligned against God in a final globalist UN based collective, is the apex of defiance to develop in this final cycle very quickly, say 7-10 years;

JWs will be cleansed of the UN serving Bethel apostate system and leaders by that time, as per prophecy;

The churches GUARANTEED, will lead their sheep to the 8th King UN fraud “Kingdom of God” on earth, by the bait of rejected Israel used by the 8th King for maximum deceptive effect; The churches, in effect, will herd themselves to the 8th King, ending in their own deposition of power;

And that is why a firm distinction of loyalty is required now, God is not sparing 666 marked humans in league with final UN 8th King world government, and that is exactly where this multi-national financial implosion, turned to world war in time, is going to lead ALL the nations by powerful persuasion (Rev13:16-18); Far more severe, and faster than anything people have ever witnessed in all human history;

Even JWs have duplicitous UN alliances, the churches are fully 8th King infiltrated, so if not for the message of distinction to eventually develop from the desolated JW ministry (to be purified), it is unlikely well meaning but weak faith “Christians” will chose death for God’s Kingdom, over “life” under the New World Order, and that very choice is what is coming from the next cycle of world collapse to serve 8th King financial, military and governmental control of every nation on earth as this next phase truly goes into overdrive; Every Christian claimant on earth will be put to the test, in one way, or another; The churches live in utter denial of this fact, addicted to “Egypt’s” pleasures; Let’s face it, they are 6th plague toast as institutions in the Babylon judgment; Rrev16:12 set-up at Rev17:15-16 timing)

Lone Christians and the churches are at a clear disadvantage by not even perceiving the JW temple judgment is the BEGINNING of the end, or the Bile’s basic sovereign progression; These individuals and institutions are trying to eat the Christian cake and have it too; Plain and simple the churches are UN serving, soft, materialistic and spiritually weak, they will be easily compromised; That is not judgmental, that is the truth, the reality of 100 years of shameless luxury in a the pinnacle Anglo led form of modern Sodom – with no true guides, all materialistic men making a living off of Christ, not willing to admit the error; It is what it is, they are not fooling anyone, they can’t skip a meal, they are sitting ducks, because like Jerusalem, they too did not perceive the time of their inspection;

JWs are not far behind; This is not a pleasure cruise here;

And now it is judgment time; It starts with JWs, also sound asleep spiritually; (Matt25:5);

And from that Christian judgment, the final clarification (Rev10-11) will be made as to the two choices people will have being fully distinguished live and real-time as te UN heads for final world placement of world government, in a final 1260 day final warning prior to actual “Let Your Kingdom Come”, and come it will, right into Earth’s atmosphere and planetary spaces after Revelation 11:7’s final fulfillment;


The two choices WILL be made far more distinct by God and the 8th King in diametric purpose; This next collapse will drag every nation on earth into it’s economic and financial blackhole – from which hole ONLY 8th King globalized  finance overhaul “life preservers”, for a 666, will be sent out to the dying nations; (But they will recover (Dan8:25 is 1Thess5:1-3), into the final 8th King UN “New World Order”; (Dan11:44-45);

Neither JWs, churches or lone “Christians” are saying a peep about this prophetic and soon to be historic reality in it’s clearest form; That is the problem now; The 8th King already has ALL of them, where he wants them with the Devil;

Something has to give soon; And it is a precursor massive JW judgment and organizational total desolation; THAT is the signal of the end, the sign of the final cycle beginning; (Rev8-11); The current prophetic delusions of the churches, of course are not going to aid steering away from a course into the eternal Grand Canyon of final judgment to manifest some years after the JW desolation signal, the churches have not a single clue on Revelation or Daniel, plain and simple; And that is a problem, as even JWs are misled concerning Daniel 8, 11-12 and the replication of Daniel 12, led to by 8th King Dan11:42-45 live prophecy soon, as Revelation 8-11, and 15-16 MUST replicate with Daniel 12, live and real-time; (Rev8 is parallel to temple judgment meaning; (Dan8:13-14);

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