On Prophecy Repeating Upon Jehovah’s Witnesses

On Prophecy Repeating Upon Jehovah’s Witnesses

There are two JW rules (ignored by JWs) that indicate the 1914 cycle must repeat. And those rules have scriptural logic. And Bethel breaks those rules for a dumbed down JW mindset of a premature end.

First off, none of the “previews” of 1914 actually manifested literally. BTG is present. The Kingdom is not in literal sovereign power totality. The whole cycle started with the “7th trumpet” (Rev11, thus out of sequence), the wildbeast is not a globalized world unification, the UN is just a schematic power system sitting on 17 acres in NY state in aging buildings NOT a world government. And so on, NOTHING in those spheres of finality has actually occurred at or since 1914.

1. But Daniel 11:42-45 must be a one time only sequence that must climax. Regardless of JW USSR error, that prophecy means financial/monetary globalization and first cycle world government receivership of all a true globalization of finance and investment implies. (Dan11:42-43). That means according to JW rules now ignored by JWs, Daniel 12:1 “during that time” must activate as Daniel 11:42-45 progresses to? Daniel 12 activating “during that time” of Daniel 11:42-45 future final globalization intrigues far beyond mere UN international forum schematic scale.

2. By JW rules the “holy city” is trampled? SEVEN times as 2520 years as seven symbolic lunar years of 360 days as years. Seven time 360 years is 2520 years.

And by JW rules in symbolic form, the Revelation 11:2 “holy city” in adjusted “last days” form has only been trampled? 3.5 times.

By JWs’ own rules, that “holy city” must be trampled “seven times” as now 2520 days, as 1260 days in 1914-1918, and 1260 days in the future as Daniel 11:42-45 connects to Daniel 12 live, which has a logically then repeating 1260 days at Daniel 12:7 parallel to the 1260 days of Revelation 11:2, and 11:3. And that would theoretically complete the JW rules required “seven times” as 2520 days in a related principle.

Thus even if this was all fiction, JWs are still not observing their own rules and basic logic that a final cycle of Daniel 12, with very literal culminations, is required by? JWs’ own rules of their own game. Even JWs await Daniel 11:44-45, albeit prematurely and out of sync with the globalization process and world news of financial globalization coming up first (Dan11:42-43), and by JWs’ own understanding, Daniel 11:44-45 must be a unique future event that must logically proceed into Daniel 12 time periods repeating in literal, in sequence, in live and real-time form.

In effect JWs are derailed and the pieces have fallen off of their own board game psychologically disabling the final rounding of the board and finishing their own game – they forfeited. And a related effect from Bethel is also misleading JWs in the process to think “it can end any day now brothers!”. When in fact it cannot end any day now, the final globalization cycle can BEGIN any day now is what is the actuality, and go on for several globalizing years is the certainty. And that multi-years certainty is from world globalization projections, prophecy and supposed prophetic JW rules being ignored at the supposed home stretch, not the “finish line” as JWs’ prematurely expect in error.

Thus it is very strange what is actually happening to JWs, who at least used to act like they paid attention to the rules of their own game way back when they tried to explain prophecy.


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