On The Coming Bethel Downfall and Judgment

The Bethel Downfall and Judgment

I don’t know how you can guarantee that this will take at least 10 years, is there bible backing for that guarantee?

Also, although the org has a lot of money it is not that significant in the grand scale of economies and their monies would just be a drop in the ocean if it was to go towards funding a global government, I don’t understand why they would bother if they can instead hold onto 7 million followers which won’t happen if they cannot finance the organization any longer.

The 10 years is an approximation from the time of the Bethel downfall.

The goal is not financial with Bethel as far as profit and funding globalist development. Removing the Bethel organization is the main goal. Financial redirection is a means to that end, which is Bethel organizational cessation of operations. The goal is control first, and full removal of the JW ministry later (by full corporate dysfunction), soon, but it takes a couple years as per Dan8:14 to liquidate Bethel and also as many JWs as possible; (WT 11/15/13, pg. 20, par. 17, directive #3). (They will not be as successful as they plan to be).

The goal is never money with the globalists, because they “print” all the global currency reserves for 2/3 of all national monetary underpinnings, in many countries, and 2/3 of that is all based on the USD reserve currency valuation backing. The goal of currency is the debt that backs it ending up in globalist “recievership”, like a casino, currency is like “chips” that equal hard wealth, the globalists house always wins. In the process they consistently acquire more consolidation of hard assets as percentages of debt always default into ownership of collateral by the central credit system – it is mathematical, plus globalists only risk “money” they produce out of thin air anyways as central bank notes. As they came to own the US and EU national systems (in debt first), as those debts will implode into globalist overall ownership, they founded a national based monetary reserve system that can also now be discarded, over time, for an international version when the process of ownership is at terminal. (The hard asset control is now complete, by use of currency as debt).

Though Bethel will probably lose over 500 million in hard assets, true this is but a drop in the bucket overall, but will totally cripple Bethel’s ministerial resource base, and that is the main goal, because to Bethel it is nearly all the water in the  “bucket” of their microcosm. And that is the goal over and above any profit for those operating against Bethel’s interests internally right from Bethel itself. Even if it cost the globalists 2 billion to remove Bethel, it would be a price worth paying and easily paid by these trillionaires. But as it is, JWs fund the stumbling campaign and will actually fund their own removal of organizational corporate existence. It is a international corporate raid and takeover in effect, against Bethel.

Thus as this transitions to globalized financial “solution” over a little time in overall global contexts, they can “buy up” all the old failing national debts (valued on national currency magnitudes), as forgiveness or modification, for a new currency buy out, in whatever form it takes, maybe all digital as even now 97% of all “USDollars” are in digital form, just computer account numbers. Thus the foundation of a new globalization of the “monetary” system is already present and mostly digital fiction, but very powerful fiction because 2/3 of the world’s currency is based on the USD main illusion, an illusion and power of value based on it’s belief worldwide. In that “solution” is the full globalist control foundation of Daniel 11:42-43 very straightforward meaning of financial control of nations, that of course is as good as buying their sovereign power as well, and will facilitate the national sovereign transference of power into an international government as per Rev16:13-16 and Rev17:12-18.

But as shown in concept, the currency illusion ends up trickling hard assets into the central system of globalist wealth control for decades. In a big collapse, it merely hastens the process of globalist “master creditor” ownership of national debts backed by hard assets like properties as the process accelerates that feature of wealth consolidation designed into the whole finance system. And as we see now, for NOTHING, for mere currency is what they bought that world with, and get it even when the currency value fails, or debts based on that currency default. They win coming, and they win going. Win or lose, they win, because it is designed to win in that way. National powers is who in the end, end up losing their ownership main control as per Dan11:42-43 in the process that has one last consolidation cycle.

In that consolidation cycle the globalist master finance system will suck in another 10-20% of the world wealth, and that will tip the balance well past 75% total world wealth control, the rest must drift in in time, and it will be little inconsequential powers. The big national powers, including Russia and Asia will all become owned by a uni-polar 8th King globalized wealth control system, backed by Global NATO which is already 4 times the war potential of Russia and China combined, as the 8th King UN globalized military system, and it too will absorb Russia and China and all other formerly opposed or neutral military systems. (The basis of world “peace and security” of 1Thess5:!-3 as Dan 8:25 “freedom from care”.)

That “big collapse” is well engineered, is near at global scale, and in it they could care less about 7 million JWs they ultimately want effaced from planet earth, and starting with the JW organization and moving out from there is the logical process to also shut up the JW legacy first exposition of 2 UN placements of 1919 and 1945. The point is Bethel’s top admins are not Christians but undercover operatives planning a coup-de-grace to aid UN world government’s final completion progression, not a mere hypocritical ministry or a ministry at all, they just want to lull JWs into the trap, and then simply erase the organization first, and then ensure JWs keep their mouth closed concerning any further UN world government significance. The goal is not money, or wealth, although they will end up with a few 100 million in JW assets, the goal is to shut down the JW ministry for good and make sure no UN prophecy is explained.

They are only pretending at Bethel in other words, even retaining JW following is not required once the operation goes into coup-de-grace, and having a JW following was merely a requirement of avoiding detection to most JWs, and for providing a veneer of seeming credibility, when in fact the core Bethel admins are anti-Christian UN affiliates to the core, and overall a removal of the whole JW ministry is the main objective. This was an infiltration that assumed control later for this purpose. (Dan11:30-31, 8:12-13).

That UN progression to world government originally exposed as prophecy by JWs from 1919-1960, as in Daniel 11:30-45 continuation of that  1-2-3-4 UN progression to Armageddon in UN placements 3-4 is what must remain a mystery to JWs and the world. The 1990 UN 3rd placement of Daniel 11:31b is covered up by Bethel as a USSR fictional event, obviously impossible as the USSR does not “place” UN related developments. The 4th UN placement of Daniel 11:45 must be after globalization financial intrigues of Daniel 11:42-43 next. JWs are unaware Daniel 11:30-45 is not the USSR or another national power, it is 8th King globalists as King North. And that “mystery” must remain in place.

On the timing.

That progression to BEGIN soon (not an end), connects Daniel 11:42-45 as UN final world government events to a final Daniel 12 fulfillment. The parallel to Daniel 11:30-31 events is Daniel 8:11-14, also covered up by Bethel. Dan8:14 timing as a temple purification for UN NGO “transgression causing desolation” of Dan8:13, leading to Dan12:7 timing is how we know the 8th King UN world government is about 10 years after the JW implosion. That is Daniel 8:14 3.2 years min, 6.4 years max, leading to Daniel 12:7 (Rev11:2-3) 1260 days to follow after an unknown transition or back to back as 3.5 years, means from JW desolation start point (Dan8:13-14) to the end of the purified final warning (Dan12:7 parallel Rev11:2-3) is 7-10 approximate years before a Christ manifestation tat occurs AFTER the UN 4th placement as complete world government (Dan12:11).

And that is also why they want to erase JWs from planet earth, so that they do not accidentally reconnect the first 2 UN placements of 1919-1945, to these Daniel 11:30-45 final 3rd and 4th UN placements that complete the 1-2-3-4 UN progression to where it must lead. (That is why the 1990 UN and 1991 UN NGO are related to also covering up (Dan8:12b) the real meaning of Daniel 11:30-45.)


The basic gist is the current Bethel evidence of bad policy and lawless alliances, etc, is designed to make even JWs think the whole JW ministry is one big lie. (Instead it is prophecy activating indicating a final cycle 2Thess2:1-4) But in fact the Bible prophecy that foretells a 1-2-3-4 UN progression to world government as (1.) 1919 League of nations; Rev13:11-15 (Dan12:11 first round), (2.) 1945 United Nations as  Rev17:8-11, and (3.) 1990 UN in “new world order” mode as Daniel 11:31b and leading to (4.) 4th UN placement as world government as Dan 11:45; 8:25 and Daniel 12:11 last round, parallel, is valid in IBSA and JWs as 1st and 2nd UN prophecy exposition of 1919 and 1945. (It is diverted in 1990 for UN NGO objectives).

[[Thus between 1945 UN 2nd placement and 1990 UN 3rd placement JWs were fully diverted so as NOT to make the 3rd UN placement connection and awareness of it’s 1-2-3-4 significance.]]

Meaning contrary to popular belief, the entire JW ministry is NOT a lie, but currently is diverted and does have major errors and lies now (2Thess2:11-12). In fact it’s 1914-1960 period was valid truth and UN world government exposing as prophecy as a progression, The continuation of Daniel 11:30-45 to UN 3rd and 4th placements was also to be tracked further and explained – and that is where Bethel as UN NGO purposely drops that UN ball, and now so do JWs. So as per 1990 UN NGO, the whole thing is now derailed. And as per 1976 GB, they are the main infiltration control center that made the 1990 diversion possible. And it all went into coup after 1945 UN 2nd placement, so it all fits the diversion timing at some point after 1945.

Thus the reality is not a randomly hypocritical JW Bethel system, but one overrun later in time. The impression is what they hope to achieve and are doing so, that it is all in error and a big stumbling hypocrisy. Thus the Bethel cabal goal is not to lead JWs but to an organizational  termination, they are NOT concerned with stumbling effects and retaining JWs, it is a means to a greater end, they plan to try to completely destroy the Bethel ministerial basis of operations and just abandon JWs to the four winds, as then the real objective and final goal will be near completion, the 4th UN final cycle will have started, and JWs will be thoroughly totally confused as to actual UN 1-2-3-4 progression, and the fact it will take a final decade to reach full world government completion.

So destroying Bethel’s ministerial basis is te main goal, not profit, though tey will also seize 100s of millions in Bethel assets in the process of disabling that ministerial resource base.

What many in the world and at JWN and among stumbled JWs are thinking is going on at Bethel, is merely part of the ploy to discredit the foundational JW ministry that in time will indeed be recovered and have to make the UN 1-2-3-4 progression announcement, while the UN is nearing that world government completion, while the final cycle is in action. And that is why it is important now to stumble people, and to thoroughly fully derail and confuse any JWs who remain with a Bethel financial desolation designed to bankrupt and seize the ministerial resource base of the JW ministry to reduce the chances of actually making a final Dan11:30-45 explanation.

So JWs will see a Bethel implosion as a global corporate network, and since the overall Daniel 11:42-45 cycle continues to go on for years and connects to Daniel 12 parallels, of course JWs will be totally stalled, disappointed and at a lack of any true explanation as to what is really in action in the initial years of Bethel’s organizational implosions. In time JWs WILL require this information. [1]

And in time the 8th King WILL try to remove it all, but of course cannot over power Christ and will fail, but a Bethel desolation will be permitted by God as also a world signal event. [A]



The “i’m stuck in” reply to this thread may have more information you can consider.




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