On The JW Temple Judgment 2

On The JW Temple Judgment 2

You are welcome to use anything I ever write or have written, because in my I feel more than opinion, this is going to be a long haul conclusion, not a slam dunk. And I know all the parts are related and must converge into the final show, including the renegade Jews, meaning those actually in control of Jewry from the top, who I feel are not actually Jews anyways, as a literal Rev 2:9 meaning. I feel demons when performing infiltration by genetic allowance of God, already hinted at in the Gen3:15 “seed of the serpent”, are not limited by race or language or any human realm of perception they can engineer to aid the various mental boxes they keep people in.

I feel of course the Bible is a holy angel and holy spirit delivered document through human vessels that also contains many clues, as well a a number of entire structures of logic and prophecy that much is now world history, and in those frameworks dating back to Genesis 10 70 nations, many patterns of today are elucidated by Bible basics. For example the Genesis 11 early form of a globalism central consolidation of all the nations from incept after the flood. In those patterns that were prophecy that eventually did become history, the history of the true meaning eventually matches a pattern, and eventually matches a set of patterns at a time and way that will be unique for the prophecy. Even if some prophecies, like Zechariah 3, are in their fourth rendition. Some prophecies have third rendition coming up in principle. Some are unique. The JW organizational downfall of Dan8:13-14 will be unique, and it will honor the timing, and that aids awareness of what matches the pattern.

A point being the strategies of the rival system also use patterns of the past, and in my opinion, but it has repeated before, they use common formulas and perceptions to achieve goals in the process. Like a UN related placement always following a form of world war three times now. It is a formula that works. As far as Israel, the perception of the mass church mind is focused on literal Israel very strongly. Thus literal Israel can be used at a climax period to affect the direction of those churches, to aid the central Zionist end of the illusion, theoretically. That is why I feel, as long as a religious sub-empire of Christendom is operable (and the principle applies to other religions en masse, just not with the Israel carrot), manipulating Israel effects, can also manipulate people’s great impressions come climax time, and it is important for the strings of the church super-structure connected to the billion+ or so people in that shell of illusion, to be operable as long as possible to guide as many as possible into that final form of 8th King world government and the 666 mark of servitude to it.

It is contrary to the very purpose of why Satan would use false religion, to cut all the puppet strings prematurely as JWs suggest BTG goes down first, when in final effect, those religious conduits, like other psychological herding devices in society, will be most useful right at the final round up of the 8th King, it makes no sense to deconstruct that conduit now, as people would then drift. With religion in tact as long as possible, as shown in Rev17:12-18 and Rev16:12-16, even in diminishing form, also then is the corral and means of herding also in tact, from central leaders who can be used to aid world government reception.

It is not until a world government truly achieves a uni-polar dominance, that they can just do whatever they want. In the meantime the national and social constraints overcome now by plausible deceptions, must be worked around skillfully to manipulate properly. But at some point in history, these 8th King guys are not going to have to even appear to ask for national permission to do whatever is on their agenda. When that time comes, then religion can be unanimously deposed. And in principle of what that means is the need for that control of people in that traditional form is also not needed anymore. They can directly communicate their desires, rather than have to manipulate the masses through devices that appear beneficial, because it is not going to be even a ploy at a democracy. And other institutions currently needed to manipulate the human mind for various other channels of behavior control, can also undergo great modifications or removal, as the case may be.

That the Bible IDs a world sovereignty as religious power (Rev17:18), is only because it is a foundational system and divine judgment involved (Rev18:8) that needed to be identified. It does not mean other institutional super-structures currently in operation, are not also slated for a “new world ordering” as well, when the time comes. Since it is a centralization of ultimately Satanic power to interface all mankind as directly as possible, it will also produce it’s own central forms of every form of current national institutional realms. It’s just the religious Babel hodgpodge being cleared away, it does not mean Satan is not going to provide a central system of religion and worship of himself in also more direct and concentrated form. And that principle could apply to academia and all forms of human learning and entertainment, it would all be re-engineered directly for the more intensive application of Satan’s will for human development.

It’s only logical a central uni-power would have these goals. But the smaller the population also the more effective the transformation would be. I cannot see them trying to re-engineer 7 billion people. But I can see them planning massive global depopulation to meet that end. Of course they are going to encounter some quite insurmountable obstacles in the process, and God understands fully what they are actually planning. But the goats are the 8th King’s in the end up to whatever point it is permitted, as ironic as it will be, if people want the 8th King, that is exactly what they are going to get for a while.

On Russell, first off he came from a period where even every form of Christendom was/is full of occult and Masonic roots. It is unrealistic he could understand as fully as we do today the implications of all the symbology of Christendom and corporate society as Satanic, which all of it is still from those origins. It is hard to use any symbology that does not have some illuminati, Masonic or occult meaning as far as human architecture and other common symbology, for it’s roots truly are from the Babel dispersion. So it does not surprise me when dealing with human worship, cleansing the human Christian system of the IBSA was not going to occur over night, it’s roots were at least 1500 years old in cultural context of Christendom, the governmental occult system is even older, and Anglo money in America from the American Revolution and before is all tied to the British central bankers and financiers who established that system in “official” form just 15 years after the Revolution. Meaning old American money, and the general racial channels it flows through originally, come from central occult families, and branch out as such in cascading fashion, into a corporate system also Satanically aligned in it’s most powerful forms. (When Johnson and Johnson says “a family company”, they mean something different, a different family if you know what I mean).

Of course it diminishes as one moves out from the center of power, as does the knowledge of the mysteries also diminish as one moves out from the center of a secret society. But like Europe, like Rome, etc, the core American top powers in all realms of that power are Satanically aligned (and some plainly say so now, like Proctor and Gamble), and that is were they got that power as per Luke 4:5. There is no way to get around the fact 99% of the biggest anything corporate, all have deep Satanic roots, and it’s symbology. The WW1 blood sacrifice founded the biggest corporate systems in America and Europe that continued from that 300 billion dollar infusion at the top, by the Morgan finance conduit.  As far as Satanic symbology, most people just do not know what to look for, but it is all over music, television and movies as but one example of the real power behind it all, that lets those cognizant of these things know he is there, and the affiliation of these entities.

So Russell also having these roots in context, and various beliefs in divine Jewish supremacy, and other handy illusions of that and this age, is to be expected. That they nearly made it to 1950 in a stunningly bleached form and recognition of the source of the Babel influences, symbology etc, is what is far more surprising. That later IBSA exposed the first UN related placement meaning, and JWs the second UN meaning, is also a sign of things no 8th King controlled group would be allowed to state publicly. That they cover up the 3rd UN meaning, and went UN NGO instead, of course means NOW JWs have 8th King controllers. Some time between 2nd and 3rd UN placements, the org went under new management.

The single worst thing Satan could have done, had he controlled Charles Russell, was just let him continue in the clothing business and general commerce. Then all Christendom would be Trinitarians for the most part, hell fire slaves, etc, and none of the original distinction of the to become JW form of Christianity, and what is a true reformation attempt that was quite successful for a period, would even be known. Russell ceasing any activity in Christianity would have been far more damaging overall to Christian enlightenment due to the movement’s future impetus to really clean out the occult. People in general do not know what is hidden in the Christendom system, it is far worse than a 1940s JW religion. Today of course, JWs have mutated beyond recognition, today’s Bethel occult symbology modern re-insertions are what is far more telling.

The modern occult and Masonic symbology in JW literature is what I find more disturbing than with early Russell, from an era where 100% of the social developmental context was occult. Now a fully cognizant Bethel system must know exactly what they are doing, and that is just the few times I have looked into their graphics lately. They have direct 666 symbology in various forms, Masonic and illuminati “all seeing eye” examples, pentagrams on calendars as a kid holding a starfish, hand signs, double meanings in text, and outright distortions of prophecy. Had that always been there, it would not be this surprising to find, and it would  not be hidden so well. In fact some of it was so stunning, I could see actual Satanists must be operating at Bethel, no surprise now, but at one time my jaw would drop. They also slip in blasphemies disguised in various wordings. Jaracz and Barr, to me, are as good as Skull and Bones at Bethel while they were there. And if anything weird ever happens at Bethel and NY, the Faith in Action DVD 2, is to be examined more carefully, it has a very weird cover tat may have two meanings. The predictive programming and organizational trust for direction “in times of emergency” is also shocking at first. The XX, or classic double cross in the official JW logo, and W character font is also very strange, so that in Jan 1992 WT, the Jehovah’s Witnesses has a big X out in it, the Watchtower has the classic XX kill sign. Now most people are not going to see this, but in occult the double cross has meaning and some knowledgeable on this symbology knows it is a kill signal of betrayal.



That website has a good symbology section and other off the beaten track info.

“”The legendary symbol for Nimrod is “X.” The use of this symbol always denotes witchcraft. When “X” is used as a shortened form meaning Christmas, it actually means “to celebrate the feast of Nimrod.” A double X, which has always meant to double-cross or betray, in its fundamental meaning indicates one’s betrayal into the hands of Satan. When American corporations use the “X” in their logo, such as “Exxon,” the historic Rockefeller firm of Standard Oil of New Jersey, there can be little doubt of this hidden meaning.””

From: http://www.whale.to/c/christmas.html

I am not blindly just defending early JWs. I feel the sovereign rival progression in prophecy is important to know, for where it will lead, and was IDd initially by JWs. It provides a historical framework of former prophecy to project the final globalization 8th King meaning. I do not find that in any other religion, and it was originally developed after 1919 in JWs in hindsight. As far as Rutherford, he was just too frank and honest in exposing government, finance, and corporatism point blank as prophetic context for the terminal progression of the nations. Today’s Bethel is a UN sycophant, they expose nothing, in fact they conceal globalization all together as an 8th King device of national gathering. Fred Franz developed most of the original content they now just plagiarize and parrot to look real, with aid of a committee of “helpers”, so this GB is a stagnation, just an act. The JWs also developed a prophetic framework for Kingdom and temple developmental understanding, so they have put together a puzzle almost completely, unlike other religions merely a lot of pieces, or like SDA not connecting it all, although it all connects. JWs just have not made that convergence of Kingdom finality and 8th King finality that converge in parallel in prophecy to co-developing climax, and must also do so in the real world. And I know why JWs do not do this, 8th King subverters run and own Bethel now. The real goal is to desolate Bethel financially and organizationally, and cover it all up with JWs own self fulfilling prophecy and misapplied and erred prophecy and premature end expectations. Thus on exit, the 8th King subverters make a ton of money, derail the ministerial means of operation, and leave JWs so bewildered as to be delayed a number of years as reality finally sets in.

So I do not completely buy the first impression of what must be expected to develop to discredit a controversial religious system that basically in it’s incept form, defrocked Christendom as a well disguised replicant Satanic abomination, plain and simple. It explained in time all the basic traditions and symbology of Christendom is merely dressed up demonism from organized Satanic traditional religion of the past –  not accidental, but installed and retaining the core meaning in Devil worship. Of course those in Christendom too accustomed to the validations in the various demon trappings of that system, the holidays as projection of family memory making, absolutely no qualms worshiping flags and the state servitude, aiding the murder of enemy societies in war, basically doing whatever one pleases, will naturally initially discredit anything criticizing them. In the discrediting of the critical competitor is the justification of the error continued. It boils down to the fact it is psychologically pleasurable and seems to have a fulfilling social reality and goodness, and real Christian discernment is limiting, and painful psychologically.

And that is what is at the root of most anti-JW critical development at one time, now of course very different, actually aided by Bethel demonism as well, so it is an internal and external attack that is extremely effective. Modern Bethel Satanism is more strange to me, a reinfusion. Some of these people, in my opinion, are not JWs outraged at Bethel criminal activity out of a personal righteous concern. Nor do they want to help improve the system. They are seeking a validation of their own system, in the invalidation of a critical system. It is some people who do not want to even hear a hint of information  on where and how demons hide, and why to abandon well disguised actual demon rituals. It is some people, as a category in  general, will not sacrifice tradition, because they have no other inner stability of self identity without these things that root back in time giving it a historical validation of being, as part of the dynamic demons would know how to develop in a culture, to give people a deep seeming life validation by these things not openly displayed as demonic. The entire appeal of these things is all rooted in natural desires neither good or bad, just there. And that is why demons hide in those systems that naturally attract people, to subvert it later by subtle influences. I mean how many people are just going to walk up to a demon and worship him knowing he is Satan? Very few, it requires a deception, an appearance of something else contrary to evil.

These demons know what they are doing, and have centuries and millenniums to perfect the process. I am not judging these people, just saying in general a type exists. Some people will choose demon pleasures over a Christ torture stake or even the “narrow path”, and I understand the reason why, that pain principle is not natural for humans to embrace, there has to be a good reason for starters, and that reason is not actually present in these kinds of illusional life validating demon systems. The pleasure principle is what is present in demon systems like this, their very own downfall themselves, as intense a human pleasure trip as possible, and man is now engineered into that desire as well, and it is natural as man did originate in region with a garden of pleasure, but now is stuck out in the thorns, so any pleasure is that much more intense if it can be had. Peer pressure in a societal sense is also involved, most just want to “go with the flow” to fit in, and avoid the pain as people attack things not going with the flow. But you know, following Christ is not a pleasure cruise. But it will be, but right now it is in Satan’s proving ground. And a life validation is mostly a psychological pleasure, in many cases an illusion, the thing that will recover these people in time, is of a different source of actual validation, actual life apart from Adamic death. Like in Noah’s day, not many got on board the ship. It is just that fallen human nature.

Demons seem to have a way of giving validation to a life that is death, so that one will not want to sacrifice it now for a life that is life later, because in the here and now, that Adamic temporary life, is what demons want people to think is all there is. And if death is all there is ultimately, one needs a validation of existence while alive, it is difficult to just freefall into faith. And in that human emptiness outside of Eden, is a blackhole that will suck in anything that seems to give it all meaning, so demons have designed cultural meaning attached to life validation attached to some form of demonism especially in religions. A circuitous route to get into the human mind, to be invited in even. Strangely people’s quest for God is what draws them to these unseen demons who know all this and that is why they play God and hide in these systems to access people with that desire. And from there they work the gray matter very gradually generation after generation to knew aberrations of this and that. Like the boiling the frog gradually trick. I understand for many people just hearing an ugly truth, is itself painful. So, the delusion is the comfort zone this pain drives many back into. It’s very formulaic and natural in man’s lost and invalid condition.

This is the first real age with the luxury of instant research material. Even before the computer, the information became more accessible exponentially, so people could research histories and origins to identify things formerly completely unknown and unseen. That was the only way the Catholic Church mind monopoly of that place and time could be effected. The printing press is what aided busting the Catholic psychological stranglehold for many. The Bible itself contains information tat exposes Catholic error and once that got around, alternative religions could operate, eventually without the Jesuits killing the leaders in inquisition methods. It took a few centuries, but information is what aided the process, no one had to just accept the Catholic version of reality, options developed.

Not all of these people are like this I generalize, but as far as Satan is concerned, if a diamond of truth is present, he will bury it as deep as possible in glass and cubic zirconia. It is to be expected. Even if it is not true, general human competitive nature will discredit any competition, it could be recipes or what to feed your dog, people are inherently in disagreement. Thus even finding truth is difficult and when found it has to be guarded, because since Eden, truth is what is under attack. And since that Eden exit, of course man would be this lost just for starters. That is the root of the dilemma. The human being is not actually in the physical form of the home Eden was, and the garden was a zone further designated in the Eden region (distinct for some reason), and even the Noachian world is no more. So mankind is actually thrice removed from original human willed reality of God, and the proper human actual divine abode. And no wonder no one lives even 200 years old anymore. Shoot, they show Noah as some old man building that ark, but if I am not mistaken he would have actually been middle aged or so, for his era’s human capability. He was a sort of superman in comparison to today’s human condition. LOL

In any event, the UN progression will lead to a bonafide full world government beyond the UN scope and function, but including it. And with JW early ministry soon to be subject to attempted erasure the entire timeline and progression as fulfilling prophecy ultimately in 1-2-3-4 UN placements will also be in danger of being fully removed. And in that case the chief guard of scriptural information regarding avoiding any allegiance to this final world government will also be lost. And organized Christianity is no better off than JWs, in fact more theologically primed to be also led into that world government by the national Israel restoration bating that will also culminate with the UN completion. Thus like Noah’s day, many will be ultimately misled by these active infiltrations as even JWs are now UN NGO, but have the most theological former possibility of putting together the basic meaning that a UN  completed world government is the full “scarlet” form of the wildbeast, and it’s completion will trigger Armageddon scale response from the Messianic Kingdom. And that basic message and need for loyalty to the ultimate victor Kingdom of God is the gist of the final message that must arise from JW ashes, and make final appeal to all Christianity claimants and the world system as per Rev10:11.

It will take a number of years to even verify the beginning of this process as prophetic, and a number of years thereafter to recover and deploy the final warning of the Adamic period, and God and Christ guarantee by their powers and prophecy requiring full completion as well, that this Kingdom proclamation will accompany the final progression of UN world government completion. And that will take a decade or so to get to complete Rev11:7 form of BOTH the 8th King and Messianic Kingdom and that final “little scroll”.

Talk to you later, may we stay awake to these realities as they form, and must eventually come into all mankind as a final test for this period.


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