Prophecy Repeats on Anointed Christians

Even Anointed Christians are Scattered and Wandering Spiritually

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As you know even JW anointed are in a bit of a period of controversy over various prophetic meanings, Biblical persons like Michael, etc. All that confusion stems from the Bethel lawless center distributing evidence of waffling and scandal, that is calling into question the very foundations of Christian JW truth. Meaning it is dividing by developing a loss of focus on the more important things due to all this minutia.

So I am just reminding the JWs I can, that the Lord’s prayer contains what to stay focused on, the foundation is valid in the original ministry and it’s subsequent clarifications by mainly Fred Franz as best he could, given the premature developments of his time in regard to USSR failure and the 3rd UN emergence of “new world order” governmental claims.

As you know the GB went into override over Nathan Knorr and Fred Franz, and from that 1976 point of coup, the truth has slowly been eroded and they allied with the UN as UN NGO at that 3rd UN placement in Daniel 11:30-31, Dan8:13 parallel “transgression causing desolation”, rather than explain clearly the significance of a UN 3rd placement – and covered up the Daniel 11:27-45 progression to “cold war” marker in Daniel 11:29, to the 3rd UN placement of Dan11:31b, which leads to 4th UN placement by Daniel 11:45. Thus they are severing from JW and world awareness a very important final 8th King progression from 3rd UN to 4th UN final placement and obviously Armageddon finalities.

As a reminder:

The judgment starts with JWs as per 1Pet4:17 that will activate Daniel 8:14 for Dan8:13 reasons as the fire purification of Rev8:1-6. That purification of fire parallels Zech3:2, Zech3:4-5, and Mal3:1-4 in final fulfillment temple cleansing of the Dan 8:14 “right condition” of anointed purity prior to the final ministerial commission of Rev10-11. The fire purification is as Isa6:6-8 precommission cleansing of Isaiah, in principle, as approved anointed will reach the Zech3:6-7 divine ultimatum, which will include the reception of the Rev 10 “little scroll” to begin to deploy as the Rev 9 JW world invasion of final truth.

As that Rev 9 recovery will be in progress after the timed temple desolation of Dan8:14 “evening” concludes. Thus Rev 9 will lead to Rev 10 as Zech3:6-7 divine ultimatum and it must turn into a finally deployed “two witnesses” for a divinely timed final 1260 day ministry that leads Daniel 12:7 to Daniel 12:11.

Daniel 12:11 is marked by BOTH the 4th UN placement “disgusting thing” and the final cessation of that “constant feature” as “little scroll” in the Rev11:7 and Dan11:44 parallel attack scenarios. Of course that final ministry a number of years from now, is the cleansed and clarified final prophetic truth explaining all Bethel has covered up, and extending it’s implications by prophecy and world events to Armageddon. No wonder that “little scroll” will contain irreversible inevitable truths of 8th King termination that will “disturb” that world government as per Daniel 11:44.

Daniel 11:44 is a Daniel 8:25 “freedom from care” parallel attack context, where the 8th King is proclaiming world “peace and security” AND attacking the “two witnesses” and Babylon the Great in the same post world government 4th Un placement progression to final Armageddon war.

Thus, the judgment does not start with BTG, but with JWs very soon. And as you see they are going to use that deception to desolate Bethel, and tell JWs it is the final attack sequence of Daniel 11:44-45. But in 8th King globalization reality, it is the world intrigues and tribulation that is context of Daniel 11:42-43 8th King world wealth control. And as per Matt24:29, that tribulation MUST end as the 1260 days is also approximately ending as well. And Christ does not appear until AFTER that tribulation ends as per Matt 24:29-31, after the 1260 days at some unknown point of the 3.5 days symbolic “two witnesses” death state of final “constant feature” removal of Dan 12:11 parallel Rev11:7-12.

Thus the “great tribulation” is NOT the “end of the world” as Bethel is also promoting in error. In fact the “peace and security” final sovereign proclamations of a complete 4th UN 8th King world government must produce a world seen “freedom from care” (Dan8:25 as 1Thess5:1-3), and depose BTG sovereignty in the process at the end of the cycle (Rev16:12-16; Rev17:15-16), to reinforce the “world peace” effect of 8th King world government. Thus the “great tribulation” ends into a world recovery some years well after the JW temple judgment and organizational desolation. (Isa41:1).

And as you can no doubt imagine, these kinds of deceptions are setting up JWs to perceive what is actually a temple judgment, and 8th King final globalization cycle, as if it is the ending sequence. And this allows the Bethel desolation to appear to be in an approved divine condition, but to the contrary, the desolation is for gross sins and UN NGO, and Bethel’s deceptions are going to attempt to apply this hoax of a premature end, and a BTG attack, that it will not actually be, to cover up what is really happening.

And thus JW under the Bethel spell of illusion, will be bewildered and vulnerable to be led to capture, while the desolation “evening” is in progress, and for a couple years (Hos6:1-2) JWs will think it is “the end of the world”, but in fact it is the BEGINNING of the final prophetic cycle, and the final 8th King cycle, and God also purposes a final ministerial warning cycle in the process. (Rev10:11);

Check all these scriptures as they do inter-relate and prove where Bethel is misleading JWs for a “coup de grace” event, that all this Betel lawlessness has had planned from even before the GB inception as the lawless body that allows all this positioning and development as modern “man of lawlessness”. (2Thess2:3-4; Dan8:11-14; 11:30-31; 32-35).


That also means the events coming up for those first two years, are designed to make JWs think it really is the end, and to flee into the organization which is an enemy trap system. So one has to realize as bad as it gets, it is NOT “the end” cycle, but it’s beginning, guaranteed by prophecy and backed by 8th King final globalization needs and permission of God to complete the rival kingdom, and it will go on for the Dan8:14, Daniel 12:7 (Rev11:2-3), and Dan 12:11 timed periods to some degree into Daniel 12:11 1290 days. (Dan12:12 will be under complete Messianic Kingdom conquest, it is the marriage “reception” for the earth sheep).

By the end of the 1260 days, earth sheep go under Matt24:30-31 and Zech 12:6-9, 2:5, protection and final separation of Matt25:31-46 parallel Rev14:14-16. They must witness Dan 12:11 time period as per 2Thess1:6-10 events leading to climax of that period. All earth sheep are in the final “pen” by that time, as Daniel 12:11 and 12:12 time period must transpire as foretold by God.


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