Stumbling People is Bethel’s Ministry at Apex

Bethel Ministry at Apex of Stumbling

The ministry Bethel is peaking at is the missing 5-10% JW growth rate of 20 years, which reciprocates to stumbled and diverted people and sheep away from the Bible and God, and out of JWs as a religion, who now has the worst global religious retention rate of any religion, I think I read at JWfacts.

So the fact is for every JW baptism, we are talking maybe even 10 people stumbled out or away from JWs by combined UN NGO, Pedophile Protection Program and shunning policy as maybe the unholy trinity of JW reproach. And it is not a stretch to say in 10 years of full web expose to now potentially 2 billion people on the web, that 4 to 10 million people are now on Bethel’s sheep or potential sheep attempted kill list.

Thus Bethel is a spiritual serial killer, and like some serial killers in deconstruction mode, they will be more brazen as their end approaches fully comfortable and confidently arrogant now in their level of JW control. The GB claiming FDS, Apostolic succession and invalidating the entire FDS premise AND Daniel 12 first fulfillment cycle, and thereby every anointed principle in scripture that hinges on this principle in one WT issue 7/15/13 is an example of about the most brazen attack on temple foundational truth of all JW history, right from the Bethel central viper pit itself. Even if all that occurred in a single year, as it did as well, the GB has now reached the signal terminal condition of perpetual blasphemy as foretold as a glaring sign of lawless reality in principle and reality:

(2 Thessalonians 2:3-5) Let no one seduce you in any manner, because it will not come unless the apostasy comes first and the man of lawlessness gets revealed, the son of destruction. 4 He is set in opposition and lifts himself up over everyone who is called “god” or an object of reverence, so that he sits down in the temple of The God, publicly showing himself to be a god. 5 Do you not remember that, while I was yet with you, I used to tell you these things?

That is no insignificant scripture, is is the PREREQUISITE lawless manifestation of the final apostasy and it’s final leaders as a “body” in a “man of lawlessness” in modern and final form, and the GB PUBLICLY proclaims and fulfills every aspect of that scripture since 2012 FDS “lift up” announcement, and now Apostolic claim reinforcement of “sit down” as the final “lords” and “gods” of Bethel, in total blasphemy.

How much clearer can it get? And as the Biblical trigger signal of temple judgment in also a final cycle, 2Thess:1-4 is a significant feature of modern ministerial developments that peaked after the 1960s in JWs. Today’s Bethel GB abomination was not even present prior to 1940 as a named council, but just a secular board of directors. All this Bethel “root of evil” is marked in hindsight by the first arrogant “lift up” of the GB in 1976. THAT is when “the lie” in it’s most basic form, as the Governing Body is NOT a Biblical or spiritual reality, thus a falsehood in itself, first went into acceptance among JWs, yet even Knorr and Franz resisted that supreme council as such.

But as per prophecy it had to me permitted by God, for this future signal, that now informs us the temple judgment can now proceed as foretold, because now the signal of apostasy and lawless lead is fully manifest by the collective GB “body” now in brazen spiritual psychopathy. Such a foreign body to the Bible and divine decree as the “Governing Body”, is “set in opposition” to the one and ONLY divinely decreed “body” in the Bible as the “body of the Christ”, and their is no other “body” God, Christ or the Bible EVER have designated, described or approved, plain and simple.

The JW downward spiral while supporting a stumbling ministry “at apex” is a signal of the actuality of Bethel’s leadership as “lawless one”; (Rev8:10-11, final fulfillment in progress).

Although the overall JW world decline in growth is like a corporation losing 10% market share, the Bethel actors tell everyone it is all fine, at apex while they kill the JW “market share” in actual reality. All a big snowjob on JWs, that the double decade trends and statistics state otherwise, they are already driving Bethel into the ground, and already have it positioned for final coup-de-grace events. Just a matter of little time.


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