The Governing Body is a Key Distraction

Governing Body is a Distraction

Thus, as we see in our own case in some, the main purpose of the recent JW addition to the plethora of distraction ultimately undermines people’s faith in God and the revelation of Him through the Bible and his main representative Jesus Christ.

Bethel proves, in time as have others, even well meaning religions end up controlled by men who are experts at control of people, by which is control of money and wealth. The “root of all evil” at Bethel, is that the WTS and GB and the rest are by and large lovers of money and power, and in that root corruption everything else soon develops and displays fruitage as such in spite of the “holy men’s” claims the lemon tree of corruption is a plum tree of love. It is not, that love, God, Christ and Bible natural attraction of man with a spiritual need, is merely the bait these kinds of spiritual predators use to attract in people and to extract their money and work power with gradually applied corruptive deceptions unto systemic terminal condition.

So it again, as in the apostle’s time or Israel’s time, or Noah’s time equals the same fundamental pattern of corruption explained in Adamic divergence from God. It just keeps replicating in new forms of the same old love of money and power needing to disguise itself effectively to attain that desire and object.

The Bible itself recounts the pattern over and over and so it is in JW repeating form also seen, the only document actually describing the generic basic of the development consistently is the Bible. Like human history, it repeats because the basic base elements of greed and deception also repeat (and expand), and also are present in JWs while in repeating fashion, they too are blinded to it’s repeating principle evident in repeating examples of Bethel corruption. It is like a fractal of the whole world’s various organizational corruptions directed to power purposes, is merely perfectly reflected in Bethel’s own development.

Thus if we stay detached from the central distraction all this scandal and puppetry creates away from the basic developmental reality, we see the big play, the main stage, the big truth, the big picture, the repeating principle, the repeating consequences to manifest soon, are all contained in the Bible truth script. Human liars do not make Christ or God also a lie, it is human corruption always reflects on God and Christ and man’s “image of God” is the core reproach in the affect of such lawlessness. And it distracts people from the reality, God already described the whole condition of the world and Bethel’s microcosm of it, in basic principle and details of the development of corruption. JWs merely repeat what many have manifested in time previously.

No surprise really, it just requires an impartial assessment.

So as ironic as it is focusing on God through Christ with Bible reading and prayer aid, removing the corruptive distraction from it’s inserted mediation as the JW organization, actually then turns rampant corruption into but more evidence of the Bible’s veracity in completely describing the basic motives, clues of operation, patterns and outcome. Lawless Bethel merely repeats a pattern (2Thess2:1-4) that indicates more replication of the overall picture will also follow suit. (Zech3, for example).

That is why trusting men and organization is a sure recipe for eventually not trusting God and not having faith in Christ and undeserved kindness therein, and not seeing the Bible truth, but rather the human diversion and all it’s scandal and distractions is all we see soon. To me Bethel corruptive implosion will equal a far more serious actual implosion, as they too, collectively will also reap what they sow, because no one can for long use God and Christ as the well engineered shill for what is just a manmade con.

Thus as hidden as Bethel tries to keep their greed and power lusts, is also as well hidden their objective is to also damage faith in humans, and to use their lawless developments as the central focus of distraction away from divine truths, as the more one concentrates on Bethel hypocrisy, the further one drifts away from faith in God. People have a hard time understanding greedy men have purpose in their planning and activities.

So a balance must be met, Bethel are not representatives of God but tools of greed and deception, plain and simple, merely disguised in contrary claims of hyper-piety. (2Cor11:13-15). So, yes, we need to recognize corruption in action, but when we read the Bible corruption descriptions of say Isaiah, Micah or 2Thess2:1-12 leading in time to naturally catalyzed retribution, we need to see Bethel as well in those Bible patterns and pictures of common easily seen elements that undeniably repeat, as does the overall lack of recognition of the basic red flags of the replication in action.

It cannot just repeat in part, when we use the Bible as a guide and basic logic, the whole thing is an active replication of principles JWs use to describe Jerusalem and Christendom, repeating in Bethel, but as per the repeating principle, JWs too are blinded and miseld by greedy leaders. Bethel is a Xerox copy, a cellular split, a pea in the same pod, a bird of the same feather – and yet JWs see only the dominant illusion.

Rather than not read the Bible, we just read it to see descriptions from the past, of things now evident in Bethel’s own corruption, and they are not the only ones, it is just that their claims to the contrary are commensurate with the reciprocal disguise effect they disguisecover-up what is actually grand lawlessness and complete blasphemy with. They are rather amazing, because the more grand their claims of divinity (2Thess2:4), the more effective is their disguise, and the more astounding is their actuality as even UN worshipers (Dan11:30b-31), they are surreal, and that detachment to seeming reality is what greatly aids their overall operation of greed, control, power and the love of wealth. JWs simply cannot and do not want to believe what is really in operation; (2Thess2:3)

The disguise present in the GB/Bethel claims, but removed in their actual spiritual barbarity and abuse of children and adults and all common sense now, is what keeps JWs showing up in part. And the use of many old JW props of former JW history and it’s traditions, dialogue and jargon, is merely plagiarized and presented in endless repeating hypnotic fashion to further the illusion everything is fine and dandy. But it is not. The quest for God and Christ also keeps JW sheep magnetized to a Bethel wolf pack, and will continue as if it is perpetual 1980 until the sham is fully revealed fully in what has to equal an eventual abruption and Bethel organizational dysfunction to complete the theft. (2Thess2:8).

The GB and WTS spiritual criminals are not there for no reason, and it is not the reason they claim. In time, something big has to give. And the Bible truth has the basic pattern of what it is that will give way. And since it has repeated on numerous occasions, the Bethel system is not immune, in fact it sets itself up for such a finale, it is now intuitive, logical, algorithmic, formulaic as well as certain and prophetic. Bethel is humpty dumpty on the wall for now. Lukewarm, divided, and sitting on the fence, not fully Christian and not fully Satanic, but a well engineered mix; (Rev8:10-11).

And we know what Jesus said about divided kingdoms. But Bethel fits all the basic principles of a downfall to come. A judgment. No one, not Bethel or any other can play with God and not risk a certain accounting in time. That is the only thing that can remove the new main distraction.


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