To Maisha On Bethel Apostate Takeover and Infiltration

To JWN “maisha” on the Bethel Apostate Takeover

One thing led to another in my own awareness things are actually worse than they appear at Bethel.

When I finally understood the full purpose of retaining the USSR fictional interpretation for Daniel 11, that is when I saw the sinister reality.

The UN NGO is not a good covenant to have made. It will be the “transgression causing desolation” of Daniel 8:13-14, which results in a “small horn” 8th King maturing “trampling” permitted by God for the Dan8:14 phasing and timing.

That desolation is certain because Daniel 11:30-32 and Dan8:11-13 parallel into the UN NGO portion of the 3rd UN placement of 1990.

BUT, these Bethel impostors are going to use a premature Daniel 11:44 “King North” attack as a hoax misapplied to what will be the actual 8th King engineered “trampling” of Daniel 8:13-14.

That will cover up the temple judgment. That will cover up the actual source of the attack to go on a couple years in various ways. And that will put JWs out of sync with Daniel 11, as Daniel 11:42-43 8th King national financial coup is what these next world events are actually leading into the fulfillment of.

Thus it is NOT “the end” sequence coming up. It is the beginning of the final cycle of prophecy and 8th King development that will complete Dan11:42-45 that will connect into Daniel 12 final and literal fulfillment.

And that will take some years to complete. It will also take a couple to three years for JWs to finally start to understand something is not right, because the org will be desolated, but there is not going to be any Armageddon deliverance.

God instead purposes a final warning message of Kingdom completion that will be Revelation 8-11 replicating to the second of “two witnesses” (Rev10:11). JWs not purged, and purified into valid truth will take part in the final warning message. Christ will begin manifestation after the 1260 days completes, but only to secure all the sheep, the actual end is according to Daniel 12:11 1290 days.

The thing to concentrate on is faith in God and Christ and getting into the sheep side of the final separation work that precedes final war at Armageddon.

DO NOT FOLLOW ANY JW ORGANIZATIONAL DIRECTION!! in times of emergency, or any time period, there are enemies “in the temple”.


I will try that website, thanks. By the way, the Bethel goal is to stumble people completely from all true awareness of Bible prophecy. But God already foretold that for the final cycle (2Thess2:1-4; Zech3:1-3), and it will need a big desolation event to clean them out in the peak of the desolation. The temple judgment of JWs itself, will become a world signal event as Rev8. And will go into Rev9 JW “abyss” of inactivity, and a recovery by Christ and onto truth as “little scroll” and the final mission. (Rev10-11).

The prophecy repeats so that Rev11:2 “seven times” of “trampling” the anointed “holy city” will fulfill as now 2520 days. 1260 days in 1914-1918 for Kingdom birth and 1260 days in the future for Kingdom completion.

Do not lose the grip on the foundational truth of early JW anointed by God through Christ. Bethel is also trying to destroy that important foundation BECAUSE IT ALL REPEATS, and JWs will need to see it using the TRUE Daniel 12 1914-1918 and 1919-1922 (1922-1926) patterns that will again underlay the REAL trek to Armageddon and God and Christ’s total Kingdom completion (all 144000) and total Kingdom conquest.

The JW temple desolation will signal Dan8:14 timing has begun, and God will make sure it is a notable event to mark that time, it will be unmistakable when it starts, and the desolation is given as per Hos6:1-3 two full years, even into three years of Daniel 8:14 “evening” portion 1150 days, 3.2 years.

That judgment will come, because no one drags God and Christ’s name into a UN related reproach and simply walks away, instead, like Israel and Baal relations, there will be a required desolation. And it will provide the divine context to purge the Bethel lawless ones as per prophecy; (Zech3:4-5)

Pray to God through Christ deeply, and they will tell you this is the truth. Pay attention to the Bible, it is God’s truth, the only truth on planet Earth, and it WILL start coming true again, and fulfill all things written concerning Jesus Christ’s role in the sanctification of Jehovah God’s name, by a Messianic Kingdom rulership over earth restoring all life lost in Adam’s sin and ramifications; (Eze47:1-9; Matt19:28; Rom8:18-22; Rev22:1-3);


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