World Government Root in Genesis 11

World Government Root in Genesis 11

Seeing that the basis of all world development is rooted in Genesis 10 origins and first “globalization” attempt at incept world government outlined in Genesis 11 means the whole national organizational systems of government, finance and religion also stem from that attempted Babel based world government that met the first post Noah era deluge divine intervention in Genesis 11 language confusion. (As we see in the “collection” principles of this globalization process merely delayed by such a Genesis 11 divine intervention, Zeph3:8-9 connects a final divine intervention, again triggered by then a complete world government, will “reset” the human language to a sole “pure language” actual event – and this connects Genesis 11 events to Revelation 16 and 17 events and other supporting prophetic and world developmental evidence the final “king north” world power system is globalized, a multi-national globalist unification of all nations to eventually finalize a defiant “8th King” system against the Messianic Kingdom related to Genesis 11. (Anyone researching Nimrod connections to NWO supporting orgs and doctrine see the globalists believe in Nimrod’s existence and precedent)

What I mean is, Russell had to have sprung from that overall occultic influenced system that had the whole world in one form of deception or another at that time. In any event a brief period of what became JW enlightenment did proceed to point out that the 1919 and 1945 UN manifestations are indeed serious developments as far as eventual Armageddon trigger developments of a completing world sovereign rival system, a globalized world government.

(Though Russell had obvious problems, given the context of his day, and the newness of the recovery of that time, it is not surprising certain tainted elements were present in his theology. In fact he ad almost all of Revelation totally incorrect as most was ascertained after the fact. But by and large, letting Russell remain in the business world would have meant a 100% Christian coup and all or most of Christian identified religions would have endorsed the League of Nations. Revelation’s sovereign meanings of globalizing world government at Revelation 13:11-15 and Revelation  17:8-18 would have fallen of the radar fully. The worst thing Russell could have done would be to do nothing at all, then Christendom could just continue it’s course unexposed. Instead some basic adjustments did spring from Russell basics that did aid the subsequent clarification of Babel religious elements under the Christian veneer.)

But again, the Christian import of 1914-1926 meanings is diverted successfully, ignoring the 1990 UN placement now for 20 years.

After 1945 and by 1990 3rd UN manifestation we see again now the world is fully deceived again as to the progress of this Armageddon triggering world government to finalize in this final cycle as Jehovah’s witnesses now are also concealing and misinterpreting UN final cycle significance and even the 3rd UN placement has no prophetic meaning expounded by JWs. So the post Russell further insights as to converging and parallel Messianic Kingdom and 8th King completion is now fully lost, JWs are at 1970 levels of understanding globalization reality as far more than just the UN “image” in eventual basis of world governmental actual systems, and JWs are not IDing the fact the UN is not a completed actual global sovereign – thus Christ cannot arrive in also an incomplete Messianic Kingdom to depose a non-existent rival world rulership.

So all is lost as of now, the whole first 2 UN tracking and Messianic Kingdom tracking JW ministry is now derailed, but that development too is foretold to signal the very beginnings of the final cycle temple judgment and reclarification necessity upon a repeating principle of Christendom’s own League of Nations and UN endorsements attaching such a highly significant rival sovereign against God’s Kingdom as Christendom’s official version of being “an expression of God’s Kingdom”.  (Of course the fleshly Israel deception is also part of a “carrot” that can now be used to lead deluded Christendom believers to that UN “expression of God’s Kingdom” when that carrot is revealed for such purposes at the end of the cycle to give credibility, backed by Christendom UN clergy, that the UN is God’s Kingdom. And in like manner, Bethel is now a UN NGO, UN annex system.

As if Christ is coming to also join the UN and their “new world order”.

Though the Bethel diversion has it’s own twists, Bethel error aids bewilderment to develop as Daniel 11:42-43 finance and world wealth intrigues develop soon, sold to JWs and the world as Daniel 11:44-45 prematurely. Bethel’s spiritual coup is thus a total misinformation campaign aiding the final UN cycle “end of the world” illusions which anxiety aids final 8th King operations and mental control, AND a UN justified dedication that ensures now a JW desolating judgment; (Dan8:13);

Thus things must get far far worse in the JW ministry to the full “trampling” accounting of the UN NGO, by it’s source system it serves as the 8th King. (Dan8:13-14);

We cannot lose the awareness a “League of Nations” is no trifling matter to God, it revisits the serious developments of Genesis 11 in far more powerful fashion, it will call in demonic “guard” permitted by God (Eze38:7) in time, it will attempt to mimic EVERY aspect of Christ’s arrival and the Kingdom of God, and it will masterfully present a final cycle that will cause some to resist the UN, true, but it will also cause many to believe it’s final claims aided by a post tribulatory recovery already implemented three times to birth such a UN progress (1919, 1945, 1990), and this one will have a real world “peace and security” by one sided UN actual world sovereign power, tribulation resolved (Matt24:29), a real world recovery (Isa41), a real “freedom from care”  and every possible false hope and well rooted deception to portray itself as “God’s Kingdom”, and as per Rev14:1+ post 144000 completion clues it will be in time presenting itself with also manifestations of Christ also going global.

Much has yet to develop in the future to the full, it simply is not “the end” Bethel promotes prematurely which deception will aid the final cycle as long as possible.

Thus if a full warning and clear explanation is not given by God in time fully as foretold and guaranteed in cessation their first attack on JWs as Daniel 8:13-14, the world as it is today, would be fully fooled. Even with the warning many will be fooled and or coerced as Rev13:16-18 culminates in actual 8th King world government. We see in Daniel 11:42-43 a world wealth coup greatly aids the nature implied in that coercion of “buying and selling”, so we have a cycle that takes a completing cycle of years to reveal more and more of what is already now in the prophecy concerning that Daniel 11:42-45 trek merging into Daniel 12 timed periods. Meaning a final warning will materialize in time, and aiding the process is the truth it repeats the Daniel 12:7 Revelation 11:2-3 parallel of 1914-1918 that led to the first UN placement as League of Nations replicating for the final UN placement along the same pattern of 1260 days final warning leading to that Daniel 12:11 fourth UN placement upon the very same trek as 1914-1918 and 1919-1922 meanings.

There really cannot develop a clearer warning the simply repeating the pattern and meanings of the first Kingdom ministry paralleling a UN world government placement again repeating in final form of both the 8th King and the Messianic Kingdom to conclude this drawn out final process. Yet it only took roughly 100 years plus, to get through all four Bible outlined UN placements by that time.

If this was all bull, none of it will pan out. If this is truth it will manifest over at least a decade from the JW temple, organizational representative desolation to start the final cycle in earnest with events that are probably also activating Daniel 11:42-43 in earnest.

We just need to be patient and attentive to world events and prophecy freed from Bethel subversion, and realize a final warning must manifest, or the whole world would be essentially lost as the last exposing source of truth in JWs is now also subverted and misled. And though undeserved kindness could cover anyone, we need to realize the 8th King system is attempting a global test to coerce one and all into this system if possible, and the less we would know, the more advantageous for that 8th King system, as even why the Bethel lawless center originated at the point of a truth formerly explaining this information, now diverted.

That is why keep an eye on the JW org, Matt24:15 flee from it, because that is God’s first bulls-eye of signal judgment starting the whole final cycle that will take a number of years and more clearly seen UN related events to eventually also manifest in this final cycle.

Quite conveniently the WHOLE process is already contained in outline form in the process leading to the first League of Nations UN related placement concurrent with a Kingdom birth announcement, and the nature of tat parallel will be present again and eventually will fall into conflict amidst and again tribulatory cycle designed in part to be a distraction away from this reality.

We cannot be misled by the Bethel errors that attempt to call into question not only the initial Messianic Kingdom birthing ministry, but also all UN significance as if the “League of Nations” and advanced UN entities are harmless and beneficial when in fact it’s coming completion as 8th King world government will define an actually existent sovereign at that time that Christ will not take lightly and it will trigger a complete Messianic Kingdom response that will literally and figuratively shake all of planet earth. That truth, is still true, as is Christ’s sacrifice so many can make the sheep side of the separation preceding that final event.

We just need to be patient, awake and not lose any faith in the Bible, God and Christ, as it seems all Adamic man can do is eventually corrupt, hence Christ and full Kingdom can start to make actual universal, planetary and human changes to exit the Adamic condition in any form Christ may be applied as man or spirit in that 1000 year reign. In the meantime faith and trust is only to be directed to God and Christ who will give their own version of indomitable “two witnesses” backing the human element for those going under Messianic Kingdom sovereignty willingly, and even some not fully understanding yet spared as per Matt25:31-46 final sheep gathering events to precede the Revelation 14:14-20 parallel final judgment of this period Adamic.

God and Christ cannot let the truth forever remain under lawless Bethel subversion. Btel is what can “end any day”, the overall UN fourth cycle to a full world government must take some years after that event to finalize, and in that cycle and it’s intent to cover over actual truth, approved virgins and “wheat” must deploy a final Messianic Kingdom counter proclamation of who it is that wins the “war of the great day of God the Almighty”, God, Christ, te Kingdom and all who “bet” their lives on that reality.

When Christ said the “hour of test” he meant it, but the rewards are also just as real, and this final sequence is when it is all defined, for real. In that end sequence only UN “new world order” and Messianic Kingdom will be the options, as per Revelation 17:12-18 national sovereigns, though maybe existent in spirit, will be meaningless in actual world sovereign power. The ig showdown can occur only after that 8th King is an actual present, functioning and stated global sovereign for real, temporarily – and that is where the Daniel 1:7 and 12:11 timed periods are leading, only the “happy” are present at the turning of Daniel 12:12 timed reception period. We just have to get set within ourselves even the “new world order” will inspire radical world changes, but the Messianic Kingdom is changing the entire make up of “heavens” and “earth”. We need to want those Kingdom changes to occur, we are truly at the verge of a cycle that is the end, and even a decade is no time at all and that is approximately the time period a judgment, desolation, purification, recovery, final cleansed ministerial deployment, completion of 8th King,  final gathering of Kingdom and temple completion and final war for planet earth (rev19:19-21) and the universe (Rev20:1-3) must take place in that approximate timing.

The JW organizational desolation will be an unmistakable event period of Daniel 8:14 initial “evening” timing commencing the final phase in earnest.


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