Why Don’t You Disassociate Yourself?

Why Don’t You Dissociate Yourself?

JW 4 Life wrote:

LOLZ! Nice try. The real reason idiots like you and Karen won’t disassociate yourselves is because YOU know it’s Jehovah’s TRUE organization and you know the consequences if you officially leave it. You are spineless weasels. You come here telling interested ones YOUR opinions of how bad the GB is and for them not to join JWs. Yet, you say the reason YOU are still a member is because taking 5 minutes to write a letter and mailing it to the last congregation you were in is too much trouble. LOLZ!!!!! Hypocrites.
Here’s a sample letter for you idiots to write.
I, _______________, am writing this letter to formally disassociate myself from Jehovah’s Witnesses. I no longer want to be considered as one of Jehovah’s Witnesses. I was baptized in _____________ and the last congregation my publisher record cards were at is the _____________________ congregation.
Here’s the link to look up the address of the congregation too.


I am not the apostate, nor is Bethel “God’s organization”, but a UN organization now.

Like Israel, the JW org WAS Jehovah’s organization, but is now also a UN family of organizations historic UN NGO organization ALSO;

And that fulfilled in 1991 as the 3rd UN placement of Daniel 11:31b heads to the final and fourth UN placement at Daniel 11:45 in CONTINUOUS manner:

(Daniel 11:36) “And the king (UN 3rd placement as globalizing world power)… will certainly prove successful until [the] denunciation will have come to a finish;

Obviously the USSR CANNOT “certainly prove successful until the denunciation” completes at Daniel 11:45;

And in that GB and Bethel treason against the Kingdom of God as co-promoting UN agency, in covenant, we have the “transgression causing desolation” of Daniel 8:13-14 timed temple judgment and it’s Bethel apostate (Dan11:32 is 2Thess2:3-4) requirement as the disassociated from God and Christ in that sin, defining the “lawless one” “set in opposition” “in the temple” as “man of lawlessness” and “lifted up” over every human on earth as sole FDS blasphemy piling on more sins onto all JWs (Zech3:1-3) at temple inspection completing now, as it has arrived on JWs, like Israel, Jerusalem or Christendom as a “thief in the night”;


Now the latest cultured Bethel “weeds” in the JW congregations, like all “weeds” of the past cannot simply listen to the Bible’s own PROPHECY, not “conspiracy” theory, but “lawless one” Bethel conspiracy prophecy as per 2Cor11-13-15 transformed JW leadership, now setting up JWs with an erred USSR interpretation easily ascertained from Daniel 11:36 hanging at Daniel 11:44 (attack mode) to allow the next 8th King war and terror world operations, coming SOON, to cover up the required temple desolation of Daniel 8:13 actually fulfilling;

As JWs are thrown into the final temple judgment, following the “man of lawlessness”, expecting deliverance at Armageddon, when in fact it is “weed” removal time with their idolized Governing Body and Bethel apostasy; All Jesus recommends as the “disgusting thing” UN NGO is placed at Bethel in 1991, well known now by many, but not all JWs is to FLEE:

(Matthew 24:15-16) “Therefore, when you catch sight of the disgusting thing that causes desolation, as spoken of through Daniel the prophet, standing in a holy place, (let the reader use discernment,) 16 then let those in Judea begin fleeing to the mountains.

There is no longer any true anointed association in a polluted constant feature featuring 8th King UN lacing; Now the temple judgment for this serious Daniel 8:13 “transgression causing desolation” will come on JWs completely expecting something else at Daniel 11:44, from an OBVIOUSLY diverted Daniel 11 “King North” error to cover up the thing all occurring in the 1990-1991 period of co-fulfillment with Daniel 11:30-32 also covered up (Dan8:12b) by the Bethel apostasy;

The JW “log” will be snatched from the “fire” of Zechariah 3:2, Rev9 JW “abyss”, but the “weeds” now displaying GB hubris will be left in the coming 8th King temple fire thrown onto the JW temple temporarily;

This cleansing of Daniel 8:14 “brought into it’s right condition” of Zech3:4-5, Rev8:2-5 and Mal3:1-5 is required to clarify the accurate Daniel 8 and 11 truth for the final ministry as now Revelation 8 will active again (Rev10:11), and lead to Rev9 JW temple recovery for the FINAL WORLD  WARNING OF GOD ALMIGHTY AND CHRIST at Rev 10-11; Minus the Bethel and JW apostates now congregationally protecting the final and modern “man of lawlessness” incurring sins against God, Christ, the anointed, all JWs, and all mankind in this deception aided by JW deception (Dan11:32) and lack of Bile awareness coupled with self-righteous pride and it’s denial and obligatory blindness;

All JWs will know when Bethel’s desolation begins, aided by 8th King inspired (Dan11:30-31) “man of lawlessness” Bethel apostate “armies” now “surrounding Jerusalem” as well in fulfillment of Luke 21:20; as that commencement is 1Peter4:17, timed at Daniel 8:14, as a signal of the final prophetic and 8th King completing cycle, as JWs will be in that abyss for at least 3 years and 70 days (Hos6:1-3) of the “evening” requirement of Daniel 8:14’s temple judgment;

Mark your Dan8:14 calendar when your Golden Calf Baal Bethel goes down; Te JW temple judgment leads in short time “little” “scroll” order to 8th King world government, the final 8th King JW attack (Dan11:44 is Rev11:7), Kingdom completion (all 144000 in), the final separation sheep/goat judgment (aiding completion (1Thess4:17), and then the end will come at Armageddon;

Try to make that separation, right now you are with the “weeds” about to be burned up; JW pride will not save you at temple judgment, repenting will;

Global Debt and Daniel 11:42-43

Global Debt and Daniel 11:42-43

The only way you could make the WTS the center piece of world importance is to lie, and live in a fancy world. The WTS is one more false religion with people trapped in it, some of God’s wheat, and nothing more.

Well you are already distracted by the very WTS/GB idol meant to distract people away from Kingdom of Christ awareness; I do not make the “WTS” the centerpiece of anything, the BIBLE is the centerpiece of truth;

Like any religion, the labels are involved with those with a certain agenda; It is now determined the WTS and Bethel by GB lead cell, is an infiltrated centerpiece of lawlessness distracting from Kingdom of God reality;

And like the Christendom mess before them that took until 1900 to actually fully expose and neutralize properly, God in His own time clarifies BIBLE truth out of a context that always goes lawless in the pattern of Adam;

So today, God will desolate the WTS and all idolatries in Jehovah’s Christian Witnesses to a massive enough degree to get the world’s full attention and especially JWs with an opportunity to repent and move into the final clarification;

The fact is the International Bible Students did contain Christians of anointed calling and actuality who clarified the lies of Christendom concealing the fulfillment of Revelation ch. 6, ch. 8-16 as Christendom still conceal the sovereign progression of humanity leading to a full globalization 8th King world government soon – all outlined in Daniel and Revelation timelines of prophecy;

JWs today are also concealing the final Daniel 11:27-45 progression of the specific globalist 8th King developments leading to full world government by Daniel 11:45; From a 3rd UN placement of Daniel 11:31b;

And that is why the misinformation in the Bethel subversion will be removed by God, and the world will get the final Daniel 11:40-45 meaning as it culminates to Daniel 11:42-45 soon, which Bethel currently covers up to conceal the UN 8th King as also a world government in addition to the “image” that Bethel focuses on in incompletion;

So you and others will see the full financial compromise of all the nations leading to a globalized financial system 8th King absorption of globalized economic power with a single locus of power;

Then or during that transition you will see a continuation of an already unique world war called the “Global War on Terror” in Daniel 11:29’s principle of the unique “cold war” as world war 3;

And you will see, God willing, that world conflict of very complex nature, with global financial tribulation, be resolved into a now fully globalized world government of Revelation 17:12-18 aided by Daniel 11:42-43 world finance intrigues to culminate Revelation 16:13-16;

It was the International Bible Students movement of prophetic insight, mostly after the fact of WW1, that led to understanding the UN as an 8th King designate by WW2 resolving for the United Nations placement; World war 3, cold war, ALSO had a UN placement after it resolved in 1990;

And a unique WW4 will also have the same formula occur;

It is not the churches that warn of this final 4th UN placement as world government triggering Armageddon;

It is Jehovah’s witnesses; (in incomplete form now)

And even JWs must have the final cycle clarified as the “man of lawlessness” running Bethel into the ground (Dan8:13) completes their 8th King task; That is what you will see start the cycle, because that is the Christian ministry of the Bible that needs to be freed from Bethel purposeful diversions;

God, Christ and Bible truth is what matters; What many are distracted by is the diversion now operating in the WTS and Bethel mostly irrelevant systems other than being the target of divine desolation to complete the timed judgment of Dan8:13-14;

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World Recovery After World War 4 – Daniel 11:27-45 3rd and 4th Final United Nations Placements

Final Temple Judgment and Jehovah’s Witnesses


The nature of the process is a guessing game, the actuality of national financial compromise at global scale is prophetic, neither theory or guesswork;

How it occurs is a different matter; That 250 trillion dollars in US and EU unfunded liabilities is not going to be simple “written off”, without a world government stamp of approval, e.g., 666;

It is only logival finances control economics whic control fuel as food, oil, electricity, etc; So financial coercion is a means to meet the further sovereign objective of capturing and deposing national power unto globalist 8th King power; (Rev17:12-18);

It will overlap, and ebb and flow, and be at a scale even challenging super-computers to track due to human limitations, but it is not if it will occur, it is when, and we have good indication from the national predicaments of how close it is, the illusion cannot be extended forever, but it can be covered up with war and terror developments as a guess;

If that does not accelerate the process, the nations will continue to devolve economically because the US system is the one whose core revenue creating ability has been “shipped over seas” for “off shore” and “near shore” globalized processes aiding trans-national corporate mega-profits while undermining all the nations in effect as 1/3 or more dependent on a US Dollar foundation sustainability of value;

In any event, something has to give in a 200 trillion dollar minimum fashion, fast or slow, it is the end of national financial systems core power and control obviously leading to a more powerful globalization “solution”, as it is not a random development, but 20 years in the making, intensified after the 911 pretext for a 4th world war, as a “world war on terror” which required trillions to expand for it’s next stage;

Thus we can expect that world war investment is for a purpose soon to be realized in some manner, as war aids financial collapse at the beginning and “cures” it in the end, while the corporations running the wars profit at both ends, in power and hard capital expansion – dollars are just kindling to fuel the fire; They ate ultimately, like any fiat currency, disposable later, after everyone else was suckered into the game trusting in dollars and the engineers of greed who invented and expanded the system for a further goal and “pay off”;

Well “pay day” is getting near; The whole world is the pay for 8th King globalists, not the dollars that fueled the system needed to accomplish a world rulersip;

Bethel Covers Up UN 3rd and 4th Placement

Bethel Covers Up UN 3rd and 4th Placement

First off, prior to 1990 marked UN NGO defection of the Christian ministry, and cover up of the 3rd of 4 UN foretold final manifestations and the cover up of the 8th King as King North in  that progression to Armageddon marked by 3rd and 4th UN placements at Daniel 1130-45, JWs did expose the first two UN manifestations concurrent with a valid Kingdom foundational warning.

Thus JWs did map the sovereign progression of Genesis 11 Nimrodic “Tower of Babel” globalism through Daniel 2 “immense image” meaning, as a continued trek of Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece, Roman and Anglo-American NATIONAL power through Daniel 7 and 8, Revelation 13 forming a final GLOBALIST unification as Daniel 11:30-45 leads to Revelation 17:11-18.

So we have a prophetic framework IDd ONLY by JW Christians that is now pretty much 99% world history in all those [national] formations throughout time finally, finally making a world government announcement as [globalist] 8th King prelude “League of Nations” fulfilling Revelation 13:11-15 “image of the wildbeast” world government nucleus manifestation in 1919, and progressing to a second globalist United Nations forming world government manifestation in 1945 as Revelation 17:8-11 post WW2 “abyss” rise of the formative “scarlet wildbeast”, 8th King, not yet complete.

But as the UN went “New World Order” initiative, so did JWs as Bethel UN NGO.

And now a very important progression of 3rd UN placement at Daniel 11:31b, with Bethel aided UN NGO “placement” and world promotions, to 4th UN placement as Daniel 11:45 as world government of the future triggering Armageddon, is now broken.

And since early anointed Christian ministry affecting millions of others in time was also tracking Kingdom come developments parallel to an observable UN progression to full defiant 8th King completion in final sovereign world “peace and security” proclamations to accompany that 4th UN manifestation of the future, the Messianic Kingdom final phase is ALSO lost by modern JWs. Bethel is now a UN allied apostate system core and lead subversion of Daniel 8:11-13 paralleling events leading to Daniel 11:30-31 UN 3rd placement and Bethel UN NGO marker. (2Thess2:3 as Dan11:32a as Zech3:1-3);

Originally ONLY JWs by God’s work through Christ as per Rev1:1 expounded first fulfillment Revelation 6-22 Kingdom and 8th King developmental meaning on a framework that put many pieces of the puzzle together to see the big picture in time 4 UN placements would signal actual Armageddon. Of course JWs only see 2 UN placements and dropped the UN ball at the 1945 period, and went UN concealers and UN NGO by 1990 3rd UN placement.

Thus between 1945 2nd UN exposure and 1990 3rd UN cover-up, SOMETHING derailed the JW UN 8th King and Kingdom tracking ministry which is like a map to Armageddon now lost by JWs on purpose by Bethel [1].

And that “something” is the Governing Body dictatorship of 1976.

Now the world is going into the final UN world government cycle of 4th placement UN to end the cycle as Dan11:45, 8:25, 12:11 parallels, and JWs instead preach a premature end of the world, instead the final UN cycle of Daniel 11:42-45 is just to BEGIN, and not end until it merges fully into Daniel 12 final timed periods.

And that is why the judgment starts with JWs to remove the lawlessness diversion and apostasy prior to the 4th UN placement as world government as 1Pet4:17 is Daniel 8:13-14 timed final temple judgment starting on GB/Bethel befouled JWs for the Zech3:1-5 required Daniel 8:14 “right condition” purification and reclarification of final UN and Messianic Kingdom concurrently completing truth to end at Armageddon as foretold, currently covered up by Bethel foretold apostasy.

ONLY Jehovah’s witnesses have tracked this UN world government and Messianic Kingdom prophecy and world events defining it, until 1990 ministerial abortion for Governing Body led deceptions exposed as a lawless subversion temporarily permitted by God to fulfill the SIGNAL of the final cycle STARTING, not ending. That final cycle will go on for an approximate Dan8:14 and Dan12 decade, and JWs will be organizationally desolated and bewildered at the “evening” outset of Daniel 8:14 temple judgment desolation for the UN NGO and cover-up of Daniel 8:13 “transgression causing desolation” and Dan8:12 subversion and misinformation operation led by Bethel “lawless ones” as marked public UN NGO UN allies and endorsers.



PDF Download of “The Man of Lawlessness – Governing Body Based Bethel UN Prophetic Deception Operation”; Approximate 120 pages.

The Modern Man of Lawlessness – Governing Body Based Bethel UN Prophetic Deception Operation


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Four United Nations Placements – Final One is World Government

Four United Nations Placements – Final One is World Government

Are you guys holding a bible study with Alex Jones, or is he holding a bible study with you guys?

LOL, I am going to remember that one.

But world government is not a foreign concept or conspiracy theory as Ron Paul is a credible public official who has made several statements concerning eventual UN sovereignty. (See [1]) And it is not just the US that would be affected, Putin has also made “uni-polar government” statements in ominous fashion.

World government is actually logical, it is a natural evolution of man’s self rulership and planetary management strategy that in fact is needed if the planet is to extend another century under current administrations. In fact God’s Kingdom in the Messianic agency is a world government, but it is not based on the UN, so eventually a conflict of that definition of true super-super-power will arise in time, guaranteed. (Dan2:31-45; Rev19:11-21; Zeph3:8-9)

The point being in part, talk of world government as policy, not just theory, is reality in national governments and geo-political thinktanks. National government complete capitulation to a world sovereign authority is the final part of the UN puzzle. (The financial and military system is already past 50% globalized foundations.) If states rights reflect the generic human need to feel autonomous personal sovereignty of state government as independent of federal government as far as possible, then national governments will also not completely willingly accept world government sovereignty; initially.

It will take a few world events to persuade national power that it is all inevitable:

“We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order.”
– David Rockefeller.

That “right major crisis” will be initially, partly, financial in possibly the context of another world war or terror cycle. (Dan11:42-43 meaning);

Thus the UN issue of sovereignty currently debated in national governments is just part of the 8th King consolidation of power development, the last part of it.

This is because a “UN” principle of finance and military organization/globalization already is in place, and already also co-exists with the political focused UN entity. Existing finance and military globalization already well advanced in operation will drive the [national] governmental final part into place over the coming decade.

And like Global NATO (1999), the US and EU and other nations are ALREADY in a fully globalizing context of financial “united nations” aligned world institutions and organizations like the IMF, World Bank, WTO, and other massive investment and market super-corporatocracies and organizations that already have national finance networks well debt positioned for the final absorption. Of course the expenses of maintaining a Global NATO globalizing military system, and a “Global War on Terror” (GWOT) is why the financial plumbing was the first system in globalist control and worldwide deployment in supra-national manner – not subject to national governmental control or knowledge.

Now the world positioning of maybe 1000 more Global NATO aligned world bases since 911 through GWOT, and the massive multi-hundred-trillion dollar national debt scenario (and unfunded liabilities), merely papered over with the creation of more currency, mostly digitally, at world record levels, have the core Anglo-American national system and other controlled national systems poised for that “right major crisis” as partly engineered financial meltdown, to bring in the national governmental public “corporations” defined as national sovereign entities, into line by use of debt, martial and security solutions designed and ready for full implementation at globalist worldwide levels of supra-national authority.

The final world war is actually the globalists versus all the nations, but the nations will not know that for the most part, as all world wars have aided globalist wealth and expansion power. (“global war” “on terror” is just another way of saying “world war on terror”, and it means a world war already as begun in unique form in 2001; It can just escalate to final use);

The next stage of national power history is not national recovery from within, but multi-national recovery into a globalized financial system to start along with whatever events it takes to militarily and generally accelerate the globalization process worldwide. That is the 8th King UN meaning of Daniel 11:42-43 financial references, when we know Daniel 11:30-45 is not the USSR or any national power or bloc of power. It is globalized world government of which the UN is but a nucleus. There is a financial and military element of this globalization process, and those two government drivers are already in place for this absorption which is the meaning of Revelation 17:11-18, national sovereigns will eventually capitulate and give their sovereign power to the UN world government super-sovereignty in time.

Prophecy guarantees it, as will world events.

In the meantime the coercive intrigues of Revelation 13:16-18 are already well advanced in the financial compromise of the national powers. People are merely unaware or ignoring the implications of 100 trillion in say US unfunded liabilities, and 16 trillion in debt – it means a national “foreclosure” of financial systems that must fail in part as implied in Daniel 11:42-43 world wealth power consolidation meaning.

And that the US Dollar “reserve currency” global saturation underpins 2/3 of other worldwide national fiat currencies, and so on in this domino effect to come, the compromise of that monetary system valuation will of course affect the whole world economy and finances. (As the context of Daniel 11:42-43 developments going on for some years); But since the globalist already control at least 50% of this world economic and financial power by actual hard wealth ownership, only a percentage nationally will collapse, and it will be absorbed into the core globalist world wealth consolidation to the Daniel 11:42-43 implied global magnitude in progressive final consolidation over say a decade into this final UN cycle.

Catalyzing world developments like war, terror, and/or natural disaster at global scale will merely aid accelerating this consolidation process, the core globalist system cannot be shaken, is hard wealth based ownership, commodity control and precious metals based, it is at the greatest level of wealth it has ever been at, and it will get richer in this process. All oil and other energy sources for example, must go into 8th King control. And as that vacuums out national hard wealth already positioned, for debt and fiat currency filler illusions of wealth, the national power sovereignty based on former wealth power, will of course naturally transfer into the 8th King super-corporatocracy that already runs the globalizing financial and military super-system. National governments will be the last “egg” to go into the sovereign control basket of world government.

(The main financial and military globalizing part of that “power and authority” triad is already supra-national and already in 8th King predominant control, the national governmental element will be the final globalized entity.)

And that is all clearly outlined in Daniel 11:42-45 as it merges in time into Daniel 12:1-12 live and real-time in that continuum of the UN world government completion phase eventually “bumping into” the Messianic Kingdom of Christ, and 100 billion angels ready for planetary warfare for the rulership and restoration of this fine planet. God and Christ are not allowing financiers, warlords, and technocrats to possess planet earth much longer. (Rev11:15-19);

On Conspiracy Theorists

So an Alex Jones type, and others, are merely touching on secretive world government engineering development already simply outlined in Revelation 13:11-15. That “two horned wildbeast” is the secretive guiding globalist architects. Rather than draw worship to itself as “two horned wildbeast” (Rev13:11), for it is a covert globalist system, it draws worship to national and globalist world government solutions (Rev13:12-15) such as the UN “image” it engineers in that Rev13:11-15 sequence as first the League of Nations of 1919.

And we see in Rev17:8-11 a post WW2 “abyss” of inaction to keep “world peace”, did mean a UN rise of that same world government nucleus as the United Nations of 1945. And as the cold war ended (Dan11:29), again the UN manifests then in “new world order” publicly stated initiative in 1990. Thus we see too, the use of world war or world conflict, hot or cold, now THREE times, is used to be eventually the “world problem” resolved for the UN “world peace” effect “solution.

It is like a world government formula. So, logically, intuitively, and prophetically, a similar final cycle development context, a fourth UN phase with worldwide impact, will again be used for the same hopeful “world peace” effect, to be achieved after that coming worldwide “problem” is resolved into a UN world government “solution” finale. (and this overall “problem” will also be financial);

Thus the basis of Alex Jones and others’ “theories” is actually Biblical and world reality of world governmental development outlined in Revelation 13:1-18 and Revelation 17:3, 8-18.

Now your David Icke types of theorists are contained in the reality of Genesis 4-6 of demonic angelic activity that accompanied the need of a global deluge to put an end to that demonic “alien” direct involvement in human and earth planetary development prior to the flood. (Jude6, Gen6, 1Pet3:19,20; 2Pet2:4,5; Eze28:12);

Genesis 10-11 was the first globalist world government attempt at Babel 4000 years ago, symbolized by the “tower of Babel”, and it was to be thwarted by divine intervention in language confusion, with Nimrod as the first globalist.

That merely delayed the world government process and entity to arise in 1919 in Genesis11-revisited modern form as the League of Nations foundation and international globalist hub, and to continue in 3 more, 4 total renditions to UN final world government in the coming decade. And again, as per Zeph3:8-9 God will intervene, as before at Gen11, the human language will be unified as again God will react to globalized world government when it is completed in time here. (Dan2:31-45); The Zephaniah 3:9 language reset connects the two era of globalized power from Genesis 11 to Revelation 17:11-18.


Very simply put, JWs are no longer tracking that UN 1-2-3-4 super-cycle as prophecy and key world events properly since they ignore 3rd UN “NWO” placement of 1990, and instead became a UN NGO world advertising agency for UN promotions. (See UN1-2-3-4 at [2])

Simply put as the UN makes world government intent and actuality more and more known progressively through the final cycle to really start in earnest soon as Dan11:42-45, it’s UN world government completion will gauge the time of conflict with the Messianic Kingdom of Christ according to the concurrent UN sovereign progression and the Messianic Kingdom sovereign  progression found in a framework of Biblical prophetic samplings devoted to this subject and development. (as Dan2,7,8,11, Rev13,17);

Thus many credible world authorities, and many researchers understand this world sovereignty development is active in globalizing finance, military and government evolutions, they just are not putting together were it must lead as Revelation 16:13-16 “Armageddon” “gathering” power is mainly by globalization actualities of much former national power and authority going into uni-polar 8th King world sovereign total control in time.

Thus many “conspiracy theorists” may error in many details, they do have the basic framework subject matter correct. The Bile itself gives an alien-angel connection to Genesis 6, and the world governmental development from national root systems of Rev13, 17, Dan2,7,8, 11, are correct – in fact now world histories. Those entities do exist as per Bible information from man’s formative past world history as well since Eden (Gen1-6) and since after the flood in initial demon guided human defiant “kingdom” development as per Genesis 10-11.

Thus “conspiracy theorists” merely echo information from credible sources in national government, research, finance and military development and even globalist world government technocrats themselves. It is now going beyond “theory”, but to application of world government as a real global super-structure of guiding finance, military and governmental consolidation in that order, as national government will quickly follow financial implosion into 8th King world government power and final developments. (There will be no other way for recovery, and recovery will occur; Isa41:1);

Since as per Rev13:16-18 coercive agenda, it is not just Christians who will be resistant to world government, but many national individual and institutional powers will also resist it [1], it is best to keep it’s development as low key as possible until the world events that will make it inevitable arise. JWs aid this process by not continuing the UN1-2-3-4 tracking of 1919 and 1945 UN developments as prophecy to 1990 (and beyond) as 3rd UN placement of Daniel 11:31b (1990) must continue to Daniel 11:45 4th (future) and final UN manifestation as a continuum (Dan11:36).

Of course the world media and shows like “Discovery” and the “History Cannel”, news agencies, etc, are not going to make world government development part of an ongoing detailed exposition, the 8th King will employ not just an element of surprise, but also one of deception to coerce and or persuade all the nations to accept this world government finality.

And it will take time and a final drawn out cycle of development.

But as per prophecy as Daniel 11:42-45 + Rev17:11-18 = Rev16:12-18, all the nations will in fact be drawn into this final globalist unification “8th King” in operating form powerful enough and globally present beyond scale and function of the UN alone, to make the final 8th King UN world “peace and security” proclamation of that super-sovereign world government entity to end the next tribulation cycle as per Matt24:29 into this final sovereign affront to God’s Kingdom. (1Thess5:1-3 parallel of Dan8:25; 11:44-45; 12:11);


This is therefore not a “high pressure” message, it is just tying it all together so people can understand a Biblical thread of Dan2, 7, 8, 11 and Rev13, 17 is merely what is manifesting to this completion as the Messianic Kingdom must ALSO complete, as well, the final Kingdom “body” in the process outlined in Revelation 14, and Revelation 11:1-14, and Revelation 16:12-20.

And since Daniel 11:42-45 merges into Daniel 12 timed periods, and is signaled by Daniel 8:13-14 timed JW temple judgment, we know a decade approximate is contained in this fourth and final UN developmental phase and final world government birthing tribulation cycle. (Contrary to JW delusion, it cannot simply end tomorrow, or for years in fact. It is not “the end” coming up, it is the BEGINNING of the final UN cycle);

You can know what it all means over the next decade as this must unfold, as most of the prophecy forecasting it’s national sovereign developmental roots is already now world history. The rest of the prophecy will also become world history – GUARANTEED – unto Christ’s arrival and after; (Rev20-22);

That prophecy turned world history sovereign framework is what JWs did lay out since 1919 to say 1970, but are now not making the final connection to UN world government as a UN1-2-3-4 super-cycle, they have dropped the UN ball at 1945 meaning, going UN NGO instead in 1990, thus truncating and breaking a very important continuum to understand. [3]

And you can know for sure over the next decade of UN developments:

1. The coming tribulation will end. (Matt24:29) And it will end into a UN based form of “world peace” as Daniel 8:25 “freedom from care” parallel to 1Thess5:1-3. There will finally be NO “wars or reports of war”; (Matt24:6 inverse meaning applies, thus then “the end” can come); There will be a world recovery, not yet the end, as this cycle climaxes in UN world government. Many things have yet to take place.

2. And in time, Christ will confront that rival world sovereignty and depose it AFTER he makes a final sheep gathering and final salvation pass over the entirety of planet earth. (Matt24:29-31 parallel Rev11:7-15; Matt25:31-46 parallel Rev14:14-20);

Anyone can surrender now and up to a point in Daniel 12:11 to Christ’s universal sovereign authority to be spared, and this final message must in time become the final Christian message of Revelation 10-11 final Kingdom completion proclamation which will parallel this UN final developmental cycle to also a diametric world sovereign announcement, and that itself will take a number of years to unwind into Revelation 11 “7th trumpet” finalities parallel with 7th plague meaning as Rev16:17-18.

In basic terms, Christ arrives AFTER the UN proclaims world government, AFTER the world tribulation that births it, concurrent.

These things will start to manifest much more clearly as time progresses, so please make a mental note of it all, the UN world government intent and development will also become more and more vocal and known as this progresses, eventually they must just come right out and say it. (climaxing as 1Thess5:1-3 “world peace!”);

Thus in reality, prophecy in actuality of world developments will stretch out for a while and in forms not exactly expected by even Christians at this time, even JWs have fallen asleep fully; (Matt25:5 principle)


Action Alert: H.R. 75: American Sovereignty Restoration Act Of 2013

Time to Renounce the United Nations?
by Rep. Ron Paul, MD

UN1 of 4. 1919 – WW1  resolution leading to the League of Nations presentation in 1919; (Daniel 12:11; Revelation 13:11-15); (JW tracked);

UN2 of 4. 1945 – WW2 resolution leading to the United Nations presentation in 1945; (Revelation 17:8-11); (JW tracked);

UN3 of 4. 1990 – WW3 “Cold War” resolution leading to the United Nations  presentation in “New World Order” initiative in 1990; (Daniel 11:31); (JW covered up);

UN4 of 4. Future – WW4 resolution leading to the United Nations and 8th King world government total presentation in the relatively near future; (Daniel 8:23-25; Daniel 11:44-45; Replicating Revelation 11:7 and Daniel 12:11); (JW covered up);

Outline – UN has Four Cycles in World History and Bible Prophecy

JW Self Fulfilling Prophecy Aids Cover Up of Final Cycle – UN 1-2-3-4 Cycle

On the Significance of the UN 1-2-3-4 Super-Cycle to 8th King World Government

On JW Temple Judgment and World Government

Why Target Jehovah’s Witnesses Internally?

Hi there,

Thanks for your contributions to the above mentioned thread. I have been contemplating the primal nature and causalities of the JW religion for some time now. I have entertained speculative thoughts similar to what you mentioned.

I’d like to ask: how did you arrive at your conclusions?

Your hypothesis does indeed explain much, and happens to fit observable facts, but I can’t really settle on a good answer for WHY.

How and why does the JW religion facilitate implementation of a global government? After all, we’re talking about only 6 million or so of a marginal religion, so how is such a small number useful in a global orchestration? Furthermore, in your comments you explain that the organizational culture is not designed to retain members, so again, the lack of numbers is glaring.

I’m not seeing how 6 million adherents can play a practical and useful role, unless you’re just speaking of the subterfuge necessary for the financial shenanigans.

I have much of my dear family immersed in the JW religion, and I am seeking to augment my understanding of things, so as to support them however I can.

Thanks for your time. 

Your welcome.


On JW Temple Judgment and World Government

I want to try to demonstrate a few basic realities I believe will explain a real continuum of world rulership has been in action since Genesis 11, and it’s once prophetic continuum of Daniel 2, 7, 8, Rev13 is now nationally, in dynastic and nation-state meanings, 99% history now resulting in attempted Anglo-American national world hegemony. But it is not national platform, or partial national alliance that will ascend to actual world hegemony, it is the globalist worldwide network of total international alliance, all nations, based in Anglo original designs, now an Anglo-American elitist partnership (as per prophecy), operative in supra-national corporate fashion of all forms of apex “power and authority” forming irreversibly above national, tat will finish this prophecy to again world history, it will happen.

Thus if the sovereign world history now, leading to apex globalized world power is real, then so is the competitive system of Christ – and it too is developmentally documented parallel with these prophetic continuums. And since Gen3:15 this dual progression of diametric “seeds” manifesting in human individuals, nations and systems, is the basic connection to God and the Devil as the two primary actual powers at work in this whole Bible and world history documented progression.

And it was continued understanding of basic national history by IBSA and JWs between 1914 and 1950 that defined the national progression as Dan2, 7, 8 and Rev 13 structural prophecy that is pretty clearly the national continuum of Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece, Rome and Anglo-America, and the budding international forum “image” as a foundational, but incomplete, global unification of this national collective in all nations as “united” nations, United Nations. That basic pretty easily defended now progression and identification upon the Bible’s sovereign framework of the development of the rival “seed” system was very important to make, but the clerical Christendom councils endorsed the League of Nations as an “expression of God’s Kingdom on earth”, thus like the JW UN NGO, this kind of alignment also closes of further Biblical elucidation as now neither Christendom or JWs identify te true significance of that 1990 3rd UN placement as also prophecy.

So I want to try to make a person consider the UN 1-2-3-4 super-cycle to world government eventuality, is important and all four UN related “placements” are foretold as fully and in as much needed details as the Bible already tracked it’s roots in Gen10-11, Dan2, 7, 8 and Rev13. If one notices, the Daniel 11 progression is more finely focused than say Daniel 2. And Daniel 7 and 8 both added more detail than did Daniel 2. Daniel 11 gets very specific not to USSR details, but to globalist “king” “north” ascension details of total global rulership in two final UN placements in Daniel 11:31b and Daniel 11:45 in a Dan11:36 required continuous manner. Daniel 11:30-45, where JWs took the fictional USSR exit permanently, made prophetic policy in 1990 as UN NGO as well, is the portion like Christendom of 1919, tat Bethel now conceals the true meaning of.

There are so many red flags, and such a great symphonic junction of great meaning and a UN placement and a Bethel UN partnership, it cannot be random and accidental. The opposing “seed” is in control of Bethel. The UN 1-2-3-4 cycle is very important to understand because it is a gauge to actual Armageddon. And contrary to JW expectations, it also indicates Daniel 11:42-45 is a final cycle of globalization that requires more development than is present in the globalist system, and more time to achieve the requirements. And much of that understanding is present in the knowledge of globalization as a process with real objectives that form the administrative basis of true international government. So JWs are also being sold a premature end scenario.

I want to try to make people understand the Bethel engineered misinformation and stumbling campaign is meant to raise doubt concerning the entire JW ministry. And that is so people do not understand the actually quite simple sovereign progression that spiked in 1919 as a League of Nations of globalist manifestation, is important, is very real, is paralleled by a very real opposing “seed” development for also Kingdom, and MUST continue in that UN 1-2-3-4 progression. Bethel raising doubt on the first 2 UN placements, and essentially fully derailing JW understanding of the last two UN placements, is pretty much attempting to erase logical, historical and prophetic base awareness Christ’s Kingdom is just as real as this opposing system also be tracked and converged into a point of conflict in this developmental cycle that must converge to total resolution of which “seed” in matured final form will rule planet Earth. Bethel is actually calling into question for some people the very existence of Christ himself, and obscuring prophecy turned historic details that easily demonstrate the existence of a rival national progression collectively globalizing into a final diametric world rulership.

It is not present yet. But in about 10 prophetically gauged years with marker events to verify the validity of each phase to even doubting JWs and others in general lack of awareness, that globalist 8th King world sovereign will complete and will make the 1Thess5:1-3 world “peace and security” final sovereign proclamations. And as that aligns in meaning with Dan12:11 and Rev11:7 and Dan11:44 parallels, even that proclamation “while they are saying”, will not be the absolute end of the rival system, it will mark a completed Kingdom first securing all the global sheep before the final assaults of Messianic forces, divine and holy angelic powers.

And since this stretches out in great detail for some years, and widens beyond narrow current JWism that actually drives MORE people away from God, and Christ can save by sheer power of sacrifice, he already bought the world, of course the final salvation is much larger than JWs misinformationalize, and in the case of those ignorant of Christ, he can save even those unaware of his existence and it is shown in Matt25:31-46 some “sheep” do not even realize they are “sheep”. That must be Christ and angels making a literal final securing of the spared. Of course JWs actually have now an ego driven religion that will not allow the full power of Christ’s sacrificial undeserved kindness to shine through in easily accessed salvational power upon a true intent to live as lawfully as possible in Adamic flesh. Instead JWs have a form of “establishing their own righteousness”, with all it’s ego stroking hoops, performance and “service”, and actually a hidden joy winning tat game as others must lose, but it is all mythical now. Not to say preaching truth would not be a drive of a Christian, but it needs to be actually true, and it cannot get harnessed to fleshly self exaltation, and everything under this demonically inspire GB is all fleshly subtle profanations now systemic and terminal as per Rev8:10-11.

Of course too, God cannot “end the world” when the pinnacle of enlightenment currently was the JW Bethel now abomination. It would be unjust for God even to accept Bethel’s reproaches. And because we did at one time have a very important co-progression of both “seeds” in sovereign parallel development being tracked, now ignored, God WILL have to clarify the Christian basic system of all “weed” like invasions, (Dan11:41 invasion of infiltration), to refocus on the more important aspect of what the Bible is tracking for us, and even mapping in a patient final phase to save as many people as is possible, not to support the Bethel repulsive delusions currently stumbling millions away from God. That is how we know where the purification of Zech3:1-5, in now it’s fourth rendition, must focus, where the last sovereign thread of national progression leading to 2 UN placements in 1919 and 1945 was left off even before 1990, but made apparent in 1990 in now JW disinformation and misinformation Bethel engineered subversions.

The final UN 1-2-3-4 cycle concealed by Bethel, will be made known, and removing Bethel is no problem for God to make this known, and that is why Bethel’s internal cabal’s own goal to also destroy the corporate and organizational ministerial power will actually, again, allow God to use them, to meet His own requirements to free the real truth. God will do another two birds with one stone permitted hit, as he did in Jerusalem twice already, and it is history, and so will the Bethel “clarification” become also history, and provide a refocus on the more important sovereign climax in progress to culmination, with enough time to perform a final ministerial appeal, minus the Bethel bull, to as many people as is purposed in the final replication of Rev11:2-3 meaning of a final 1260 day Kingdom completion warning, and 8th King completion meaning final notification. Of course anyone not hearing this final message, is simply assessed by Christ himself with a goal of SALVATION for as many as possible, as he completes his own ministry and “gathering” as per Matt10:23 at matt24:29-31 time after that 1260 days completes successfully like ten years or so after JW desolation commencement.

And since I know there is a decade of globalization coming up, I know those I speak to now can consider it as this unfolds week over week for quite some time, and in time a clarified final Christian ministry will indeed arise from the JW org ashes (Eze37 as Rev9 final fulfillment meaning). So people will be given a kind invitation, by a humbled “sackcloth” (rev11) wearing Christian ministry. And it will not be the size of the group, but the magnitude of that “little scroll” message. Christ is not leaving final human life in human hands and will perform his own final determination as he can apply blood as priest to whoever his divine eyes understands can potentially cooperate with the incoming Kingdom power for earthly recoveries.

Of course this has to be clarified for public form so people can choose to accept the righteous “seed” Kingdom to live under, rather than the globalist unholy “seed” world government which is ultimately doomed in this irreversible trajectory. A trajectory easy to verify by world developments themselves, that match the finality of all Dan2, 7, 8, 11, Rev13, and Rev17 symbology unified into a single 8th King “scarlet wildbeast” final convergent rival sovereign worldwide consolidation, and it’s claims of world sovereignty, as ALL the identical full comprehensive meaning of that totality of symbol. For example the WHOLE Daniel  “immense image” as a whole, has a whole globalized meaning currently distracted into it’s parts, by Bethel subverters not identifying all these symbols whole meaning, is 8th King globalized world government system.

Contrary to JW mythology now, there is much much more to come forth, and the Bethel internal globalists will actually aid the exposition of these issues in their quest to cover them up.

Though I may restate certain elements here, a few are key to understanding why Bethel obscures this finalization of the whole meaning as well, of this whole well mapped progression of national development to actually become truly “united nations” in at least the final the sense of retaining earthly rulership by globalized power upon a multi-national full international order, and making final statements worldwide of that claim. Until tat actual sovereign unification is actually existent, fully functioning and in sovereign  proclamation, God and Christ have no one to fight yet, LOL. (Joel3:9-12; Eze38:7). But as per Daniel 11:42-45 + Rev17:12-18 equaling Rev16:12-16 culmination, that final unification will actually climax as the whole 4000 year mapped progression of Daniel 2, 7, 8, 11, and Rev 19 all end in Kingdom conquest. Rev 17:8-17 is a globalist final sovereign transference of former national “power and authority”. That final Rev17:8-17 “abyss” ascension parallels Rev11:7 final “ahyss” ascension of true globalist globalized world power to resist that final Kingdom of God proclamation.

JWs still have to be judged (1Pet4:17), desolated (Dan8:13-14), cleansed (Dan8:14b; Zech3:4-5), recovered (Rev9) and redeployed (Rev10-11; Zech3:6-9) with that message in those who can be recovered and others joining in, before any of that final progression climax occurs. So we are talking at least Dan8:14 temple judgment and purification timing and the Rev11:3 final warning timing, min 7 years from JW desolation, max 10-12 years, plus minus from JW desolation marker. Depending on actual Dan8:14 length, and transition time if any to Rev11:3 period commencement. There will not yet be a full world sovereign finality until that 1260 days is completing as per Dan12:7 to Dan12:11 transition. Dan12:7 parallels the 1260 days of Rev11:2-3 concurrent meaning of final ministerial period prior to 8th King and Messianic Kingdom completions.

The thing about this analysis is that it does not overturn an former JW sovereign, Kingdom or temple meaning or understanding, it merely replicates it’s initial meanings from League of Nations and Kingdom statements of the 1914-1926 era applied to much more expansive and mature developments to repeat that cycle and meaning, but to of course finished versions of globalist 8th King and divine Messianic Kingdom power systems, converging to where it says they must converege for sovereign resolution of true worldwide supremacy at Armageddon, in the divine war phase in the Daniel 12:11 final period, final progression to ultimate God and Christ Kingdom conquest. (Rev19:11-21; 20:1-3).

The goal in derailing JWs and destroying Bethel ministerial sustenance is so that none of this ever becomes known. For the rival “seed”, the goal is lies and mis/disinformation of critical information. They also oppose the “seed” that at one time was manifesting using the IBSA and JW ministerial system as a means for publication of basic information. Of course, after UN 2nd placement, JWs became over complicated, and now Betel corrupted to distract away from the basic truth of sovereign inevitable showdown, after a final drawn out completion phase – at which phase they will also try to fully silence any JW ministry as the overall goal in tat sector of deception and diversion objectives. JWs themselves, money, properties, etc are only a means to an end, the end of the sovereign thread of truth formerly tracked and expounded by IBSA/JWs 1914-1950 in continued insightful refinement. Of course today, even JWs have lost all focus, for anti-Christians have been ruining the ministry since after 1950, and fully in control factionally since 1976, and today in 100% control by subvert placements as impostors.

Those impostors are in the “temple” of the final holy “seed” required progression to also Messianic Kingdom Rev14 completion. That Christ “seed” is a real person, a real power, and these men now invading the whole Bethel and JW system, will not be there much longer to divert needed final information. 2Thess2:8 in final temple purifications, will mean super-natural powers in covert divine means will remove the trespassers permanently. And what results is a short final approximate decade long recovery and final ministry of short duration, hence “little scroll”. Although they will in time make a final cessation of the Christian ministry as Rev11 timing, they will not be able to perform an infiltration to this degree again. The final warning and invitation must be very direct and simplified as far as JW organizational current complications, but have enough proof for people to know for several years in those who can be reached, what a 4th UN placement will mean.


But now my reasoning on your questions as related to the truly important sovereign information and prophecy become histories that IBSA and JWs used to at one time represent accurately. To reinstall this awareness as actually valid information once in JWs, is difficult due to all the Bethel “bad press”, and that is their intent. I hope the concurrent evidence of rival system development as a reality, aids people understanding the divine opponent is also very real.

And as JWs actually defined themselves by principles of prophetic types and repeating principle basing way back to Israel’s initial judgments, the modern lack of JW awareness of these very basic principles is hiding from JWs that the corruption pattern prior to a judgment signal, and the main pattern defining former JWs ministerial import is already present and explains the current JW condition and impending purification as required. And like Israel and Jerusalem’s corruptions led by it’s national and societal elites culminating in demonic transgression in covenanted services profaned as the basis of those judgments to the point of even Christ’s rejection and execution marking a particular phase of Israel judgment in the Jerusalem destruction follow in 70 CE, today’s Bethel elites have also introduced a similar transgression of UN alliances as UN NGO and the things that as produced into the JW “constant feature” rendering it profaned, laced, error ridden, and now unacceptable to God as was the case in developments tat led to former judgments.

Every aspect of JW developments good and bad, is actually all a replication of former manifestations tat now must lead to the full climax cycle of what it was all leading to all along. And as per the former patterns of self-deception, blindness and denial, JWs as a collective repeat that pattern too, but among tem are always, as before, an uncommon few who fully see what is going on, and very few are connecting it’s apparent randomness and accidental nature, to instead purposeful subversion and connection to signal prophecy of 2Thess2:1-4 manifesting in modern final form, also repeating, indicating the final cycle that starts with the temple judgment (1Pet4:17 as Dan8:13-14 as Rev8:1-6) is also near full activation. And much of it repeats explicit prophecy JWs are based on, and former principles in their entirety already replicating in the Bethel condition signaling a judgment will come first, as signal, wake up call (Matt25:1-13), and a final clarification as a longer cycle is also initiating in the globalist 8th King globalization process.

Thus considering the Bible and prophecy as containing an accurate progression of sovereign power of both systems in diametric purpose and dual development helps see te bigger picture. Considering early IBSA/JW as having a ministry whose most important aspect was tracking both of these developments ever more convergent progressively also helps see the bigger picture. Seeing the GB as the main cancer cell that was already starting to corrupt post 1950s JW teachings and policy and enabling it’s own coup in time as a foreign body, non-Biblical and purely a secular originated, now specialized “board of directors” also enables seeing where and when the chief operative cell of gradual subversion formed as a completely also foreign method of ministerial management. That GB mythical “body” as non-Biblical error in itself, allowed invisible factional subversive influence to develop, that had it been present in JW classic individual guidance in Russell, Rutherford, Knorr and Franz, well then no need of a subversive potential in an add on “body” would have been necessary, the central leader could follow external subversion direction, that results in loss of sovereign tracking. But instead as per CoC Ray Franz documentation, neither Knorr or Fred Franz agreed with or initially endorsed a dictatorial “governing body”.

The problem seen now in hindsight was, ever accepting that basic lie as even Biblical in Acts 15:1-33, when clearly even the term, “governing body” is NOT even used, and thus it’s function as a supreme council is also as super-imposed as is it’s governing body terminology, just so conveniently mirroring a corporate “board of directors”, was the beginning of a disaster. In retrospect, the GB is the central source of steadily introducing corruption and subversion by means of factional influence and unseen majority control, tat now invisible house a full subversion hidden in tat “body”, but plainly visible in it’s lawless and distracting “fruitage”. My point being a 1919-1950 JW ministry that effectively tracked two major globalist UN events as prophecy and world event meaning, was at one time a valid ministry in it’s basic import of what those first two UN placements in time must lead to as Daniel 11:30-45 continues to 3rd and 4th UN placement.

And as seen with the “governing body” concept itself, it took early influential development that seemed Biblically plausible and apparently valid at the time, but as we see became the “root of all evil” in reality in the JW system, so gradually accepted and continually “lifted up” and presented, that 37 years later, after 15 years of subtle pre-conditioning for this papacy, it is now even worshiped by JWs, is in full unquestioned control, and yet it’s very basis is untruthful in Biblical precedent. And that now accepted “the lie” and now “operation of error” plainly 2Thess2:11-12, is so well the background fabric of JWs raised or conditioned for now 37 years of this central, actual abomination that it has slipped in a also become a major foundation of JW misdirected faith, to actually the enemy right in the system, hidden in plain sight.

So it will take quite an action of God and Christ to get rid of them, and expose the concept as in itself, even in concept much more so action, is basically untrue, in very essence the “governing body” is a lie, and a target in time of divine condemnation, because one it is a lie, two it is a lawlessness council, three it is covering up important easily understood information that needs to be clarified fully, and four it is polluting and reproaching God’s and Christ’s reputation (Zech3:1-3), polluting the environs of the holy “seed” covenant members, polluting all JWs spiritually, and doing a disservice to all mankind promoting lies to them regarding Christ’s sacrifice and undeserved kindness, and the needed duration of the final cycle with lies concerning an instant “end of the world”.

The GB is far more evil than JWs generally perceive, because like a nursery rhyme, it has been sung to JWs since birth, so to speak, but NOT since the birth of the actual Christian ministry that IBSA and JWs used to present accurately, and must be re-aligned with, and the GB is the chief driver that has JWs now fully “off course”. The GB will be removed by God with the Bethel subversion for a needed and required and fully foretold (Rev10: v.11) final clarification of reality. Plain and simple, the progression to 4th UN globalist 8th King placement will be as world government and final sovereign proclamation, and it will result in actual Armageddon, and Daniel 12, Rev8-11, and Rev15-16 will gauge it all so that people can fully understand what it is a final UN placement will REALLY mean, with enough time to demonstrate the logic fully, backed by ever clearer world events and UN developments seen by all the world, which are already detailed in important maturations in Dan11:42-45 and Rev17:12-18 basic meanings as globalized consolidation of wealth and power and “authority”. (Such as financial 8th King monopoly by national checkmate at Dan11:42-43 having to precede actual national sovereign transference of “power and authority”, which is greatly wealth driven, into Rev17:12-18 final power consolidation of globalist power as 8th King reality.)

That kind of logic is getting ever clearer as world developments already show the national debt magnitude will actually facilitate the need for a globalized “solution” of finance and monetary engine to fuel the final cycle properly. No way is the US and EU going to have a national solution to this problem. It will require a financial globalization. And we see it is a trend traceable to post 911 “global war on terror” developments as well. At this level of inter-relatedness and magnitude of military Global NATO and other expansions equaling like 1000 new worldwide military installations and a marital security system install in the US, this development and it’s financial situation MUST be related. They are not expanding such a military globalized empire for no reason. It is for a final world war of already unique deployment as the “global war” “on terror”.

But anyways, the JW judgment and that final cycle MUST coincide in some manner to shut up the potential of making the UN 1-2-3-4 super-cycle connection to Armageddon known in the Betel desolation objective. Of course the external context enormity is far far beyond JW and Bethel scale, but that too must continue towards intrigues that classically aid the final UN placement presentation, just as WW1, WW2, and cold war all resolved into a UN placement, so will the last round use world tribulation to resolve (Matt24:29), into a world recovery and UN presentation using tat hope and positivity to make itself desired and seemingly a good thing, as before.

Now the rationale on the dual-sovereign co-progression that is leading to this climax cycle later as it’s conclusion:

[[[I’d like to ask: how did you arrive at your conclusions? ]]]

Globalism as an underlying theory of world globalized government is common in history, prophecy and elite thinking, and the Bible actually is tracking it’s development.

First off I believe the Bible is a divine document and it contains information of the Genesis10-11 initiated world governmental basis of world rulership that was thwarted at that time by language confusions. But that Nimrod connection to world government, elite religions and secret societies and concepts of today can be researched by any interested, as too the “tower of Babel” is a known Masonic feature of origins of these groups; (even present on the back of the one dollar bill).

So my point here to start is world government planners consider Genesis 11 Babel developments historical as far as the Genesis 10, 70 nations as the base of Nimrod’s resources as a real historic figure. In fact much of their modern symbology, teachings and histories are from ancient origination. Logically Nimrod’s “kingdom” based in Babel and Nineveh was a world governmental concept [1] that is also taken seriously not just today by certain world rulers in that knowledge circle, but is a thread also present in Roman and Anglo early and later developments that has been handed into these systems so to speak, and continue to ascend the basic thread into subsequent core “elites” – because it was present way back in time 4000 years ago as well, but an elite thread has continued through that time. (Just as the Genesis 3 “seed” thread has continued since that time, and these are two diametric seeds in Gen3:14-17.)

Meaning there is much much more to Genesis 10-11, and the Bible prophetic forecasts of Daniel than meets the eye. And those connected to Revelation 13 and 17 with more logic of a culmination of this well driven development. Just in the back of your mind, recall early IBSA JWs to become, were indeed important to distill an overall framework to this prophetic trek of the seeds, and the sovereign continuum of BOTH their developments, which culminated in an initial UN related League of Nations at the same time later, approximately, as a Kingdom of God proclamation was also distilling through that Christian group, as BOTH pre-8th King and Messianic Kingdom awareness BOTH came forth at the same time over say 10 years of extra “hindsight”.

(Keep in mind for it’s time, a “League of Nations” truly is an astounding globalist manifestation to even think about an actual world government being implemented. Some people today just bury it in complacency and think all this is meaningless. But in 1920 and 1930 to IBSA it was far from insignificant, (and to the globalists as well) because for this first time the Revelation 13:1, 11-15 pattern was becoming fully recognizable, and that continues the previously fairly understood Dan 2, 7 and part of the 8 sovereign progressions as now it was all really “tying together”.

By 1945 and the second UN placement matching Rev17:8-11 concept of ascension after a “sword stroke” world war, pretty much laid a solid foundation for defending the logic of Revelation 13 and 17 as a formative system producing a new wildbeast as well (to be seen eventually as a globalist version), a “scarlet wildbeast” based on the classic national “wildbeast from the sea” of Rev13:1 in basic seven headed structure. Whose heads of course parallel to Daniel 2, 7, and 8 benchmarked identities as Babylon, Medo-Persia and Greece actually named in the prophecy, and the Egypt and Assyria progression prior to Babylon easily made. It was not hard to place Roman and Anglo power, then Anglo-American power into the progression. (And recall all these co-develop with the “seed” development in Israel, then early and later Christianity, and that is why they are important to also see foundationally in the rival system ultimate developmental evolution in it’s basic history).

The amazing thing was, not fully understood then or even by JWs organizationally now, is we have the basis of a globalization symbology to actually finish this progression beyond the UN interim meaning present at Rev13:11-15 (and to summarize the full symbology as a whole meaning, a whole terminal totality, as well, though not yet fully complete as fully globalized multi-national unification to the maximum). And it is converging with some important Messianic Kingdom final events as well. Again. (Rev10:11) ). And that convergence will be marked in key co-events (with periods; like JW temple judgment; Dan8:14, ministerial recovery Rev11:2-3), and will in time get literally, neck to neck, to total impact. The two shall meet.

Meaning the Bible actually is tracking the development of both these Genesis 3:15 “Seeds” and they are both very real, and they are both the basis of their own form of world government, albeit two diametric systems, one God’s and one Satan’s. Also meaning the concept of a world government inevitably evolving with aid of planning and sustainable resource base, is not “conspiracy”, it’s not only historical and prophetic in  fulfilled and fulfilling forms, but is also the subject matter of many elite topics and writers’ philosophies made more available in the 1800s – it is even logical. For example, America as the “new world” also had deeper meanings as to it’s extended base of operations, now fully in Anglo and American elite control as a team above and beyond national props, like national governments. (Thus the secretive “two horned wildbeast” tat does NOT draw worship to itself, and in the UN engineering system in Rev13:11-15). And in scientific basics advancing, elite think tanks knew way back in the 1700s, maybe even before, where it was all leading to and the concepts of how to consolidate actual wealth and power consistently, supra-nationally, to assist the process. It is actually now a well tested and successful formula in application.

Ultimately with the aid of advanced financial planning England was able to dominate the process of those long drawn out wars with it’s European neighbors, and by finance facilitating actual wealth, governments and militaries, they are engineered devices to protect and expand wealth, and order which is more conducive to wealth generation, hence governments, laws, etc. (See The Rise and Fall of the Great Powers by Paul Kennedy for statistical examples of England’s financial strategic success); And by the way, an England of 1860 with 25% world resource control to maybe near 50% by the end of the cold war with American partners shows an Anglo-American continual consolidation of power into ultimately it’s globalist camp).

So not only do I believe the Bible is a divine communication, I believe the actual deeper relevance of it’s prophecy in regard to the continuation of this national sovereign progression is also present and applicable to these final globalist modern developments. And since it is only a few chapters needing verification, I find the Daniel 2, 7, 8 and 11, and Rev 13 prophetic structures are verifiable as Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece, Rome and Anglo-American ruling power defined by national means of deployment. Meaning Egypt and the rest have verifiable world histories, that were once prophecies, that did “come true” so to speak being now world history. And they all did have various levels of impact on Israel’s history and ruling dynasty and continued through it’s Christian transformation in the case of Rome and Anglo-America as national power (and also globalist interaction as forming 8th King).

Thus since Babylon’s deposition of Jerusalem’s active line of ruling kings, and even since the Egyptian period of exodus, BOTH the divine kingdom sovereign progression and that of the national powers indicated in prophecy have indeed been developing side by side. And I feel as per just natural trajectory, not to mention prophetic and historical convergence, they will “converge” to the ultimate conflict, as simple language confusion will not stop the final globalization into a collective multi-national unification into a full scale actual world government beyond UN schematic forum function. (and by the way, according to Zeph3:8-9, the final divine intervention will reset the human language to a single one again. And it also connects the idea the original Genesis 11 divine intervention was also triggered by a form of globalist world government attempt, and that pinnacle unification concept, must also repeat once a world government completes, not before.)

Distinguishing globalist and national power system realities now far more separated than is commonly realized in function and ultimate power, is important to see also as a basis of an actual international global administration. JWs are not distinguishing how real this final evolution to full globalist power is. And like with national masses various divisions and lack of overall comprehension of globalized world government, using national distractions is how the Bethel globalists distract JWs with a similar impression of finality not yet present, and not to be realized in any single or bloc national power system, but in a globalist unification utilizing ALL the nations, and being their super-sovereign entity, supra-national, truly globalist and globalized world government.

JWs are not seeing tat picture, but think UN 1945 is the epitome of world power, in error, and such error aided tat 3rd UN placement to slip by like nothing, and thus the UN 1-2-3-4 cycle is also not seen by JWs.

Global Government is Logical

So I see in prophecy and world developments concerning open talk and research in volumes about world government, merely taking the national sovereign progression to the next actually logical level as a international unification and thinking of it over the next decade, not an instant event, but one scheduled past that decade by elite planners to meet more objectives once the entire tech and military system is under uni-polar authority is plainly logical as evolution of human governance.

It is even logical in national governmental development that some greater authority has to dictate international interrelationships with actual authority, as even to the elites national conflicts harm commerce, people and the planet because no one has the power to curtail national short-sighted activities that also lack overall global understanding. True it facilitates international power by national decline and division, such as financial loss of power progressively, but in the end it was just a means to that end, at some point these elites plan to rule the world, not wreck it under current national rulership agendas as a by product of unintelligent planning and activities at grand scale. Also tribes forming states who formed nations progressing to a globalization is also logical. It’s natural in it’s evolution. (Of course those believing the Bible and of Satan’s existence, there is more to it than just natural progress of order.)

I guess my point is, world government with the power to actually govern any nation, is logical, and it is not all “evil” as to the benefits that would actually come from such an authority and greater implementation of actual intelligence in sustainability and at least a true comprehensive attempt at actual resource management with the power to implement the changes. Meaning too, in some world elites plenty of “good intentions” are involved in planning such an ultimate authority. And in generic logic, a “world government” is what the Kingdom of God is really getting at in “your will be done on earth”, also not simply allowing any one or any nation to do as they please, because ultimately as per current national practices, it can damage things for everyone. (Of course the actual form of said “world government” is were the conflict arises)

And plain and simple it cannot simply continue as it is another twenty years before population and planetary life support systems reach truly critical levels of size and dysfunction due to human activity at national scales globally – it is consuming itself. I guess meaning my point is, there is much actual NEED of a world government, or the nations are simply committing suicide, because nothing actually changes until it is actually changed, and in today’s world that equals superior force and power applied with a greater objective overall. (And incidentally it is why globalist elites cannot simply rely on national power just surrendering all “power and authority” until properly compelled or forced to do so. (Rev17:12-18; Rev13:16-18)) It also makes sense to me that proper events and circumstances are what will bring in world government, not voluntary actions initially of nations until they figure out there is no other way, in the tops of their own elite influences. Or else no one will have even the national level of opulence or society that they formerly knew, it would devolve into more and more planetary destruction as it is now. But luckily for the elites, financial control can facilitate most of this process, as was the case from England’s getgo.

But I may be preaching to the choir here, but that is some of the basics I consider when considering global government reality. And thus I want to demonstrate a little later, that JWs used to be properly tracking these critical final progression of marked globalist activity, but also now do not understand the fullest sense of globalization as far more than a UN hub to form actual administrative power in all forms of current national power beyond UN function.

A problem is, some in national and national minded elite power are not going to want to surrender their power to an overseeing authority. But at the same time, in even China and Russia as an example of opposing national systems, there are globalist minded elites who already know Russia and China must in time capitulate nationally, to the globalist agenda. Thus right now, the ultimate division is now forming in the elites along national and globalist formations of the concept in itself, of what form ultimate world power will take. Unfortunately for national minded elites, globalization will be the underlying form of power foundations and expansions, and globalization requires specialized understanding for international issues.

National minded elites and politicians, in those not seeing the paradigm has indeed already shifted to globalist ascension upon national declination, they will have a turbulent adjustment, and as per Rev16:16-18, ultimately stubborn nationalists attempting to retain control of wealth now compromised in the overall national debt dilemma, will be absorbed or removed, there is going to soon be no other way, national powers have too much debt, unsustainable modes of administration and management, and must capitulate to the richest globalist power system, in actual wealth, already positioned to make this recovery, and attain national full owner authority in the process, in a complex system equating to super-corporate authority ultimately at international “legal” scale being the basic units governing actual globalized power upon national power governmental entities that must take ultimate commands from the “recovery” or transitional technocratic systems, placed by globalists to facilitate the transfer of power.

In the nation-state all we seem as before (for the most part), behind and above the scene, a new administrative network will be who will now guide the decisions and direction of those formerly autonomous national entities, and  the main steering wheel is financial, the actual use of globalist massive wealth to secure national debts in many available ways, even forgiveness of debt, modification etc, is then the procedure, but into the new international administration for monetary and financial main operation in globalized form, at least in foundational function – obviously this will be a tumultuous period of national finance and economics, BUT it will not be total collapse, just consolidation into globalist control of what is already nationally 50% globalist aligned anyways. They are just making an initial, final consolidation in a cycle designed to do so, already positioned in massive debts to facilitate the only “solution” which will be globalized ultimate financial and investment, banking and commerce authority. Not instantly or fully, but getting very close and projected over say another decade after that initial decade or 5 years or whatever, to assume total control.

The point is to fuel the final cycle properly financially and functionally, not wealth itself, but the control it gives when aligned to control nations. Because they plan to own the whole world, this wealth just keeps the soon to be subservient national engines functioning, since most of this is carried out by people unaware of the real objective.

Plus, very importantly, in the final near completion of world government implementation, we see in Rev16:12-16 and Rev17:12-18 Babylon the Great (BTG) is present and useful still until the conclusion of the cycle. And that deposed (Rev17:15-16) religious worldwide sovereignty (Rev17:18) will in the end, have served divisional needs of conquest in this way, and then will serve as a huge wealth repository to aid the final recovery, and will serve psychologically to aid the overall “world peace” effect her deposition will intensify as religion is a war mongering device well known. Thus contrary to current JW delusion, JWs are hit first, not BTG, and not for the same overall intended objective. BTG is present throughout the final cycle, and in Rev17:12-18 national sovereignty transference, and religious sovereign deposition are sown in the same cycle, as is Rev16:12-16 deep sixth plague cycle shown as setting up BTG for removal as sovereign power, albeit spiritual.

Once we see the UN 1-2-3 cycle uses world tribulation to “problem” to present it’s world government “solution”, we see the final 4th cycle will use this tried and true formula for final world governmental UN presentation, but in complete form. Thus as BTG is actually going down, that world government must be going into final placement. It is not only logical, but present in the literal final fulfillment cycle of Rev16:12-16. And present in the national sovereign transference of Rev17:12-18. BTG will end up being a fantastic wealth store of hard assets to aid the persuasive power of an actual world recovery as UN 4th placement world government aiding “peace and security”, and Daniel 8:25 “freedom from care”. And that too, indicates the “tribulation of those days” of Matt24:29 MUST end. So JWs teaching a terminal great tribulation are in error as to the fundamental use of the “tribulation of those days” to aid 4th UN 8th King presentation. Thus JWs are now misled by an illusion this tribulation that will occur in engineered form, severe, etc, leads to nearly instant “Armageddon”.

In reality it ends into world recovery. Now true, uni-polar 8th King power is attacking “DURING a freedom from care” in Dan8:25, this is a one sided, loose ends clean up, that also is applied to BTG, final “two witnesses” as Rev11:7 and Dan11:44 parallel with Dan8:25 final 8th King events. Meaning for many, Rev11:10, Rev18:9-18 is truly a world recovery and a true “freedom from care”, world “peace and security”. But given ultimate 8th King plans as regarding potential depopulation agendas, of course this period is the meaning of fuller “great tribulation” of Matt24:21-22 and “those who make tribulation” of 2Thess1:6-10, tat is ended in te cessation of ALL 8th King activity in Christ’s final assaults on globalist power, as Rev19:19-21, Eze38.

It may seem like a fine detail, but it is detail with a logical precedent in former use of world war to be resolved in UN manifestation to take advantage of the perceived hopefulness and potential recovery in tat resolution. It is an effective shill for the engineered con, massive con game of world war engineered for ultimately UN presentation, te “order” from “chaos”, the “solution” to the “problem”, all created for tat very effect.


An Example of JW Lack of Insight

So, to make a long story a little shorter, the ultimate meaning of those Daniel 2, 7, 8 and 11 and Rev17 symbols also must unify into the same meaning as fully globalized world power of ALL the nations. Ultimately it is not going to be about the Anglo-American national power, or any other national power, but about a globalist unification of all of them. And the UN nucleus as “image”, though representing most of these nations, is in itself not a world government. And though included as it’s international forum hub, a real world government would mean globalized finance, military and super-governmental shells above national power, connected to it, and ultimately guiding it. Meaning world government as an actual functioning system and global infrastructure, must have a national base system to operate from and of course into, but be in total control of it’s biggest overall direction, decisions and objectives for the betterment of the whole in theory, or the desire of the top ruling system whatever their goals may be.

Thus the distinction of the two seven headed wildbeast of Rev 13 and 17. One is historic national collective at Rev13:1. The Rev 17 “scarlet wildbeast” version is globalized world power having absorbed that classic national collective wildbeast basis of power, for an objective of globalist worldwide unification, it’s own 8th King “wildbeast” based on the former national power basis. Thus national (Rev13:1) and globalist (Rev17:8-17) wildbeast meanings. Thus the UN is merely an “image”, a part of the totality of world government. Like a nucleus of a cell already containing the schematic plan of this world government DNA in policy concepts, but the actual “cell” to be formed from these UN central plans and other elite orgs, is actually worldwide scope, global reach, planet-wide and space physical infrastructure when it is actually implemented.

And that scale and function is way beyond the UN schematic forum, and very real systems of all kinds of “power and authority” actually administered from true “8th King” globalist command.

I mean a REAL full bodied “Scarlet WILDBEAST” reality! And it is already present in the world elite trajectory, history and prophecy, and logic, just a matter of time and proper events. (As you know I am not trying to sell a high pressure forecast, I say prophecy outlines these events upon a JW implosion signal (Dan8:13-14), in a far greater overall context globally, for about a decade after the Bethel downfall (and partial recovery), to continue as foretold to this climax. So I hope this is a very low pressure message relying on many sources of logic, not just the Bible, because in fact there is so much globalist and globalization projection information, unlike 2000 when someone would kiss a book like Jim Marrs “Rule by Secrecy”, now there is simply TOO MUCH world government information! LOL, it’s ridiculous! And it is ridiculous that people should not educate themselves on a few basics as well)

But as you know, to some people the mere mentioning of these issues is “high pressure”, they want to act as if it is going to go on as it is forever, and they do not want to accept even te simple premise of a world governmental evolution. But it is what it is, it is getting clearer everyday, requires a final cycle, has JWs derailed with many other organizations, and will not stop until it is stopped after it reaches it’s zenith unification affront to God’s Kingdom.


And now the most important aspect of how I know JWs are being purposely subverted. In spite of all the globalist world developmental preparatory activity and global awareness of it, partially, mushrooming in this last decade alone, JWs are NOT making the final logical progression that it is all equaling consolidated globalist world power, not national world power, but using national power subservient to globalist goals, but in a very real globalist unification world government beyond mere UN formation.

Meaning even many “worldly people” understand globalization is a basis of world government ultimately, and globalization must in time affect every aspect of former national “power and authority”. (Rev17:12-18). Yet JWs? They are mentally in 1970 as far as the meanings of globalism underlying world government formation as the guiding philosophy, and that the UN alone is but an “image” of such a collective unification, not it’s finished form.

And since prophecy, like world history, already is leading to this actually quite basic assumption of progression climax to an apex form, it is hard to believe Bethel is simply this backward, being an internationalized trans-national corporation themselves, themselves a form of “globalization”. I believe the guiding Bethel elites know full well what I am talking about here, and even in more depth as they must be connected to “8th King” planning. 8th King being that final actual form of world government, but referred to as such even in formation.

Meaning the basic world logic and basic whole symbology in Dan2, 8, 11 and Rev13 and 17, already means the WHOLE symbol has meaning of a unified whole. Like said, the whole is greater than the sum of it’s parts. But today’s JWs are focused on parts, not the whole, and given the voluminous open information available from researchers, authors and the elites themselves, if find it IMPOSSIBLE for men my age now, 20 years ago at Bethel’s GB “thinktank” to simply not see any of this development since 1990 and the 3rd UN placement –  and it’s obvious prophetic developmental IMPLICATIONS, ignored in finance, military and supra-governmental technocracy. This is a RED RED FLAG!

And one of those distractive “parts” JWs are focused on is nations. National powers in formation to the globalized climax are now sold off in Daniel 7, 8 and 11 as final forms of prophetic fulfillment and the final forms or world power. Thus the very concept of globalized world government is foreign to JWs, who should be fully aware and part of the forefront of it’s exposure as partly prophetic in deep foundational “gathering” of all the nations. Globalization is the main “gathering” power and philosophy of Revelation 16:13-16 culmination, for example.  It has to be on purpose that a globalist level GB would conceal the nearly obvious conclusion that the UN is not the final progression, just it’s “image”, but obviously for us with even 1/10000th of this information, world government multi-national full unification of power is the pinnacle – hence in one Dan11 symbol, King “North” is an obvious globalist climax. “North” obviously being the pinnacle of the human form of world power, globalized world power, not national, not the USSR fiction used to cover up this even basic logic.

So to answer why JWs.

JWs as an organization are one of many already being aligned for being as smoothly transitioned as possible as far as any obstruction to world government initial development. Once it passes the point of no return, these elites will be more vocal on world government eventuality. In the meantime, “damage control” and “risk management” is all part of the global agenda to minimize any potential obstruction, and JWs are just one organization of many being programmed to be comatose. This is because a national affront to globalism in an organized form governmentally, or financially, could have delayed the process. Instead, as per use of many organizations and institutions, the nations and their masses are all divided and simply drifting to the inevitable, no resistance is offered, now it is really too late, the martial systems can quell any obstacles.

But there is more to it. As with 1914 centered announcements that eventually came forth concerning a human international based world rulership (not fully understood in it’s globalized aspects, just it’s forum “image” as the League of Nations) and proclamations of Messianic Kingdom rulership as diametric and requiring eventual resolution fully, IBSA (International Bible Students Assoc.) and eventual 1930s Jehovah’s witnesses did in fact clarify a sovereign progression to it’s next level, and identified the Gen 3 seed relationship in both systems, and converged globalist world government in the United Nations international forum, with impending Messianic Kingdom final completion developments. At that time not understanding the 8th King gets far more complete than just the UN, as does the Messianic Kingdom also require full completion in the Matt24:29-31 final “gathering” events. Even today, organizationally anti-Christian Bethel will not and could not make this distinction, ultimately they are with the opposing “seed” thread.

So IBSA and JWs did lay down UN 1-2… … …

So it is not the size of the group, but the magnitude of their divine message that matters as far as IBSA and JW numbers then and now. But now as wee see, JWs do not even comment on the 3rd UN placement of 1990. Thus what was a successful global exposition of the 1919 1st League of Nations UN related placement and the 1945 United Nations 2nd UN placement as to prophetic meaning, is now derailed. Totally severed. As is the information it is all still prophetic as UN 1-2-3-4 cycle. Thus JWs by Bethel subversion  dropped the UN tracking assignment. And it co-relates to Kingdom tracking as the two do, and will, parallel to final conflict.

1940s JWs would have proclaimed that 3rd UN “new world order” placement in the streets with bullhorns. In fact to date it was very significant because the ultimate national bloc up to tat time in the USSR, was unable to sustain Anglo globalist resistance. Russia joined the UN, an implied UN victory, after the cold war. And of course that aided the UN 3rd presentation overall affect, and the now obligatory UN, “hurrah!”, “WE avoided nuclear war everyone!” PEACE y’all!!!

Of course now we know all world wars are engineered events as was this cold war event, and all these world wars hot or cold, result in a resolution to present a UN manifestation. And that is significant, because of the UN used world war resolution to present it’s own positive “world peace” statements, it is intuitive and logical the 4th UN placement will use a similar formula. And it is already started in 2001, merely called the “global war on terror”, another way of saying “world war” on terror. (Thus the unique form of final world war, as per Dan11:29, is again used as in the “cold war”, it simply slips off everyone’s radar as “world war”, and thus connection to UN use of “world war” to birth world governmental renditions). Thus that too slips by with no JW comment as does the implied final, 4th UN cycle (and it’s implied duration and use of world tribulation/war) that must lead to a final UN placement upon the well worn triply used formula of world-war-to-world-government, now in it’s fourth and final phase to really go into marked activation soon. (And by the way, that activation for a long drawn out final cycle, will be sold to JWs as “the end of the world!”, to bewilder and shut up, and reproach and make a joke of JWs as long as possible into that final cycle).

Thus JWs and their many more millions world audience, had they known this reality, which they do not, could not accept an “it can end any day” load of bull from Bethel, if all this logic was explained properly to JWs. Not only does Daniel 11:42-45 imply a final drawn out cycle, so does globalization projections people can research on-line. And as per Matt24:29, that final tribulation cycle must end, so the ambiguous use of “great tribulation” as an end in itself could not be used on informed JWs.  And by the resolution of WW1, 2 and 3 cold war “tribulations” to present UN manifestations, we know the final cycle will also be limited and resolved to aid the final world government placement. Thus JWs would not be living on pins and needles, and walking on egg shells, they would know by logic, prophecy and globalization projections this is a rather lengthy cycle in a FOURTH pattern of manifestations.

Thus apparent since 1990, and needing to have been set-up before then, one objective with JWs is to not allow an explanation of the 1-2-3-4 UN super-cycle to world government, effective in disinformation since 1990 in JWs. That leaves much logic and an awareness of a final cycle absent, and leaves JWs truncated at UN 1945 2nd placement, and minimizes chances they will put it all together, and that aids initial secrecy since 1990, for globalist developments to merely appear random, and not be connected to either world government or prophecy developments. And in it’s JW sector of subversion, and overall, it is effective, because even with all the open globalist related information, still not even 1% of people are understanding even the basic implications or meanings, it is still a big secret. It just minimizes chances of any obstructions in what is actually a massive development with many people involved, and even few of them are in the top globalist elite circles of “seed” actual knowledge and appointment.

So not because of any resource aid are JWs a target, even stealing all of Bethel in a billion or so, is nothing in overall global scale. But JWs did proclaim the first 2 UN manifestations as prophecy of 1919 and 1945 as Rev13:11-15 and Rev17:8-11 respectively. And it is just safe for 8th King development and competitive Kingdom enmity and issue, that JWs say no more, and do not reconnect reality as a 1-2-3-4 UN progression is actually present in the 3rd UN placement as Daniel 11:30-45 leads to also a 4th UN placement in what Daniel 11:36 specifies as an unbroken continuum, “will certainly prove successful” all the way to actual Armageddon divine war climax.

Thus the goal now is to create an atmosphere right from Bethel itself in clandestine, but increasingly well known fashion to even discredit the original IBSA ministry and the two first UN related placements. In this way and even by JW theological dead-ends, a distraction is formed to conceal actual developments as prophetic, just as an agenda is also present in the world media in general, to not fully publicize world government intentions at massive scale – it’s all just “conspiracy theory”, and even in it’s own circles engineered dissension and diffusion exist. The goal is not to forever mislead JWs, but use their own theology to cover up the Bethel implosion financially and organizationally, and destroy or delay the JW ministerial system as long as possible. [2].

The point is in final objective is to scatter JWs, and destroy or fully delay the organizational basis of their ministry so that even the 4th UN placement is not explained properly prior to it’s manifestation, because that will affect human life at that time, as that information and avoidance of world government or national allegiance is how “sheep” make the final separation. Meaning beyond current JW narrow presumption Christ will save many more people than just JWs obviously. And in fact he must finish his own ministry as per Matt10:23. (Which is required, ultimately God and Christ are NOT leaving all human destiny in mere human hands, LOL – they are just having to form the final “seed” manifestations through Adamic man, as purposed, to allow people to participate in the Kingdom birth, development and conquest phases) But as many who can be affected with accurate awareness prior to Matt25:31-46, of course can have the advantage even now, of determining within themselves to make the sheep side of a separation that must come, and is also present in the Revelation 14 fulfillment in actual final form.

That is to desire to go under God’s Kingdom rule of Chrst’s Messianic Kingdom agency forevermore, because that actual opportunity is even now present straight from the Bible, to anyone wanting to believe it, to Christ to God – period. Human “organization” was to merely aid it’s publication and explanation, not derail and reproach it, thus defect organization in time will be removed, and clarified, or however God will do the final Christian ministerial leg leading to Messianic Kingdom completion, and hence people can indeed walk straight into it’s Earth courtyard of conquest as Rev1 plainly shows this Messianic Kingdom will be far more “hands on” and earthly directed and approachable than is commonly realized, and Bethel sure does not aid that awareness, but diminishes it.

What one needs to just imagine theoretically is that the righteous “seed” clarification of 1914 is actually the truth, and also this final, to be purified, JW Christian “seed” centric guided ministry to eventually arise from the ashes MUST make a final Kingdom proclamation concerning completion, as it did concerning foundation. A divine announcement will have been made twice, “TWO witnesses”, for each key phase of Kingdom development, birth and completion. So one needs to picture in their head the true belief in this stuff that the members of that Christ seed actually have, as something theoretically possible to one considering this, just as possible as that in the opposing seed’s own drive as well for similar goals. And then one must profile a JW of today who may also have strong beliefs, some of which rooted back to 1958 in Daniel 11 “King North”, now error, to see how their beliefs in a few key engineered delusions, concerning climax events of sovereign progression, are also being used to actually cover up the desolation with a JW “self fulfilling prophecy” – but premature, a hoax. But we have to imagine how strongly some JWs believe this, to know how it will also as strongly cover up reality of the real operations at work “at that time” [WT 11/15/13 pg. 20, par 17, #3] , for quite some time.

JWs WILL have the rug pulled from under their feet, the very basis of their whole faith slowly diffused to objects, and the wrong overall direction, WILL be shocked and tested. And since much of it is placed upon org and men, GB, etc, it WILL be smashed, because those idols will be smashed, and thus afterwards, in shock, JW Christian faith must be redirected back to faith in God and Christ ALONE, period.

The connection is the opposing seed will want to stop the final proclamation, and must attempt to be as effective as possible and must attempt to use JWs misled to actually aid the processing simply doing nothing except obeying the org (as per that directive #3), thinking it is all “prophecy fulfilling”. Until of course as one month turns to 12, as a year turns to two, and so on, and no “Armageddon”, JWs will eventually realize, “hey!, something aint right here!”.

At that time your understanding now can help bewildered JWs. They WILL be needing help. And they WILL be getting it. Once the main pollution and lie is gone at Bethel, thinks will open for JWs (and others), like the Rev 9 “abyss” of temple desolation, like the Dan8:14 “morning” phase of the judgment recovery, like the understanding of te first four trumpets to JWs in final fulfillment, like the call to the Matt25:1-13 virgins, all nodded off.

I am saying this so that you read as much of all I have written on this, so that you will understand the most telling feature is in the use of Daniel 11 deceptions. And it’s timing of UN NGO. Daniel 11:30-43 now contains Bethel purposeful misinformation and engineered “theological” setups concerning key climax developments in JW expectations and prophetic “understanding” now corrupted to prematurely present critical prophecy, but misapplied, to cover up events that will NOT be the developments JWs WILL think is going on.

They are prematurely advancing expectations in JWs of things that climax a decade later, so JWs will perceive Daniel 11:42-43 finance and wealth globalization events as Daniel 11:44 in error, purposely overly advanced to aid the JW “end of the world” delusion. Daniel 11:44 is an attack scenario at 4th UN completion timing many years after Bethel desolations. They want to sell that illusion as a hoax, so JWs think what is actually events at the BEGINNING of the final phase, to go on for quite some time, are “the end of the world”, the end of the overall cycle – which they will NOT be.

Now I have concern too for JWs, and know as well Bethel in certain developments is going to try to seize also JWs, as per those “obey the org regardless” organizational directives [3]. And that in part is why I try to tell JWs NOT TO TRUST THE ORG!!!!! And that is why I hope and pray, really, that you really take the time, or deep interest in truly assessing my main arguments as to why I KNOW Bethel are the enemy system, right in our own house (2Thess2:3-4) (as I am a JW, but in observance of Matt24:15:

(Matthew 24:15-16) “Therefore, when you catch sight of the disgusting thing that causes desolation (UN NGO), as spoken of through Daniel the prophet (1990 Dan11:31b parallel to Dan8:13-14), standing in a holy place (Bethel’s claim), (let the reader use discernment,) 16 then let those in (JW worldwide) Judea begin fleeing to the mountains. (leave JWs, judgment is nigh).

As I said my point is merely promoting awareness of repeating principles that indicate repeating prophecy. I just want people to see, it is all repeating in really ALL it’s parts current in part in JWs and Betel conditions, but also gearing up for a final overall global cycle tat is also a replication, but to a grand finale. Thus, God willing, we can all see this unfold over an approximate decade, as one part leads to the other. Of course a JW signal event, while negative at outset, will in fact become very useful to draw attention to the true core issues being now concealed. Many people will not like the implications of the coming explanation. On te other and, many people will like the implications of a change in world rulership.

The 8th King will NOT like the message in time to resist it again as Dan11:44 parallels Rev11:7.


Replication Awareness – Not a “New Interpretation”

I know I cannot reach all JWs, but I want to reach even JW friends to inform them later of this REALITY that WILL befall Bethel as per not just prophecy, but as logic and evidence is indicating. And the most telling features are in provable error in Daniel 11:44 as a USSR fiction, that is actually globalist world government developments at Daniel 11:42-43, as a globalization process to secure national finances and wealth into globalist control is the next objective prior to world government many years later. As we see, 100s of trillions in national debts and riskily or unfunded liabilities is the recipe for Daniel 11:42-43.  It is plainly logical as well.

Now at my blog at www.templelijah.wordpress.com is logic and prophecy explained upon a simple premise actually, that JW early prophecy cycle will repeat. Thus my logic is not actually my own logic, I merely use what original basic meanings IBSA and JWs formulated in the Daniel 12 original periods of 1914-1926 in regard to League of Nations meaning and Kingdom Messianic meaning and project it to climax conditions, because EVEN NOW, the pattern is already repeating for one, a globalist final cycle leading to world government in preparatory stages, and two the UN NGO alliances of Bethel as diametric UN endorsement and co-promoters upon a now covered up Daniel 11:31b UN manifestation, already is similar to the church alliances as League of Nations and then UN endorsers. The pattern is actually repeating explicitly, literally, as Betel is a UN endorser. And if you research who funded those early Christendom cleric councils, you will find elite funding sources, and thus too, like modern JWs, theological diversion. (And Christendom’s various overall Israel centric diversion, will also prove useful for the end of the cycle, when literal Israel nationhood will be used to cap off the hoax as part of the final UN placement festivities and effects. That Christendom is presenting since 1919 the “wildbeast” as “God’s Kingdom” “expression”, of course that cannot go well for organized Christendom or it’s followers, they too are being led straight to world government.)

What makes my so-called “apostasy” unique is I do not reinvent the JW religion, I merely say it’s core prophetic sequence defining JWs in 1914-1926 must repeat. I reinforce JW’s own beliefs in the initial veracity of the meaning of the original ministry and prophecies, but to climax forms. I state Bethel is the core actual foretold apostasy (Dan11:32a parallel 2Thess2:3, modern manifestation) that signals a JW temple judgment to START the final cycle not to end it. (1Pet4:17) I merely state where in time and prophecy, JWs are prophetically diverted since 1990 fully, and who it is in the GB 1976 install and coup that is now introducing all the damaging policy, and WHY they do so to conceal the UN 1-2-3-4 final cycle, discredit JW original Kingdom sovereign truths, and stumble millions away from God, Christ and the Bible by their scientifically organized hypocrisy and spiritual criminality that ultimately diminishes the original UN tracking truth, and Kingdom proclaiming truth of early JW/IBSA ministry.

It is Bethel’s own actions that are now the main distraction and mass discrediting globally away from that truth, because they are LAWLESS on purpose to achieve this objective. IF though, we see the basic sovereign trajectory and truth, we see how Bethel’s many complications detract from the most important element of UN and Kingdom progression nearing it’s final phase.


Parallel Bethel Cover Up

Although what became JWs springs from Christendom, JWs did expound the first 2 UN meanings as to prophecy and world government events. Thus had JWs been controlled from inception, none of those two expositions in post 1919, and post 1945 explanations would have come about, as the churches also do not expound those first two actual UN meanings, as JWs do not expound the 3rd and 4th UN meanings at Daniel 11:30-45. Thus an ominous pattern of also lawlessness “in the temple” is also present in JWs, connected to a covered up 3rd UN placement as Daniel 11 prophecy currently covered up with USSR and WW2 fictions.

Somewhere after 1945 UN 2nd placement and JW exposition of it, Bethel went awry.

And now thusly, in a nearly invisible way, the pattern is already repeating. To those clued in, like to Bethel spiritual criminality, it is more than invisible. (2Pet2:1-3) The implication is it will keep repeating and it will intensify, as now the “disgusting thing that causes desolation” of Daniel 11:31b has direct parallel to also another covered up prophecy at Daniel 8:11-14, that also cannot fit WW2 events, and also has a “transgression causing desolation” which correlates to the “disgusting thing causing desolation”, that Bethel co-placed in the Daniel 11:30b-31 matching events of the 1990 UN NGO at a 3rd UN manifestation that cannot be USSR assisted as per Daniel 11:31-43 current Bethel subversions. [4]

They are STRONGLY connected in both cover-up fictional timing of WW2 currently promoted by Bethel, and in actual post cold war culminations as the actual same event UN NGO soon to be JW desolating event. In effect post cold war UN 3rd placement reality swaps in for WW2 Bethel fictions swapping out of Daniel 11:30-31 and Daniel 8:11-13 as fully parallel developments. And no wonder they cover them up, they also include self-incriminating details of defection, subversion and UN collusion. It is NOT coincidental the UN NGO just so happens to pop up at the same time. (Whose UN NGO news release also “appears” in 2001 one month after 911, a lead in to globalist war on terror, as the GB ALWAYS quickly supports what are known later as globalist developments and pretext creating events, like in 1990, and now 2001, and soon a final time)

Globalists Know JWs Have Judgment Coming

The critical feature is the UN NGO creates in JWs the Daniel 8:13 judgment requirement as a temple judgment purification upon desolation in Daniel 8:14. It is a unique, not repeating, signal event (1Pet4:17), timed at Dan8:14 for JW future verification as they are in time released from the Bethel subverters and reproaching stumblers. But the context is JW organizational desolations. The other critical detail is the inner Bethel cabal KNOWS JWs are now organizationally in serious transgression concerning the Kingdom, and now enemy kingdom alliances as UN NGO and more. And they KNOW a judgment is now a given.. This is also indicated in the fact a USSR over advancement retained for 22 years at Daniel 11:44 can now be used to cover up the required Daniel 8:13 desolation judgment, with that prematurely advanced hoax misapplication of Daniel 11:44, as actually Daniel 11:42-43 cycle and it’s global context of intrigues is what will actually be in action, providing the desolation context of Daniel 8:13-14.

Thus a required JW organizational desolation “trampling” of Dan8:13, will be covered up with a JW pre-installed delusion of “the attack on Babylon te Great brothers!” and the “end of the world brothers!!” HOAX. None of that will actually be what is developing, just made to appear as such to duped JWs.


And another hint of Daniel 12 replicating in final fulfillment is the live progression of Daniel 11:42-45 must connect to Daniel 12 “during that time” as Daniel 11:45 and Daniel 12:11 are parallel 4th UN placement events. The USSR dead end is keeping many JWs from making the logical connection that Daniel 11:44-45 MUST activate Daniel 12:7 and 12:11 in time – live and real-time. Dan12:7 1260 days time when that now unknown point is reached a number of years after the start of the JW desolations of Dan8:14 timed periods. (Dan8:14 timing leads in some manner to Dan12:7 timing, which Dan12:7 parallels Rev11:2-3 identical 1260 days of final Kingdom warning. Given after JWs are recovered and cleansed and clarified in prophecy meaning). Thus the glaring logic Daniel 11 merges into Daniel 12 “during that time” (Dan12:1), indicates a Daniel 12 final cycle. It’s timing in Daniel 12:7 cross links to already known related prophecies in Revelation 11:2-3 (13:5, 12:6, 14; Dan7:25), whose original context and principle is projectable to final 8th King completion similar events, in principles, but to a climax of the formerly JW previewed events.

And if JWs were shown all this and had been reminded for 20 years rather than hypnotized, they would see it is a logical progression strategy of God, to bring in the final cycle upon a well known first pattern, timed in intervals with known overall meaning, such as JW org desolations (Dan8:14), final warning (Dan12:7 Rev11:2 parallel), final UN placement (Dan12:11/11:45/8:25) with plenty of time to explain it all, albeit as the 8th King is progressing to UN 4th placement and world government.

It is like God is giving people a “map to Armageddon” verified further by “milepost” events, and timed intervals of the “trip” to conquest – AND a former verified fulfillment “dress rehearsal” upon which it is ALL based!

The fascinating thing about this final progression for JWs and others is it sort of explains itself for JWs still in understanding of the original cycles, and it is becoming greatly convergent with globalist world government formation talk and events (that must intensify) , thus the very logic of even purely secular researched events also make a strong case as evidence that what is in the prophetic sequence is indeed marked by an actual human world government final progression by events or features noted in the actual prophecy, once Bethel diversions are seen through.

Thus the JW org desolation will be the first really big signal to eventually become unmistakable. And that is why I lay it all on the line for you, because it may sound crazy at this time, but I KNOW it will manifest on JWs FIRST (1Pet41:17) in context of larger events that MUST keep on progressing to intended overall world government objective. Thus on your end, what may sound nuts now, will of course have more verification as the Bethel operation goes into coup-de-grace mode. I am confident to lay this all out, because I feel by prophecy, great Bethel lawless evidence, well engineered false JW prophetic expectations in premature form, many logical tests, world government inevitability and convergence of it all hinging on a final world event series to accelerate the process, that the JW signal events will materialize for a couple years, from a known signal event marker upon Bethel, unmistakable and to continue for a period of anti-Bethel intrigues. What it is, or the series is, I do not know. And thus as others come to see this is all too symphonic and harmonious to just be made up, yet honor all former JWs patterns, then others even now can help JWs face the reality that is coming, and when it mows Bethel over, will continue to unfold for a decade thereafter into broader overall world government objectives.

I lay it out because events soon to fall on Bethel will validate the claims, and that a final prophecy cycle is in full activation to unfold for years, and so will the globalists be in a world government globalization cycle upon finance intrigues first, accelerated by whatever is needed, to also complete their objective, it ALL will converge. AND it is all ALREADY in the prophetic continuum in what is actually just a few pages of the Bible, thus not hard to analyze, and free of unneeded complications tat many perceive the whole Bible as, when this progression is very important and actually easy to demonstrate. I mean it is just the final 1% fulfillment of these progressions to recognize the comprehensive meaning and “big picture”, that just happens to be total globalization culminations in that small percentage of activation, but with enormous implications of course.

And plain and simple, the Christ sacrificial access to the sheep side of the controversy is real, is aided by undeserved kindness, so JW downfall and recovery will clear out the bull from the current JW scenario of salvation. ANYONE can simply surrender to Christ and coming Kingdom, it has to be that simple based on sacrifice and true intent to repent, because JWs will NOT have another 100 years to screw it all up again, as that is a commonality of all Adamic, fallen mankind. JWs NEED to be simplified and humbled to aid others to come in EASILY to Christ, not human organizational “arks” and idols, hoops and tests, which merely distract attention from what it is that is actually able to save, Christ and sacrifice, by God’s power, period. Not human works, not fancy clothes, not manmade organization, not vain traditions, none of that –  just Christ, and NOT the 8th King doomed world government.

But it will be made clear after JW desolation and temple judgment. That is why I tell you, because now and later you can help JWs out of shock as to what must befall the organization, and it will be brutally awakening. (Matt25:1-13). But that is now the only way to get through to comatose JWs (Matt25:5) in GB stranglehold, and it is also prophecy that MUST be honored and fulfilled in replication (See Rev10, v. 11), and as signal.

Just experimentally theoretically considering the original JW ministry of 1914 to 1950 as a valid warning of an inevitable convergent process leading to the actual Son of God receiving planet earth for a full life recovery of ALL life on planet earth lost in the Edenic sin, but a former blessing and irreversible purpose of God concerning earth, animals and man at Genesis 1:26-28 in an inter-related blessing scenario to be reapplied by a “last Adam” Christ in that Gen3:15 holy seed aids awareness of the possibility this whole God and Christ thing is REAL, aids awareness of the possibility.


This transcends any Christian organization, this is a 4000 year story, even 6000 years, reaffirmed for 2000 years in the post Christ era that affects all Christians and all people as is per the old prayer “Let your Kingdom come” to planet earth as per Rev21 a request of many many people throughout history, whether they knew it or not, be careful what we ask for, we might just get it, and in the case of Jesus Christ it is too big of an issue to just be all fiction because churches and organizations make a mockery of any truth that any Adamic men handle for too long, as humans invariably corrupt and allow the here and now to override any real manifestation of deepest faith in things not here and things not seen, that WILL in time be here and be seen as per Rev1:7, Rev6:12-18, Matt24:29-31 parallel to Rev 11:7-15 final events manifesting for real. Thus even the narrow shell and broad reproach JWs even brought the truth of these Biblical matters into, must also be shed for reality.

We cannot make the mistake that just because “all men are found liars” that God too is a lie and Jesus Christ is therefore not the real thing. The fact is Jesus Christ is real, and the failure of men to represent him properly and truly in many forms of corrupted attempts merely makes undeserved kindness by sacrificial power and force of actual valuation to God by Christ merit, NOT Adamic man, all the more necessary and all the more a reality. That the pattern occurred in Israel’s failure, in Jerusalem’s’ failure again and again, in Christendom’s failure indicates a repeat in JW failure is actually intuitive, but it is also prophecy repeating as well.

It is really no surprise corrupted leaders misled JWs, as it occurred in all the former defaults in classic Bible judgments. In fact that is why it is also prophecy and foretold, and will lead to greater meaning after it is said and done, because the real implications and final explanation of the JW downfall, will be ominous in what it is portending as a final prophetic cycle then is truly unfolding to a well gauged and soon easily monitored final progression to actual world government completion and Armageddon divine response over some years – not a surprise attack as JWs now imply. In fact a well trodden course of all the judgments repeating in principle one final time.

God is not wiping JWs off the face of the earth, that is an 8th King goal, God is merely performing a well known principled temple purification to remove the Bethel corruptions now in full control of JWs. And it will become a signal event as per prophecy and it must converge into a Kingdom announcement that will accompany the 8th King completion, until their final resistance to that message as final “little scroll” as Daniel 11:44 final 8th King attack, many years after JW org desolation and purification, parallels the Rev11:7 cessation of the anointed ministry, but in clean and approved form, and that Rev11 cessation merely aids Kingdom completion as Christ must King-Priest coronate into Messianic Kingdom power in the 8th King face for Daniel 12:11 developments. And the whole general pattern and meaning is already present in early JW foundational understanding concerning that Kingdom and temple meaning.

Thus in time JWs can easily understand what a it all means, and a replication is actually logical and a very wise way for God to lay out the final progression to actual Armageddon as well timed and marked by key events foretold, and concurrently manifesting in world seen events as clearly as possible, prior to full resolution. And people can just surrender before hand to Christ, or anywhere in the Daniel 12:7 or Daniel 12:11 process, because Christ wants to save people, and the simple truth is he can save anyone willing, ANYONE, regardless of the situation and condition as long as they are willing. It is not the JW hoop fest in reality. And that final Rev10-11 ministry is not of long duration, so expecting another JW organizational complication is impossible anyways. It is time for JWs to throw away the gnat straining bull, the UN NGO Camel already came in, trotted by and polluted Bethel, while JWs were focused on gnats and straws in each other’s eyes. It is actually a good thing for God to redefine reality using JWs as a what NOT to do example.

But we cannot ignore the original ministry merely repeating to actual ground zero of Christ’s Kingdom and arrival. That utmost important focus MUST be the new final JW focus, because that reality of impending Kingdom conquest and salvation is why all this JW signal is occurring, to reaffirm to JWs and all who can understand, the Kingdom is indeed coming to earth, and God’s will on earth is it’s objective and the rival obstruction in the 8th King will be removed permanently.

At present from JW org desolation startpoint tat fuse to Armageddon is ten years long but will be lit in JW Zech3:2 “fires”. (Zech3 is the whole temple inspection, current condition (Zech3:1-3), cleansing (Zech3:4-5), recommission (Zech3:6-7) and final portent (Zech3:8-10; Rev10-11) sequence)


The desolation of Bethel and the JW temple judgment will in time actually make much of this known once the operatives working against this knowledge are removed from Bethel in the Dan8:13-14 timing. And it is guaranteed by prophecy that Christ will create enough time in a recovery period to establish again a final pure final meaning for a brief final ministry prior and into 8th King completion, and Messianic Kingdom completion to follow shortly there after. (That the Destroyer is present in Rev9, and implied in Hos1:4-7; Isa31:8-9; Mic5:6-7, means in covert manner 8th King anti-JWs operations WILL be ceased in that focus, to allow recovery and final ministerial announcements).

And unbeknownst to most JWs, the whole pattern is already present in the initial Daniel 12 periods of 1914-1926 in preview form as the League of Nations placed at Daniel 12:11, and will replicate Daniel 12:11 for 4th UN placement, as Daniel 11:42-45 must connect to Daniel 12 live and real-time as 4th UN placement will he upon the Daniel 12:7 to Daniel 12:11 progression. Thus Dan11:44 actual final 8th King attack heading into world government totality links to Rev11:7 “attack”, over Dan12:7 1260 days conclusion link to Rev11:2-3 1260 days carried out as per Rev11:7, resulting in Dan12:11 “constant feature” final removal AND 4th UN placement as Dan11:45. Thus Daniel 11:42-43 activating Revelation 8 JW temple judgment parallel, does in fact merge Daniel 11:44-45 into and over Daniel 12:7 to Daniel 12:11 meaning in final attack completion successfully against the “two witness” and in 4th UN world government placement as Dan11:45; Dan8:25 parallels.

So it helps if one realizes JWs are not a total lie, and the initial ministry has truth in it, and it will be the basis of the full replication of Daniel 12, Rev8-11, and Rev15-16 approximately concurrent, which initial preview principles will be repeated in a more intimate JW temple focus, and also more globally expansive as both the Messianic Kingdom and the 8th King are scheduled in those prophecies for also concurrent completion approximations to the big resolution of world rulership. Rev8 is JW specific heralds of judgment, Rev16 is the overall world context and progression as both trumpets and plagues approximately parallel in sequence, 1-7.

And that is why the enemies in Bethel want to obscure this reality.

Since I do not know how much of this Bethel knows, I assume their goal is to cover up all aspects of a replication if they know of it, and just get rid of the JW ministry all together aided internally as long as possible for external finalities 8th King planned, as obviously the GB and many in Bethel power positions and in the WTS are not even Christian, much less anointed, but placed infiltrators of a multi-generational subversion operation meant to fully discredit JWs and the former truth sequence, and to destroy the organizational/financial basis of the ministry by preparatory pre-positioning.

If they could have shut up the understanding of the first 2 UN placements they would have, but obviously external means, and not enough internal control all failed to suspend the awareness of those first 2 UN placements. Of course by 1990, that all changed at 3rd UN placement endorsement, yet cover up of it’s significance in general and in prophecy continues, as does discrediting the whole JW ministry from incept and distracting from the first 2 UN meanings.

And logically that GB install and coup of 1976 required also pre-positioning to achieve, and is directly connected to securing UN NGO and diversion just 15 years later. After 37 years of those masterful subverters, it is no wonder JWs are now like zombies and Bethel is now rampant in lawless reproaches as JWs are in a holding pattern and fossil state of 1970 awareness of globalist reality, meaning NO awareness whatsoever.

It was a very gradual and accepted GB fiction as even Biblical when there is no GB at Acts 15:1-33. Thus a falsehood and foreign body is now running and owning Bethel. The very basic foundation of the GB is simply myth and illusion, by super-imposed additional contrived reasoning and forced in plausibility, Acts 15:1-33 simply does NOT describe any such “governing body”, the very concept was an experiment, and added on later, nothing more, nothing less, simply not true. Of course that could not fair well for JWs in the long run, and is an experiment that already has failed, yet it will turn disastrous in time as the enemy now fills that body 100%. (2Thess2:10-11);

But in the longer run, it will bring to a head the globalist issues they are now being covered up by means of Bethel applied subversions.


Just so I hopefully hit these questions with answers that make sense, hers a recap:

How and why does the JW religion facilitate implementation of a global government? After all, we’re talking about only 6 million or so of a marginal religion, so how is such a small number useful in a global orchestration? Furthermore, in your comments you explain that the organizational culture is not designed to retain members, so again, the lack of numbers is glaring. 

JWs aid ignorance in their sector of global influence which is much more than just JWs in numbers. And even if say 40 million people is also small in overall percentages, JWs do mislead them as well with expectations that are not actually the truth concerning the coming cycle meaning and duration. Thus JWs are just part of a larger tapestry of misinformation that Christendom for example has been aiding as well since the first UN placement of 1919. And overall it all aids an overall lack of information on this final cycle intent as far as 8th King developments.

These little parts of the bigger world influencing picture add up, JWs are just aligned to aid their own sector of ignorance concerning actually verifiable final cycle details. It simply is not “the end of the world” in this cycle beginning soon, and any misinformation aiding confusions aids globalist operations. The less people know, the more likely they are to finally accept this coming “new world order” abomination. It all adds up…

I’m not seeing how 6 million adherents can play a practical and useful role, unless you’re just speaking of the subterfuge necessary for the financial shenanigans. 

Yes, the role is fully squelching valid former JW prophetic connection to UN activity. By removing JW organizational functioning, even the first 2 UN placement awareness can be erased minimizing chances JW connect up the full 1-2-3-4 UN progression. The goal is for people to join into world government. Them not knowing the implications, such as Rev14, is not advantageous for people to make a clear unbiased decision. The UN may have it’s own agenda, but Satan’s overall objective is not world rulership that will actually last, he knows this (Rev20:1-3), but getting as many people destroyed in the final phase as he can, including his globalist pals and human seed.

Thus the globalist elites have no actual useful role for JWs, ultimately they just want them disbanded, scattered and with no ministerial resource base. In the meantime, they want to use the JW org for their own disinformation and misinformation and reproach and stumbling campaign. The goal is not financial in and of itself, like big money to be had in the JW org, the financial intrigues are to attempt to abort all organizational sustaining power. Of course seizing properties and stealing WT monies is going to occur, but it has a greater goal of ceasing the JW ministerial system, than actually making profit, yet in the process, “profit” will be had vacuuming out the JW org.

The goal is to destroy the JW corporate power, it like a takeover, merely assigning JW resources to non ministerial corporate ownership beyond JW use. How successful it is at reaching tat goal, remains to be seen.

Many people do not realize as reality, the Gen3:15 enmity of the diametric seeds is very real. Internal Bethel hates anything Kingdom related and opposes JWs because formerly the holy “seed” route and communication was indeed through IBSA and early JWs. To Bethel this is personal. But to the Destroyer (Isa63:8-9), this is also personal, Rev11:7 is a war WITH them, the holy seed also resists the Satanic counterfeits. Of course a true Christian war is one of truth, not violence. And the resistance is enmity already programmed in at Genesis 3:15 realities of origination.

I have much of my dear family immersed in the JW religion, and I am seeking to augment my understanding of things, so as to support them however I can.

Right now JWs are even deprogrammed by being Bethel reprogrammed so as not to see even basic replication features, they think it can “end any day now”. Though it can and will get tribulatory, in an overall sense it cannot end any day now. (Bethel is what can end any day now) Certain culminations must occur prior to the end, such as a completed and functioning world rulership contender against Christ. Christ cannot show up to depose a currently non-existent global sovereign. The UN is not a global sovereignty, just a schematic “image” of such a system. Single nations or partial alliances is also not Christ’s target, he wants ALL of them, the WHOLE ting, in the foretold final unified 8th King affront of Rev19:19-21, a true sovereign climax.

But in time a world sovereign globalist worldwide administration of world government will eventually complete upon ALL the nations as a globalist unification finality. And for JWs who escape any Bethel trapping attempts coming up soon (as per [3]), they must eventually face reality, and this explanation of what is simply a prophetic repeat, can aid JWs at that future time of coming out of deep confusions.

Of course now I tell JWs to flee the org as per Matt24:15 and not to trust this organization, that it is for bad purposes that they culture JW trust for use in the end coup, but as you know to many JWs the GB is their Pied Piper. I merely sound like a lunatic to many JWs. But it is what it is, JWs are being misled purposely by evil within Bethel whose goal is complete cessation of the JW ministry permanently. And I do care about people with friends/family in the org, and people in the org, who are going to be in a bad situation, for some of these development contexts, as per that [3] quote below actually being implemented.

They have no idea actual enemies are running the Bethel organizational system. And I mean CORE, DEEP, SEEDED so to speak, ENEMIES, the REAL thing, Satan’s 2Cor11:13-15 transformed frauds masquerading as God’s anointed seed in Christ. Believe it, some may walk out alive, but they will NOT get away with this operation. This is a very real battle of these seeds, who will go head on, in completed form when all this finally culminates into BOTH of their home power systems. In fact as per Eze38, Satan and the demons as per Eze38:7, will also manifest in much clearer forms of angelic power in that future, it will be a battle in both realms as per Rev19:19-21 and Rev20:1-3 as Isa24:21-22.

It all MUST be permanently resolved in the earthly domain in time.

For now Bethel has TRESPASSING Satanic seed frauds running the joint. (Isa66:6). It is just very difficult now for JWs to extend the implications to the maximum. It’s difficult in general, because mankind is dealing with angelic intelligence and the artists of deception who designed the tapestry they operate in with a goal of avoiding outright detection. And we know from the Edenic story the are experts at the art, and also fully knowledgeable regarding the makeup of Adamic mankind in relation to actual sciences they understand fully, but mankind’s ignorance and perceived expertise in error is guidable for entirely different outcomes as human drop off the scene generationally, while demons continue on guiding it all, from incept of the sin, onward in this fashion with an objective also commensurate with angelic levels of intellect and understanding. Thus barriers of mankind and divisions and cultured perceptions, language, philosophies, religions, etc, are no limitation to a demon. A demon can speak any language and infiltrate any race of man theoretically, yet the infiltration by spirit is from the beginning. The point being national perceived differences make no difference to angels manipulating these nations with a far more cohesive end game plan than man is capable of understanding, it is as deep as human psychology, and complex as genetic potential, guided for millenniums with an overall goal, and far more interrelated than people perceive even if you could combine 10 areas of genius into one persons understanding, angels are still beyond that, they know what perfection was, demons know exactly how they are trying to corrupt man’s base design.

So ultimately as per Rev 12 seven headed dragon, that pattern is in angelic heads of Eph 6:12 “governments in heavenly places” that are the master patterners that mirror into the seven headed wildbeast system structure, with their “seed” at the tops of that hierarchy. It is not unrelated, it is just hard to detect, because the next best thing to a materialized demon, is one of their human seed who are human, but like God’s seed, are given into this overall drama as Satan’s. So their appearance is not a reliable means of detecting them, and like their father, deception is an art. You know them by fruitage, and by the symbology they ultimately display as signals to their own. It is not coincidental tat many of the biggest bands, are all covered in Satanic hidden meanings, some overt, but the covert ones are the ones of greater interest, because it is meant to be almost subliminal. And such things, though not proclaiming their allegiance with a bullhorn, are present in many realms of current human power, looking like anyone else, even like the GB, presenting themselves as hyper-pious.

Most of mankind is merely caught between these two seeds. As we know, for example, the governmental aspect of leadership  nationally boils down to 500 people approximately. And similarly, other large social orders in millions or a billion people, are ruled by a very small number of people, it takes few in a designed system to govern and profit off of many millions of people stuck in this illusion, and it is ultimately given at the top like in Luke 4:5, by the ruler of this world. Knowing their goal in the demon realm is based on inevitable capture, their agenda is different than the human elite agenda overall, they know they cannot preserve their human seed come Rev19:19-21 time. And their overall dominance of the whole system since Eden, since Genesis 6, since Genesis 10/11, means they are involved with the end as they were in the beginning, and their agenda, in spite of certain abyss, is still the desire to revisit Genesis 6 days. They are ultimately, who would rule planet earth far more directly, once this national divisional illusion now in power ceases to have any real authority. Greater advancement in technologies and synergies of it, will only make matters worse as the next decade must see a similar exponentiated advancement and demonic aid of understanding to create the final “aids”.

But anyways, we cannot fully understand the Satanic agenda, but we can know all things in their power is manipulated for their goals, even the elites are but under informed tools ultimately. And they are real, not easy to detect, but present in the details, and that is what is in Bethel power now, the opposing seed, and their goal is discrediting and finally attempting to prematurely destroy, the final ministerial truth tread, now abandoned as well by JWs by organizational subversions, because it will in time mean life to many people about to be faced with the reality of this completing UN 1-2-3-4 super-cycle and what it really will mean.

Repeating Patterns

Already the lawless lead Bethel administration is a repeating principle signaling a judgment that precedes the finality by a stretch of marked prophetic times. Bethel lawless lead repeats Pharisaic and “man of lawlessness” Christendom cleric patterns.,

Even now the deliverance from League of Nations aligned Christendom and “Babylon” of the past principle, is present as JWs are in bondage to Bethel, and now Bethel is the “system of darkness” JW need deliverance from.

Now Bethel is UN NGO, UN aligned, repeating the Christendom “man of lawlessness” hallmark of 1919 and 1945.

Now the “constant feature” is also polluted.

Now JWs are also blind and in denial thinking everything is just fine.

In the world system, the globalist 8th King is preparing to embark on a final cycle, similar to this first WW1 cycle as it’s closing rendition.

Overall, to reason with JWs now and later, it is the repeating temple judgment in final required purification of basic truth that is repeating to clarify the Kingdom completion cycle, which will be in progress by the time JWs and Christians in general will be updated, again (Rev10: v. 11) as they form that final ministry that it time becomes the final Kingdom warning of Rev10-11 to many others shown positively affected by the Rev 11:1-12 final cycle. That will be occurring as the 8th King globalist world government is also completing and also making a final sovereign proclamation as 1Thess5:1-3 world “peace and security” statements deep into the cycle, a number of years after JW temple judgment has started in a greater global context of events that will be resolved into an 8th King peace effect, as also before. Really all elements are simply repeating in the final cycle to a culmination.

These are basics some JWs and others may understand now, the advantage for JWs is that it is nothing really new, it just replicates the original patterns and provides a connection of the 2Thess2:3-4 Betel lawless and apostate signal to a repeating temple judgment as first on JWs (1Pet4:17). BUT the Daniel 8:13-14 fulfillment is unique so JWs have a timed verification of desolation “evening” and recovery “morning” (Dan8:26) and will eventually understand that activated Rev8:1-6 as 1Peter 4:17.

In my opinion, a speculation, I feel the 1914 to 2014 centennial effect would possibly be very tempting for this Bethel subversion to try to utilize for JW psychological effects. But just a guess, either way they must go into coup-de-grace mode at some point.

So these articles I feel attempted to condense that concept and the replication:

Timed Temple Judgment of Jehovah’s Witnesses – Daniel 8:13-14

The Total World Judgment “The Judgment” Begins With Jehovah’s Witnesses


I tell you in almost three full time years at this awakening myself, I have assembled far more connections that I needed to make personally to even accept the enemy GB theory emerging from the evidence as it collected. Meaning there are more red flags of GB globalist and UN collusion. What I just covered briefly is just the GB tip of the iceberg.

Thanks you,

Hopefully we do not let Bethel create in us doubt the existence and ultimate purpose of God and Jesus Christ, they will fulfill Rev21:1-5 for the benefit of all life on earth; (Eze47:9; Matt19:28; Rom8:18-22).

God bless you




Temple Judgment – Comprehensive Globalist Symbology in Nahum, Zephaniah, Habakkuk, Jonah and Other Prophets



JW Self Fulfilling Prophecy and the UN 1-2-3-4 Cycle

How to Set-Up JWs Like 8th King Sitting Ducks



The [8th King] Watchtower 11/15/2013 statement:

Watchtower quote:

“”Elders who are reading this article can draw some useful conclusions from the account we have just considered:…

[And sandwiched into the admonishment:]

(3) At that time, the lifesaving direction that we receive from Jehovah’s organization may not appear practical from a human standpoint. All of us must be ready to obey any instructions we may receive, whether these appear sound from a strategic or human standpoint or not. “”


USSR Fails, Also Fails as King North, as UN Third Placement of 1990 Assumes King North Identity as 8th King!

Temple Judgment Background – Governing Body Covers Up “King of the North” Actual 8th King Meaning



Other responses to questions:










JW Self Fulfilling Prophecy and the UN 1-2-3-4 Cycle

The “Event” Bethel is Planning For

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The Trek to Armageddon in JW Known Prophecy

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Other articles on replication:

Temple Judgment Background – Governing Body Covers Up “King of the North” Actual 8th King Meaning

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Temple Judgment – Comprehensive Globalist Symbology in Nahum, Zephaniah, Habakkuk, Jonah and Other Prophets

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World Recovery After World War 4 – Daniel 11:27-45 3rd and 4th Final United Nations Placements

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On The JW Temple Judgment 2

On The JW Temple Judgment 2

You are welcome to use anything I ever write or have written, because in my I feel more than opinion, this is going to be a long haul conclusion, not a slam dunk. And I know all the parts are related and must converge into the final show, including the renegade Jews, meaning those actually in control of Jewry from the top, who I feel are not actually Jews anyways, as a literal Rev 2:9 meaning. I feel demons when performing infiltration by genetic allowance of God, already hinted at in the Gen3:15 “seed of the serpent”, are not limited by race or language or any human realm of perception they can engineer to aid the various mental boxes they keep people in.

I feel of course the Bible is a holy angel and holy spirit delivered document through human vessels that also contains many clues, as well a a number of entire structures of logic and prophecy that much is now world history, and in those frameworks dating back to Genesis 10 70 nations, many patterns of today are elucidated by Bible basics. For example the Genesis 11 early form of a globalism central consolidation of all the nations from incept after the flood. In those patterns that were prophecy that eventually did become history, the history of the true meaning eventually matches a pattern, and eventually matches a set of patterns at a time and way that will be unique for the prophecy. Even if some prophecies, like Zechariah 3, are in their fourth rendition. Some prophecies have third rendition coming up in principle. Some are unique. The JW organizational downfall of Dan8:13-14 will be unique, and it will honor the timing, and that aids awareness of what matches the pattern.

A point being the strategies of the rival system also use patterns of the past, and in my opinion, but it has repeated before, they use common formulas and perceptions to achieve goals in the process. Like a UN related placement always following a form of world war three times now. It is a formula that works. As far as Israel, the perception of the mass church mind is focused on literal Israel very strongly. Thus literal Israel can be used at a climax period to affect the direction of those churches, to aid the central Zionist end of the illusion, theoretically. That is why I feel, as long as a religious sub-empire of Christendom is operable (and the principle applies to other religions en masse, just not with the Israel carrot), manipulating Israel effects, can also manipulate people’s great impressions come climax time, and it is important for the strings of the church super-structure connected to the billion+ or so people in that shell of illusion, to be operable as long as possible to guide as many as possible into that final form of 8th King world government and the 666 mark of servitude to it.

It is contrary to the very purpose of why Satan would use false religion, to cut all the puppet strings prematurely as JWs suggest BTG goes down first, when in final effect, those religious conduits, like other psychological herding devices in society, will be most useful right at the final round up of the 8th King, it makes no sense to deconstruct that conduit now, as people would then drift. With religion in tact as long as possible, as shown in Rev17:12-18 and Rev16:12-16, even in diminishing form, also then is the corral and means of herding also in tact, from central leaders who can be used to aid world government reception.

It is not until a world government truly achieves a uni-polar dominance, that they can just do whatever they want. In the meantime the national and social constraints overcome now by plausible deceptions, must be worked around skillfully to manipulate properly. But at some point in history, these 8th King guys are not going to have to even appear to ask for national permission to do whatever is on their agenda. When that time comes, then religion can be unanimously deposed. And in principle of what that means is the need for that control of people in that traditional form is also not needed anymore. They can directly communicate their desires, rather than have to manipulate the masses through devices that appear beneficial, because it is not going to be even a ploy at a democracy. And other institutions currently needed to manipulate the human mind for various other channels of behavior control, can also undergo great modifications or removal, as the case may be.

That the Bible IDs a world sovereignty as religious power (Rev17:18), is only because it is a foundational system and divine judgment involved (Rev18:8) that needed to be identified. It does not mean other institutional super-structures currently in operation, are not also slated for a “new world ordering” as well, when the time comes. Since it is a centralization of ultimately Satanic power to interface all mankind as directly as possible, it will also produce it’s own central forms of every form of current national institutional realms. It’s just the religious Babel hodgpodge being cleared away, it does not mean Satan is not going to provide a central system of religion and worship of himself in also more direct and concentrated form. And that principle could apply to academia and all forms of human learning and entertainment, it would all be re-engineered directly for the more intensive application of Satan’s will for human development.

It’s only logical a central uni-power would have these goals. But the smaller the population also the more effective the transformation would be. I cannot see them trying to re-engineer 7 billion people. But I can see them planning massive global depopulation to meet that end. Of course they are going to encounter some quite insurmountable obstacles in the process, and God understands fully what they are actually planning. But the goats are the 8th King’s in the end up to whatever point it is permitted, as ironic as it will be, if people want the 8th King, that is exactly what they are going to get for a while.

On Russell, first off he came from a period where even every form of Christendom was/is full of occult and Masonic roots. It is unrealistic he could understand as fully as we do today the implications of all the symbology of Christendom and corporate society as Satanic, which all of it is still from those origins. It is hard to use any symbology that does not have some illuminati, Masonic or occult meaning as far as human architecture and other common symbology, for it’s roots truly are from the Babel dispersion. So it does not surprise me when dealing with human worship, cleansing the human Christian system of the IBSA was not going to occur over night, it’s roots were at least 1500 years old in cultural context of Christendom, the governmental occult system is even older, and Anglo money in America from the American Revolution and before is all tied to the British central bankers and financiers who established that system in “official” form just 15 years after the Revolution. Meaning old American money, and the general racial channels it flows through originally, come from central occult families, and branch out as such in cascading fashion, into a corporate system also Satanically aligned in it’s most powerful forms. (When Johnson and Johnson says “a family company”, they mean something different, a different family if you know what I mean).

Of course it diminishes as one moves out from the center of power, as does the knowledge of the mysteries also diminish as one moves out from the center of a secret society. But like Europe, like Rome, etc, the core American top powers in all realms of that power are Satanically aligned (and some plainly say so now, like Proctor and Gamble), and that is were they got that power as per Luke 4:5. There is no way to get around the fact 99% of the biggest anything corporate, all have deep Satanic roots, and it’s symbology. The WW1 blood sacrifice founded the biggest corporate systems in America and Europe that continued from that 300 billion dollar infusion at the top, by the Morgan finance conduit.  As far as Satanic symbology, most people just do not know what to look for, but it is all over music, television and movies as but one example of the real power behind it all, that lets those cognizant of these things know he is there, and the affiliation of these entities.

So Russell also having these roots in context, and various beliefs in divine Jewish supremacy, and other handy illusions of that and this age, is to be expected. That they nearly made it to 1950 in a stunningly bleached form and recognition of the source of the Babel influences, symbology etc, is what is far more surprising. That later IBSA exposed the first UN related placement meaning, and JWs the second UN meaning, is also a sign of things no 8th King controlled group would be allowed to state publicly. That they cover up the 3rd UN meaning, and went UN NGO instead, of course means NOW JWs have 8th King controllers. Some time between 2nd and 3rd UN placements, the org went under new management.

The single worst thing Satan could have done, had he controlled Charles Russell, was just let him continue in the clothing business and general commerce. Then all Christendom would be Trinitarians for the most part, hell fire slaves, etc, and none of the original distinction of the to become JW form of Christianity, and what is a true reformation attempt that was quite successful for a period, would even be known. Russell ceasing any activity in Christianity would have been far more damaging overall to Christian enlightenment due to the movement’s future impetus to really clean out the occult. People in general do not know what is hidden in the Christendom system, it is far worse than a 1940s JW religion. Today of course, JWs have mutated beyond recognition, today’s Bethel occult symbology modern re-insertions are what is far more telling.

The modern occult and Masonic symbology in JW literature is what I find more disturbing than with early Russell, from an era where 100% of the social developmental context was occult. Now a fully cognizant Bethel system must know exactly what they are doing, and that is just the few times I have looked into their graphics lately. They have direct 666 symbology in various forms, Masonic and illuminati “all seeing eye” examples, pentagrams on calendars as a kid holding a starfish, hand signs, double meanings in text, and outright distortions of prophecy. Had that always been there, it would not be this surprising to find, and it would  not be hidden so well. In fact some of it was so stunning, I could see actual Satanists must be operating at Bethel, no surprise now, but at one time my jaw would drop. They also slip in blasphemies disguised in various wordings. Jaracz and Barr, to me, are as good as Skull and Bones at Bethel while they were there. And if anything weird ever happens at Bethel and NY, the Faith in Action DVD 2, is to be examined more carefully, it has a very weird cover tat may have two meanings. The predictive programming and organizational trust for direction “in times of emergency” is also shocking at first. The XX, or classic double cross in the official JW logo, and W character font is also very strange, so that in Jan 1992 WT, the Jehovah’s Witnesses has a big X out in it, the Watchtower has the classic XX kill sign. Now most people are not going to see this, but in occult the double cross has meaning and some knowledgeable on this symbology knows it is a kill signal of betrayal.



That website has a good symbology section and other off the beaten track info.

“”The legendary symbol for Nimrod is “X.” The use of this symbol always denotes witchcraft. When “X” is used as a shortened form meaning Christmas, it actually means “to celebrate the feast of Nimrod.” A double X, which has always meant to double-cross or betray, in its fundamental meaning indicates one’s betrayal into the hands of Satan. When American corporations use the “X” in their logo, such as “Exxon,” the historic Rockefeller firm of Standard Oil of New Jersey, there can be little doubt of this hidden meaning.””

From: http://www.whale.to/c/christmas.html

I am not blindly just defending early JWs. I feel the sovereign rival progression in prophecy is important to know, for where it will lead, and was IDd initially by JWs. It provides a historical framework of former prophecy to project the final globalization 8th King meaning. I do not find that in any other religion, and it was originally developed after 1919 in JWs in hindsight. As far as Rutherford, he was just too frank and honest in exposing government, finance, and corporatism point blank as prophetic context for the terminal progression of the nations. Today’s Bethel is a UN sycophant, they expose nothing, in fact they conceal globalization all together as an 8th King device of national gathering. Fred Franz developed most of the original content they now just plagiarize and parrot to look real, with aid of a committee of “helpers”, so this GB is a stagnation, just an act. The JWs also developed a prophetic framework for Kingdom and temple developmental understanding, so they have put together a puzzle almost completely, unlike other religions merely a lot of pieces, or like SDA not connecting it all, although it all connects. JWs just have not made that convergence of Kingdom finality and 8th King finality that converge in parallel in prophecy to co-developing climax, and must also do so in the real world. And I know why JWs do not do this, 8th King subverters run and own Bethel now. The real goal is to desolate Bethel financially and organizationally, and cover it all up with JWs own self fulfilling prophecy and misapplied and erred prophecy and premature end expectations. Thus on exit, the 8th King subverters make a ton of money, derail the ministerial means of operation, and leave JWs so bewildered as to be delayed a number of years as reality finally sets in.

So I do not completely buy the first impression of what must be expected to develop to discredit a controversial religious system that basically in it’s incept form, defrocked Christendom as a well disguised replicant Satanic abomination, plain and simple. It explained in time all the basic traditions and symbology of Christendom is merely dressed up demonism from organized Satanic traditional religion of the past –  not accidental, but installed and retaining the core meaning in Devil worship. Of course those in Christendom too accustomed to the validations in the various demon trappings of that system, the holidays as projection of family memory making, absolutely no qualms worshiping flags and the state servitude, aiding the murder of enemy societies in war, basically doing whatever one pleases, will naturally initially discredit anything criticizing them. In the discrediting of the critical competitor is the justification of the error continued. It boils down to the fact it is psychologically pleasurable and seems to have a fulfilling social reality and goodness, and real Christian discernment is limiting, and painful psychologically.

And that is what is at the root of most anti-JW critical development at one time, now of course very different, actually aided by Bethel demonism as well, so it is an internal and external attack that is extremely effective. Modern Bethel Satanism is more strange to me, a reinfusion. Some of these people, in my opinion, are not JWs outraged at Bethel criminal activity out of a personal righteous concern. Nor do they want to help improve the system. They are seeking a validation of their own system, in the invalidation of a critical system. It is some people who do not want to even hear a hint of information  on where and how demons hide, and why to abandon well disguised actual demon rituals. It is some people, as a category in  general, will not sacrifice tradition, because they have no other inner stability of self identity without these things that root back in time giving it a historical validation of being, as part of the dynamic demons would know how to develop in a culture, to give people a deep seeming life validation by these things not openly displayed as demonic. The entire appeal of these things is all rooted in natural desires neither good or bad, just there. And that is why demons hide in those systems that naturally attract people, to subvert it later by subtle influences. I mean how many people are just going to walk up to a demon and worship him knowing he is Satan? Very few, it requires a deception, an appearance of something else contrary to evil.

These demons know what they are doing, and have centuries and millenniums to perfect the process. I am not judging these people, just saying in general a type exists. Some people will choose demon pleasures over a Christ torture stake or even the “narrow path”, and I understand the reason why, that pain principle is not natural for humans to embrace, there has to be a good reason for starters, and that reason is not actually present in these kinds of illusional life validating demon systems. The pleasure principle is what is present in demon systems like this, their very own downfall themselves, as intense a human pleasure trip as possible, and man is now engineered into that desire as well, and it is natural as man did originate in region with a garden of pleasure, but now is stuck out in the thorns, so any pleasure is that much more intense if it can be had. Peer pressure in a societal sense is also involved, most just want to “go with the flow” to fit in, and avoid the pain as people attack things not going with the flow. But you know, following Christ is not a pleasure cruise. But it will be, but right now it is in Satan’s proving ground. And a life validation is mostly a psychological pleasure, in many cases an illusion, the thing that will recover these people in time, is of a different source of actual validation, actual life apart from Adamic death. Like in Noah’s day, not many got on board the ship. It is just that fallen human nature.

Demons seem to have a way of giving validation to a life that is death, so that one will not want to sacrifice it now for a life that is life later, because in the here and now, that Adamic temporary life, is what demons want people to think is all there is. And if death is all there is ultimately, one needs a validation of existence while alive, it is difficult to just freefall into faith. And in that human emptiness outside of Eden, is a blackhole that will suck in anything that seems to give it all meaning, so demons have designed cultural meaning attached to life validation attached to some form of demonism especially in religions. A circuitous route to get into the human mind, to be invited in even. Strangely people’s quest for God is what draws them to these unseen demons who know all this and that is why they play God and hide in these systems to access people with that desire. And from there they work the gray matter very gradually generation after generation to knew aberrations of this and that. Like the boiling the frog gradually trick. I understand for many people just hearing an ugly truth, is itself painful. So, the delusion is the comfort zone this pain drives many back into. It’s very formulaic and natural in man’s lost and invalid condition.

This is the first real age with the luxury of instant research material. Even before the computer, the information became more accessible exponentially, so people could research histories and origins to identify things formerly completely unknown and unseen. That was the only way the Catholic Church mind monopoly of that place and time could be effected. The printing press is what aided busting the Catholic psychological stranglehold for many. The Bible itself contains information tat exposes Catholic error and once that got around, alternative religions could operate, eventually without the Jesuits killing the leaders in inquisition methods. It took a few centuries, but information is what aided the process, no one had to just accept the Catholic version of reality, options developed.

Not all of these people are like this I generalize, but as far as Satan is concerned, if a diamond of truth is present, he will bury it as deep as possible in glass and cubic zirconia. It is to be expected. Even if it is not true, general human competitive nature will discredit any competition, it could be recipes or what to feed your dog, people are inherently in disagreement. Thus even finding truth is difficult and when found it has to be guarded, because since Eden, truth is what is under attack. And since that Eden exit, of course man would be this lost just for starters. That is the root of the dilemma. The human being is not actually in the physical form of the home Eden was, and the garden was a zone further designated in the Eden region (distinct for some reason), and even the Noachian world is no more. So mankind is actually thrice removed from original human willed reality of God, and the proper human actual divine abode. And no wonder no one lives even 200 years old anymore. Shoot, they show Noah as some old man building that ark, but if I am not mistaken he would have actually been middle aged or so, for his era’s human capability. He was a sort of superman in comparison to today’s human condition. LOL

In any event, the UN progression will lead to a bonafide full world government beyond the UN scope and function, but including it. And with JW early ministry soon to be subject to attempted erasure the entire timeline and progression as fulfilling prophecy ultimately in 1-2-3-4 UN placements will also be in danger of being fully removed. And in that case the chief guard of scriptural information regarding avoiding any allegiance to this final world government will also be lost. And organized Christianity is no better off than JWs, in fact more theologically primed to be also led into that world government by the national Israel restoration bating that will also culminate with the UN completion. Thus like Noah’s day, many will be ultimately misled by these active infiltrations as even JWs are now UN NGO, but have the most theological former possibility of putting together the basic meaning that a UN  completed world government is the full “scarlet” form of the wildbeast, and it’s completion will trigger Armageddon scale response from the Messianic Kingdom. And that basic message and need for loyalty to the ultimate victor Kingdom of God is the gist of the final message that must arise from JW ashes, and make final appeal to all Christianity claimants and the world system as per Rev10:11.

It will take a number of years to even verify the beginning of this process as prophetic, and a number of years thereafter to recover and deploy the final warning of the Adamic period, and God and Christ guarantee by their powers and prophecy requiring full completion as well, that this Kingdom proclamation will accompany the final progression of UN world government completion. And that will take a decade or so to get to complete Rev11:7 form of BOTH the 8th King and Messianic Kingdom and that final “little scroll”.

Talk to you later, may we stay awake to these realities as they form, and must eventually come into all mankind as a final test for this period.

On The JW Temple Judgment 1

Brother templejudgement…

I heard your message on JW.Net, and am so thankful you came here. I perceive your struggle to break out of the false religion the JW’s have become. It was a good place , but that was years ago.

What do you see as your next game plan? You are still an elder? Will you stay to try to help those still in? Working behind the scenes? You are very hard -pressed at the moment, obviously , as you surely must have a wife and relatives in too. ..

You can answer or not…no problem. Keep posting your great sermons. These are very good light on scriptures I don’t have a clue about; Daniel…

My gifts lay elsewhere. But I do know from experience about the demon/alien deception….I have seen things in my 59 years that can only be explained by visitors from other worlds. These, I believe are from other stars from heaven, and I also believe Satan went into most all the galaxies and preached rebellion, and was successful in gathering many angels, and possibly other physical creatures from the universe to his selfish ways. These come to the earth to peer at us….especially interested in how he will launch the 8th-king attack upon his return. 


(1 Corinthians 7:7) Nevertheless, each one has his own gift from God, one in this way, another in that way.

Thanks for the encouraging and helpful positive response. Believe me, the JW blindness and programmed resistance to the final replication of the “man of lawlessness”, organized JW apostasy and it’s connection to a temple judgment cycle to signal a final 8th King cycle, and God’s own Messianic Kingdom completion cycle in that sequence of a number of years as per Dan8:14 activating Rev 8, leading to Rev 11 that overlays Daniel 11:42-45 events and the Daniel 12 final fulfillment (and timed periods in that progression), is quite discouraging to see as JWs now df truth bringers as well as anyone else not meeting the Bethel inquisition standards of gnat straining.

Thus any positive response of like logic, is GREAT! It is great too, because in time, JWs and others even now, in some small manner, will have to see the final temple judgment cycle is what has BEGUN, not the ending of the world.

So when the trigger event to push Daniel 11:42-43 into an actual financial globalization upon massive national bankruptcies, well engineered even now for such control, actually hits, THE JW ORGANIZATION IS GOING TO BE USED AS A DEATH TRAP, in as many locations as possible in these events, as per WT 11/15/13 pg. 20, par. 17, #3 statement conditioning.::


WT quote (WT 11/15/2013, pg. 20, par. 17, #3):

“”Elders who are reading this article can draw some useful conclusions from the account we have just considered:…

[And sandwiched into the admonishment:]

(3) At that time, the lifesaving direction that we receive from Jehovah’s organization may not appear practical from a human standpoint. All of us must be ready to obey any instructions we may receive, whether these appear sound from a strategic or human standpoint or not.


So that is why I can no longer in good conscience encourage JWs to stay in the org, but rather FLEE NOW!

(Matthew 24:15-16) “Therefore, when you catch sight of the disgusting thing that causes desolation (UN NGO), as spoken of through Daniel the prophet (1990 Dan11:31b parallel to Dan8:13-14), standing in a holy place (Bethel’s claim), (let the reader use discernment,) 16 then let those in (JW worldwide) Judea begin fleeing to the mountains. (leave JWs, judgment is nigh).

I am still “20571point428571” at Topix forum:


I have been in the org formerly for 40+ years and was trained by very driven brothers, a son and father, who were very knowledgeable and taught the Bible back then with an eye of even criticizing the organization in certain aspects revealed by Bible principles. I left in my 20s, and returned in my late 20s, now 50. And I was a sort of research fanatic, even elders did not like me in some cases, because I was also one who spoke about “the truth” constantly, from scriptural meanings of the actual truth in JW early ministry.

I was never an elder in an organizational sense, so you may have me confused with another, but I am capable of understanding all JW prophecy we formerly taught, and were it is currently being used to lead JWs into a trap globally, and to make those events look like “the end”, when in fact what is coming is the Bethel based temple cleansing of the anointed they are befouling. (Zech3:1-3). What is coming is the beginning of the final cycle, not the end by a long shot. An entire former JW foundational prophetic framework, well publicized at one time for this final effect, MUST REPEAT. And that replication is what Bethel is diverting for a premature “it can end any day now” deception. BETHEL is what can end any day now, and even that foretold desolation process takes a few years to reach conclusion as per Dan8:13-14.

One of the biggest clues is in the prophecies Bethel is diverting. They are diverting prophecies that actually foretell the whole operation, and that is why they cover up Daniel 11:30-31 and Dan8:11-14 as if they fulfilled in WW2 and USSR era. But they actually manifested as seen in the 1990 UN NGO clue.

Thus this is not a religious re-invention, it is just telling JWs it all repeats Dan 12 and Rev8-11 from a Dan8:14 timed signal. AND all this Bethel lawlessness DIRECTLY relates to the “man of lawlessness” principle in final form that ALSO will repeat the initial signal of the former fulfillment in more focused JW form, to indicate the final cycle is near to beginning as temple judgment on JWs first, NOT the fictional Babylon the Great attack,  which is a Rev16 final fulfillment 6th plague event near the end of the cycle, not at it’s beginning as Rev16:12-16 and Rev 17:12-18 parallel.

And of course all this knowledge is in the prophecies Bethel is “throwing to the earth” as per Dan8:12b.

I am trying to reaffirm the foundational JW truths of the 1914-1926 Dan 12 periods, so JWs can better understand that Daniel 12 cycle when it goes into final fulfillment replication. The Bethel “the end any day” attitude of course works against this awareness, and aids the concealment, and allows a world tribulatory event coming on JWs by 8th King design “trampling” (Dan8:13), to look like the “end all” conclusion. And that means in the Bethel desolation, JWs will be totally under an illusion, and in total confusion in those first couple or three years, also as per the prophecy of Dan8:13-14.

And that is why we know the Bethel system is actually a JW enemy “in the temple”, and following organizational direction in that time, will mean JW capture for some witnesses. And that is why Bethel cultures trust in men and organizational guidance devices, to use it for a worldwide JW coup event to try to finish the destruction of te Christian ministry “established place thrown down” as per Dan 8:11-13, and Daniel 11:30b-31a undermining subversions already successful at that throw down in a psiritual sense that will become a literal cessation of the JW ministry and “constant feature” temporarily.

These things are guaranteed by prophecy, and the Bethel UN NGO forms a great piece of evidence of what is actually at Bethel. So I KNOW from in-depth familiarity with our foundational teachings, that a final cycle is indicated in a number of ways, and it MUST begin with the JW judgment FIRST:

(1 Peter 4:17) For it is the appointed time for the judgment to start with the house of God. 

And a desolation is the way God will get all JW attention, of those who can be recovered, as symbolized by the first 4 angelically backed trumpets, that must be “heard” by JWs as we sit in the Rev 9 “abyss” of that Dan 8:14 “evening” of the temple desolation phase, that will end into a “morning” temple purified and recovery phase that leads to a final JW ministry as per Rev8-11, repeating.

Other than exposing Bethel covering up King North as actually 8th King globalists from Dan11:30-45, none of this is actually “new”, it is merely a realization it all repeats, and we already have the Daniel 12 1914 master pattern, and what it means, and that must manifest into final forms.


This is all my theory, of course. But it explains how Satan is to accomplish wondrous miracles when he returns(high technology). Jesus foretold signs in the sun, moon, and stars….and also fearful sights and from heaven great signs…and heavenly lights turning to blood and darkness. Last year a strange triangular shadow occurred on the sun’s surface for several days; a perfect large triangle; did you see that on the web?


Yes, I think “many abodes” may very well be, “many abodes”. LOL

Have not seen that yet as far as the triangle, I will look into it, as my web research has been light lately, but the web was/is the only real source of any actual developmental truth on 8th King globalization, as you know they divert JWs away from globalization information, and keep JWs mentally in 1980 as far as real world power developments. JWs imagine a 17 acre UN complex in NY state is the apex of world power. It is merely an “image” of what will extend from that international hub into actual world power systems of 200 nations under full control of 8th King and eventually demons. A true “scarlet wildbeast” super-structure globally.


Anyway, I have seen e.t. craft 4 times in my life….3 times at very close range. Once only 50 feet above my head, along with another brother, while sitting in the KH parking lot.


Yes some do not see the inter-relatedness of it all.

Amazingly 90% of all “illuminati”/”mason” “conspiracy theory”, and “alien” “conspiracy theory”, is actually based on truthful realities in Genesis 6, and Genesis 11. Genesis 6 as the alien angel demons, and Gen 11 as original defiant globalism at Babel as mason and “illuminator” roots. That Gen 11 original attempt at a world government, is the revisited out come of Dan2, 7, 8, 11 and Rev 13 and 17 interconnected sovereign progressions of human national powers that MUST converge into a final globalization system 8th King. Thus it really is all related.

Well no wonder all this investigative motivation for the roots of all mankind since after the flood as far as rebel kingdoms, and their main “alien” guides! It is ALL plainly explained as such in the Bible, it is all real in the Bible, of course researchers will introduce error and diversions, but the basic story is all true, and humans’ actual history since Eden on earth.


It was Satan’s motive from the beginning to take the planet, and human women, and start his own race, and indulge in sins of the flesh. He desired Eve from the get-go, plainly. He did not want Adam, except to produce more people to rule over. It is all just so horrible what has happenend, and how these creatures are still here infesting our planet, souls, and corrupting the minds of all. The holy spirit in our minds and hearts ; working with the spirit of truth is our great protection from these who can actually come right inside our minds, and take us over completely.


Yes, 2Corinthians 11 which mentions Eve, the name given her after the sin (Gen3:20) alludes to Eve’s chastity. The point is Eve as named after the sin, was unchaste spiritually as “the woman” already, as Paul says “the woman was thoroughly deceived”. Meaning the reference to Eve’s chastity is beyond the meaning of spiritual chastity, as her post original sin Eve name places the context of 2Cor11 into new meaning:

(2 Corinthians 11:3) But I am afraid that somehow, as the serpent seduced Eve by its cunning, your minds might be corrupted away from the sincerity and the chastity that are due the Christ.

Although applied to the spiritual state of anointed and others by extension, my speculation is Genesis 6 demonic attraction to human females, is rooted in Satan’s master pattern of evil that centered on “the woman” first in his own “attraction”, for probably more than strategic reasons. It would not surprise me if Satan had intercourse with Eve after her fall, and her potentially many years under Satanic guidance. But that is speculation on my part. In any event demon sex with human women is pretty direct in Genesis 6, as is the logical alteration of all earthly life that was attempted as well. And the access to all that is in the Gen1:26-28 hierarchical blessing given to Adam and the woman, which was also life, but turned to death from the sin, and gave Satanic death access to all creation indirectly through fallen men, after Adam, the head patriarch and the woman as Eve in sin. (Heb2:14).

Obviously to us who are developing faith, God is the one who ultimately opens understanding as needed, we can speculate, but actual truth has to be guided by God. And though it all relates of course, JWs have lost focus of the basic most important revelations to have come forth in that Kingdom founding ministry. It did not just found a Kingdom anointing as “crowned woman”, and a birth as the “male child” Messianic Kingdom founding (not completion) AFTER that symbolic “woman” is “crowned”, BUT ALSO a valid Kingdom ministry announcing this irreversible divine sovereign progression MUST complete to a mature Messianic Kingdom.

JWs now have the whole means of that Matt6:10 sanctification and will done on earth, diverted in prophecy as truly JWs have not progressed past 1969 levels of spiritual understanding. (Marked by the first full interpretation of accuracy of Revelation (in two books) and many of it’s initial prophecies of the founding Daniel 12 initial timed period cycles). In reality the GB is not a Biblical or divine body, it needed to be contrived and reasoned into the scriptures, but is not named, and not actually described in the Bible. In hindsight of “those leaving the holy covenant” of the pre-positioning required to fulfill Daniel 11:30b-31, the Governing Body, of actually secular corporate “board of directors” origin, is that “set in opposition” body against the “body of the Christ” in purpose, as that “body of Christ” is the ONLY “body” appointed and sanctioned by God, through Christ in the Bible and in reality.

Meaning since 1976 and before, their has been lawless elements in Bethel, now shown in parallel Dan8:11-13 and 11:30-31, 11:32-35, to have been placed to very gradually install, factionally control the GB, and eventually the whole of Bethel and the WTS. And it is so Satanically masterful, and of his origins (Zech3:1; 2Thess2:9), it has been a 37 year very gradual subversion process of JWs fully under GB dictatorship since 1976. It gained original access by anointed defectors at Bethel, the only ones “those leaving the holy covenant” can apply to after 1922, by JW own interpretive rules.

Meaning too, they will undermine the foundational Kingdom truth and ministry as a progressive goal, that will lead to an abrupt event, they will cover up in the finality of their tenure, prior to divine forced departure (2Thess2:8), with erred prophecy especially notable in Dan 8 and 11 events of 1990, and the UN NGO.

And by this even now, JWs have lost focus of true faith in Bible basics of sacrificial undeserved kindness, Kingdom completion, final temple purification, their own foundational prophetic understanding, and so on, as this evil Bethel cabal hypnotizes JWs with techniques inspired by demons, and implemented by men who are experts of subversion. It is NOT all accidental, random and without core masterful guidance of what is really going on at Bethel.

My goal is to reinforce the basic Kingdom prophetic understanding from actually a small amount of Bible prophecy, because the final cycle will merely REPEAT the foundational patterns, but of course to the ACTUAL coming of God’s Kingdom to planet earth in that dimension of it’s power capable of replacing all Satan’s “heavens”, and all of man’s earthly rulership.

(Isaiah 24:21-23) And it must occur in that day that Jehovah will turn his attention upon the army of the height in the height, and upon the kings of the ground upon the ground. 22 And they will certainly be gathered with a gathering as of prisoners into the pit, and be shut up in the dungeon; and after an abundance of days they will be given attention. 23 And the full moon has become abashed, and the glowing [sun] has become ashamed, for Jehovah of armies has become king in Mount Zion and in Jerusalem and in front of his elderly men with glory.


We must keep hoping for the spirit to breath life into us. We must believe the spirit and truth message Christ taught at John3 and 4.

Do you understand this passage? John 3:1-5? 


You know had JWs not been under non-anointed actor guidance, not even Christian men, but using spiritually non-anointed aids misled by the whole process, JWs would understand literally 30 years of now lost genuine anointed guidance and insight from God through Christ. But it is also all prophecy that this condition was to develop; (Zech3:1-3; 2Thess2:1-12).

To my understanding Christ is a pattern for his brothers (Heb2:14). And Christ is a perfect pattern as human and as angel, promoted by God to “Mighty God” immortality, as also a basis of his priestly powers:

(Hebrews 7:15-17) And it is still more abundantly clear that with a similarity to Melchizedek there arises another priest, 16 who has become such, not according to the law of a commandment depending upon the flesh, but according to the power of an indestructible life, 17 for in witness it is said: “You are a priest forever according to the manner of Melchizedek.”

Now the confusion installed by Bethel, is one of mediating a covenant, versus mediating a sacrifice. The covenant leading to an actual perfecting of man, applies to an anointed group as per Rev14:1. BUT, the sacrificial atonement applies to all men, even some men fully ignorant of it’s existence. Christ has indeed purchased an entire world lost in Adam, into an entire world to come under “Last Adam” as patriarchical replacement of dead Adam, and as spiritual King, Mighty God, God’s anointed Son for this purpose.

So, in time, the sacrificial atonement is transitioned into ACTUAL human perfection in Last Adam; (Heb7-10). Meaning the blood meaning of atonement, is eventually also an applied perfect human body of an actually human perfect Christ, who provided that Adam bypassing human perfection, and who also has access to it’s COMPLETE sacrificial power as atonement and sinless perfection not needing atonement any longer, for humans who transition into this state of Christ-like human perfection for real.

Thus the “Eternal Father” Christ, through his “Bride”, MUST bear human children. And these children do not need to partake of mere emblems and symbols of that blood, body and whole sacrificial totality, THEY CAN BECOME THAT ACTUALITY IN SINLESS PERFECTION FORM AS CHRIST WAS AS A MAN!

They can “partake” of the REALITY!

These humans, by faith and obedience and application of faith in undeserved kindness to progress, can actually BE the perfect “bread of heaven”, with perfect life blood, because Christ as Last Adam, in human form first, and “life giving spirit” now, MUST become also their father in that Isa9:6 sense of Eternal Father, Isa 53:10 “he will see his offspring”, Ps45:16 “there will come to be your sons”.

These MUST become Christ’s children, and children of his brothers and sisters in that Bride mother system.

Meaning in ultimate form, even earthly sheep are “born again”, but as Christ was the master pattern, and took time to lead to a complete “body of the Christ” as that future Bride, an implied “Eternal Mother” wife of Christ the “Eternal Father” will also take time, these humans to be perfected into an actual sinless human form possible in Christ’s sacrifice and his God given priestly powers, will ALSO be “born” into that marriage arrangement as children of it – as resurrected, or as transitioned living into it, they too must be “reborn”, it just merely culminates the process, BUT it culminates in literal Christ “last Adam” based human perfection and truly endless life.

So to me John 3:1-5 even applied to Christ as main pattern, extended to the “body of the Christ” and will in principle extend to all humans who are born and brought into that actual perfection to reach the Edenic state of “God’s image” in actually perfect men. Christ’s last Adamic human perfection, that led to his “life giving spirit” state, CANNOT be compromised into systemic death, as was Adam.

In that manner any sin can be removed at the point of it’s manifestation, and not compromise the whole creation of man, because Christ’s “last Adam” human tested perfection, CAN NEVER be removed!! But contrary to Adam and the woman, obedience to God, and only God, is required, and is the main lesson that obedience to God is life, disobedience to God is death, and this whole human drama proved it on the death end, but Christ conquered death on the life end, by obedience, and as human perfect man, of course it must be fully applied to billions ha can now recover into systemic life.

And they too have to “die” in some form to dead Adam, and be reborn into Last Adam – though we know some will not taste literal death, all must leave Adam’s ways and die as to sin. So to me, the unifying nature of the Christ reality from God, will “gather” all things into Christ in a way actually fully logical, as all humans achieving perfection, first by undeserved kindness, then by responsibility to obey God and remain sinless, they too must have been “reborn”, but into the perfect Christ human form, as those reborn and approved upon also all earnest effort at obedience, by undeserved kindness ultimately in spirit form preceded it, and Christ preceded them all, and it all ties the whole thing together when it actually completes over the 1000 years.

The sacrifice serves a purpose of legal adoption of humans to be actually reborn into spirit perfection in Christ’s pattern of spirit perfection, to eventually apply human perfection trough that “body” and Christ to humans who will transition out of dead Adam, into a living form of last Adamic life in Christ also present in the human sacrifice of Christ in that perfect new human form. Thus the whole sacrifice is not static, but progressive, and must bear new perfect children to God in first spirit form, to serve as the mother perfect form in effect replacing Eve, as Christ replaces Adam fully, and the whole thing becomes one big family of all perfect beings as originally purposed in Gen 1-2.

Thus being “reborn” must also have a huge comprehensive final meaning as well. But by spiritual discernment on the initial truth in Christ, explained by God through Christ to the brothers in the divine process of an actual “holy priesthood” to also “mediate” perfection to now fallen Adamic humans, but now to finalize the truth in this God decreed way, it then would all be logical even now, and actually easy to understand, if Bethel actually had Christ’s brothers in guiding reality, but in effect Satan’s children and seed have overtaken Bethel. And in that purposeful subversion, not fully explained truths are retained as instead stumbling blocks, as various JW theological contradictions, or misunderstood teachings are never better logically explained or fully discarded, instead they are retained to breed confusions and stumbling, on matters with actually simple and logical explanations finishing the teaching, when in fact God’s spirit motivates such clarification.

At Bethel, the Devil’s spirit instead motivates very sly and “smooth word” (Dan11:32a) error.

I had a lot more to say on this subject at www.bibleresearchfiles.wordpress.com  in the “Jehovah”, “Jesus” and “144000” sections.


And even if an anointed is not fully up to speed with these realities, God is going to provide a recovery period, BUT we need to be praying and requesting of God wisdom in these matters, because as the “man of lawlessness” repeats that principle, and that leads to temple judgment replication but as Dan 8:13-14 cycle, the “evening” of Dan 8:14, 26, is the “night” of Matt25:1-13:

(Matthew 25:6-12) Right in the middle of the night there arose a cry, ‘Here is the bridegroom! Be on your way out to meet him.’ 7 Then all those virgins rose and put their lamps in order. 8 The foolish said to the discreet, ‘Give us some of your oil, because our lamps are about to go out.’ 9 The discreet answered with the words, ‘Perhaps there may not be quite enough for us and you. Be on your way, instead, to those who sell it and buy for yourselves.’ 10 While they were going off to buy, the bridegroom arrived, and the virgins that were ready went in with him to the marriage feast; and the door was shut. 11 Afterwards the rest of the virgins also came, saying, ‘Sir, sir, open to us!’ 12 In answer he said, ‘I tell you the truth, I do not know you.’

Well into Dan 8:14 evening phase of temple judgment, we see too a 10 virgins repeat judgment principle will now apply to JW anointed, and some will lose there source of light leading to and in this period, because the holy spirit is what lights up the meaning of prophecy, and all JW anointed and even earth sheep now paying diligent attention, can all get enlightenment from God by the Bible – provided the Bible is more important to tem, than the Bethel manmade darkness of commands of men.

(The “I do not know you” may also indicate anointed frauds, not necessarily genuine anointed defectors totally; Which relates to other prophecy of frauds, such as many at Bethel clerical leadership positions no doubt. I know the GB is not anointed, even not Christian, just an act, a transformation as per 2Cor11:13-15).

And no anointed should allow men, to come between them and God by Christ, or make one doubt their calling, but tat is exactly what Betel is aiding. But overall, all the virgins nod off:

(Matthew 25:1-5) “Then the kingdom of the heavens will become like ten virgins that took their lamps and went out to meet the bridegroom. 2 Five of them were foolish, and five were discreet. 3 For the foolish took their lamps but took no oil with them, 4 whereas the discreet took oil in their receptacles with their lamps. 5 While the bridegroom was delaying, they all nodded and went to sleep.

The point being that “middle of the night” of Dan 8:14 “evening”, there will be a comprehensive wake up call, yet 5 virgins symbolically will also awake, but not have the light power and their source will go out. 5 discreet virgins will symbolically be approved for the final ministry that will progress from Rev8-11. The “cry arose”, will come from Rev 8 angels and lead out to approved anointed, and God will perform by Christ the foretold recovery of Rev9, the JW recommission of Rev 10, and final world warning of Rev 11, that this judgment on the 10 virgins leads to as a temple judgment parallel BEGINNING the final cycle, not ending it.

Bethel is deluding JWs, so none of these final principles are applied by JWs to our own house, were in fact the final fulfillment BEGINS as per 1Pet4:17. And that is why a judgment must come, and a “weed” clean out final principle will also fulfill in the JW house, and so will the “evil slave” principle. The REAL “faithful slave” ultimatum is after the temple inspection now in progress of Zech3:1-3, and after that temple judgment purification cycle of Zech3:4-5, as the Zech3:6-7 divine ultimatum to the 5 discreet virgins here:

(Zechariah 3:6-7) And the angel of Jehovah began to bear witness to Joshua, saying: 7 “This is what Jehovah of armies has said, ‘If it is in my ways that you will walk, and if it is my obligation that you will keep, then also it will be you that will judge my house and also keep my courtyards; and I shall certainly give you free access among these who are standing by.’

As “then also it will be you that will judge my house and also keep my courtyards” is also the giving of “all his belongings” as Matt24:45-17 parallel for those approved as also motivation to carry out Rev 11, as Rev 10 “little scroll” of final pure truth is to be given in the Zech3:6-9 sequence AFTER the temple judgment desolation, purification, and into recovery, recommission, and final Rev 11 world portent as Zech3:8-9.

(Zechariah 3:8-9) “‘Hear, please, O Joshua the high priest, you and your companions who are sitting before you, for they are men [serving] as portents; for here I am bringing in my servant Sprout! 9 For, look! the stone that I have put before Joshua! Upon the one stone there are seven eyes. Here I am engraving its engraving,’ is the utterance of Jehovah of armies, ‘and I will take away the error of that land in one day.’

The “I will take away the error of that land in one day” happened at Zech3:4-5 with the clean out of the Bethel liars. And continues as basis of a cleansed priestly recovery as Mal3:1-5, 18 parallel.

Thus “evil slave” Bethel is covering up truth, a UN “confirmed drunkard”, and beater of the sheep as per Zech 11, and other shepherd judgment prophecies.


The spirit is life, the flesh is of no use at all. Once we have the rebirth, we begin to be taught by the spirit, and perceive the spiritual meaning. Thus it is explained by the Lord, and Paul. Nicodemus did not have it. We can.

Let me know IF YOU WISH…..but feel free to remain somewhat anonymous…..I understand .


(1 John 2:26-29) These things I write you about those who are trying to mislead you. 27 And as for you, the anointing that you received from him remains in you, and you do not need anyone to be teaching you; but, as the anointing from him is teaching you about all things, and is true and is no lie, and just as it has taught you, remain in union with him. 28 So now, little children, remain in union with him, that when he is made manifest we may have freeness of speech and not be shamed away from him at his presence. 29 If you know that he is righteous, you gain the knowledge that everyone who practices righteousness has been born from him.

On one claiming of being anointed I do not judge any man, because it is God’s purpose that is at work, and men do not understand the totality of His selection, and have no business trying to analyze it’s veracity according to eyes and ears, as God does what He does for his overall will that will see even Satan and the demons erased to a state as if they never existed, and God will proceed with His will, not theirs. And it is He who chooses to use “losers” of any sort of Adamic man, reborn into spirit by God, as Christ is pattern not father of his brothers, God is, so God is the One at work here ultimately preparing a humiliation, confounding, exposure and destruction of Satan, and that whole rebel seed in spirit and physical forms. FOREVER. No one is remaining in the Adamic form, regardless of outcome, only Last Adam is the life access in either spirit or physical forms.

And as for the more comprehensive “regeneration” or “re-creation” aspect of this total recovery, I also see earth sheep having all anointed principles apply to them, and at some point those faithful, will have to be given great earthly responsibility to aid that recovery:

(Psalm 45:16) In place of your forefathers there will come to be your sons, Whom you will appoint as princes in all the earth.

Now Christ’s forefathers were all Kings of Judah’s lineage since David, so these princes, while not kings as of course humans are not meant to rule other humans, are humans that must receive responsibility with the earthly aspects of God’s Kingdom, as obviously some form of order must be established, albeit for truly perfect purposes and everlasting duration even after Satan’s final destruction with any who go disobedient.

The princes must also be Christ’s offspring as Eternal Father, but in perfect human form:

(Isaiah 53:10) If you will set his soul as a guilt offering, he will see his offspring, he will prolong [his] days, and in his hand what is the delight of Jehovah will succeed.


On Satan, we know he comes from “the remotest parts of the north” (Eze38), obviously celestial spaces, as Eph6:12 “heavenly places”. Since Rev 12 is a crowning event of the “woman” as Christ’s “12 stars” of angelic orders in that crowns command as Christ is that original archangelic power, now King of God’s Kingdom, I understand the Messianic Kingdom crowning would NOT occur on a “male child” as incomplete at that time. But Michael’s God’s Kingdom crowning did, as the overall far older Kingdom of God, that makes the Messianic Kingdom possible.

I believe the first action of that crowned woman as God’s angels under Christ, did remove Satan to mark the event of heavenly removal:

(Revelation 12:10) “Now have come to pass the salvation and the power and the kingdom of our God and the authority of his Christ, because the accuser of our brothers has been hurled down

As this place:

(Revelation 12:8) neither was a place found for them any longer in heaven. 

Is no longer heaven, but the Ezekiel 38 “remotest parts of the north”, meaning deep space, the whole universal domain outside of heaven’s realm or “place”:

(Ezekiel 38:6) 6 Gomer and all its bands, the house of Togarmah, [of] the remotest parts of the north, and all its bands, many peoples with you.

(Ezekiel 38:15) And you will certainly come from your place, from the remotest parts of the north, you and many peoples with you, all of them riding on horses, a great congregation, even a numerous military force.

(Ezekiel 39:2) And I will turn you around and lead you on and cause you to come up from the remotest parts of the north and bring you in upon the mountains of Israel.

So that “I will turn you around and lead you on and cause you to come up from the remotest parts of the north”, is a further action of God in the future, as Satan is staged for eventual abyss, after he is the 8th King guard:

(Ezekiel 38:7) “‘“Be ready, and let there be preparation on your part, you with all your congregation, those congregated alongside you, and you must become their guard.

The point being divine actions are carried out that will draw Satan from “space”, to earth “Israel” in the final attack mode, and that will be leading to a similar casting into a far more confining “abyss” as Rev20:1-3.

Of course a non-anointed Bethel cabal of actors is not going to clarify anything like this, so there is more truth coming from God through Christ, and in quantity, and it will all reaffirm our foundational truth, and remove the stumbling errors for a final ministry.


So I try to find what people can agree on, but try to retain our foundational 1914-1926 understandings, and just up date them to replicating reality, because JWs will need the former patterns, to understand the final fulfillment that must go on at least a decade or so to get through Daniel 8:14 and Rev11 1260 days later. It will take a decade to clear temple judgment and most of Rev8-11 as the 3.5 days, post 1260 days, final “two witnesses” death state must proceed into Daniel 12:11 1290 days starting. And that “3.5 days” is symbolic, it could be several months, as in the 1914-1918 cycle into the 1919-1922 cycle marked by the UN related League of Nations “disgusting thing” and the 1918 cessation of the JW “constant feature” as a required combination of Dan 12:11:

(Daniel 12:11) “And from the time that the constant [feature] has been removed and there has been a placing of the disgusting thing that is causing desolation, there will be one thousand two hundred and ninety days.

And that will repeat well after temple judgment, as the 4th UN placement of Daniel 11:44-45, Dan8:25, and will also include the death of the “two witnesses” final cleansed JW ministry to mark that time starting the symbolic “3.5 days”, as Rev11:7 attack, is Daniel 11:44 attack from “report” disturbances to the 8th King that will be the “little scroll” based final JW ministry.

See, if we do not stick to original God given anointed preached truth of 1914-1926 initial foundational cycle of Kingdom and temple, we will get lost, because all this is repeating to reaffirm the original 1914 ministry is now coming in guaranteed also complete and full grown Messianic Kingdom, and it is approximately timed, and will gauge 8th King world events as it leads to full Armageddon, and it will do it over a good decade of Dan8:14 timing of temple judgment and where it leads to in time as 1260 days of final warning.

So as you might be able to imagine, JWs thinking these coming events are “the end of the world”, and think it is all about done, will be disappointed and are being misled, and will go into a couple years of total bewilderment come temple desolation time of Dan8:13-14.


I did not set out to do this. I lost my job in 2009, foreclosed in 2010, ended up at a brother and sisters house by end of 2010. Then in literally the middle of nowhere, as they are remote, I started preaching at Topix, and originally defending the GB, for literally 8-20 hours a day and did www.bibleresearchfiles.wordpress.com , which is from my pre-awakening phase. Then as the GB internet UN NGO thing started to click as prophecy, but prior to that as the 8th King being King North in Daniel 11:27-45, I did www.kingnorth.wordpress.com in 2012, right after the memorial more or less. Then when I got 3 divine audible messages, and I do NOT “hear voices”, the GB as “man of lawlessness” was finally opened up and at www.templelijah.wordpress.com it came more fully together what was going on. As I thought they were behind and needed help when templelijah began, but in time I realize by prophecy and evidence they are as good as the Devil at Bethel.

So in early 2013 I attended the last memorial I will ever partake in, in befouled JW organization. The brother and sister KICKED me out after that memorial, and when I relocated with my niece in her garage, by 6.2013, I did the final temple judgment articles at templelijah, that ties the 740 BCE Israel judgment to temple judgment coming up, lawless Bethel as Israel’s modernday counterpart, the “man of lawlessness” as a UN ally and actual subverter of prophecy for, and Genesis 11 globalism now about to finalize again as 8th King world globalization in a final cycle, that will result in another divine intervention, that incidentally sets back the single language of humans as per Zeph3:8-9.

Literally one thing led to another, I did not expect any of this to actually happen. But in my last move, I dropped from the JW radar as well. And my point is after a good 5000 hours of research and preaching, that is what it took God to be able to get into my head, to explain both 1914 and future fulfillments MUST be on the same pattern.

But Dan8:13-14 is unique, and so will the Dan11:42-45 live fulfillment connection to Daniel 12 also be unique, and 8th King related. My personal realization that King North can only be the 8th King from Daniel 11:27-45, lead my mind to the fact Daniel 11 MUST connect to Daniel 12, “during that time”, and thus Daniel 12 must have a final fulfillment. And that is how the USSR error also dead ends the collective JW mind at Daniel 11:43, as if the bankrupted and non-existent USSR is some globalized “King of the Gold”. Of course the 8th King is who will achieve that in the near future activation of what must be a drawn out world financial globalization process to go on for a few years, and a world tribulation will only aid that process of final national decline, into foretold 8th King recovery for a final, fourth, UN placement as also a world government.


And so what “I say”, is not me, it is in the prophecy once we know what and where the “man of lawlessness” MUST lead to, it is not random and static Bethel lawlessness, it is FORETOLD SIGNAL of temple judgment cycle. So by prophecy I know the JW organization will be desolated, for it is required by God in Dan8:13 for the UN NGO “transgression causing desolation”, AND it is the evil cabal at Bethel’s goal with the Devil to attempt to destroy the JW Kingdom ministry as well.

And I know God is unfolding this for some years to eventually recover some JWs, as per Rev 8 “1/3” purge meaning, as JWs are now fully derailed and stalled in at least 1990 levels of spiritual awareness, but more like 1980. I know this will occur for the greater purpose of a world signal as well, as JW judgment will be seen by all in JW organizational desolation. THEN the ominous true meaning of that temple judgment will also have to come forth as JW anointed truth from God trough Christ explains temple judgment led to desolation that led to purification that led to recovery, that MUST lead to a final world warning, tat MUST lead to actual Armageddon.

Thus anyone applauding the JW downfall, will not be applauding after they are told what it really means. And even the JW desolation will take 3 years, the recovery may take another 3 years if Dan8:14 is 2300 days of 1150 days “evening” desolation and 1150 days “morning” recovery, and how long it takes to get to Daniel 12:7 as Rev11:2-3 may be back to back, or also have a transitional brief period to also 1260 days. So that is a decade or so of also 8th King world drive developments to full UN and 8th King world government globalization as Dan11:42-45, as Rev16:1-16 parallel Rev11:1-12.

Thus this message is not “high pressure”, and does claim Daniel 12 timing will dictate everything to transpire after the Dan8:14 timed temple judgment. It is far more specific that today’s ambiguous Bethel maze of confusions. And I believe God wants it to be as specific as possible, because this progression can be well marked by spiritual and 8th King events, and this progression MUST wind up at ACTUAL Armageddon. And I believe God and Christ are going to give an explicit, highly detailed, final warning to culminate in that final 1260 day cycle, and any approved or recovered JWs and others to come in to take part in that ministry will know everything in advance, rather than in hindsight as was the case after the 1914-1926 cycle, what became JWs explained it all after the fact. This time purified JWs will explain it all before and while the final 8th King cycle is in progress, and that is why in time, the 8th King will be disturbed by that “little scroll” very clear message to the world, being carried out by the final Rev 11 fulfillment “two witnesses”; which must occur again as Rev 10:11:

(Revelation 10:11) And they say to me: “You must prophesy again with regard to peoples and nations and tongues and many kings.”

Thanks, God bless you through Christ. Expect an Isaiah 28 “unusual work” (Isa28:21) to hit JWs very soon. And know it is going to be tribulatory, but is not the end JWs think it is, and in fact in time that tribulatory cycle must end (Matt24:29), into a world recovery to usher in 4th UN placement 8th King total world government.