Final Son of Destruction at Bethel

The final Man of lawlessness plans, and the allowed “trampling” of the sanctuary (Dan8:13) and it’s “established place” (Dan8:11) will be notable.

A trampling will be known when it starts.

But the “lawless one” is also “son of destruction” to the parallels to Zech11 and 13:7 must mean a period of betrayal, for that is what the “Judas” original “son of destruction” means in the apostates and impostors of today’s Bethel, it will become a betrayal and death trap for some JWs, and that is why Jesus commanded to FLEE the that Bethel system now. (Matt24:15)

This means the actual “trampling” of the “established place” as the known base of “sanctuary” must be serious and drag on for some time. (Hos6:1-3; Isa37:30).

Thus the final accounting for the “transgression causing desolation” will be globally marked, with known Bethel downfall events. (Isa66:6), that will eventualy culminate into the “right condition” which purity today’s JWs are far far fallen from.

So this will not be a slam dunk, and the lawless one will get the darkness period of Dan8:14 “evening” to plunge JWs into the blackness, the “middle of the night” (Matt25:1-13) of the Revelation 9 “abyss” to temple judgment.

So expect the man of lawlessness to know this, and to try to wreck as many JWs as possible when that darkness period truly hits. Like Jonah, JWs in the org “ark” Titanic will too, be thrown into the sea.

God will swallow them up by a “fish” that is the same as the Revelation 9 “abyss”. Total darkness on the JW scattered sheep will also mark this extended time period, far worse than today’s spiritual blackness that Bethel exudes.

That is why we stay ready and awake now, for what must come, and the world context of global events will also change the whole global complexion of mankind. (Rev16; Hag2:7);

God allows the 8th King designate going into world government power, to rock the world in the process of a tribulation that must end (Matt24:29) into 8th King world government.

That is why they want JWs misled and to be thoroughly confused in that final cycle commencement. It is NOT “the end” JWs will expect and be sorely disappointed and stumbled.
It will be Bethel’s end that comes first.


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