1914 Valid Inspite of Bethel Apostasy

poor mr 2057, he applies all prophecy to the frauds with the fake coming of jesus in 1914.
he still hasn’t figured out they are not nor never have been god’s chosen vessel…..russel was a go getter who figured out how to rake in the tax free $$$ with a printing press and a big mouth claiming jesus already arrived, but only his gang knew about it.

rutherford learned the game and put a little arsenic in his tea and then continued the charade while living it up with the $$$.
funny thing is, when i first started figuring it all out, my first thoughts were that it was god’s organization, but was going apostate…… later, as i figured more stuff out, i realized it was never god’s organization…… they self-appointed themselves with a fake arrival of christ, right from the get go.

their “new light from god” always consists of telling another lie to cover-up the last lie they told that is getting exposed.
it evolves….. sorta like a murderer making up a new storie, as each lie he tells gets investigated and fails the evidence test…. he keeps adjusting his storie till the judge finally hands down the sentence.
the jw gov body refuse to repent.

Anointed of Christ are not frauds, the “man of lawlessness” infused into Bethel’s ministry are the frauds that have fooled you, and that will turn your judgment, like theirs’, upon yourselves if unrepentant;

Meaning the “man of lawlessness” operates “in the temple” for a while to KILL people spiritually; And he will be successful at that mission to a limited but severe degree;

1914 marked BOTH 8th King (League of Nations) and Messianic Kingdom proclamations of world sovereign intent; If you cannot understand the significance of just that milestone in itself, you need to try, because the Messianic Kingdom and 8th King will BOTH actually complete in the next 7-10 years as the 1914-1918 prophecy will replicate in our face, whether we like it or not;

The Bethel coming desolation will tell you Revelation 8 has activated, and in time, over 7 trumpets, will conclude in short order, over some years, at Revelation 11 Kingdom completion after a final 1260 day world warning – again (Rev10:11);

Daniel 8:14 timed temple judgment leads to the 1260 day timed final purified ministry, so you have some years to figure out God’s Kingdom WILL be arriving in plain view (Rev1:7; 6:12-17; Matt24:29-31) after that “tribulation of those days” ends in BTG desolation marking the end of the cycle, as JW temple judgment starting VERY SOON, will mark it’s beginning;

I truly hope you figure out what is actually happening here, but if you do not ask for assistance from God Almighty, through Christ’s name, and feel you are self-approved, it will make the going even more tribulatory;

God wants sincere attained repentance, and that lone by merit of Christ’s sacrifice will save human beings as it will end very quickly, but over some prophetically marked Daniel 12 years;

Prophecy is fulfilling, it is not inspired by God for no purpose, but like Noah’s day, few are percieving it due to the draw of Adamic sin and self-righteousness self-justification;

It is ALL merely repeating to finality;


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