Bethel Apostasy Early Realizations

But then I have to review the UN/NGO significance, and refresh
the view the Bible actually does reveal, certainly not me, but the Bible is what “cross hairs” these guys as required prophetic significance, and I know in a limited manner, on-line and in a few personal experiences, that this is NOT what many JWs want to hear; But Jesus also stated:

(Matthew 24:24-25) For false Christs and false prophets will arise and will give great signs and wonders so as to mislead, if possible, even the chosen ones. 25 Look! I have forewarned you.

Truly if not for God, Christ and holy spirit, this would not be revealed from the Bible, as usual God has to be given the full credit and power, because all this is required “so that all the things written may be fulfilled”; That’s why when I doubt, and look at my own least likely case and appearance, it actually makes more sense, because God does whatever He wants, and if we recognize Christ is the one to be “spotlighted” in his merit, virtue and total superiority of love and mercy not ours, and in God’s actual “undeserved kindness” and actually realize how much “undeserved kindness” it is ALL undeserved kindness, then the motive stays acceptable; God knows who is what as far as what they want to accomplish by God’s gifts;

If we say “undeserved kindness” but feel we somehow are also “earning it”, then the wrong attitude develops very slowly; I can see it in some witnesses, they feel GT GT GT because they are seeking the quick deliverance, and this subtle Satanic operation in the org, has fostered that attitude from the composite “man” the GB exemplifies;

It it very subtle but can lead to disappointment when we realize actually a third fire-test is what is coming, not the “reward” yet; Of course this MOL element does not want JWs to “map” it out in this realistic biblical layout, they want JWs sort of disconnected from the linear process laid out in the Bible;

So they use duped earth-sheep to prepare good researched, holy spirit filled information, that is valid and
true, then they misdirect it, they use good news as part of their mental conditioning process, and even stuff in outright lies very subtly (some blatant, but rare), and they use the good material to
further carrot our minds for a premature GT;

I speculate they will prime it to completion from here on out, if this GB=FDS thing actually comes forth, my jaw will drop! But, it is because I personally have never seen, IF this actually is the case, a prophecy fulfill so plain blatantly right in front of my eyes, while I knew it was fulfilling 2Thess2:3-12; When this happens, if it happens, it will be one of those lies so huge, the hugeness of it makes it accepted, because the hugeness of what it would imply as other than truth is simply unacceptable to most people minds; It is a psychology similar to the UN/NGO magnitude of sin, yet even that they railed in “by night”, to let it permeate 10 years with no one knowing what was up; If they pull this one off, it is just an amazing, to the face, right in front of our eyes “man of lawlessness” total brazen operation; And any “complaints”, as I saw from some supposed “annual meeting” notes on-line, are just “weeds” being sifted out:

Unsourced, supposedly from GB annual meeting pdf floating around the internet:

“”10/11/12 Jehovah is sifting his people at this time! (Luke 22:31) Those who don’t belong within his temple are being removed; with many leaving voluntarily. This is in fulfillment of the many prophecies regarding God’s household in the conclusion of the system of things. But Jesus also gave us this encouragement: “At that time the righteous ones will shine as brightly as the sun in the kingdom of their Father. Let him that has ears listen.” (Matt. 13:40-43, 49; Dan. 12:9,10)””


So, I always recall as well, this is still the truth, it just has a little “1/3” Rev8:10-11 “wormwood”
being mixed in very subtly; BUT in any event, even with this dire actual condition, Jehovah STILL uses
human imperfect and developments for his own will, and his own advantage, and for the furtherance of the
good news in time greatly aided by all this (plus it fulfills prophecy that must activate eventually), as He will turn an evil curse, into the stunning blessing and stealth checkmate of Hos1:4-7, sending out a huge signal to the JWs, the world, and to the globalists all at the same time;


Man, it is stunning what is really going down here, LOL!!

And you know it gives a whole new surge of deep interest in all the prophets of Israel’s first judgment of 740 BCE as that warning turned to the 607 BCE culmination; When I read Jeremiah or Isaiah, Ezekiel, Hosea, Amos etc, it gives clues of today’s condition in principles, everything is there!

I’ll compile that soon, as we see from the main pattern of Israel and Jerusalem, the 740 BCE Assyrian assault was a “signal” to Jerusalem which can picture all JWs; As JWs to whatever degree God’s judgment dictates, are protected from a continuing assault of the KN pattern Assyrians as in Hos1:4-7 where God allowed Israel to be punished (the JW org “Bethel” symbol”) but by angelic means (Hos1:7;) delivers Jerusalem from Assyria in that 185000 strike;

But Jerusalem is shown to get a “signal” in Isaiah from that assault which will be the 2300 unit judgment; It may be each evening and morning add to the count for 1150 days in Dan8:14;

Isaiah is interesting because he covers both signals as applied to various times in the Bible’s history and 1914, and again soon. Meaning the signal of Israel’s destruction in 740 BCE, and a “gathering” back, and Jerusalem’s destruction later, which will be the Rev11:1-12 period to temple full completion, another “gathering”; Interesting the “cloud” timing here after the 1260:

(Revelation 11:12) And they went up into heaven in the cloud, and their enemies beheld them.

Will be that final gathering sequence which also overlaps the “sheep and the goats” Matt25:31-46:

(Matthew 24:29-31) “Immediately after the tribulation of those days the sun will be darkened, and the moon will not give its light, and the stars will fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens will be shaken. 30 And then the sign of the Son of man will appear in heaven, and then all the tribes of the earth will beat themselves in lamentation, and they will see the Son of man coming on the clouds of heaven with power and great glory. 31 And he will send forth his angels with a great trumpet sound, and they will gather his chosen ones together from the four winds, from one extremity of the heavens to their other extremity.


But anyways, yes let us be aware of any “Bethel Bots” they may also send out to pepper in the “pied piper”
mind set – just keep your ears open; Like the one a few months ago who came to our hall, with paraphrased by me quote: “remember brothers to be obedient to the direction of the GB in times of emergency” like so and so brothers who
evacuated so and so place, before a government purge;

I was like, hmmmmm; Very sinister these guys; Then that predictive programming of that recent WT “hatch an
evil plot to exterminate JW org”;

I feel these guys want to direct these possible “org extermination” operations and remain in power as long
as possible, even reporting on the developments right in the WT as it can develop in isolated “circuits” in 230 lands, and who is
going to put together that xGB and xZO is involved with it? Who can tell that the “hatched egg” (Isa59:5) are the “xGB” vipers?

Jehovah will have to expose the situation, and toast out a few in his own Hos1:7, Zech3:4 way; This WILL
require a divine save, JW “log snatch”; Zech3:2 Satan is rooted, and that will require more than human power to rip out; Hence Satan at Zech3:1, 2Cor11:13-15, 2Thess2:3-12;

With as many years in this operation as Daniel 11:30 opens the “consideration of those leaving the holy covenant” up to, to the “”arms” that stand up proceeding from” KingNorth globalists, this is possibly a very old, subtle, progressive infiltration; And like the Judas pattern, God allows it so prophecy can also fulfill, and He will use it for a bell ring, rather than the big “hush hush” that is actually in the works; The “army” of Daniel 8:11-14 also give support to those “arms” being related to this kind of an “invasion” as the “army is given over” to these powers, or as some translations infer, “falls under control” of the transgressors;

Plus, as speculated in regards to the two “stands” of Daniel 11:23-25, these guys may very well take advantage of an orchestrated action from the globalists who can aid the illusion with also a hoax “peace and security” at this possible, speculated upon, revealing of the globalists in regards to the “global war on terror”;

Now that is very speculative, as we see the “transgressors act to a completion” is with this initial “stand”, but how complete is the “completion”? The way I see the use of the xGB “peace and security”, it is not that it is not possible before the BTG phase, it is that it can occur twice, and the first time can aid the illusion of GT breaking out, when in fact it is God’s actual “temple cleansing” that is beginning at this next globalist “world event”;

That is speculative on the pattern of xGB support for 1990 “cold war” ending UN DT 3rd “placement” in dual form, world and WTBTS, and the 2001 911 “backing” event of the “news break” of the UN/NGO “affair”; BOTH of those actions complimented a globalist lead move; Seeing as the globalists and the xGB are all at the same strategic operation intel, and have the same goal, the xGB can produce “predictions” in interpretation that can be supported by globalists, that make it appear valid, but it is actually prematurely advanced;

It takes 2300 units, with an unknown transitional period to divinely cleansed in Jehovah’s eyes, and 1260 days to even get to the actual finale “peace and security” (apparently “freedom from care” (Dan8:25) after another war period that this is just prepping for in this xGB aided globalist assault, as the true final “placement” and stand of Dan11:44-45, Dan8:25, Rev11:7 (war to completion on anointed), at the Matt24:29-31 post-tribulation-of-those-days “break point” of unknown duration; That is when Christ is “capping” the temple as the “head stone” of Zechariah 4’s relation to the Revelation 11 announcement of this culmination of Kingdom/Temple completion;

So, hate to sound like a broken record, just saying in speculation on Daniel 8:23, that this coming hoax and decoy sequence will, it appears, really climax what this whole infiltration has been about, and will definitely have a culmination of misapplied prophecy twisted to be supported by the globalists themselves;

Now look at the Daniel Prophecy book; They lay out 3 fronts all attacking at the same time, KFC, KN and Gog; That itself makes no sense, by the end that will be one universal assault at the key Rev19:19-21; 20:1-3 timing, and that is including Dan11:44-45, and Dan8:25, and Eze38-39;

BUT, if we see where they still will not reverse USSR as KN out of Daniel 11:36, and forward in the prophecy, as Dan11:36 disqualifies USSR from any real “successful until the denunciation finishes”, then they have a KN final illusion they can use on the JW attack “front” during this next world event; And that gives a handy decoy national or religious KN “bogey man” to use as an excuse of why JWs are being attacked;

If we read the end of Daniel 11 in that sequence as USSR ending, and we await a new “KN” from Daniel 11:44-45, they can use that decoy false-prophecy for their advantage; They have really worded the Daniel 8 and 11 sections for a deception, even cropping out Daniel 8:23-25 full text of Daniel, sampling only pieces; In 1999, when they compiled that book, they wanted to set in stone, in the JW mind, the false-interpretation of USSR KN;

Now Fred Franz cannot be blamed, the USSR was active in his time of writing, and no one knew then if they would be successful to the finishing of God’s denuncoiation; But, definitely, he would have noted their failure as an impact on Daniel 11:36 forward; One single sentence disqualifies USSR, BUT the KN is called in Dan11:36, for the first time, “the king” as well;

(Daniel 11:36) “And the king will actually do according to his own will

That says something on it’s own terms in divine language, and we know now, because it is globalist KN that WILL be successful to the end;

But look at that 1999 DP book, and other things, and they are setting up JWs, it becomes obvious it is a designed mental conditioning in false-prophecy;

You know in that Awake! of 9/8/1991, even George Bushes wording aided the cover-up of the 3rd DT “placement” as he called attention to the world wars “twice before”, but at the same time defined what he was saying as a “third” statement also made after those world wars; They had to be working hand in hand for all that speech “NWO” highlights to have come out almost to the month and day, of 9/8/1991 of Bush’s 9/11/1990 US Congress address and later speeches at the UN;

Even at the US Congress, the “New World Order” “fifth objective” was downplayed as only part of this overall address “Address Before a Joint Session of the Congress on the Persian Gulf Crisis and the Federal Budget Deficit”, rather than “Address Before a Joint Session of the Congress on the New World Order Third World Peace Stance” LOL

These guys are working together like clockwork; Expect anything in light of prophecy twisted and advanced to fit in the coming year; And may we have a whole year or more before this hits to keep our eyes open;

I do not feel the anxiety I used to feel, like I was in a rush; I realize, I speculate, God is allowing a good year to pepper this around, and with the web, who knows where it may just arrive, and given the JWN rather large forum population, and “lurker” readers, bot vaccums, and whatever, it will get around to wherever Jehovah will guide it, and it must wait until the full performance of God of course to finish off Rev8:2-5, plus others must be seeing some of this;

I feel guilty that that Daniel 11:36 “the king” and requirements impossible for the USSR to have fulfilled not to have hit me sooner; But, it is also God’s own timing, not just my irresponsibility at those 1991 to 2000 dates, when this was able to be determined; It makes me know though, just in Dan11:36, that these xGB ops are NOT reading scripture to enlighten any longer; That Daniel 11:27-45 would not have slipped by even an 80 year Brother Franz; No wonder he conveniently went silenced, that was key in fact, the USSR failing rewound that whole operation back to “and nothing will succeed” of Dan11:27;

By 2000 even the “signs seen in sun” by the world could be used to ascertain globalist world government is not a “conspiracy theory”, it is a natural evolution of human rulership, and it is more than a hub-system UN; When the world is out progressing our own “brothers” forward vision ability in the xGB, you know something is very wrong; The “eagle” is blind on purpose; No more can this be denied if people knew these basic problems in prophecy;

Now look at the DP text on Daniel 8, disprove itself;

Here is the prophecy:

(Daniel 8:11-12) And all the way to the Prince of the army it put on great airs, and from him the constant [feature] was taken away, and the established place of his sanctuary was thrown down. 12 And an army itself was gradually given over, together with the constant [feature], because of transgression; and it kept throwing truth to the earth, and it acted and had success.

*** dp chap. 10 p. 179 par. 29 Who Can Stand Against the Prince of Princes? ***

The enemy’s vicious attempts to desolate and destroy “the holy place” had failed completely. Indeed, the remaining “holy ones” on earth, along with their companions of the “great crowd,” had come off victorious. (Revelation 7:9) And the sanctuary, in its rightful theocratic state, now continues to render sacred service to Jehovah.

Well I guess that “failed completely” disqualifies Nazi Germany; The DP stated outcome completely contradicts the prophecy itself!! BUT we sure know what has “acted effectively and had success” in this actual infiltration that this foretells; They sure are “throwing truth to the earth”!!!

And just a note, that foretold “success”, in respective prophecies, is what disqualifies both the Nazi’s and the USSR; Something is successful in the org as MOL, and in the world seen as globalist KN, and they also want to cover up BOTH realities, and are “acting effectively” at it in BOTH operations; (Dan11:30)

Which, thanks for listening, this brings me to the subtle operations that have caused this irony:

*** w93 8/15 p. 16 par. 20 Go On Growing in Knowledge ***

“”Meeting after meeting could pass with the depths of his mental potential remaining in a frozen state, to continue our illustration of permafrost. We should ask ourselves: ‘Is it that way with me? Have I let a kind of mental permafrost set in?””


LOL, OH NO! Yes xGB, we know you are fossilizing!

BUT, reverse engineering this subtle “freeze” is kind of interesting;


Now we can see that 1980’s purge by Pope Schroeder and co. at Bethel in new light, as to the effect that had on JWs
discussing the bible in personal discussions; Right now I would be disfellowshipped, as fast as a person
could eat a donut, if the brothers knew what I was saying, LOL!

And that is what that WT publicized “purge” did, it set in a fear of reprisal for even honestly questioning prophecy for good reason, disguised as if everyone pointing out things wants to cause divisions, etc;

Isn’t it “uncanny” that a brother seeing some obvious truths from God, Christ, holy spirit and the Bible,
is in danger of “the KH stake”?

Now I understand as well we need to protect the truth, everyone and his mother bends, twists, applies,
re-applies and re-interprets the truth with damaging results at times, and Jehovah has historically always had a sole hawk who led the vision (based on a continuum since the apostles), like with Russell, Rutherford, and Franz, as Franz was very “instrumental” with Rutherford and Knorr, so God gave both those men a man who could concentrate on the Bible 100% (with aid of others), while they had to attend to the Org, like the symbolic picture of Zerrubbabel and Joshua, by Knorr’s time God had Knorr as the org guide worldwide innovator for good reason able to concentrate on that, and Franz as the “bible nut” who is known to have really dived in constantly, also for good reason, both things were “full time” jobs;

And this is a continuum, Franz may have been the unannounced funnel tip for this purpose of God, BUT the whole cone of the funnel is many people used by God to further the truth for 1900 years approximately; BUT, it often boiled down to that one channel, or two, or 12 like the apostles, but it had to further truth; The xGB experiment in full power from Jan 1, 1976, quickly became used for other, subtle purposes that only with hindsight, can we see now the “blowback” effect of a few key “policies”, and especially that UN/NGO, that was the icing on the cake, (so far);

1, But, we had the xGB formative MOL faction reduce the possibility of someone using the Bible to expose the infiltrators;

So, the xGB January 1, 1976 inner organizational power struggle for corporate authority, extending outwards, really was an
“experiment” that started showing signs of “lawless one” activity by even 1980; And the top 3 stumbling
policies were formulated between 1980 and 1991 sadly; But, as we see the Bible is exposing them, by God anyways in due time;

So reverse engineering these “blowback” effects it is obvious in just a little web research, that the UN,
pedophile policies and shunning rigidity have the deepest effects, in the millions stumbled if we combine
all those into one mass stumbling “wormwood” of hypocrisy that most JWs rightly ignore, because these
things are DESIGNED to stumble in stealth manner;

2. Hence it keeps JWs from the second place of potential exposure of the MOL ops, the web now;

We have the shunning “gnat” strain of congregational “purity” that actually does not protect the
congregation overall, it turned a warm brotherhood in part, into a suspicious, busy-body, organisaic “law”
“covenant” in part, WHILE gulping down the far more damaging “UN/NGO” “camel”; It is part of a coercion tactic;

Are we to suppose Jehovah buys that obvious contradiction in claimed purpose, for a pretext that merely
makes the brothers rigid, brings abusive speech from the outside against the truth, when we already had a
far better policy in the 70s officially as per:

*** WT 1974 8/1 p. 466 Maintaining a Balanced Viewpoint Toward Disfellowshiped Ones ***

We have very subtle damaging policies under a pretext of one thing, creating another; That is not a “truth” especially when God sees the reality; So, this is deeply deceptive, effective as prophesied, and tricky;

AND all this “bad press” as the fruitage gets examined over time, aids the MOL by encouraging JWs to not use the web 100% for preaching, research, and maybe discovering a needle in a haystack exposé from prophecy; They are reducing as much as possible all avenues of potential exposure, even accidental;

3. And lack of exposure to the web news realm, keeps JWs in “mainstream media” waters and Awake! “waters” of 1990 reality, not perceiving globalism properly as a basis of globalization as the circuitry of globalist 8th King architecture of an actual scarlet wildbeast system far more than just an “image” By the final “placement” of that “image” it will be accompanied by ALSO, this time, “another world power”, King number 8, the WHOLE thing, and they are trying to cover-up this reality to throw JWs into that storm of his rise, and temple judgment, as if it is “the end of the world”, but it is just the beginning of the final phases!

And, it is just the beginning of KNs use of this tactic to do who knows what in the evil planning in 230 lands; JWs will be expecting one thing by xGB conditioning, when in fact a whole period that eventually leads to what JWs are expecting now, is where it must stretch out to, and we have a divine map, a reliable map, that JWs are not perceiving due to xGB simplifications;

So, yes, they have boxed the average JW mind, I speculate, in 1990 thinking as far as world rulership actual developments that ALSO, where just getting started in the globalist phase with the 1990 DT in NWO mode; Then they purposely missed the “first test of our (NWO) mettle”, the Gulf War as Daniel 11:40 activating; (And th Daniel 11:41 “entry of the decoration” by infiltration; (Keep in mind, Dan11:29-35, 36-39, and 40-45 are not sequential, but over lap each other, they give details of  different aspects of globalist KN; And for the most part Dan11:31b, Dan11:36-39, and Dan11:40-41 all activate at the approximate 1990 NWO “placement” with the Gulf War as a globalist war op, undercover of US “national” identity, but it was the first globalist “war operation” of embryonic “Global NATO” to be; Then they “by-passed” the actual Global NATO (1999) significance as the “UN Army” of all time! Then they “by-passed” the 911 “world war” declared on “terror” as this system positions worldwide for the final war;

See, we have been put back 20 years, and are in “light” up to 1980-1990 level, plain and simple;

4. And then they issue statements to the effect “all the prophecies of Daniel and John have fulfilled to the smallest detail”; So, they have locked it all up, and just want to ride it to the next globalist world event, knowing from the globalists it is a “ten year” step like the others, but to JWs it will be a hoaxed advancement to cripple the org and try to shut-down the final witness;

Then reduced meetings, overly fixated on door to door, WT “half rations” coming up, minutia shuffling with prophetic disconnection, etc, to try to get JWs the spiritually weakest they have ever been to slide in this final set of MOL developments as “new light”;

And expect a “lightning storm” I speculate, to magnetically attach JWs to themselves with engineered credibility from “prophecy” for that very effect; All complainers are just “weeds” being sifted;

5. Then they continually downgrade the anointed so that that expression from holy spirit has less weight, to again, minimize the chances of exposure;


But we may ask, why still maintain something, like a deliberate policy, that stumbles more than it protects as shown in verifiable stats and trends? Well, we need not be puzzled now, of course MOL knows full well these things are stumbling and retarding development;

We know, as Paul stated “the mystery of this lawlessness is already at work”, and that applies to all MOL periods; So we know this has been active for a while, growing in power, we see JWs are still the truth vessel, and that is exactly why MOL is developed “by the operation of Satan”, so it is going to be masterful, and require the same super-natural level of power, but from God, to remove it as well;

Many JWs did not understand this dynamic at work (I full understand it has to open in time from God), so some stumbled fulfilling the refinement that also allows as some are “helped with a little help” as Jehovah realizes what is at work in Daniel 8:32-35, it is
prophetic that “those acting wickedly against the covenant” (Dan11:32) are in action from that 1991 manifestation and
no doubt had to be in preparatory “operations” well before 1991 “cherry on top” “Baal” UN development inside
Bethel; So, they have successfully peppered in stumbling blocks, and that too was foretold in Dan11:32-35;

(Daniel 11:35) And some of those having insight will be made to stumble, in order to do a refining work because of them and to do a cleansing and to do a whitening, until the time of the end; because it is yet for the time appointed.

So no doubt Jehovah and Christ help these stumbled, because some with “insight” are the ones stumbling to actually strengthen them in time; As we see, if a Ray Franz was legit, which he may have been wronged with those others, hard to tell, he did not connect this up to prophecy, but he did expose his experiences at this 70-80s period; I feel of course Jehovah is judge, but a situation like Barbara Anderson and her husband seem set-up from inside as an agent to expose the “pedophile” policies purposely developed like the UN/NGO for that purpose; But to many she seems like a legitimately stumbled sheep, yet it is all just too convenient her positioning in Bethel prior to a “news break” on her story, that due to 911, was postponed till summer of 2002; BOTH these scandals come out at the same time?

No, that is engineered, she had to also be in on this whole operation, things are just falling into place just a bit too timed and synergistically;

And as Jesus said, their fruitage (a trend now) reveals them, it is subtle, we JWs felt we had to adopt the policies, as
MOL knew we would, and that faction of control in the xGB (since 1976 it appears by evidence), aided by demons, have implemented viral “wormwood” teachings that have a greater objective, actual sin, and actual stumbling, and if it is doing
either one, it is demonic, and that is what has happened, subtle MOL “wormwood” as per prophecy, adopted as
if it is God’s will;

They simply kept overriding, or “smooth talking” the new ideas that are now invisible disasters to most JWs; The xGB 2/3 voting allowed a rule of committee in a fraction of infiltration to be successful; I think now it is 100%, so only “key” info will of course come through, I’ll bet the whole xGB is now all MOL ops; That is what they were progressing to;

And you can flip from 1993 to today in the WT, and actually see the nature of the articles being watered down; You will also see more “signs” past 2000, and I believe Lloyd Barry was the last guy that has any writing “pull” that was conveniently removed early; PRIOR to the UN/NGO total volcano of publicity; Of course we cannot know from the Franz days of 70s to 1992, and after who is fakes, we know something was at work for a total unit in time;

Now it is simply beyond a “dumb GB”, and all these external accusations, these guys are brilliant! This is obviously purposeful “ignorance” now; NO ONE is simple this “dumb”; These guys could have infiltrated anything, they are pros, they act dumb for effect, they know full well EXACTLY what they are doing; Like “clock work”, it is formulaic;

So in reversed engineering examination, we see this does more stealth damage (aided hugely and “silently”
by the web), and has “beat the fellow slaves”, not all, but some, with also factional “elder bodies” who
may follow the hardline of MOL when dealing with erring ones, pedophiles, and the UN hypocrisy and
continued condoning of that; I can actually start to admit to myself, that the “1/3” of Revelation may be orgwide, to a degree related to Satan’s “1/3” betrayal, and the “wormwood” spiritually ill effects it has on some; It will in fact affect us all in time in some way, but also! IT IS GOOD NEWS! It shows prophecy is activating with JWs, and a great final sequence is very very CLOSE to activating!

Sure is kind of God and Christ to provide a more reliable “road map” than the xGB “to point GT” purposeful bypass;

MAN! We have a number of years in just this phase of the 2300 units!


With out UN/NGO, robotic shunning coldness beyond reason, and the pedophile shuffling policies, JWs would,
in my opinion, be over 10 million maybe even 14 or 17 million, with that 911 event, we may even have had a sustainable surge of JWs to even 20 million, we simply would have had a more effective overall total truth;

IF we also would have said what all this globalist activity actually means, and opened up
to “demographic” targets, like “conspiracy theorists” for whom the Bible solves ALL their puzzles, with a
base framework of truth and actual wildbeast “mechanics”, and the “alien agenda” of Genesis 6, in one fell
swoop of truth!

(Of course we know this had to occur for prophetic reasons, it will all be worked out in God’s way as He already has a “full purchase” in the end;)

Maybe not 20 million, but 14 million was doable with actual truth working for us, rather than clandestine
sinners overplaying fear over love, rigidity of “law” over mercy, tunnel GT vision over open mindedness,
bible coma over true, in-depth bible study, coercion over freewill, etc;

YET, Jehovah can and will use this sub-optimum anyways, and he has the stumbled in mind as in Zeph3:18,
with faith rather than Pope Gestapos, we see Jehovah can use love, mercy, fearlessness, and honest
brotherhood to keep his own org clean, if not for the MOL working masterfully subtly against these things,
by appeal to the Adam in us all, fear and judging, rather than love, fearlessness and mercy;

But a lesson will be learned, and anyways the real thing is coming, and all this has done is gotten people focused on “org” soap operas, rather than Bible reality; And that too, was the intent of this puppet show take-over;


Reverse engineered, Jehovah can use this for a learning tool for other generations, and for the final
ministry, which obviously is going to be in a whole new framework of globalist distractions and objectives;
They have turned this into a sleepy JW festival, with many JWs thinking they have “worked the field” and
that the post-GT “pay” is now due; But Luke 17:10 is what is due, lol:

(Luke 17:10) So you, also, when you have done all the things assigned to you, say, ‘We are good-for-nothing
slaves. What we have done is what we ought to have done.’”

Now not all brothers just become MOL protégés, Jehovah knows what is going on as per Zech11, and he allows
it as per Dan11:32-35, it has to occur as the Israel pattern of course must replicate (along with the denial), as we have that
Adamic condition as well;

But we see an actual virus is coming from the xGB, the xGB is a composite of a “man”, an unapologetic “man”, who
feels he is already divvying up all Christ’s belongings in heaven, as per alleged new teaching on the web
from the annual meeting; This xGB “man” will never admit error, never says I am sorry, is smug and
pretentious, under a veneer of believability like a spiritual politician, “sits a queen” and feels calamity will never come, and has brothers rabidly protecting them, with dfing, as many actual “goats” are also developed by this attitude, so the truth of the matter is hidden in a 1 in 10,000 mix of general apostates, attackers and rebels;

We see, in reverse engineered form, this “virus” is protecting itself; And this is a can-of-worms, the one more digs and thinks, the more engineering becomes apparent;

But, when I compile interesting details from Isaiah, Hosea and Jeremiah, I will share those, they provide a sort of “cement” for the whole periodic frameworks, with amazingly insightful details all foretold!

Now that we can understand also the “cleanse” precursor period, and the interim enlightened “morning”, and the 1260 final meaning for Kingdom and Temple final declarations, AND that post “tribulation of those days” “break point” after the 1260, in an unknown interim, to the 1290 finality, however that may “unfold” we can now slice and sort Hosea, Jeremiah, Ezekiel and Isaiah into there applicable “periodic” sections of the overall framework and beyond past Rev20 into the 1000 years even, where applicable;

And Isaiah is very foundational, he, from God, covered BOTH the 740 BCE and 607 BCE assaults and that is very helpful for detailed insights that apply to each one respectively or share principles with those events in those ancient times;

So keep the prayers, reading, participation as usual, and studying going to keep building stronger and stronger faith and love, because MAN! Jehovah is just getting started! Christ and God are FAR from saying all that needs to be taught and said to JWs and the world system! BUT, we need to be very deep in faith Mike, because this is going to get SUPER deceptively tricky and intense – recall they actually want to destroy the JW org, and if they cannot they want to cripple and debalance it to delay it further!

This is REAL, and we have to keep this in mind, because it will “spring” on JWs just like a “thief in the night”, AND it won’t be the “thief” they are expecting! Denial and false impressions is NOT going to help the mental reception of what is ACTUALLY taking place; So, I see this as hopefully a good year to spread as much little hints around as possible, but to be innocent as a dove, but as stealth as a serpent, in regard to undue complications at congregational level;

If they knew what was really up, just the info could be quite stunning! Like Israel, many will have a hard time accepting the reality of this judgment; But if we just take the discipline, the recovery will also be refreshing, albeit in “sackcloth”, but it is leading to the TRUE grand climax of it all!!!!

May we keep they faith, and may Jehovah through Christ aid and bless our efforts and keep our hearts and minds focused on the Bible and the context of our own times!

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