Bethel Infiltration – the “GGG” (666) in the Governing Body Member Names

The “666” in The Governing Body Membership Names as “GGG”


Well in one way Guy Pierce completes the 3 G’s in all the GB names first letters. GGG, 666

There actual affiliation is not Christian, Barr and Jaracz are pointing at what appears to be an explosion behind the Brooklyn Bethel building, and Barr is in a 666 position with that odd 3 finger Bible grip.

It is on the Faith in Action DVD Part 2, captioned “let the light shine”, referring to what my suspicious mind sees as a nuclear explosion in NY.

When one takes like Google Earth and gets a street view of the Bethel building, and the proper angle of the Faith in Action DVD cover, and then projects the apparent “ground zero” behind that cover image of Bethel, Wall Street district is where the flash is coming from.


But I stopped doing such graphical research, because what they have in the theology in regard to “Daniel 11:44 fulfills next” and “the attack starts with BTG” is far more telling, and is already enough to know they are planning to cover up the move on the Bethel corporate network with deeply ingrained expectations in the JW mind to distract from the reality of the developments. And the fact none of that “theology” actually jives with prophecy also indicates they too would know this, for it is basic logic, but must be creating and retaining key errors in theology for another purpose. And that as been developing for decades.

With the “Daniel 11:44 must fulfill next” illusion, they can then fill in a decoy “King North” attacker, at or after the events, and plausibly “explain” the “attack”, while prematurely advancing JWs too far into world and prophetic events, out of sync with reality. The real King North is 3rd and 4th placement UN 8th King developments from Dan11:30-45 that Bethel aids the diversion of understanding in that prophecy by USSR retained error, at the same time they went UN NGO, as if a 3rd UN placement of 1990 as emerging “new world order”, in other words world government order, is insignificant and not foretold in that real Daniel 11:27-45 progression. Not foretold at all according to Bethel. The fall of the USSR symbolizes the fall of any national bloc power that must now become subservient to the 8th King world government, including the US national system next in line as the pin after the USSR. Retaining the USSR obvious error (Dan11:36b), allows that Daniel 11:44 overly advanced positioning with the fiction a bankrupted and non-existent USSR is the Daniel 11:42-43 global “King of the Gold”, which also covers up that future 8th King wealth globalization process at the same time as Dan11:42-43. Of course the USSR is king of nothing, and could be easily explained as irrelevant in Daniel 11. But that illusion and position in the prophecy will soon come in very handy in the future.

Before military use of power, financial monopoly in 8th King globalization is the real means of national subservience. The multi 100s of trillions in world national sovereign debt and unfunded liabilities provides the engineered context of the real Daniel 11:42-43 world wealth globalization process to begin soon.

Thus as Daniel 11:42-43 is what really activates next, for what must become like a 7 to 10 year process through Daniel 11:44-45 some years into that final globalization cycle, Bethel will hoax JWs with that Dan11:44 illusion and the “end of the world any day” expectation and they will say Daniel 11:44 “attack” has begun as a cover up of the real operation, and a cover up of the fact the final 8th King globalization process is what is activating, and the fact it takes a number of years to actually achieve 4th UN placement of Dan11:45 as a complete and actual world government, well beyond the UN scope of power, but including it as it’s international forum.

The fact Bethel retains an obvious USSR erred interpretation based on USSR former success and existence (for 20+ years now after 1990), as it must be a continuum as per Daniel 11:36b, of course indicates they have another purpose in mind for Daniel 11:44 as an illusion aid, already well installed in the JW mind since 1958. And Bethel has other errors created and retained to aid the hoax even further.

The attack can also be further covered up by the “it’s the attack on Babylon the Great” illusion. And thus JW engineered theology is set up to aid the actual takeover as complete as possible of the Bethel worldwide corporate network. I mean look at the extravagance of these new branches and assembly halls, they can all be absorbed into the 8th King overall bag, in a worldwide context that will also be stressing many national institutions as well, all aiding the illusion the “great tribulation” is the end of the world.

In fact the judgment begins with God’s “house” as per 1Pet4:17, not BTG. As explained later, BTG is present for the whole final globalization process for the most part. The 8th Kingers are saving BTG deposition for the grand finale “world peace” effect, and to aid national recovery by capital transfusion in the neighborhood of a quadrillion in hard assets worldwide in today’s approximate dollar terms. But I cover that next, the reality is what exposes the Bethel hoax as well.


In Reality

1. But contrary to JW delusions, that final tribulation cycle must end as per Matt 24:29. So like the same WW1, 2, 3 (cold war) formula, an engineered tribulatory cycle that may include war, terror, etc, is merely the preparatory birthing womb for each successive UN presentation that occurs in the resolution phase of those tribulatory cycles’ end. All  UN renditions were presented after the UN heroes of course take credit for the world war peace resolution and or validate the need for world government existence as with the League of Nations. So it is a pretty predictable cycle and engineered outcome with three examples, and of course why the Bethel UN aligned cabal truncates JW UN placement awareness in 1945 at 2nd UN placement, and makes no comment of the post cold war 3rd UN presentation of that time.

The 1-2-3-4 world-war-to-UN cycle would be too easy to plainly lay out as what is going on here, IF JWs figured out what the 3rd UN placement means and were it is in prophecy. I mean it is basic logic, not even dependent on prophecy to see it is an active interrelated development super-cycle. And this 4th cycle will use a similar formula, but will result in a full world government a number of years after the JW corporate attack phase. (Theoretically JWs could put  2 and 2 together, and form the 1-2-3-4 UN sequence and show it in the prophecy Bethel now covers up as Dan11:30-45, so it is best in 8th King planner minds, to just wipe out the JW ministry entirely, as no one else will make this 1-2-3-4 UN connection to where it must ultimately lead like 10 or 12 years from now or so. But since JWs could “accidentally” use their brains some day, it is playing it safe to also attempt to just erase the first 2 UN placements in JW theology up to 1950. As far as UN world government is concerned it’s best to get rid of JWs completely, even in their fully subverted form. After 1960 or so the org sort of radically devolved very gradually into today’s neo-papal style Bethel and inquisition corruption protection devices, so no one can cut the Bethel vampires out, and now the corruption owns the joint on paper. (JWs are not the only national or trans-national obstacles to be smoothed out in this coming cycle.)

2. By prophetic sequencing and strategic logic, BTG is present all the way through that final cycle, and is deposed at the end of it to aid the world “peace and security” delusion, and is useful for divisionary needs in the final tribulatory period as usual in world war and general social confusion. Thus the “attack” cannot actually be beginning with BTG, also present in Rev16 final fulfillment 6th plague sequence of Rev16:12-16 parallel full national sovereign transfer of Rev17:12-18, meaning BTG is present to te final phase of the cycle, very deep into the end period.

Plus BTG is a hard asset storage of enormous wealth and capital tat can be redirected for tat national recovery as the tribulation ends in an overall sense. To some people the tribulation will be life as usual of course, it takes a comprehensive global picture to know how this is all engineered and the tribulation will have a peak and gradations depending on local, economy, nation, etc, but will also subside into an actual enormous recovery to aid the reception of world government. They can buy people’s trust, and BTG controlled deposition, like Betel before them, aids that transfusion but at far larger scale than the JW Bethel nest egg.

3. And as Daniel 11:44-45 cannot occur prior to globalization of finance, monetary and investment systems for this final cycle, and to aid the national hope in what will actually be a great national recovery, but under world government, that too is revealed to be merely part of the Bethel end game hoax prematurely advanced to cover up one great event of Dan11:42-43, with a hoax event also perceived to be great in extent, but out of sync with reality, but in sync with JW long conditioned expectations.

Those 3 long held Bethel deceptions, as shown logically to be quite to the contrary of Bethel purposeful fictions, and also prophetically pure fiction in Betel theology, it sort of indicates these deceptions must have been created and then retained for other purposes, and it all adds up to being used in the actual commencing final globalization cycle intrigues to conceal the deconstruction of Betel aided from within, as if purely external and prophetic. It really is a handy self fulfilling prophecy, except the perceived fulfillment will not be what JWs think it is, of course that greatly aids the overall process, and leaves JWs vulnerable for other uses as they will flee into the organization routes of protection, which will in some cases not be safe at all, and that can go on for a couple years. If other things did not develop, JWs would be toast.

Thus the worst clues are in JW’s concreted theology that provides a self fulfilling prophecy the actual operation can use as cover to go helter skelter worldwide and JWs won’t have an inkling as to what is really going on, their eyes will be pasted to the sky awaiting Christ, who does not arrive as per prophecy until AFTER the tribulation ends as per Matt24:29-31 many years after the JW implosion, like a decade or so. So the Bethel obvious error that Christ is judging in the GT, is also simply out of whack with Matt24:29-31 plain description and logic of Christ’s obvious post-tribulation manifestation, and it aids JW anxiety to be sent into overdrive when this actually hits Bethel first, also as per 1Pet4:17 prophecy plain as day.

If one deeply imagines the scenario, the lawless Bethel elements are the only ones to be explaining to JWs what will be going on, as month turns into a year, and then two, one wonders what tricks the Bethel cabal will pull out next to explain Christ’s delay. If they just split at year one or two, then what? Are JWs going to sit around another 20 years ultra-conservatively haggling prophecy into more and more stagnant error for another decade? Without an overall framework, tat is exactly what JWs would do, but in time the replication awareness will be given to them.

For the last 20 years at least, it is like cave dwelling idiots are doing JW fossil theology now, and they are (but they are purposeful “idiots”, to make JWs idiots in the key attack period), they have not updated one concept of globalization as a world government basis since they went into power in 1976 to ensure JWs would be 1980 minded globalism hillbillies and rip van winkles. Not once does Bethel connect globalization to 8th King power foundations. JWs are very backward in globalization basics that many people plainly see in millions of research documents from international world government experts themselves, researchers, certain politicians, etc. JWs are a very strange anachronism, from another time in world reality. But then again, many in the world also do not see the globalization cycle must crystallize into actual world government. JWs though, are the ones who should see all this before anyone else, and if not for the engineers of purposeful backwardness inculcating this mentality, JWs would eventually have figured this out, and that is why the GB is the stranglehold to ensure perpetual JW brain deadism.

Since all these things unfold for several years amidst a globalization process of the world that will get more obvious a real world government is what is coming, and that 8th King system will also get more vocal of intent once it is well underway, I just tell who I can because they are guaranteed by accurate prophecy as to how the cycle will actually unfold a number of years as Daniel 12 major and final fulfillment – the place Daniel 11:42-45 must wind up at “during that time” of Dan12:1 inclusive statement. What is actually hitting JWs is a replication of the temple judgment cycle as Dan8:13-14, which purification is Rev8 final fulfillment, which desolation and recovery is Rev 9 “abyss” and opening, which in time leads to Rev10-11 second of “two witnesses” final warning. (Rev10:11); Plus the basic logic of real globalization forming to climax is a final stage change applied quickly, albeit in a decade or so to incept, and also takes great effort and of course time. Many national powers currently cannot imagine surrendering complete sovereign autonomy to a global dictatorship, but that is exactly what Rev17:12-18 must finalize as. By the time they are tenderized enough, the biggest national powers and everyone else in suit, will surrender their sovereign core financial and governmental “power and authority” to this 8th King world government voluntarily.

So the very idea “it can end any day now”, now a days, with all this known final world governmental developmental projection and time requirements, is of course strangely absurd, and that is exactly the JW mindset they want to create for it will be useful in the Bethel crunch cycle. By this robotic belief, JWs will actually aid the final cycle of Bethels implosions, and the initial start up of the globalization cycle in their sector of world influence, who will be people also programmed to be headless chickens when this hits for a couple years at least. It’s better for people to be divided and confused, than to understand the basic actual framework. In that way the tribulatory effect is also maximized by psychology in the collective yet divided world mind.

JWs had all this framework already present in the initial Kingdom and temple foundation cycle prophecies, and that is why Bethel subverts that understanding as it must also repeat. They do not want JWs understanding the replication is required. That replication is also concealed by current Bethel engineered, over simplified, premature and deceptive prophetic fictions, so JWs will need this pattern, but of course will not understand it as Bethel is going down for “transgression causing desolation” as UN NGO of Dan8:13. It will take some time for JWs to finally put the pieces together after the fact, once Bethel’s desolation sort of wakes them up to reality, and years roll by with no “Armageddon” as expected.

Since I know JWs have big trouble on the way, as per Matt24:15 I try to get them out of the org, and NOT to obey organizational direction “at that time” as per that WT 11/15/13 pg. 20, par. 17, directive 3 leading. The Bethel org is run by not erring and hypocritical Christian men corrupting, but by UN allied undercovers and all that worship implies. It is all a brilliant act of the collective “superfine apostle” as per 2Cor11:13-15. (Rev2:2 is what JWs will not be commended for).

Guy Pierce means the guy who is pierced, as Christ, as Bethel is “set in opposition” to Christ. Sam Herd means “Satan’s herd” of JWs. They may be a born in “seed”, that is anointed or designates of Satan who are born for a life of Satanic service as the permitted “vessels of wrath”, and the GB (and WTS) is full of them (as are many world power systems), it is the ultimate blasphemy to have Satanic anointed masquerading as Christian anointed, and that is what they are up to, and they are damn good at it, just like their father. (Jon8:44). Just a speculation. Then his name was already known with his future role according to angelic means of forecasting the use of his own seed, meaning this really goes beyond human understanding and guidance as does the 8th King system as well.

Humans alone could not orchestrate whole world wars to successfully birth world government forms successfully for four renditions without extra intelligence capable of direct oversight over that whole century, and before. What is coming to planet earth is all in the Bible as very real, eventually very strange events as Satan will “come in” as that world government is completed. (As per Eze 38 Gog from “remotest part of the north” (for Eze38:7 purpose), which is deep spaces of the universe) And Christ is showing up simultaneously, and for good reason, and that post 1260 days into the 1290 days are drawn out and extended periods, it is not an instant “end of the world”, because Christ will personally accept surrender as per Rev14 post Kingdom completion shows the ministry goes on (Rev14:6-7) even through the destruction of BTG. By faith in the sacrifice ANYONE can be saved at that time. The faith merely has to be real, Christ wants to save people, and that mission (Rev14:14-16) is a priority above the destructive finalities (Rev14:17-20) that follow a full scouring of planet earth entirety for the sheep. As we see in Matt25:31-46 some sheep do not realize the source of their salvation, some sheep do not know they are sheep. Of course Bethel has created a repulsive counterfeit system of “salvation” contrary to what Christ will have to clarify prior to the end. And he will complete his own ministry (Matt10:23), because of human limitations, and it is logical Christ finishes what he started for God, personally.

But that is many years off, first the 8th King must complete the globalization cycle fully.

When they hit, they are going to hit hard for a couple to three years (Dan8:14 “evening”), and then they are going to try to make sure JWs stay inside that Rev 9 abyss of desolation “darkness” in that “evening”. JWs represent the opposing world governmental order in Christ’s kingdom, and these 8th King guys do not mess around once they get a dog down. But as per prophecy, JWs will be recovered after a complete purification and expulsion in whatever way it unfolds, of all these subverters. (Zech3:4-5; 2Thess2:8) (That too may take a few years as per Dan8:14 “morning”) It’s going to be serious, but by like aid (holy angelic; Zech3:4-8), JWs have to come up from the ashes as Eze37 final fulfillment populates the Rev9 final Christian “world invasion” of a final purified truth, which Bethel befouled as per Zech3:1-5. JWs will be in sackcloth come Rev 11 time.

The point being, God has to inform the world of where this final globalization and world government cycle is actually going to lead to, a planetary war with God and Christ and the Kingdom of God for Earth’s final rulership. And it will have a number of years in Daniel 12 of bend over backward warning in full detail with plenty of evidence. Even when Christ arrives after the tribulatory period, it is still not the absolute end, but the Daniel 12:11 (1290 day) partial period of final sheep separation, which of course God wants to save more than just JWs, so Christ and his powers is what will complete the ministry very personally, in that 1290 day totally final period. And in time JWs have to fully describe a process that can be fully explained once JWs know Dan 12 replicates with the Rev8-11 and Rev16 seven trumpets and plagues in sequence, but over several years, the first of which the 8th King will try to bury this reality. (There is much truth the Bethel demons are hiding and twisting, but that cannot be indefinite.)

That is why God, through Christ nearly must literally hand the “little scroll” of accurate clarifications to Christian anointed. There is no other way to recover JWs as fast as they will need to get on track, even if only 1 million remain. Of course there may be more, but tere may be less, we do not know the extent of Rev 8 “1/3” purge meaning. (Zech13:8-9). In any event, God and prophecy cannot fail to do what is specified.

So JWs thinking it is all about over, are in for quite a surprise in time, in reality it is just beginning with the JW org desolation. I assume a “desolation” financially and organizationally predominantly, not actually much destruction, as the 8th King operation wants to secure those assets in good condition I would think, but a few may be sacrificed. As far as JWs, of course Bethel’s goal is liquidation or total seizure and imprisonment, silencing. But they can’t get them all (Hos1:7), but they can get the org to some severe degree (Dan8:11b, 13).

I know it may sound crazy, but the JW theological set-up is of course very telling to those who understand how ingrained it all is in the JW collective mind, and also understand how in error it is according to the prophecies they are subverting in various ways in very basic illogic, indicating it is NOT accidental but a purposeful override with intended future use. No one could be this obtuse about logical details and this lawless and stagnant unless it is by design. In fact the Dan11:30-31, 32-35, Dan8:11-14 prophecies now buried in the WW2 past in total Bethel fiction, really culminated in 1990 UN NGO climax events, and they foretell the operation, it’s source of origination, it’s main players, key event and objectives in detail, and has self-incrimination already programmed into it’s logic (like Dan8:12, and Dan11:30b-31a).

So those key prophecies are also the targets of Bethel cover up by erred diversion, that they subvert while they actually are fulfilling them. It all foretells even the subversion  and cover up at Daniel 8:12, once we know the UN NGO is the Daniel 8:13 “transgression causing desolation” and that it parallels Daniel 11:30-31 in the 1990 culmination of the UN NGO as that transgression by UN and Bethel purposeful collusion, but was active for some time prior to 1990, obviously. Now the Matt24:15 “disgusting thing” is placed right at Bethel as UN NGO and all imbibed into JW literature as “constant feature” since that time officially starting with Awake! 9/8/1991.

Unlike JW uncertain ambiguity inconsistent with the prophecies and world developments they claim to be divine experts on, I am merely describing a UN alternative awareness at Daniel 11:27-45 as 8th King King North and it’s root implied “8th horn” activity maturing at Daniel 8:11-25 that connects to Daniel 12 in live real-time time, over a number of years implied in that Daniel 1 sequence, that cross relates in Dan 8:14 to a temple purification symbolic in Rev8:1-6 that must proceed in that cycle activating with Daniel 8:14. Thus the point of JW diversion in GB subversions with purposes to support 8th King world governmental final globalization cycle, is where JWs took the off ramp. Once we even theoretically go back and get on the right direction, then we see along the route of real world developments, a number of events over a number of years will verify the sequence.

And it starts with a JW organizational desolation, so it’s beginning point of it’s next stage of developments, will be well marked and not left up to chance, either the JW org will just continue to devolve, or it will abruptly cease to operate, even if over 1-3 years. The prophecy marked by Bethel lawlessness (2Thess2:3-4) says the JW org must be desolated by human and divine sources interested in that outcome. When you have both God and the 8th King coming down on the same target, something has to give. God is purposing a purification and clarification to reality, the 8th King wants to fully remove the JW organization by internal aid, so a balance will be struck as the 8th King cannot overpower God, and it just marks his activity is all prophetic and must in the end add to the credibility the final cycle has actually begun.

And it will have enough time guaranteed to let as many people know as possible, and in any event Christ will scour planet earth with “purchase” power to save anything he finds in his final completion of his own ministry, but as a God going into the seat formerly taken by Satan for an everlasting tenure of life power, for a change (Heb2:14) ruling earth; (Eze47; Rev21-22). So if a person can be worked with, and Christ will know if they will be cooperative or defiant, he can save people even unaware of his existence. He bought the entire planet, not just humans because the Admic hierarchy of Genesis 1:26-28 is now Christ’s “last Adam” uncompromisable human foundation. It is inevitable systemic life will take over planet earth, rater than systemic death from satan working through Adamic sin that gave access to Genesis 1:26-28 hierarchy of life power blessing, that was turned into a death curse.

(1 Corinthians 15:22) For just as in Adam all are dying, so also in the Christ all will be made alive.

Even animals must benefit from incorruptible, that is imperishable life (Matt19:28; Rom8:22-28):

(Ezekiel 47:9) And it must occur that every living soul that swarms, in every place to which the double-size torrent comes, will get life. (Ezekiel 47:12) “And alongside the torrent there will come up, along its bank on this side and on that side, all sorts of trees for food. Their leafage will not wither, nor will their fruitage be consumed. In their months they will bear new fruit, because the water for them—it is coming forth from the very sanctuary. And their fruitage must prove to be for food and their leafage for healing.”

And that is the kind of message concept, JWs have to eventually bear when they come off their high horse of self-righteousness that flies in the face of undeserved kindness with ever word JWs now utter in their misled revolt. We are getting down to the wire, and JWs currently are doing mindless loops of human performance around a completely alien track of tradition and fantasy, and that is not aiding the overall cause and what Christ and God are actually about. Of course with willful and actual demon worshipers actually running the ministry and Bethel for decades now, with masterful mind control methods, and zero genuine anointed input, it isn’t any wonder JWs are as lost as they are. There is only one way to break the coma, a real temple judgment.

I just say the prophecy indicates it starts with JWs (1Pet4:17 as Dan8:13-14 as Rev8:1-6), and must drag on into the final 8th King globalization cycle of Dan11:42-45 as Rev17:12-18 and Rev16:12-16, and it results in a complete 8th King and a complete Messianic Kingdom to settle it a couple Daniel 12 timed periods of a number of years well after temple judgment desolation commencement gauged along 7 trumpets and 7 plagues paralleling their respective theaters of deployment as in JWs (Rev8-11) and the world context (Rev15-16)  in a simple cycle of logical replication over the whole cycle from incept of JW temple desolation. It’s easy to see once the current Bethel blinders come off, but it appears God will allow the 8th King to wipe out the whole Betel head. (Zech3:5);



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