Fred Franz and the Bethel Apostates

Yes, Fred Franz definitely knew what that 1976 power coup really was (even earlier), but Fred was no strategic dummy, he’d already been through a couple world wars of attempted WT takeovers, and he knew of the Bethel placed Soviet COs and DOs who just vanished into thin air as the Berlin Wall was going down; Meaning Fred knew JWs were infiltrated in Russia and East Germany and other places, placed by Henschel and other known intel drones at Bethel were those cells had to be placed by in certain key members;

Fred knew that the final fulfillment temple judgment, cleanse and completion is an easy to see Bible pattern, and will have a complete replication of events, characters and final meaning, including MOL;

We know now Milton Henschel was an intel spy that was feeding out information on Knorr like a shadow on him since 1939; Like Paul said “the mystery of this lawlessness is already at work”, in this manifestation any time after 1922 JWs have had infiltration;

But by 1976 over half the GB were CIA or other globalist intel ops; By 1990 we see what they wanted to do, and soon, we will see that is not all they have planned on the JW org, they are going to walk out of that place with MILLIONS, those who survive the angelic kills of Hos 1:4-7 is Zech3:4-7 is Rev9:13-15 in round terms as the angels send the globalist puppets to oblivion or back to the globalist “HQ” to tell the KN powers Jehovah and Christ are now, at that time, FULLY in the temple and to get their sorry axes ready for Armageddon which aint 20 years off, at the longest, (2033), from this point, and of course may occur in the 1290 days period, beginning activation ANY TIME after the 2300 units (Dan8:14) and 1260 days of Rev11:2 have completed, with the Rev8:6-13; Rev9:1-21 unknown JW recovery and final pre-warning segway leading to the FINAL world warning of all time in that 1260 day segway final warning to 144000 completion, the FINAL “Two Witnesses” 2.0 – there are indeed TWO witnessings;

That is when Christ arrives (Matt24:29-31 post “Tribulation of those days” breakpoint is post 1260 days; The “cloud” of Rev11:12 is the clouds of Matt24:30;), BUT Armageddon is not immediate, that is the staging point of the final harvest (Rev14:14-16), and set-up for “wine press mode” (rev14:17-20) thus the final collection of sheep, as Christ himself finishes his own ministry on planet earth for this conquest phase – with “all the holy ones”; (Zech14:5b; Jude 14)

As we see from Rev6:12-17, Christ and the TRUE “Powers that Be”, are going to take their sweet time with the globalists and all their “special forces”; They are not in a rush to wipe them out, what can they do when Christ is in power? They will be annihilated to exact micro-seconds of foreknown purpose and angelic position and power; They WILL be hoping the mountains fall on them, payback is a beeeyatch, and this will be the BIG one; Then Satan is taken full POW with his crew;

Armageddon is not a big rush, but in various places strategically around the world, in it’s own precise angelic sorties, the world will “end” for various world powers opposed to Christ’s Kingdom one at a time, but with a symphonic strike we can assume like this world aint never seen 20 billion angels, in battle array, 70,000 mph, and 144000 as well, Christ and a God Almighty atmospheric entry to boot; They are going to melt in their boots, I kid you not!

BUT God is giving still, YEARS of final warning;

THAT is what is coming, and that is why there is no rush to destroy people, God wants to SAVE people, so he will give that 1150 days, or 2300 days bridge to the transition of Rev8-9 to the 1260 days, so people, when they see WW4, when they see BTG sucked down, when they will have seen the JW org go into the abyss of Rev9:1-4 (and come out), who but the stalwart blind and stubborn can just say this is all “coincidental” when this occurs?

And it’s going to occur year over year; WW4 aint no picnic, but it also is not the end of the world; (Matt24:6)

Those not covered will be completed and saved by Christ as per prophecy; The “great crowd” may very well be 250 million people more or less, who knows;

The JW org is the FIRST thing to get hit, contrary to JW xGB mythology; (1Pet4:17); and the JWs will be the least thing as well; (Rev11:2-7); And that pattern is in Assyria and Babylon’s attack of Israel and Jerusalem of ancient times; The globalists, like Pharaoh, will not stop until they are stopped, and this first hit on the JW org, will have a divine break point (Hos1:4-7; Dan8:14) with a known prophetic timed period for a good reason, as WW2’s interp in error has no good reason to have a timed prophecy, then the globalists will come back in the war and after it, to try to finish the JWs (and many others) off the face of the earth;

But it is their bones the JW survivors (and many others not incorrigible in GC salvation), will be picking up later; (Eze38-39);

Soon, JWs will no longer be handled with kid gloves by the wildbeast (this is all a JW xGB cotton candy illusion), because that “incense” burn to the wildbeast in 1991, will be replaced by the truth once again, THEN the wildbeast boys are going to get angry; And that is what God wants, because him and Christ aint going through all this trouble to preach to globalists and negotiate terms of ownership, they will be coming for their blood, and they want them in a fighting mood, all together and all armed to the teeth (Joel3:9-12; Eze38:7) and the globalists and co. can meet the other side of Jesus Christ; personally;

The Watchtower of today is cotton candy fluff therapeutic filler, to lull JWs to the tunnel; JWs have become organizational ear-ticklers and pretty boys, no longer an organizational witness of the real truth of Jehovah God Almighty and Jesus Christ, but a watered down 1990 version of wish wash and flim flam, covered over sins, and a temple judgment that will catch us JWs BROADSIDED;


But certainly, your main point here, is that the GB has indeed become a new god for the majority in the WTS! They love this god and will not tolerate anyone challenging them, not even anything in the Bible. I’ve seen the degree of this devotion. 


Yes, but this is by a subtle associative injection; These GBs, who can’t even write the measly offerings they now provide but by aid of a non-priestly class of duped “other sheep”, simply rewording therapy doctrine, have associated themselves by context of the org, with Russell, Rutherford, Knorr and Fred Franz;

Those are the guys God used for organizational and prophetic visionary work, PERIOD; The GB are bean counting frauds trying to plagiarize credit for the labors, research and work of Fred Franz the primary harmonizer of Russell and Rutherford’s God given insights through Christ, to the final meanings of the 1950-1990 era of clean worship, that was slowly being tainted by the Henschel/Schroeder globalist puppet frauds; (And others)

That is how this GB has “slipped in”, acting like the spiritual and organizational genius of the Russell-Rutherford-Knorr-Franz God enlightened foursquare truth and ministerial foundation; Henschel was the evil 5th wheel fake; Look what they up and pulled when Fred lay incapacitated the poor frauds;

I kid you not, if Rutherford was still here, he would beat the living hell out of those guys right on the Bethel lawn with a boat oar and an axe, no one said a servant of Christ has to be perfect as Peter well showed, and Joe would show them the door in his earlier days;

But we wait on God now; LOL

But the point is, the “other sheep” are not in the same class as the befouled “Joshua” of Zech3:3, but the general fraud GB pomp and smug infallibility can be seen in various cloned “other sheep” elders; No doubt, part of the surge of anointed will be to cover those who have been ruined by this “wormwood” taint that has infested the Governing Body today, a spiritual putrefaction that is now being oozed into public awareness by God himself, and He hasn’t even started the REAL exposure;

This GB is in 2Cor11:13-15 masterful mode of masquerade, aided by demons at Zech3:1 and 2Thess2:9, so a guy like Stephen Lett, is probably technically human in genetic, but who knows what being or beings use that man’s presence; He exudes the “Applewhite” inner strangeness, the rest of the droning monologue GBers are also just endlessly looped 1990, echoed re-played “taped” shpeel to mesmerize JWs into the tunnel, and to direct the slaughter from within (ZO) when this MASSIVE next world event series manifests like a 911×911;

They even have predictive programming of these developments,

to cover the suspicions that such things will arouse, as the xGB goes into full “Judas” mode betrayers and thieves – SOD Sons of Destruction;


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