Governing Body 1976 “Lifting Themselves Over Everyone” – Phase 1

The xGB Man of Lawlessness – Spiritual Megalomania 1976

Reverse Engineering what the Man of Lawlessness “Body” is Actually “Governing”

I do not offer this critical assessment of the Jehovah’s Witnesses (JW) organization (org) to encourage JWs to leave the organization, but to go into “innocent as dove, cautious as serpent” mode and await a MASSIVE JW org temple judgment by God as per clear prophecy, which this xGoverning Body (xGB) is leading JWs into through a trend of heavy sins, while JWs are being led to believe Great Tribulation (GT) is next;

But in fact it is God’s divine cleansing (Dan8:14) and payback time for 21 years of UN wildbeast worship, and a terminal list of xGB and JW org systemic leaven sins by policy that is next as per prophecy;

As a Jehovah’s witness, like Christ, we are in a state of mission from baptism, and in a covenant vow to perform the mission come hell, xGB “man of lawlessness”, or high water, just as Christ did when he TOO, encountered a house the demons were administering through the “governing body” of the Sanhedrin and priesthood of his day, also a spiritually polluted deceptive mess like today’s Bethel xGB “priesthood”; (Zech3:1-3)

BOTH conditions fulfill final prophecy!

An xGB “gone bad” is GOOD NEWS!!!!

We are almost done with them, and we can take God’s mission appliance back, even if it is 90% destroyed, we will have angels aiding us in greater force; (Zech3:4-7; Rev8:2-5 (cleanse); 6-13 final segway to Rev9 5th and 6th final fulfillment mode trumpets!)

For all intents and purposes, the so-called “Governing Body” is what destroyed Jehovah’s Witnesses clean spiritual standing with God, the Governing Body in unaccounted power, was the worst thing that happened to us JWs;

The 1976 GB experiment, has FAILED; (Dan8:11-14)

The 1976 GB experiment, has gradually been rendered 100% apostate infiltration; (Dan11:30-32)

Reverse Engineering the “Governing Body” Actual Objectives

Strategy 1 – Create a Compromisible “Body” of Power

The “man of lawlessness” (MOL) began unbridled operations almost immediately upon the grasp of the power over the JW org in 1976; From then on the very pattern of the “forefather” of the Papacy manifested with a purposeful Bethel “witch-hunt”, and selectively publicized events surrounding that “Inquisition” to instill fear in JWs to not study the Bible with any Revelation 2:2 insight, and not to speak up;

If the MOL will cut off his own heads, you bet he will cut YOU off too, was the message sent!

Fear Aided Concealment of MOL: If you see the “man of lawlessness” from the Bible, in the xGB, by all means do not say a word! Their judgment is God’s judgment!

Thus began a subterfuge of masterfully deceptive, self protecting viral compounding corruptions left unaddressed, guided by a “committee” that could soon be fully controlled by external agency, under the pretext of “doctrinal unity”;

Strategy 2 – Begin Reducing the Probability of Exposure Within

This clever and purposeful development was to reduce the chances of a Christian using the Bible to test the “apostles” and reveal the “lawless one” “already at work” as Paul by God, foregleamed a hint that the MOL operates for a while prior to full revealing; (Rev2:2; 2Thess2:7)

The GB-Papal Inquisition was the first move of all classic “man of lawlessness” phases to gain inner control of JWs by fear, disguised as doctrinal security;

This led to full install of the MOL viral system “gradually” (Dan8:12) and with deceptive grace for years of this operation to the preliminary “coup” of the UN/NGO wildbeast worship idol covertly rolled into Bethel itself in 1991, within 15 years of MOL xGB centralized operations; (Dan8:12)

Strategy 3 – Twist Scriptures to Apply More Fear Within

The next stage was creating from the xGB-Inquisition, a gradually intensifying reactionary legalistic “neo-Jesuit elder body” cascading effect down to congregational level, for enforcing Gestapo style “JW unity” conformity, which became fear, coercion and reprisal based “glue”, slowly but surely replacing development of real love which casts fear aside when it is perfected; (1John4:18)

Fear driven conformity is the basis of much of the “flock” “unity” now; The xGB “shepherd” beats the “sheep” by policy, and the “sheep” accept it as love and security;

A clever and progressive reactionary atmosphere of suspicion and fear has been incrementally created, hiding under a pretext of potential mock concern for protection of spiritual purity to apply rigidly from  lukewarm or cold org coded “standard procedures” and elder “body” robotics, rather than genuine warmth and genuine concern from the heart as the basis of standards;

Thus began also the trek to peer approval based “service”, which God was still able to use to the advantage of the preaching of the “good news”;

Yet the atmosphere would breed more plastic fruitage, in increasing magnitudes, as time went by; This is a gradual thing, the slow boiling of a frog, meant ultimately for a final event against Jehovah’s witnesses by this subverted allegiance to a human group (xGB), in the meantime; Increasing coercion rather than freewill; Intensifying self-righteous application of rigid icy power rather than humility, mercy, love and warmth;

This unbalances real deep Bible study, with the preaching work routine topicals, and the newbie levels of Bible knowledge is as deep as most JWs now develop; Strategically brilliant, JWs preach too much in comparison to deep Bible study;

LOL, Obviously God is still able to use this general error in balance to bring in more people to the knowledge of salvation;

The problem is, if we preach to others, and become disapproved ourselves, then as Jesus stated, if we gain the whole world, but forfeit our own soul due to losing sight of the Bible, for an xGB puppet show, what is it really worth then?

And that is the goal of the xGB; Disconnect JWs from deep Bible understanding anti-progressively stuck in 1990;

Self Fueling Ruination Cycle

More sins in God’s eyes were piling on this now self-cursed “body” of self-right progressively, taking full credit for the fine works of former and actively righteous brothers of developmental insight they had nothing to do with but clever regurgitation aided by anyone available, doing far more spiritual polluting than it was indeed cleansing – that is demon intelligence in operation; (Zech11:17; Eze16:26;)

That affected the holy spirit, and a self-fueling cycle set in, one sin led to more sins, repeat as necessary;

Regularly, infractions of basic teachings and Biblical principles are presented in the Watchtower;

Good Disguise, Thanks!

This allowed a commandment of God to preach by heartfelt motivation of love and appreciation to God through Christ, to become a “legal” system of quantifiable “society” works and wardrobe, props and buzzwords, timecards and boasters, and this allowed accepted disguises for more infiltrative actors to slip in on this pretext of “life time of service”; Except it was “service” to the FBI, CIA or MI6 or whoever, disguised as “service” to the Kingdom, chock full of polished Adamic pretense; (Dan11:32a; Jude4) All one had to do was look the part, and put in 20 hours a week, and the agents were in, in more and more numbers – the core henchmen were already running the xGB, core finance, core logistics, core planning;

JWs gradually lost scriptural and spiritual ability to discern things deeper than appearances, and say something about it; (Rev2:2)

Man’s Salvation Out of World Distress at Hand! chap. 12 p. 207 par. 5 Christendom and Judaism Now Facing Desolation had this “Deja Vu” to note:

However, as, in the parable, the enemy came by night when men slept and oversowed the same field with weed seed, or bearded darnel seed, so later on, when baptized professing Christians did not keep awake and on the watch against the invasion of error and pretenders, Satan the Devil would sow imitation Christians in among the true “sons of the kingdom.”

Thus prophecy does repeat itself; We do realize we are dealing with Adam’s offspring here!

Misapplied Virtue

JWs then applied virtue to the works, as well as to visual appearances in a rigid dress code, a form of “special garb”, business like, like politicians use for the same effect; Things that were allowed by God as an advantageous form of visual appeal; (1Cor6:12) to be acceptable to the greatest number of humans, subtly became a JW moral virtue instead;

Gradually “undeserved kindness” and actual “spirituality” became a “good old boy” positional power trip, a competition, a fashion show, and a silver-tongue festival of works as if that was a virtue in itself, an Organisaic “corporate law”  covenant went into effect gradually, with the look of politicians and the feel of big business, it in time became just “the way it is”;

And again, God was able to tap this Adamic vain error syndrome for the furtherance of the “good news”! LOL

These are things that are provided by God for the advancement of the good news; There is nothing wrong with being organized and dressing in accepted levels of appearance and order, what became the sinful issue was assigning virtue and righteousness to benign props and wardrobe, visuals and hours, and judging others according to these xGB “sanctified” appearances and service quantities, which have become used for self-righteous purposes in some, a perpetual “gnat” hunt for others;

Many JWs were becoming increasingly worldly in “spiritual” vanity, under a veneer of visual and quantifiable “spirituality”; This weakness aided infiltrations, and has aided many JWs to devolve to the weakest spiritual state in all JW modern history;

Strategy 4 – Twist Scriptures to Apply More Stumbling Policies

Well, with this handy little urban corporatocracy and qualifiable visuals and quantifiable performance legal system accepted and regularly promoted by the city slickers of the xGB CEOs, it wasn’t long until the leaven spread organization wide with a zeal for it;

The xGB became celebrity; (Jude 16)

This delusion of holiness allowed in the process, the injection of spiritually toxic policies that have become the top web stumbling “fruitage” of the xGB, now a trend and statistical evidence that conservatively, 8 to 12 million people have been utterly stumbled by these cleverly injected wormwood reasonings and policies since 1980;

Wonder why JWs aren’t at least 12 million strong now? xGB stumbling, that is where the lost percentages cut in half since 1990 have gone, stumbled by xGB works (UN/NGO) and policy;

The “shunning” overkill which simply overrides the love of neighbor command itself, for xGB gnat straining filtrations, while carrying the UN Camel to Bethel dinner every night for 21 years, was devoured while coddling sexual predators as well, through a smooth talk labyrinth of double-standard applied organizational “purification” techniques;

It’s all an utter hypocrisy and delusion now, plainly surreal, absurd and ridiculous given the magnitude of the UN xGB relationship adulteries, still stumbling hundreds of people every day from the web as they catch wind of this brazen hypocrisy purposely instituted by the xGB for this very purpose; It can be reverse engineered now;

With no real spiritual “Moses” in control any longer, the xGB ran wild;

Obviously, when laid in the light of honest self-appraisal, the “purification” is in reality just deeper, gradually systemic xGB terminal “putrefaction” that culminated in actual sexual sins by providing pedophiles with a safe house network and haven full of teen girls and boys as policy, and spiritual sex sins as the xGB joined the “new world order” promotionals supporting the ministry of George Bush Sr., hopping right into the UN/NGO 666 sack daily, no questions asked – for a “library card” to provide promotional material and UN coaching for xGB gophers;

You can’t make this stuff up, the xGB and we JWs are unrepentant org toast as per policy now, as per prophecy now; (Zech3:2; Dan8:11-14);

Injection of Infiltration as Per Prophecy

The brilliant evil of the xGB was to penetrate the system from within, as per prophecy, as per Daniel 11:30 (2Cor11:13-15), and slowly and subtly subvert JWs by gradually introducing official views, rigidly and coldly applied to the bible with self-righteous “holy man” pretexts of responsibility and concern for spiritual protection and cleanliness – regularly; (Zech5)

The MOL knows full well a terrible blowback effect upon the public would be the end result, where far more people are stumbled out of the truth, or never come into the truth (in the millions folks), than are “protected” by these viral toxic devices;

Rather, the xGB aids and helps foment the abusive talk from the outside, all over the world now from the internet, from damaging policies formulated and broadcast from the inside for this very purpose;

Then the xGB direct JWs away from the web, so they can provide the opposition, their “sam herds”, with a one-sided argument, and a 2 billion person internet captive audience, with NO JW organized ministry in the biggest, most easily accessible world field in human history!

They direct JWs away from the internet to also reduce the chance of exposure;

With Just This Amount of Evidence: This is OBVIOUSLY Engineered

THAT takes planning folks, and towing the xGB MOL party line when confronted with these things, and doing it all by intelligent formula, perpetually;

These guys want people to stumble, it is designed for covert stumbling, and it can be reverse engineered with trends and 20 years of stats to prove itself;


Now the xGB carries a million in bloodguilt per head of that 8pack, and spreads that real guilt across the whole JW flock; Yes, Jehovah’s judgment is nigh, he will hand us JWs eating this up; (Eze8:6; 9:4), with allowance as to accidental ignorance and the deceptive effects of MOL, to this sinister mess of unholy men known as the “Governing Body” of Jehovah’s Witnesses, a blatant and brazen pack of wolf pretenders, setting up the JW org for a big fall;

ALL JWs will be affected in some way;


Well this xGB MOL is also exposed prior to prophetic judgment, also as per prophecy! (Amos3:7) REJOICE! Don’t leave! Stick around for the rest of the show! (Dan8:11-14 leads to Rev10-11);

You are seeing prophecy fulfilling and a huge activation about to begin that will lead to the end of the world over an approximate 10 year time frame, laid out in the bible;

Reliable Bible Prophecy About This MOL Prerequisite Changes the Whole Story!

The point is, unlike Ray Franz, or other famous and obscure “apostates”, we can’t let the xGB pawn us out of the work; We cannot judge as to what particular xGB “stone”, “block” or “grease” the tripped-up may have stumbled or slipped upon (for there are many), or what actual motive they may entertain personally, the point is this FULFILLS PROPHECY; There is no reason to get stumbled, when one knows the MOL MUST reveal in the temple completion phase, the MOL just makes it more real;

The point being most even well meaning “apostates” have not caught on that the xGB pawned them;

Once one sees that truth, the xGB have no power to cause damaging reactionary thinking, we just ride out their time-bomb, because in time God will neutralize them (Isa66:6), also per prophecy (Zech3:4), because this MOL rat-nest, and their spiritually polluted droppings, cannot stop the final ministry, which is their goal;

They are toast in the final fulfillment mode “1/3” of Revelation 8:10-11;

(Revelation 8:10-11) And the third angel blew his trumpet. And a great star burning as a lamp fell from heaven (xGB), and it fell upon a third of the (JW) rivers and upon the fountains of waters. 11 And the name of the star is called xGB Wormwood. And a third of the (JW) waters turned into wormwood, and many of the men died from the waters, because these had been made bitter.

The mistake a Ray Franz and others have made is to not recognize that the temple completion phase MUST produce the same prophetic meanings, events and characters, like the “man of lawlessness” as the “temple foundation” phase manifested, and that what Ray was seeing, and others have seen, is simply the MOL at work;

They want people leaving disgusted and dejected; They are already at work now for years (2Thess2:7) as part of a great prophetic cycle that will progress to Daniel 8:11-14 temple judgment cleansing of Jehovah God and Christ, and will begin the final cycles of kingdom and temple prophecy through that 1150 day judgment, over an unknown JW recovery period by God, to the 1260 days, to an unknown transition period to the completed temple under Christ in 144000 completion;

Final Temple Cycle after Mol xGB Revelation

If MOL is here, and he is, so are the REAL brothers and sisters of Christ; THAT is why MOL is here;

THAT is what this all means!

No reason to get bent out of shape with our JW “house of xGB horrors” at all!!! THIS revealing of the MOL is GREAT NEWS!!!

The rogue xGB, will soon be history! (Zech3:4; Hos1:4-7; Dan8:11-23) Thank God, Amen!

And that removal event, and it’s context, will be severe, but will begin the final round of prophetic fulfillment to the end, and JWs will have a prophetic map now, rather than a point a to point GT hoax;


The xGB MOL is Not Done Yet!

Strategic Coup – Deep Sins Against God

Now JWs, while believing we are JW Bethel Macy’s catalog Christian “hotties”, are actually in:

1. Global UN “Disgusting Thing” heavy reproach of Jehovah God and Jesus Christ for 21 solid years;

2. In over our heads in spilled innocent blood of the stumbled ones, the abused ones, the trashed ones of the flock, with elder and xGB blessing – they carry worse bloodguilt; As the weak were beaten to death by holy-moly JW “shepherds” to a degree; (Some elders are not this way, some are outstanding Christian loving men who may pass this firetest coming up; Rev8:2-5 is Zech3:2 as per Isa6 “altar fire” cleanse;)

3. In heavy idolatry as the web reproaches allowed the xGB to build, fortify, repair and steroid the GB idol, the “Slave” idol, the Org idol, the “Elder” idol, the Pioneer idol, the CO idol, the DO idol, the ZO idol, ALL gathered around the big erect UN/DT “NWO BAAL” idol at bethel and in all the little JW temples worldwide;

4. This steals sanctification from Jehovah, and credit to Christ, while these idols are honored and worshipped in the JW house regularly;

5. This shameful policy and terminal willful sin history now exudes the Watchtower, Awake!, books, DVDs, songs and assemblies, meetings and gatherings with full JW profanation of “constant feature” sacrifice to unacceptable proportions before God as per Daniel 11:30-31 and Daniel 8:11-14, Zech3:3;

6. Harboring spiritual maniacs in the xGB with no exposure of them, or complaints about these brazen sinners except for a few on-the-ball Bible reading JWs;

7. Bloodguilt from righteous JWs who have been disfellowshipped and shunned for pointing out valid sins and favoritisms of the xGB and elder body wolf pack factional “holy men”; (Zeph3:18-19)

8. Covering up the real meanings of Daniel 11:30-31 3rd world stand of the UN as DT in NWO False-Prophet mode in 1990 after the Cold WW3 Covering up the JW infiltration (v. 30, 32, 41) that made this possible in also the WTBTS “Bethel” HQ xGB lead in 1991 DT “placement” as UN/NGO DPI advertisers of NWO; And covering up that that is the “transgression causing desolation” to befall the JW org soon, in the divine temple judgment and cleanse of Daniel 8:11-14; (Zech3)

Strategic Coup de Grace – Shut Down the JW Worldwide Org and Kingdom Completion Sovereign Ultimatum Final Ministry

Instead the xGB sees to it that JWs hit the 1980-1990 wall of prophetic understanding all truncated at this 3rd UN DT event timing in 1990, aided by the death of Fred Franz, and the full operations of Milton Henschel and the full control soon, of the actual globalist agency in the xGB and JW organizational infiltration of Daniel 11:30, 32, implied as well in Daniel 8:12 as “an army” is “gradually given over” to these apostate operations “arms”, “proceeding from” globalist King North in Daniel 11:31;

No way are the Nazi’s involved in either of those Dan8:11-14, or Dan11:30-31 alleged WW2 fulfillments, that all happened in 1990, and all relate to the 3rd stand of the “disgusting thing” at that time, and xGB sins related to servicing and promoting that initiative for the globalists;

This psychologically sets up JWs to be led to a series of falsely applied prophecy, with a decoy temple cleanse now under way by the fraud xGB, to a hoax GT, thinking deliverance is next;

But divine judgment of Daniel 8:11-14 is what is coming next, with the next planned globalist event scenario which will give the believable context of GT, and lead to the 4th stand of the DT and the world power system of the scarlet wildbeast as ascendant 8th King to apex;

The xGB illusion will not be GT yet, but rather the divine precursor judgment for a real temple cleansing needed for 1150 initial days, to full temple cleansed recovery of the JW flock, for the final ministry of Rev10-11 in final fulfillment mode; We know now why the finale “two witnesses” will be dressed in sackcloth, and “robes of state” at the same time; (Zech3:4-7; Rev11:2-3)

This event may very well look like GT, because it will be an initial attack by the globalist system upon the JW organization in ways already predictively programmed by the xGB as “hatched evil plots to exterminate” the JW organization; Yes, the xGB knows exactly what those “plots” are, they are from that predicted “powerful government” central control globalists, with potential operations readied for this event in many of the 230 lands JWs operate in;

That means we are in the MOL “revealing stage” as prerequisite for this 1150 day event of Daniel 8:11-14, with an unknown transitional period to the final cyclic 1260 day actual second “two witnesses”; We are therefore a ways out from even the “tribulation of those days”, what is coming is 1Peter4:17 which is Daniel 8:11-14, and we know why now;

(1 Peter 4:17) For it is the appointed time for the judgment to start with the house of God. Now if it starts first with us, what will the end be of those who are not obedient to the good news of God? 
(2 Thessalonians 2:3) Let no one seduce you in any manner, because it (GT) will not come unless the apostasy comes first and the man of lawlessness gets revealed, the son of destruction.

We cannot be misled by this xGB, they have to be revealed as “man of lawlessness” first, before the real judgment cycles begin; And they will be exposed by God to totality in time; (Isa66:6)



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