Governing Body Apostates – New Light Faithful and Discreet Slave Signal Blasphemy

Governing Body Is Faithful and Discreet Slave? New Light?

Rogue Governing Body APostates: Reverse Engineered

Reverse Engineering the Rogue GB

Why do they want to seize FDS authority?

So, if indeed this teaching officially surfaces beyond the “annual meeting” modern day Vatican clique…
Obvious Ulterior Motive

1. It’s a power issue and an authority issue obviously at heart;

But who is this power-grasp really discrediting and unauthorizing, to result from the rogue GB recipients of spiritual power in the minds of “believers” from this consolidation of power?

The anointed; As good as Christ himself is being discredited; (2Cor5:20)
Power Drunks; (Matt24:48)

The xGB are funneling all power unto themselves as God’s SOLE spiritual representatives, now “lifted up” above the anointed, while including all JWs in the “domestics”, which is a brilliant ingratiating “concession” device;

But. Why?

Obviously they want the unquestioned authority for their future decisions (a new inquisition of temple cleansing for example), and the power of their lack of “new light” (for 20 years) to override whistleblower anointed dispersed in congregations worldwide who are beginning to catch on to what is really happening here; (Zech3:1,3) The “lawless one” is arising FULLY, IN, “the “temple of the God”; (2Thess2:3-12)

This “operation”, if it manifests, is an “error”;
Divide and Conquer

Why this “new light” now?

After ignoring the greatest blatant globalist 8th King and 2Horn-wildbeast prophetic eruptions between 1991-2001, why this obviously undermining and divisive “new light” photon now?

Why present something that INSTANTLY will divide the congregations into thirds, 1/3 accepting of the teaching, 1/3 waffling in doubt, and 1/3 utterly rejecting it?

Why would a central leadership, that is supposed to be wise and intelligent, decide upon a strategic decision that obviously is weakening in the face of known world events to come that are going to put JWs to the test? Why weaken JWs now?


Checkmate God?

Maybe this last question is the answer to all the questions;

Why brazenly fulfill in marked perfect detail, in broad daylight, the “man of lawlessness” scripture right in front of everyone’s faces worldwide, believer and non-believer?

1. Well we are at “the end” and this must occur, and Christendom was done 100 years ago so this has a far more intimate application to JWs:

(2 Thessalonians 2:3-4) Let no one seduce you in any manner, because [the end] will not come unless the apostasy comes first and the man of lawlessness gets revealed, the son of destruction. 4 He is set in opposition and lifts himself up over everyone who is called “god” or an object of reverence, so that he sits down in the temple of The God, publicly showing himself to be a god.
Surreal Blatant Evil?

2. Now plainly this kind of seemingly mindless, or purposely evil “lawless one” strategy is fully fulfilled in these UN/NGO-unionized rogue GB pretenders; It had to fulfill prophecy FIRST;

3. Obviously the teaching is “set in opposition” by subversive divisional apostasy and now blatantly, brazenly they exalt and “lift THEMSELVES over literally EVERYONE” on earth, as in the anointed and all others, AND they have the audacity to also divvy out Christ’s “belongings” in heaven, as well as the WTBTS billion in “assets” on earth; (Rev5:9-10) Split 8 ways;

This is comedic, absurd, repugnant, surreal, and unbelievable all at the same time, NO ONE can make this up, this is a rogue brazen seizure of biblical proportions of spiritual megalomaniacs; Hence the narcissistic tragic comedy of it all;

GB Insanity, or Evil Genius Permitted?

Well here is another reason this is developing:

(2 Thessalonians 2:11) So that is why God lets an operation of error go to them…

Divide First… Conquer Later

But the other objective is obviously a purposeful undermining of JW unity, instantly cracked into thirds, 1/3 set in opposition to even anointed (and others) who know what is going on now; (Revelation 8:2-5+ is obviously setting up)

Now the rotten-fruition of events that began with the UN-DPI gross sin of 1991, which is still condoned by this rogue GB, is manifesting various “fruit flies” of deunification; This is obviously totally unintelligent in resultant undermining of JW unity, and WITH the future “wildbeast” overall global objectives, they want to add the FDS “belongings” of the JW WTBTS, to their “evil slave” belongings;

Gotta call a spade a spade here;

They must also fulfill the “Judas” manifestation at temple completion of thief and betrayer and killer; cause division now…

Conquer Later

Plain and Simple: The rogue GB –  sin (for 20 years after Fred Franz “restraint” removed), stumble, steal, then go for the division, betrayal and the kill;

It MUST Fulfill Prophecy at Temple Completion

That is what is actually operating in the rogue GB, not because of my word, and the blatant obvious, but because the Bible already foretells that these “G Befoulers” must arise after “temple” foundation (1914-1919), in the typical timing shown in Zechariah 3, as that prophecy was written AFTER “temple” foundation for a  clean-out of the “befouling” BEFORE “temple” completion, in it’s time as a pattern for the near future;

Daniel 8:11-14, which must have a future fulfillment as the lead-in event of God’s anger SOON, the temple clean-out (Isa66:6; Zech3:4), and the recommissioning of clean JWs that are left for the final world ministry; (rev8:2-5; Rev10-11) MUST be the next development AFTER the “lawless one” is revealed; And this is evidence of a new level of revelation;

By allowing this error to be carried out by Satanic “operations” (2Thess2:3-9; Zech3:1; 2Cor11:13-15), professed JWs will also be set-up and well defined in their various camps:

1. Those accepting the rogue GB errors to be given opportunity to repent (or be “1/3” Rev8 rejected, and cleaned out when that materializes through Dan8:11-14, which is Zech3:2-9, which parallels Rev8:2-5),

2. Those still deciding;

3. Those who reject these BLATANT criminals;

Patience and Test

These true loyal ones will have to wait and behold the PRELIMINARY, pre-GT, temple directed wrath of God (Thru the 2HWB/8th King thefts and “throwing down” of the JW “established place” well before GT; 1Pet4:17), and the recovery (Zech3:2-5) as Daniel 8’s “established place” JW worldwide org is financially “thrown to the ground” for starters;

Then what?

Then what these “wildbeast boys” in the rogue GB actually have planned with the next globalist world event will be fully “revealed” (by God), which the post-Franz rogue GBs paralleled UN interests, timed WITH them in 1991 (“NWO” campaign as UN-DPI advertisers) and the timed release of those adulterous “sex tapes” along WITH the 911 event in 2001 for more distraction from what is really going on;

What is REALLY going on? Globalist 8th King prophecy fulfilling since 1991 (Dan11:40-41), and the GB is covering it all up;


Those who worship the GB are leaving, those who worship Jehovah through Christ can stay; There will be NO mixed breed JWs like we have today, rogue GB idol worshipers and “oil dry” Jehovah pretenders;



Even if Satan and the demons were in the GB (which they are), it does NOT absolve a Jehovah’s witness from their own vow and or anointing; Each individual Jehovah’s witness is still required to carry on the ministry, show up at the “temple” in spirit – but FLEE the organization (Matt24:15), and await the final cycle of prophecy to begin to fulfill in a undeniable temple cleansing that these betrayers, as in 1991 and 2001, will parallel with a globalist designed and deployed attack on the worldwide organization of Jehovah’s Witnesses to attempt to stop the final “two witnesses”;

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