Governing Body Member Guy Pierce’s Real Name?

Governing Body Member Guy Pierce’s Real Name?

I do not know the real name, I just know some of those names are purposeful puns, and this post UN NGO GB is continuing the central operation of Henschel and Schroeder as former UN/8th King internal guides at Bethel worldwide. At the time of the UN NGO, some GB members may have actually been Christians. Today’s GB are all born in intel ops, but are directed by external planners of a multi-generational operation. The operation itself is older than the GB in coup power itself. Like politicians, the GB’s specialty is talking head control of the main illusion as central distraction.

All the subversion of teaching and logistical and financial positioning is done by external planners, some of which are WTS members, some are external experts of these kinds of operations, but they control the top key placements in those areas of needed control, internal to the Bethel corporate system and key advisors.

It’s actually a very large undercover operation at international levels of intel and subversion expertise. They effectively already own the billion dollar Bethel empire, and that all finalized since the 1970s. They just need to terminate the corporations operating power on exit, and the accompanying final transference of wealth and assets is already in place, it will just be covered up with illusions already present in JW “theology” since 1950s.

On exit of the last couple years, they will make JWs think it is misapplied and premature prophecy fulfilling, but it is just a clandestine complete corporate takeover at worldwide scale, to move the WT “pea”, into many unseen alternative corporate shells, already in position for that set of events scheduled for 2-3 years duration.

External world financial intrigues accelerated by other global developments, soon, will provide the trigger and context to make the final move on the JW corporate network. As per WT 11/15/13 pg. 20, par. 17, #3 statement, they also plan to seize as many JW “human resources” as possible in that first couple years.

Due to prophetic expectation programming, in error, JWs will of course think something entirely different is in action all the while, but contrary to JWs expectations as per Bethel fictions for this purpose of bewilderment of JWs worldwide, it will not be “the end of the world”, just the end of Bethel as JWs new it.

JWs are a potential obstacle to final world government development that this tribulatory period to begin with Bethel hits in world financial contexts, will end into as world “peace and security”. And that will take several years, and for the first 3 and more, JWs will be totally scattered and incapacitated as the central ministerial system will of course no longer be in JW possession. At least to a sizable degree of guaranteed dysfunction, as part of the overall final objectives.

If they cannot wipe out the ministerial basis all together, they can at least delay it and reduce the effects of the former potential resistance, a resistance of potential truth and exposure not present in JWs, but one that could develop as the overall world events are analyzed as per a couple simple prophetic progressions these events will match like no other in human history.

Thus the intended veneer of Bethel is misleading purposely to JWs and those thinking they know what Bethel is as a random example of hypocrisy, but there is much more involved in the real Bethel internal condition. Not to mention a billion or so in hard assets. There are a number of sub-objectives in progress or already reached (like the UN NGO) in this Bethel engineered progression to corporate impotence. Plus a naive JW mark, was also very easy to infiltrate and position the GB center of operations gradually, based on a “governing body” that is not actually in the Bible, but only in corporate secular origins, needing to be inserted into Bethel with a credible plausibility to achieve such authority now, but not always present in the “Governing Body”.

And the rest will be history.

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