Great Tribulation in General

Great Tribulation in General

If we consider the magnitude of today’s earthly societal system under the national shells all facing a maze of challenges inherently worked against by the parasite like central governmental system, finance and military “organism” with now a mind of it’s own composed of human “neurons” in Adamic compromise, we realize a final tribulation cycle will be as complex.

Since the central parasite is the strongest it has ever been handing up enormous wealth in hard assets through the ages in various veins of tribal to state to national levels the tribulation will be indeed selective as the central organism of power will merely get stronger in the process.

The tribulatory tremors and waves to cascade to the national and even wilderness periphery will call all people into the situation in various ways attempting to preserve the sub-entities that have sustained the foundational level. These units are institutions, organizations, businesses, groups, communities, families and individuals, etc. The individual test is a part of the whole. Te coyote and the moon are somehow seemingly immune as is the ant, but to varying degrees in the earthly life system the whole place will be put to a test.

The point is it is not 100% societal collapse. In some places it already is like that. In other “places” (Amos9:1-3) prepared for “organism” “neural” protection of the parasitic organisms’ globalist critical supports, to national elite parts it will be a celebration, gradating down to peripheral alignments in that elite system to also be tested – as loyalty is not a virtue of most who love wealth, power and even the transitory “money” illusional dollar figure issued by their bank and investment house in an invented casino like finance matrix now a global monopoly game.

Loyalty is an issue to most people. That is being loyal. God expects loyalty. If not to himself then to others. Satan expects loyalty although disloyal. (Eze8:12-27) But this period will find out. Anyone can take advantage of the super-celestial offer of the Loyal one, the Son of God’s free pass under his rulership, and no other beneath him – period. Even globalist elites and your neighborhood bum, cop, porn star, drunk, banker, mayor or drug dealer, rapper, kid on the corner, mother, father, brother sister, lawyer, doctor, or homeless one, taxi driver, lost soul, and anyone else you may think of can make the capitulation.

And this complex tribulation coming up with it’s ebbs and flows and “who knows” kind of developments to actually intensify in a way humans have never experienced, at a first time truly global scale of a complete human awareness at the sane time, can aid the decision process for a good decade in the meantime as everything in the scroll, in the prophets, in the Bible that they talked about at church, comes true one step at a time.

It truly is as simple as believing in Christ with a personal one-on-one agreement (with him, you, and God Almighty – period –  yet if you want to join the final ministerial group, so be it) to leave this world behind and gradually conform to his Way over the centuries of the 1000 Year Kingdom, because it is a gradual process reversing 6000 years of error – and NO man is going to achieve it over night regardless, and tat is why Christ is coming to Earth with God Almighty Himself to SAVE people first to the very end.

And they will do it to their perfect specification.


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