Im also beginning to question many beliefs of the Watchtower

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Hello BibleResearchFiles. How do you do?

Im also beginning to question many beliefs of the Watchtower.

1)First of all, I dont believe that the Bible is a book that tell us about the nature of God, man, world. Its not a book of human philosophy or revelation of God on technical details about His creation. I believe it only contains the will and plan of God for the restoration of the world and the reunion of man with God. Its sad that christians are separated due to doctrines that are not contained in the Bible.

2)Then, I see that many people were resurrected before Jesus, but only Jesus is of course the mediator that can bring man to God.

Jws say that when earthquake and darkness followed Jesus’ death on the cross, then some bodies of saints!(it reads “saints” so these are from Old Testament) came out because of the earthquake and many showed them. This is totally illogical. These bodies would be in decay long ago and only bones would remain. It seems a literal resurrection.

Then the apostles saw Moses and Elias(I dont know they recognized them). I think Jesus gave them an idea of the heavenly world, where apostles would be if they remained faithful. These must be the real Moses and Elias, cause the apostles were so excited that asked to create tent for them to dwell in.If it was a lie and they were an apparition, then why Jesus would fool them?

Your thought?

Thank you

My thinking for myself, and it may help another, is now first stay focused on God, Christ and the undeserved kindness provided in that sacrificial covering by faith in God, Christ and the actuality of that provision. And I now stay focused on the Kingdom of God as an actually described super-universal instrument of all power and actual source of life administration that though way way beyond full human understanding, it is an actual entity to be administered by a loving and just God and by appointment of His Christ, love and recovery will be the rule to every piece of the overall life on planet earth.

The basic concept is the Bible is more of an informational mediator than anything else on earth, but God will provide extensions as obviously even His holy spirit power is actually the greatest organizing power in the world or universe. And God has indeed used earthly representation of that arrangement of power, BUT in times past and now, the “organizations” of God have corrupted in time, in each judgment event God always brings forth an approved remnant to be reorganized even if invisibly by spirit, for the next task.

So when we see JWs have a leadership that has corrupted as per prophecy and repeating principle we cannot let tat distract us from God, Christ, the Bible and free access to holy spiritual power from God by prayer and faith in the Christ sacrificial provision. As you know Bible and organizational controversies lead one’s attention away from what we need to stay focused on.

And I feel it is a simple as that. But as we see when people allow others, like in the JW organization of today, to dictate what needs to be our own governance of conscience by organizational overkill, then it progresses from bad to worse. Meaning a “coach” and fellow enthusiasts at all different levels of experience of Bible and Kingdom truth is a good thing. All disciplines have developed by this interaction. Unfortunately JWs have a system of distraction and directing fear to humans and human organizational bodies that distracts from the main focus and competes with the very reality of undeserved kindness.

At one time I did not direct JWs to flee the org. It was not until I saw the sinister aspects of diversion and prophetic misapplication of premature prophecy that I realized they actually want to trap JWs in this cycle, and it is not “the end”, it is the beginning  of the JW judgment and the 8th King globalization process.

I now have faith in God that He knows the full state of affairs and is actually getting some JWs out as per Matt24:15, because there is indication Bethel is not just apostate, but infiltrated with operations that intend to try to seize JW assets including JWs.


So you are right, if God added in depth details it would only be worse if even the concepts have been devolved into a Babel confusion of division and distraction. And now due to Bethel lawlessness in top down organized fashion, even JWs are now in that same state; (2Pet2:1-3). If not purposely retarded in prophetic understanding, than in perplexity over UN NGO and other scandals and distracting and stumbling Bethel policy.

And in effect, that very confusion under a veneer of former divine truths that were explained about the basic focus, is also concealing what is obviously not a disjointed random state of “oversights” and “mistakes”, but a direct connection to 2Thess2:1-4 SIGNAL prophecy of apostasy and lawless development that is foretold to precede the “house” judgment first; (1Pet4:17).

So now few are realizing Bethel is fulfilling the apostasy and the “man of lawlessness” locus of it’s development and promotion amongst all JWs, and logically a Kingdom awareness is what is being affected along an 8th King sovereign progression also being derailed, so God MUST act soon to clean out the “operation of error” and “the lie” to clarify a final time the final message and focus of impending Kingdom completion.

And this time it does not lead to another 100 year organizational system to corrupt again in basic Adamic nature as a collective body, but to lead to the real Messianic Kingdom actual completed solution while the 8th King world government is also completing, projected over a few years, not instant, as the context of a final warning of that Kingdom that must occur again; (Rev10:11), to precede the actual Kingdom.

Using JWs as the center of judgment focus, and what will eventually track that recovery, is a good way to also get world attention of what is actually beginning in the final phase of prophecy and 8th King globalization cycles. That way people will have full awareness over a number of years full of 8th King explainable prophetic activity with no lawless and subversive obstacles at Bethel.

And that way as well, the original Kingdom focus is reinforced, because it will use the same Daniel 12 and Revelation 8-11 progression, but now to final form, and now with 8th King events in the world system as globalizing culminations leading to world government that will be very hard to deny as the nations will lose their financial and sovereign autonomy in the process in striking ways as the world government intention must also at some point be vocalized by 8t King powers themselves even prior to world government.


I always felt that Christ death Jerusalem resurrection was of actually living persons, just from the wording you state as well. And no doubt other details will come out in time once the actual source is in power, rather than the liar Devil, and everything affected there under. That sacrificial reality of Christ and the need to live in harmony with our own actual intent to “attain to repentance” (2Pet3:9) has to be our renewed focus, and in reality it is the person, Christ and God now, because like Jerusalem the “organization” can no longer be expected to provide actual support, but like Rev8:10-11 it is now mixed with toxic spiritual concepts placing men and organizational idols between us and Christ. And it did it very gradually, but effectively, to diffuse faith in God and Christ unto men and “bodies” competing with the “body of the Christ”, and it has been transformed into a system of “deserved kindness” based on personal merit quantifiable in visuals, hours and years that now competes with “undeserved kindness” which appreciation or lack of also affects a person’s personal appreciation of showing love and mercy to others to ensure that kindness.

And that is why many JWs have allowed self-righteousness, like that displayed in the GB, to affect the view of other human beings in and outside of the congregation. And like cancer, it is not “in remission” but is metastasized and spreading worse into the congregational collective attitude like leaven. And I will tell you this nearly 3 years of first part time work to unemployed allowed me the time to really read the Bible, and do the extra research that a ministry based on written word on te web requires, to see how far we JWs have drifted, and in this last move I could no longer attend meetings at the new hall, instead I await the temple judgment and cleansing first.

Meaning I am personally floored at my state of awareness now as compared to two years ago, as to the actual state of Bethel stagnation and in fact retrograde spirituality. And I can prove it now from evidence backed by explicit prophecy of why it has developed this way at Bethel. I am not feeling down, in fact the opposite spiritually, because it is clearly a prophetic continuum even now activating in a modern “man of lawlessness” AND the required apostasy “IN the temple”. That awareness changes the whole lawless effect of faith stumbling, to faith building, because fallible men NEVER should have been “lifted over everyone” in the manner we JWs have allowed the GB and Bethel elites to behave.

Christ, it is a “recipe for disaster”.

But I do not mind giving an opinion on things, but must direct people’s focus to Kingdom completion requirement tat must parallel and be concurrent with human world government completion as well, and that will take several more years, but the JW temple judgment of Rev8:1-6 will begin a process tat will lead the six trumpets along with the six plagues to arrive at Rev16:12-16 in world explicit form of “gathering” as forming 8th King globalization is the main force of that gathering. So I have to point out both God’s Kingdom and the 8th King will be in diametric developments to include sovereign world claims and statements, and as that intensifies as Rev9-11, it will be like a gauge to monitor the progression to actual Armageddon to be triggered by final UN based world government not as just the UN schematic, but a real 8th King full world government.

We are at the cusp of an era actually changing in world mentality just as demarcated as 1870 to 1920 in American history, but scheduled for these effects mostly psychologically in all the world in just 10 or so years from the beginning of the actual final globalization events of Daniel 11:42-45. Meaning the mentality of today in ignoring world government reality, will soon be confronted by that world government making plain statements of intent as these things progress. And that is good in marking prophetic events all the way to the final “peace and security” statements in actual final form that must shortly follow an actual 8th King world government “placement”.

What seems unbelievable to many today, will be openly voluntarily accepted by the nations elites in time (Rev17:12-18), and that in time will affect many more people under the “pyramid” to go one way, or the other, as some will accept world government, others will resist it, and why in Daniel 8:25, 8th King destructions can be occurring DURING a “freedom from care”, at the same time some accept world government, obstacles and resisters to it will also be being removed. And in that philosophical transition is the change of the overall atmosphere of today’s “nationalism” era, to one understanding globalist sovereign power is the pinnacle system and national sovereignty in all forms will be deposed into that system, and rather than it be a “conspiracy theory”, many will recognize it is the beginning culmination of an evolution in human governmental power as natural as was the nationalization process that preceded that caught, for example, the Native American Indians of North America in the same manner of a transition resisted, that ad to eventually be adopted and actually fully understood.

We are at the exact “divide” between a similar era that will also resist but eventually adopt and understand the globalism as an era, as the basis of final human world government. In that process of course, God and Christ will be also making final sovereign statements of a diametric and superior Kingdom of God. Christians preparing for that change of era in another way entirely, into the Millennial rulership of Christ , will see things that cannot be imagined today, that must erase human globalization for divine global rulership, so overall it is more than a single era slated for actually quite accelerated overhaul. Those hoping in God’s Kingdom will not be disappointed. Those hoping in the wildbeast system will be greatly disappointed.

In Revelation 11 is when that transition to Christ in progressive manifestation paralleling Matt24:29-31 as the world tribulation is ending will develop on the world “like a thief in the night”. Daniel 12 provides the transition periods.


But on speculation. It is obvious on the one hand the Bible is purposely complex even in it’s simplicity, the will and purpose of God and it’s employing His Son and Christ’s Kingdom as an additional agency to the Kingdom of God has for centuries to public understanding unavailable. The Satanic “kingdom” of demons (Eph6:12) and their earthly Adamic human progression is also potentially complex. Yet when everything in basic form was opened up, the framework is actually simple once studied, and the basic outline is in fewer than 20 chapters of the Bible in it’s continuum of prophecy becoming history. (Because much of te Bible was written in advance of world histories now commonly understood). My point being also God allows complexity and mystery to see who is going to actually take the time to study the Bible in a regular way.

And this is also why Satanic and human error creates many mutations, because the actual truth is not a rocket science, it boils down to the sacrifice of Christ as a means of that name of God’s meaning to fulfill in His will and purpose for all things that He plainly state at the beginning, the end, at Genesis 3:14-15. Meaning error is introduced because Satan cannot erase the truth, he can only try to hide it, and it is hidden now in millions of guesses, yet present in basic meaning – human rulership of earth is ending and so is demon rulership FOREVER. It is obvious neither demons or human were willed by God to rule over mankind and all creation.

Te other reason is, some truths are not as simple as they appear, because God has also installed what some try to call a “pure language”. But in reality it is just a preview, we have a pure alphabet and some words that have greater meaning, a few sentences and utterances of truth in that “language”, but it is not yet truly a complete language, but it will be. As a detail, when man first attempted globalizing a central kingdom in Gen10-11, God confused the languages. When man tries again to globalize very soon, but a few years in the future, God will change that “language” literally back to it’s original:

(Genesis 11:1-9) Now all the earth continued to be of one language and of one set of words… 7 Come now! Let us go down and there confuse their language that they may not listen to one another’s language.” 8 Accordingly Jehovah scattered them from there over all the surface of the earth, and they gradually left off building the city. 9 That is why its name was called Babel, because there Jehovah had confused the language of all the earth, and Jehovah had scattered them from there over all the surface of the earth.

(Zephaniah 3:8-9) “‘Therefore keep yourselves in expectation of me,’ is the utterance of Jehovah, ‘till the day of my rising up to [the] booty, for my judicial decision is to gather nations, for me to collect together kingdoms, in order to pour out upon them my denunciation, all my burning anger; for by the fire of my zeal all the earth will be devoured. 9 For then I shall give to peoples the change to a pure language, in order for them all to call upon the name of Jehovah, in order to serve him shoulder to shoulder.’

This makes my point of why God allows a complexity and confusion to surround His Word. It makes a determination in who is into His Word, and to what degree, because with effort and the pure motive of knowledge of God to serve Him and know truth, God will open the Bible in His own time to all who truly want to understand te will of God up to the point they are at. (Eph5:17).

Because truth is progressive:

(Isaiah 48:6-7) You have heard. Behold it all. As for you people, will you not tell [it]? I have made you hear new things from the present time, even things kept in reserve, that you have not known. 7 At the present time they must be created, and not from that time, even things that before today you have not heard, that you may not say, ‘Look! I have already known them.’

And due to Bethel actually slowing down since 1976 spiritually gradually, and completely stopping by 1990, and now in retrograde reverse progress, God must again “must be created” the understanding for the Christian searchers into God the final awareness of “new things from the present time” And “even things kept in reserve”. The prophetic replication is one of those things getting ready to be released after the Bethel desolation of Daniel 8:13-14 as 1Pet4:17 and Rev8 temple judgment.

The point is also, God’s own Word clarifies itself by cross reference and logic. And that is why in say Christendom’s many lone searchers and institutional stagnations, we can check God’s own word to know they do not actually have a framework, they have contradictions that are insurmountable, they support human governmental objectives of keeping the people in slavery, but most importantly in not having a framework tying it all together, they also do not have the “big picture” of what all those pieces are painting, they do not have the basic foundational “footprint”, the basic schematic.

It is like having a 1000 piece puzzle with only 20 pieces put together. The rest is scattered pieces, there is no box with the big picture of the puzzle, and in that there is no skill developed by aid of God to cross match colors in those pieces, across the Bible to make certain the right pieces are going together. In error many are putting the puzzle together with no attention to the actual pieces, force fitting them. But when we have paid a constant attention to the Bible each in our own way, we can see when a piece of a mountain puzzle piece, is stuck into a blue sky way out of place with reality. And we can do that in the Kingdom and rival 8th King sovereign framework of the Bible to have to climax in a universal divine war on rival men and demons. That is what the “Kingdom come” ultimately means to first establish it’s own full sovereign power by removal of the obstacles of life

And this is because events in the world scene eventually aid the process. A JW growth rate that goes from 15% peak to sub 1% low, over the GB tenure to consistent 3% growth, in an expanding world concurrent with that perpetual DECLINE is indicative. Contrary to Bethel’s claims it is signs of completion and saturation, it is actually signals of withdrawn blessing, now purposeful clever error and lawlessness. JWs have an anti-JW growth rate now that must account for the loss in stumbled people out of, and away from, “the truth”. Meaning JWs armed with the UN NGO, pedophile paradise, and shunning policies, are now stumbling maybe even 5 times as many people as they are bringing into “the truth” because of the effects of “the lie” (2Thess2:10-12) emanating from Bethel.

On the world scene we see the UN is indeed a globalizing influence, designed to educate elites and top national government advisors on how to install the Anglo-American quasi-Israel influence into top government, finance and military so that everyone can end up with an American system since 1950 now expiring, in new places like Brazil and India just getting started with better techniques of enslavement and addiction.

But the UN is just a schematic point of a forum to assemble these national located but supra-national elites as the driving powers. It is NOT the “end all” development that the whole national progressions of Dan2, 7, 8, 11 and Rev 13 and 17 have led to. A fully actual globalized world government worldwide, in which the UN is just the “front desk lobby” and “conference room”, is what the 8th King “scarlet wildbeast” actually is, a full fledged global infrastructure of supra-national power capable of controlling any nation and all of them to unify by globalization of all the “power and authority” into a final world government of demon and human design; (Rev17:12-18 Rev16:13-16; Dan11:42-45).

But JWs are now globalization dumbed down in regards to it’s use as a “gathering” force of nations to actually globalize a world government. But at the same time the internet and libraries have never in all human history been full of books describing the globalization process in every form of national power and discipline. Never in history have so many globalizing elites written their own books and described the process in enough detail to understand a finance and monetary system globalization must be founded with a globalist administration to manage national interests national politicians are incapable of overseeing in comparison to international technocratic specialists.

And that globalization of finance is not an easy affair, it will involve some radical changes quickly to the national orders. (Part of the shift of an era I was talking about). And that involves world depression and world war for some people, the top 10% world elite and elite supports are not going down, but getting far richer in actual hard assets and fresh capital in the process of Daniel 11:42-43.

That means the JW Bethel fed illusion of “it can end anyday now!” is simply not true. Daniel 11:42-43 is a financial and capital globalization that CANNOT happen overnight. CEO of a trans-national corporate complex and globalized religion like JWs would fully understand this at the top. It all indicates JWs are being purposely misled to actually aid the globalization process by installing confusion into JW ranks and audience by means of JW premature expectations, to aid the overall confusion that will erupt when the catalysts of Daniel 11:42-43 actually start activating in the world scene in overdrive.

As far as a prophetic replication certainty, we need only know Daniel 11:42-45 must being fulfilling live and real-time “during that time” of Daniel 12:1 reference to Daniel 11:42-45 arriving at Daniel 12. That indicates by one time only, unique fulfillment of Daniel 11:42-45 as 8th King globalizing culminations, Daniel 12 must also be activated as indicated “Michael will stand up” “DURING that time” of Daniel 11:42-45 just previously described by Daniel.

There are other proofs of a replication as Daniel 12 underlays Rev8-11 and Rev16. But for this example I was just showing the Bible allows a cross validation upon all claimants of it’s various details of understanding. Of course those not desiring a new world government in Christ’s Kingdom, but their own positions in this world now, and in a self-appointed heaven later, the ultimate of human desire creating self-deception, they will not want to know any details of the actual “end of the world” of the rival sovereigns. Thus those superficially studying the Bible with a view to a fantasy that suits themselves, will never want to dig and admit their own error when the Bible itself, and world events changing, ultimately contradict what is an error.

As JWs we need to be honest enough to adjust as needed, when our error can be identified, and it serves a UN and UN NGO purpose far more deeply than a “library card”. It is also covering up UN 8th King activity at Daniel 11:30-45, plain and simple. And is it all coincidence some “brothers” also joined the UN at the very same point of time in 1990, at the very same point of Daniel 11:30-31 actual fulfillments at that time, and the very same point as a 3rd UN placement, and the very same point of the JW deception and cover up origin ALL AT THE SAME POINT IN TIME AND PROPHECY!!!!!!!

COME ONE!!!! LOL!!!! This is getting RIDICULOUS when we see what is REALLY going down at Bethel!!

But Christ it means accepting a whole ladder of evidence, that sadly many JWs are trained to reject at the first step, and thus they are remaining in the Bethel pit of UN supporting darkness. All that and far more cannot all be a big coincidence.

Thus the point is God is interested in those ACTUALLY interested in His Word, actually interested in seeing His will and purpose done on earth, and actually desiring a change in universal and world rulership, for real. Like Lot’s wife, God will not force anyone to do what they do not desire to do. God did not turn Lot’s wife to salt, the fires coming down on Sodom is what she let into her eyes, and those were not some earthly fire. (my speculation, and the nature and depth of the Sodom destruction). God was shutting down something more in Sodom that had to do with demon activity that needed to be fully terminated, as also a speculation in the manner of Genesis 6 also be a book of actual excluded detail of Noah’s day that could be a number of volumes of 1000 page books. In fact details of Noah’s demon invaded world could fill a library.

But God keeps the puzzle at “1000 pieces”, not 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 pieces and more that is actually contained in the story. LOL


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