JW Organizational “Trinity” Idols

Well ever so subtly we find that a group of Christians with anointed awareness among them, once all about God Almighty and His Son Jesus Christ, have ever so slowly become an “organization” about the “Governing Body” and the “Slave”, and these three are one;

And this “one” regularly steals sanctification from God and Christ for itself; R e g u l a r l y  like clockwork; It’s all about the “GB” now;

This is the Jehovah’s Witnesses Trinity doctrine;

Now made official by the “Governing Body” “head” subterfuge, absorbing all authority in heaven and earth as pre-judged “slave” taking Christ’s job of determining this “body” NOW; (They are even divvying up Christ’s heavenly belongs as well, as we speak;)

This is now the main operating “Triune Calf” idol at Bethel, now hoisting it’s primary Baal symbol at Bethel and to the world as well, the Super-Phallus Flipped “Bird” to God of the United Nations 3rd Placement “New World Order” proclamation which the Governing Body joined in the announcement of (Awake! 9/8/1991), with George Bush Sr. to it’s world audience to support the two-horned-wildbeast’s support of the 8th King system in 1990 and 1991 respectively; (That led to a long list of compound sins based on this blatant manifestation;)

The Governing Body brought the WTBTS under the wing of the UN as a United Nations official, for the record, “organization”; A two timing adultery by the GB traitors; Then injected into the JW body, with a “library card” ridiculous rationalization;


Not very much longer; This will require a fire judgment on Jehovah’s Witnesses, plain and simple; S O O N!

Daniel 8:11-14
will fulfill upon Bethel and the worldwide organization of Jehovah’s Witnesses as a reminder of what happens when one pisses God off;

But this is Man of Lawlessness prophecy of 2Thess2:3-4 in public global fulfillment NOW, that must fulfill in revealing as it is now (by the MOL GB’s own mouth), and the cleansing of Jehovah’s witnesses who remain, and will lead to a signal event that leads to the finality of Revelation 8-11 which repeats for temple completion, except the “1/3” purge is the fake-JW apostates and influenced “elder body” factions (another idol) who are misleading Jehovah witnesses to worship idols; (Zech3:1-9)

This was very subtle, most JWs think this is normal now; We are in for a shock soon; A wake up call;

Governing Body globalist 8th King supporting services; (Like a handy “GT hoax” JW mentality to go along with the next world event series)

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