On the 144000

On the 144000

Ever see the statement in Revelation 7 “out of” the 12 tribes, and not the 12 tribes in itself?


Yes and a pattern of order is also now mirroring in that recognition of the Rev7 “12 tribes” and the earthly “12 tribes” of Matt19:28, as they too must end up with “patriarchical” heads as a symbol of an earthly administration that mirrors the heavenly guide Kingdom.

(Psalm 45:16) In place of your forefathers there will come to be your sons, Whom you will appoint as princes in all the earth.

The Revelation 12 seven headed dragon has a current top ruling administration (Eph6:12), that also is mirrored into the seven headed classic wildbeast and the scarlet globalized version. So the principle is common.

Now the top “Kingdom of God” “crown” in that Rev12 “woman” also has a “twelve star” angelic order in that “crown” as Christ’s Rev12:7-10 heavenly Kingship authority, on a “woman” symbol of his subservience with all the holy angels to God’s overall Supremacy. And that 12 “star” order “crown” headed “woman” is thus crowned prior to her giving birth to the “male child” Messianic Kingdom infant.

Thus Christ (Rev12:10) as Michael identification of his exclusively heavenly aspect of power in that event as “standing up” in Daniel 12:1 (initial fulfillment), a term of kings taking power in Daniel, in a heavenly kingdom oversight, to produce a universal and earthly exclusive Messianic Kingdom sovereignty not yet fully complete, and thus Christ is not the official Messianic Kingdom King yet, but the a Kingdom of God heavenly anointed King.

But as Daniel 11:42-45 are 8th King UN events leading to a full “scarlet wildbeast” world government at Dan11:45, and must connect live to Daniel 12 “during that time”, Daniel 12:1 has a replication final fulfillment logical of that stand in now Rev12:10 principle of “God’s Christ” as Messianic King of universal and earthly dominion “during that time” of Daniel 11:44-45.

Just kind of interesting a Daniel 12:11 “disgusting thing” finale UN placement (parallel Dan11:45) would also replicate at that time. Thus the 8th King and Messianic Kingdom will converge into completion and resolution of sovereignty at roughly the same time in history a number of years from now as indicated in Dan 12 time periods. As Matt24:29-31 tribulation ending (into world recovery, not the end yet), and subsequent events mark the “freedom from care” of Daniel 8:25 8th King “stand” parallel to Dan11:45 and Dan12:11 as that 8th King globalized world government representing all nations of earth as Daniel 11:42-45 events accelerate Rev17:12-18 national sovereign deposition into globalized world power as Rev16:13-16 “gathering” completed.

Thus the Daniel 11:42-43 initial globalization of world wealth, credit system, and finance and monetary system phase precedes the final Daniel 11:44-45 world government progression, and the sovereign world “peace and security” statements of that world government (1Thess5:1-3) as a sign of “freedom from care” (Dan8:25) at the same time of that climax progression to Daniel 12:11 “placement”. (And thus too, all that Dan2, Dan8, and Dan 11, symbology all globalizes into 8th King final meaning of Rev17:8-18 – which connection and convergence Bethel will not make.).

Thus for all intents and purposes as this UN world government completes over say a decade time from final cycle activation, the progress of it’s completion is a marked progression to actual Armageddon and Messianic Kingdom completion and final Christ coronation as King-Priest. (Zech4:6-9; 6:9-15). And thus the replicating Dan 12:1 “stand”, but in Messianic Kingdom Kingship.

And contrary to the lawless Bethel (2Thess:2:3-4; Zech3:1-3) claims it is NOT a slam dunk “end of the world”, but must also honor Daniel 12’s timed periods again in this final Messianic Kingdom process. Which is also an 8th King completion process. In effect, Bethel is aiding the confusions for the START of the final 8th King globalization cycle, it is not at it’s end obviously, and must complete prior to any “Armageddon”, as also the Rev7, 14 Messianic Kingdom “body” is ALSO not complete as well. And the 8th King completion of globalization itself, takes years to accomplish. (ALL those culminations MUST complete prior to actual Armageddon war phase, thus it cannot be as Bethel’s subversion is stating).

And since it is all provable in many cross checking ways upon early JW prophecy teachings and a final prophecy cycle and all the prophets basically as well, and will be reinforced by marked world events long before the actual “the end” of Matt24:14, it is obvious this overall news must come out in that final cycle active, after Bethel’s downfall to be removed to allow this information to come forth. (In basic terms Daniel 12 replicates under Rev8-11 also repeating, and Bethel’s desolation start-point, will mark that cycle start-point as well)

As we know Bethel also covers up the 8th King 3rd and 4th UN placement progression of Daniel 11:30-45. And they went UN NGO at that time as well. Thus JWs are only aware of the significance of the first 2 UN placement of 1919 and 1945, also prophetically marked. And in that cover up much information is now severed from JW awareness and world audience awareness, as well as the final meaning of a logical progression to 8th King world government actuality, not just the UN forum, but including it.

And once we see Bethel’s top admin are the lawlessness and apostasy of 2Thess2:3-4 at Daniel 11:32-35 periods of development that spiked as UN NGO of 1990 (and this diversion using USSR and WW2 error), then the reality they are concealing is more easily put together. Globalization research also aids awareness the end cannot be as simplistic as Bethel is promoting aiding the overall JW delusion and that of JW audience.

The Daniel 11:42-43 financial globalization process will cause and require a global economic tribulation, but it is engineered to aid a new 8th King overall finance system over some time. That alone will take some time, and is plainly evident as already set-up in massive worldwide national terminal debt scenarios. And that is when what is already a Bethel coup, can go coup-de-grace to attempt to fully remove the ministerial means to make the final cycle known by Bethel financial and organizational desolations. (The mechanism of that went into installation with the 1976 GB initial coup, and is set up for that ultimate objective now fully ready for the final part of the operation).

So what is coming is NOT “the end” (except for Bethel), but the BEGINNING of the final 8th King cycle and prophecy cycle that will take a decade to fully unwind to also Messianic Kingdom completing events and meanings for real. (Dan12 and Rev8-11 also parallel Rev16 activation in final fulfillment). It is plainly obvious now Bethel’s stagnation must be purposeful and 8th King related developments. (The real Dan8:11-14 parallel Dan11:30-32a Bethel and 8th King developments and collusions, 1990 peak manifestation as UN NGO (and diversion/subversion) and continuance to Dan8:13 divine mandate for Bethel desolation for UN NGO “transgression causing desolation”.)

Thus even now, in another way, it is all still related and connected, there are no “loose ends” in reality of Bethel engineered defection and subversion, it is just made to appear as such to aid the final cycle activation as long as they can prior to exit and Bethel implosions worldwide. (Dan8:14 timing). They are setting up a required desolation of Dan8:13-14 to be sold to JWs as a premature Dan11:44-45 activation, out of sync with prophecy and the final globalization process which will just be beginning. And thus JWs can be shut up by confusion, bewilderment and scattering in the initial couple years of that cycle start, and Bethel implosions; (Dan8:13 initial “trampling”, in time purified and leading to Rev11:7 replication final “trampling” of Rev11:2 “holt city”, as Rev11:7 at Dan11:44 actual timing).

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