Prophet Versus Interpreter

The Final Cycle of Some Years Guaranteed


The author is God, the anointed writers of any spiritual certainty are just relays as all truth comes from God, through Christ; (2Pet1:19-21);

The next world war prelude war and terror cycle, to activate soon to aid cover up of a massive financial deficiency and monetary implosion will tell you when the final cycle has begun;

It will be unmistakable FROM INCEPT onward to the final UN world government (Dan11:45; Dan8:25) that all this WILL lead to over a brief period of some years, and the BIGGEST world tribulatory cycle of world history pulsing it all forward, to further affirm (Hag2:7) where is is all leading: “the end”;

But God is requiring JWs finally cleansed in Dan8:14 temple judgment, after that timed period expires, to also give the final 1260 day world warning of impending Kingdom of God completion;

The ultimately 8th King inspired coming “firecracker” will wake you up to at least consider the severity of the coming plunge of many people and institutions in all the nations to aid national surrender of sovereignty (Rev17:12-18) and their assets and properties (Dan11:42-43) to aid the final gathering (Rev16:13-16) into a final defiant globalist 8th King world institution of world domination containing all the nations and their resource aid for final conflict with a concurrently completing (all 144000) Messianic King to make a “mess” of the 8th King at that Rev16:12-17 climax of 8th King national control called Har-Magedon;

That is the signature cycle, leading to the signature event of God;

All will plainly “hear” the 8th King “firecracker” begin the event; What is is ascertained as in reality of what it will actually be (Rev8-11), will vary; It is the end cycle, over a few last years, well warned in time, and propetically gauaged in Daniel 12 parallel to Rev8-11 final activation at JW temple judgment and the Bethel desolation;

[QUOTE who=”El cacique”]<quoted text> Do you see yourself as a prophet?.[/QUOTE]

What is a prophet?

(Amos 7:14) Then Amos answered and said to Amaziah: “I was not a prophet, neither was I the son of a prophet; but I was a herdsman and a nipper of figs of sycamore trees.

Amos, who many consider to be a prophet of God, did not consider himself a prophet;

Prophets rarely if ever ascertained the meaning of the prophecy; Prophetic interpreters, when driven by God, explain the meaning;

But in JW history, we never did ascertain things until after they happened as to detailed prophetic meanings of Revelation 6-19, active now since even the first 8th King budding League of Nations was instituted along with the Messianic Kingdom foundations, all making world rulership claims at the same exact moment in world history;

Now it is all repeating Revelation 8-11, in which the JW temple purification from judgment desolation (Dan8:13) starts the cycle;

So I am not a prophet, and not an interpreter, because IT IS ALREADY THERE IN THE ORIGINAL JW UNDERSTANDING!

It is merely repeating, upon the exact same minor principles then, repeating to finality now, beginning with the JW temple desolation judgment (temporary removal of the “constant feature” ministry), replicating to a COMPLETE form, over some years of marked Bible prophecy, so people can decide the only choice by that time:

Live under 8th King UN global government, or live under God’s Messianic Kingdom, because that is ALL that will be present as even now the worldwide national bankruptcies will lead to 8th King financial world rulership (Dan11:42-43);

I am just a person pointing out that is is starting to repeat;

Even now, the lawless Bethel condition, seen in their UN NGO co-promotional allegience, signals 2Thess2:3-4, 11 is also replicating in a JW apostasy seen by few JWs – also a repeating principle as the Jews were blind as well, and so was Christendom as the also aligned in 1919 with the 8th King “league of Nations”, which also repeats in Bethel JW UN NGO;

EVERY element of EVERYTHING, is ALL repeating, again (Rev10:11) – how much clearer can God possibly make it?

And that is why God uses repetition for emphasis to see who is paying attention, and who has fallen asleep, plain and simple, JWs should understand this now, it is only repeating again, but after the Bethel’s massive desolation, and no God coming around to deliver JWs, but to judge us first (1Pet4:17), JWs will start to catch on, God will help, because the transgression of UN alliances will be accounted for, and the Bethel clerics of the modern “man of lawlessness” will have been removed; (Isa66:6)

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