Puzzled JW Elder

About as stupid as somone like me who’s been posting for almost 12 yrs and not am still active but serving as an elder as well. What is the psychology going on with me? I can’t figure it out

Well if we go a little deeper than all the well concealed on one end Bethel superficial lawlessness, well seen on the other end, and actually take a pad of paper and write it ALL down in it’s basic form of features of this lawlessness a pattern will emerge backed by trends and statistics of decline in JWs that are of course mathematically undeniable that something is causing “the truth” to actually decline and be overtaken by the effects of “the lie” that have turned the JW ministry into a global ministry stumbling probably 3 or 4 times the amount of people that are coming in to “the truth”.

And if we project the trends backwards in time to theoretical origins, and use various Bethel events like the UN NGO and other scandals and demeaning policies that fuel the Bethel stumbling block production factory, we inevitably arrive at also a major change in Bethel management style from individual claimant anointed oversight to the Governing Body “rule by committee” form of direction which emerged in a Bethel power coup of 1976 that soon resulted in the Bethel “inquisition” of the early 1980s, which soon resulted in Ray Franz and others tossed out on their ear, which quickly resulted in Ray Franz exposing the engine of deception in that Governing Body and in it’s newly self-appointed form of dictatorship.

And thus from that transition to power, there also resulted a scandal to form the first major stumbling block to be written about in major published form by Ray Franz. And so proceeded more JW stake burnings of the 1980 instituted Bethel led inquisition whose core attitude of the megalomaniacs in the Governing Body collective soon “leavenized” the congregational systems with elders soon to adopt the Governing Body “way of thinking” and icy hearts.

And from that, one thing led to another, and in just 15 years Bethel dedicated themselves to the UN in 1991 to co-promote the “new world order objective” of that 8th King third manifestation rather than expose the third UN placement as Dan11:31b (leading to 4th UN placement at Daniel 11:45), of four in Bible prophecy that actually was in that 1990 event of Bethel and UN collusion fulfilling Daniel 11:30-31. Daniel 11:30-45 is obviously not USSR failure fulfillments, but 8th King required continual success of Daniel 11:36 requirement. And so on, one thing continued to lead to another, and no update of Daniel 11:27-45 was even considered by “the committee” with obvious UN ties in covenants and in prophetic cover-up.

So in effect from just that example, Bethel displays signs of deceptive engineering and planning that is far from just random “oversights” and “mistakes” that are never admitted as such anyways. What we have is a designed and injected new “cult of fear” that plainly manifested itself as such between 1976 and 1981 in the case of Ray Franz, Ed Dunlap and others purged by a new committee based dictatorship that also installed a system to further their protection and power, by such rule in the hands of a “body” that can not only be factionally controlled virtually invisibly, it can progress to total subversion as is the case soon after the UN NGO was sealed in Bethel history and harlotry, and continued to be covered up by today’s Governing Body. Now plainly something is way way wrong here.

So FEAR is also a huge tool to magnetize enough JWs to the system to continue to support it, because none of the Bethel elites had the wealth in the magnitude pouring in from duped JWs. Controlling JWs is a multi-million dollar a day lucrative business to these tax sheltered cons. Not to mention the 100s of millions in property and international finance investments quickly converting free JW capital and labor into a billion dollar Bethel controlled empire worldwide.

So as my speculation on the actually complex well and long engineered mind control going on from Bethel due in part to the profit motive in such an operation your “What is the psychology going on with me?” from a strictly organizational standpoint of Bethel methodology may be rooted in part in their power over the individual conscience by fear and guilt tactics steadily developed, with the illusional basis of the GB divine authorization based on association with the JW ministerial past they ad nothing to with developing. Then that illusion cascades down the pyramid to also confer such “Bible based” authority down into the elder body, in a well concealed, but actual modern-day modified inquisition armed with major banishment reprisal for some with family in the org and with the fictional “Gehenna Judgment” of Bethel’s main gavel of a delusion of actual authority (non-existent in reality) that can only succeed with the desired effect of control by fear when people actually believe the add-on “Governing Body” was and is somehow superior in God’s appointment over the one and only “body of the Christ” in the Bible, and everyone else. (2Thess2:3-4).

THAT is the main illusion and false projection of the Governing Body fraudulent act.

But in fact a Biblical “Governing Body” is all just a grand illusion, steadily introduced, plausibly attached to Acts15:1-33, gradually positioned organizationally and psychologically, then abruptly empowered with supreme Bethel authority in 1976, while taking credit for all the former work that was already done by the time Nathan Knorr revamped the organizational functional system, and Fred Franz wrote all the core interpretive harmonization and reinforced framework. Thus the GB is aided by the illusion they even took part in any of that work, when in fact they seized control AFTER it was all a well tuned machine. They are just a well rooted total act.

The GB acts like they represent that “body of Christ”, but in fact they “lift themselves over everyone” on earth including that truly Bible based “body of the Christ” and even above God and Christ as judges as they self-proclaim, self-judge and approve themselves as the sole “faithful and discreet slave” OF ALL HUMAN HISTORY! (plainly 2Thess2:3-4 in active Bethel lawless fulfillment).

They are so comfortable with the JW coma and blindness now in full effect, now it is “no holds barred” at Bethel as they brazenly now introduce plainly pinnacle blasphemies, uproot all the core teachings, plainly fulfilling signal prophecy (2Thess2:1-4) from a “body” NOT found in the Bible, not even actually mentioned and termed in the Bible, but long inferred and modified from worldly corporate origins as a specialized “board of directors” as if James, Peter and Paul did not make the final Acts 15:1-33 decisions as apostles of Christ, but some fictional Jerusalem ministerial “board of directors” made the final decision “OKing” the apostles.

Which is a LIE.

(Acts 15:19-20) Hence >my decision< is not to trouble those from the nations who are turning to God, 20 but to write them to abstain from things polluted by idols and from fornication and from what is strangled and from blood.

Thus the apostles in unison represented by James, made the final decision to UNBURDEN the sheep. But now a Governing Body not even found in the Bible burdens the whole world with every form of sin and distraction, saying one thing, but doing another.

And that is the key illusion that keeps JWs cringing to men that are in a number of “bodies” in the Bethel order now, that are naturally now bodies “set in opposition” to the “body of the Christ” that elders and common JWs now disparage regularly from the example set by the smug and arrogant Lords of Bethel in the main Governing Body “body” of lawlessness of non-anointed, anti-Christian and lawless actors now plainly playing a part that as to have been engineered to continue their multi-million dollar enrichment and congregation wide pampering and ring kissing, along with dubious illegal alliances, and prophetic diversions.

Now plainly master deceivers with evidence such as UN “image” worship and pedophile protection are not going to up and tell JWs they are the “lawless one” and the “evil slave”, so JWs are caught in a dangerous deception that now even affects all JWs, knowingly or not, because the ministry now contains deceptions and purposeful errors that are stumbling millions of people and JWs active in that “operation of error” and “the lie” (2Thess2:9-12) are now sharing in that Bethel originated complex of heavy guilt of all sorts. Totally covered up with echoes from the past and various Bible truths used as needed to extend the illusion fully. But use of the organizational “guilt complex” for various gnats and light sins in comparison to the UN NGO, keep JWs focused inwardly, as Bethel uses that focus to aid their own concealment.

And very slyly and gradually the Bethel system has now JWs focused on all the manmade “graven images” of that Bethel system as GB, “the organization”, “the slave” and the former traditions to diffuse JW faith away from God and Christ unto fallen men and “bodies” who can and will be compromised for a final mass stumbling event. Now JWs trust more in men in suits, and fancy buzzwords, traditions and performance based “spirituality”, than in God, Christ and the Bible, and in that is a trap that will spring on JWs actually involved in a terminal and systemic Bethel base idol worship system, that also has a UN NGO main Bethel centerpiece “idol” and the GB “high priests” who maintain the whole pantheon of now the Bethel human based idol system.

Thus the thing is hidden in plain sight, but too big to see, and too horrific to accept the implications and inevitable ramifications of.

Thus even now, JWs plainly see the “disgusting thing” at Bethel as UN NGO for 20 years, yet JWs cannot plainly see what it means by way of command:

(Matthew 24:15-16) “Therefore, when you catch sight of the disgusting thing that causes desolation (modern UN NGO), as spoken of through Daniel the prophet, standing in a holy place, (let the reader use discernment,) 16 then let those in Judea begin fleeing to the mountains.

Because of the Bethel gradually administered hypnotism, has most JWs in a trance, now the false interpretations of Daniel 11:30-43 can be used on JWs in major world events of the 8th Kings final drive to world governmental power that will take a number of years (Dan11:42-45), as JWs misled by Bethel believe “the end can come any day now brothers!”, and expect the Daniel 11:44-45 mystery “King North” sequence to be erupting next, but in fact world national financial failure into 8th King world globalized finance system of Daniel 11:42-43 is what must come next plainly seen in world news of national debt in 100s of trillion in magnitude, and plainly seen in Daniel 11:42-43 when we know that cannot be a bankrupt USSR, that is the 8th King as King North that Bethel is covering up.

That means at that time of JW organizational desolation as temple judgment, deceiver Bethel can cover it up until expulsion as “the end of the world”, “prophecy is fulfilling brothers!”, but NOT on Babylon the Great, but on Bethel first (1Pet4:17). And in those events and aftermath, JWs will be LOST, and easily herded globally wherever this enemy system wants to send them, covering up the whole thing with a prophetic hoax provided by the “Daniel 11:44 next” JW mentality promoted by Bethel way out of sync with actual Daniel 11:42-43 world finance events that go on for some years to fully develop soon.

Thus it is evident there is far more actually engineered into the Bethel apostasy than meets the eye, and one does not want to get caught “in Jerusalem” as Bethel starts imploding, because that leaves JWs vulnerable for redirection by the enemy system “in the temple”. And that is why Jesus said when one sees that 1991 UN NGO made plain as day “at Bethel” claims of “Jerusalem” location, get OUT of that “city”, NOW. Because the JW organization is going into a divine judgment to account for all this lawlessness in a climax signal event to go on for the Daniel 8:13-14 timing, as 1Pet4:17.

So in effect all the Betel fear and guilt actually denudes JW faith in “undeserved kindness” with a system based of performance merit. Thus we need to develop full faith in undeserved kindness as the basis of God’s salvation power in Christ’s merit and sacrificial offering we can accept rather than the phony Bethel counterfeit version of it. It as easy as that, there is no salvation, but only ruin at Bethel that must be removed as really all it’s teachings and developments under GB dictatorial power now competes with God, Christ, undeserved kindness and truth. They are the main “set in opposition” system now on earth; (2Thess2:1-4).

Once the illusion of Bethel is defeated by actual truth, their true nature and intent becomes self-evident and also prophetic in signal apostasy as Daniel 11:32a connects to 2Thess2:3 apostasy and it’s Bethel ringleaders.

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