The Bible and Alien Conspiracy Theories – Genesis 6

The Bible and Alien Conspiracy Theories

Well those kinds of theories go back to the days of Genesis 6, when Satan and the demons were attempting to re-engineer mankind by direct genetic manipulation through sexual relations with human women and advanced forms of lateral genetic adjustment. So direct manipulation through demon derived “human” sexual  DNA, and other techniques, was used to nearly compromise that entire world, only 8 people remained demon seed and effects free.

The teachings of demons as “God creators” masquerading their actual super-addictive attachment to mankind (then and now, but now not directly sexual) was the internal psychological component that can also change the human genetic by affecting beliefs and actions that make minute changes in DNA eventually producing related effects, as we can see the world today after 4000 years of this technique also heading into a divine judgment series that will also have few survivors in relative terms as man is morally and spiritually ruined as far as faith in the actual Creator Yahweh and his actual means of salvation from this period as Yeshua, a.k.a. Jehovah God Almighty and the Mighty God Christ who alone are life.

The demon teachings of today, and the various human mutations of those falsehoods are why the world today is so divided in a psychological war of all vs. all. In the end, prior to the actual judgment, the terminal effects of the modified demon post-flood strategy will gather in many affected genetically to the degree they can be described as the “seed of the serpent” in that the egentic modification is so far from “the image of God” it cannot be recovered.

Now that judgment starts with JWs who have also spiritually mutated into a UN organized cover up of Daniel 8 and 11, and the foretold apostasy of Dan11:32 paralleling modern Bethel and their man of lawlessness leaders as 2Thess2:3-4. After that JW desolation and purification (Rev8-9 replicating) a final ministry will be conducted to locate some final human DNA that can be recovered, by direct faith in Christ, which is impossible in Satanic seed when it is matured in men. It is a very real process that affected Noah’s world as well. Christ will personally make te determination on all others as his Last Adamic perfect blood and DNA and whole body has purchased all recoverable beings whether they know it or not as indicated in Matt25:31-46.

(Matthew 10:23) When they persecute you in one city, flee to another; for truly I say to you, you will by no means complete the circuit of the cities of Israel until the Son of man arrives.

In today’s world lies coupled with biological pollutions and reckless modifications are the greatest form of this systemic genetic modification of humans by the actions they encourage, which actions are psychologically empowered, which psychology affects human DNA. War, theft, greed and lying is now a component of the collective human DNA in the vast majority heading into a divine purge to secure the future of recoverable human beings into Last Adamic regeneration (Matt19:28; Rom8:22-28).

FutureMan wrote:
Adam and Eve were originally relatively perfect beings, that is as far as material beings are concerned anyway.
Adam and Eve were the head Devil worshipers of Noah’s world “King and Queen” origination, which title translated to Nimrod and his wife after the flood, and became the basis of all mythology concerned with human origination and Satanic world lordship through that compromise giving Satan access to the Gen1:26-28 divine blessing to turn it into the Heb 2:14 “ability to cause death” through the Gen3:14-15 death curses.

That is where the Catholic Church’s main priestly and theological framework comes from as Alexander Hislop thoroughly proved in the “Two Babylon’s” book:

“”The Two Babylons. or The Papal Worship Proved to be the Worship of Nimrod and His Wife.”” By the Late Rev. Alexander Hislop

The roots of that ancient relationship to Adam and Eve’s Satanic service is the basis of all world religions including te original globalism concepts of final world government that formed under Nimrod in Gen10-11 histories of it’s locus of formation.

Today that globalized world government is to finalize in the UN world government and image in the final Daniel 11:42-45 progression to begin with worldwide national financial globalization into an 8th King world wealth, finance and investment system to facilitate the transference of national sovereign autonomy into 8th King dictatorial world power ruled by globalist elites, and ultimately the same Gen 6 demons behind this final development with roots back to Genesis 11 Babylon Tower of Babel.

Temple Judgment – Comprehensive Globalist Symbology in Nahum, Zephaniah, Habakkuk, Jonah and Other Prophets…

It is all related. Those other writings like Urantia, merely aid the globalization process by dividing up human psychological cohesion to facilitate the demon and globalist “divide and conquer” of the national fabric of unity, to aid a smooth as possible transition to final world globalization.

Globalization is the national “gathering” force of the 8th King forming system at Rev16:13-16;

Daniel 11:42-45 which is financial blitz first, plus the sovereign transfer of Rev17:12-18 will equal full globalization of Rev16:13-16 and Armageddon over a few final years of this world upheaving process all will know when it really starts and drags on for some years.


“”The roots of that ancient relationship to Adam and Eve’s Satanic service is the basis of all world religions including te original globalism concepts of final world government that formed under Nimrod in Gen10-11 histories of it’s locus of formation.””

Which JWs now share as UN NGO globalism co-promoters, Bethel itself a gloalized 8th King ministry.


The JW focus away from God and Christ towards the “organization” is the key idolatry in JWs and a key blasphemy because the “organization” of JWs is run by 8th King installed globalists in the Bethel ministry who secured an 8th King covenant as UN NGO as their main external idol now placed at Bethel; (Matt24:15);

That “organized” globalism in JWs will use the “organization” to lead JWs to capture in this next series of world events in it’s first two years. Then the whole “organization” will be essentially destroyed to inactivity (Rev9 “abyss”) to form a great test on JWs focused on that org as salvation. All the top Bethel idols like the GB and their ludicrous FDS designation, and Bethel itself will also go down fully.

Then JWs will be in the dilemma. Did JWs have faith in God and Christ or this human “graven images”? And that is why God permits this to develop (2Thess2:8-12), as a temple judgment and as a sifting of JW weed idol worshipers, or wheat, JWs with faith ONLY in God and Christ. A period of repentance is also the goal for JWs totally misled in this Bethel based 8th King foretold deception utilizing Bethel’s “those who are leaving te holy covenant” years ago at Bethel, that gave impostors access through te GB to the core Bethel power and subversion nucleus as final “man of lawlessness”.

Temple Judgment Background – Governing Body Covers Up “King of the North” Actual 8th King Meaning

Jehovah’s Witnesses Foretold Organized Apostasy Development in the Bible Symbols

This is the key “in the temple” apostasy Christians are to look for. The 1918 Christendom system is now 100 years in the terminal past, this applies to modern JWs. And it is clear how far and how and why Bethel has drifted into obvious organized apostasy gradually (Dan8:11-12); (Dan11:30-35);


Another piece of evidence is how many people have been affected by Bethel based apostasy and lawless stumbling policy and actions as the GB says one thing that JWs focus on, while they do another that many people also see the hypocrisy and serious nature of Bethel’s covered up and justified sins.

This causes people to lode faith in the basic sovereign progression that JWs did identify from prophecy with God’s aid through Christ from 1914-1950, identifying both UN placements of 1919 and 1945 as direct Bible prophecy in man’s trek to Armageddon.

But JWs are not exposing the 3rd and 4th UN placements as connected at Daniel 11:30-45. Instead they offer the UN GB fictional USSR account to actually cover up prophecy for the UN. And they became a UN NGO in 1990 when all this Daniel 11:30-35 prophecy was actually fulfilling.

Now people have lost focus on prophecy with the JWs, and are now going to be lulled like JWs, into a globalized world government with the same plausibilities of it’s benefits, like the GB and WT staff “reading books” at the UN library is a good enough excuse to worship the wildbeast and “work for” it, that is “workship” it in co-promotions and cover up right from Bethel as now UN annex UN NGO co-proclaimers, hiding the fact the UN places 4 times in prophecy all foretold.

And the Bethel lawless stumbling campaign now makes people wander to all kinds of other “solutions” that are not the answer, but aid globalization aiding thinking by the divide and conquer directive of all these confusions, and the 8th King can now throw the world into the beginning of the full globalization process as Daniel 11:42-43 fulfills, while JWs imagine it is “end of the world” sequence of Daniel 11:44-45, out of sync with globalist actual developmental reality.

And Bethel’s subverting leadership is who makes all this possible, as this final world cycle actually at 8th King Daniel 11:42-43, will actually take a number of years in a final 8th King cycle. All this while JWs are so globalism dumbed down, they actually imagine contrary to prophecy and plain globalist world developmental projections from te globalists themselves all over the web and bookstores, that “it can end any day now brothers!!”. Which is untrue, it cannot end until Daniel 11:42-43 completes into an 8th King globalized world financial system that must lead to full pawning of also worldwide national sovereignty into 8th King world uni-polar power as Daniel 11:42-44 parallels Rev17:12-18 and Rev16:13-16 enroute to actual Armageddon some years later.

JWs are te ones who should know this, but are instead hypnotized by the Bethel echoes from the past, and the denuded and polluted JW “truth” of today. Bethel is where that global effect of deception springs from.

USSR Fails, Also Fails as King North, as UN Third Placement of 1990 Assumes King North Identity as 8th King!


5 thoughts on “The Bible and Alien Conspiracy Theories – Genesis 6”

  1. I’d like to know what you think is this genetic code. And Adam and Eve. Eve got Cain “from the Lord”. I have Rh negative which appears no where on earth. Do you think I’m a ‘demon’ seed? On creating man, who is us and we? Where do you think Cain got his wife and no it wasn’t his sister. The biggest tyrant was Nimrods father Cush.

    1. Very interesting and it is in the deep things about creation that people cannot fully understand, yet no harm in investigating. The two “seeds” at Genesis 3:14-17 are very real, so Jesus Christ is the primary extra-terrestrial “seed” spoken about there but is fully human being in that delivery. The purpose of Jesus Christ as “second man out of heaven” and “last Adam” is to overcome those irresistible curses in Genesis 3:14-17. (1Cor15:45-47) The “ground” in that scripture is where the “families of the ground” come from, it is more than agriculture. (Gen12:3);

      If you feel you have faith in Jesus Christ as the Son of God sent for atonement of all mankind’s sins to all accepting the faith and reality of him, then you are not “Satan’s seed” which can never develop true faith in anyone but their father. (John8:44). It does not mean all who have no faith in Christ are Satan’s “seed”, because exposure to the truth of him is limited, so some have simply not been exposed to the truth of Christ. Since Satan’s “seed” and God’s “seed” are comparatively small in comparison to all mankind, most humans since Abel, and after him, are human beings recoverable.

      This is why the true world rulers of earth are small in number, and so is the 144001, including Christ, who will replace that dynasty with the extra-earthly heavenly Messianic Kingdom authority. It has yet to complete and over this final cycle of UN world government culmination it will complete. So you have 10 or so years to affirm for yourself all these things from when Bethel goes down, as being true.

      The purpose of the representative Bethel downfall is so people get a signal of judgment well before the final end. The judgment on Bethel will allow the final truth of prophecy to come forth regarding the 144000 completion drive, for Christ too, is completing the Messianic Kingdom authority, but will offer a final extended salvation period for people to surrender to him, and accept salvation from an earthly divine war on the human world government rival system at that time. (Dan12:7, 12:11 is open for salvation).

      As far as Cain’s wife I could only speculate, but it is obvious he chose a path and was not necessarily “seed of Satan” as even my assessment of them is speculation. God did allow Cain a period of repentance:

      (Genesis 4:6-7) At this Jehovah said to Cain: “Why are you hot with anger and why has your countenance fallen? 7 If you turn to doing good, will there not be an exaltation? But if you do not turn to doing good, there is sin crouching at the entrance, and for you is its craving; and will you, for your part, get the mastery over it?”

      So Cain had an opportunity and potential to “turn to doing good”. That is all we have to do as well, turn to doing good, and in Jesus Christ is the help needed to do so, and the forgiveness when we fall but keep “fighting the fine fight”.


      Satan’s purpose is to get us to condemn ourselves, or to doubt from within ourselves so as not to “turn to doing good”. That is why speculating on deep sciences is natural, but we do not want to let that speculation lead to speculating on other things that create doubt in our own potential to “turn to doing good” and to be people deemed potential of cooperation with the Kingdom of God. There would be no destruction if everyone “turned to doing good”. But as you know man is instead able to do bad things and say they are good things. Men even deceive the self.

      So we need to value our own lives and find personal value in doing good, and to fight the tendencies we will hvae to doing bad, because Adam and the woman like Cain, turned to doing bad, they felt was their right to pronounce good, and that tree of that power to decide good and bad for oneself is the root of all mankind’s problem, it was a sin because God is the One with the right to decide ultimate good and bad, ultimate truth, and now man is in a realm of many half-truths that lad to justifying badness.

      Since it is useless now to study with Jehovah’s witnesses since they are going into a dangerous time of judgment and internal enemy intrigues, one can still read the books by them, because it is an aid to accelerate Bible study. BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY, READ YOUR OWN BIBLE OR BIBLES, AND BUILD FAITH IN GOD AND CHRIST, because what is befalling JWs first (1Pet4:17) will begin a prophetic and world cycle that will lead to Christ’s arrival.

      A recovery of truth from the JW downfall is guaranteed, because it is a final cycle they are entering, not “the end”, and they will have to face reality sooner or later in the Bethel downfall, and what will be required after that accounting (Dan8:13-14) completes.

      This means you will see all these developments and even now may be considering information most JWs have not heard of due to the Bethel apostates. That means you are at an advantage, because this takes YEARS to fully resolve. The Bible does not give dates, it identifies periods that will become recognizable in Daniel 8:14 JW temple judgment-desolation-purification-recovery, and Daniel 12:7 UN world government drive to full 8th King world government, and Daniel 12:11 arrival of Christ to save sheep first.

      So this describes from JW temple judgment, 7 to 14 years of developments you will plainly see occuring in the world towards UN world government for real, and Christ’s arrival for real to refute a COMPLETE sovereign affront on his Kingdom authority. They cannot beat Christ, He will be full “King of kings”, and people can be saved even during his war phase.

      Christ cannot depose a UN system until it is actually a true world government full conglomeration of ALL the nations. That is why the United Nations “image” is not a world government, and JWs are prematurely expecting Jesus Christ who is not coming to war with an international forum, but with a full, complete, worldwide, global, world government finished (Dan8:25, 11:45, 12:11) and stated (1Thess5:1-3) as supreme sovereign of planet earth.

      Thus from the downfall of Jehovah’s witnesses and after, you can consider becoming part of the recovery, where no JW organizational impediments will exist as they do today to “turn people away from God” with unrealistic and illegal human and organizational intermediation.

      The downfall of JWs (Rev8) will lead to a foretold recovery (Rev9-11) for that very purpose, to give people a valid, open and inviting final pleading and invitation to “become reconciled to God” very simply by faith in Jesus Christ and his atonement gift. It is as simple as that, plus “turn to doing what is good” in the heart by repentance, and one can pass right through the divine war phase into Christ’s 1000 year reign over planet Earth and the universe.

      The JW downfall of Daniel 8:13-14 indictment, phasing and timing as Rev8:3-5 as 1Pet4:17 will start the final cycle outlined in Rev8-11 over several years as Daniel 8:14 timing and verifications eads in time unknown to Daniel 12:7 that leads to Daniel 12:11. The JW judgment and downfall will lead to recovery, but it will also lead to the developments of human world government and that is why God is giving the first signal as the Bethel judgment of Daniel 8:11-14 culminations.

      So just accept that like Cain, or Abel, any of us can “turn to doing good”, and do not allow doubt to develop. Instead read about Christ and who he worships in Almighty God as His Son, believe, pray, and “turn to doing good” and by Christ’s undeserved kindness by God, anyone can be saved from sins and the climax sovereign war. JWs have overly complicated that truth, for the enemy is in their house to do just that, and that is why JWs go down FIRST on the 8th King list (Dan8:13).

      Christians in the Jehovah’s witnesses ministry were overrun in 1976 by the Governing “Body” (GB) style of administration, and from that cell of illegal authority is where all the JW garbage and baggage came from. The original Christian ministry exposed both the first 2 (of 4 total) UN placements in 1919 and 1945 as prophecy leading to Armageddon. By the 1990 3rd UN placement Bethel said nothing about the prophecy (Dan11:31b), but instead became a UN NGO 3rd UN placement co-promoter – which is part of the prophecy they cover up Daniel 11:30-32, parallel Daniel 8:11-13.

      That is when the Bethel “man of lawlessness” was fully revealed, and has introduced more sins since 1990, like their being the sole “faithful and discreet slave”, and OBVIOUS example of them “lifting themselves over everyone”. So it is what it is, Bethel is the signal final apostasy, because Jehovah’s witnesses were the last point of Christian truth explaining valid prophecy in Daniel and Revelation. Daniel and Revelation are structured frameworks of what is now much history, not “prophecy” per se, but fulfilled prophecy and more prophecy will fulfill into world history and Daniel and Revelation outline even globalization (Rev16:13-16) as the basis of world government culmination.

      It is Bethel and diverted JWs that lost all this truth from especially 1990, but since 1976 is when the “wormwood” GB (Rev8:10-11) began injecting the “constant feature” with lies (Dan8:11-2; Dan1:30a), scandal and controversy (2Pet2:1-3), they are apostates in grand “superfine apostle” form. (2Thess2:1-4). They and the corrupted Bethel ministry are who SIGNAL a complete apostasy means a complete judgment must also manifest soon.

      When you see all that, as I understand people would naturally doubt some of this, you can know even now, what it will be meaning and leading to then, guaranteed by prophecy thus guaranteed by God.

      Comprehensive Completion Requirement of Prophecy, History, World Government and the Messianic Kingdom

      The templelijah blog has more developed Bible proof articles as far as what the Bethel downfall will really be signalling as far as prophecy. Future events will verify it all, because it is repeating prophecy, not so much “interpretation”, it has already happened once along the same lines in 1914-1919. Daniel 12 merely repeats in final form to all the completions foretold, and even obvious in human world government development to also culminate over these last few years.

      Good Day

      1. Thank you for all the information on JW. I am not and never will be a JW. All people are given free will. If God gave us that, he knew some people would do bad things all the time. I’m still going with Jesus’s words and not a prophet from the OT. There will be no pre – mid rapture as Jesus said and After these things will you see the coming of man.’ Our faith will not mean that we will be raptured.

      2. Your welcome.

        The world government issue raised by the Christian anointed ministry of 1914-1919 and explained in detail up to the Bethel apostasy circa 1969, is the pattern that will repeat.

        A final recovered valid Christian Kingdom of God warning will go forth into a global tribulation to resolve en route to UN world government, a full global administration. (Just like 1914 WW1 saw the Kingdom ministry deploy into global tribulation as it “world peace” resolved the WW period into the League of Nations world government foundation presentation of the globalists. That pattern is set to repeat).

        That sovereign completion of defiant world rulership is required BEFORE Christ’s arrival, and that is what the whole ministry since 1914 has been warning of.

        As far as scattered Christians worldwide they will have to make the same choice. God’s Kingdom or New World Order. In time that will be the only choices. God’s Kingdom or human world government.

        The world will be given to the Kingdom it chooses, so the world in general will see a UN world government, world peace and world recovery potential under the 8th King reign for a period of time prior to Christ’s final arrival.

        It will get very clear over these last few years that something big is developing, even 8th King UN based human world government will change the global complexion permanenty. (Dan7:25).

        These things are not being explained by modern JWs, because they are involved in the Bethel leadership’s apostasy that no longer comments on globalization or globalist world government developments as a connected phenomena, they cover up prophecy and lead a ministry of imbibed lawlessness that is not Christian, but the opposite and so stumbles millions away from the Christian faith, and faith in God.

        Bethel is going down, that will be a signal of great meaning. The world developments it will be going down in context of, will also be globally jolting. I state this because it will take some years of developments to verify, and people can take advantage of what it means as it manifests to where it is foretold to manifest to: Christ’s arrival and full glorification as King of kings, with no rival when he is done with the 8th King.


  2. As a secondary message, which must become the primary message, the basic thing God Almighty did in sending Christ to earth was for an example of a perfect person who did God’s will and provided a TRUE salvation by observing his mission to the full.

    And it is not for no reason that Christ became the “second man out of heaven” and “last Adam” as a human being now a “life giving spirit”. At the basic his death as that Adam allows a “gathering” from “Death and Hades”. (Eze47:9) And that means more than human death (Heb2:14) is involved but “all things” alive to die under that first Adamic blessing of Genesis 1:26-28 is involved. As is the man to be replaced.

    So the heavenly aspect of Christ’s origination and destination is NOT the only features of the background of his mission. He is now to save “all things made new” out of death that Satan causes (Heb2:14). The Matthew 19:28 “re-creation” touches on this work to obviously have to affect planet earth. (Rev21:1-5).

    So Christ is not just something to do as a panacea of Death, he will do “God’s will done ON EARTH” and thus the full mitigation of what Adam has damaged temporarily by allowing Satan deep access to the creation will be complete in God’s will done on earth, as fully as in heaven, from where Satan was also removed.

    Jesus Christ is the only truth in this universe and earth. The Bible is the only record of that truth. Adamic man has nothing to do with him as far as mediation. So the faith must be to Christ and God alone, but the Word of that faith is the Bible. We cannot clame the Bible for what men do with it to try to obscure the reality Christ is the only connection to God alive. The Bible is a testimony of God through men to build faith in Jesus Christ, for consideration of his example builds faith in God.

    A bet on Jesus Christ is the ONLY “bet” of one’s life that will win. NOTHING from this Adamic world or human efforts at governance will come to anything in the long run, it is not, and has not since Genesis 3 events been God’s will. God has toleratd the situation with a greater objective in heart and a greater purpose in mind that CANNOT be reversed or altered from becoming complete.

    Christ is going to “gather all things” in the process and in this final period it will come down to an eventual assessment of every human on earth by Christ’s power of judging not a “religion”. The time of facing him in person will arrive, and it will again find the world in general doing other things. As far as the elites of this world who envision a “new world order” it will be successful to the point it fulfills the prophecy of that temporary success to provide a final conglomerated rival for Christ.

    It is not God’s purpose that bankers, politicians, warlords and technocrats rule the world. It is Jesus Christ who God has appointed world ruler and in time the allowance of the human based experiment in governing eachother will cease. We know from Revelation and other prophecies the powers of this world will not simply depose their own goals or system of that final human world government.

    Thus it will come to a head and the Bible truth will see all that prophetic guarantee complete. (Rev10:6-8) May we thus have faith in God and Christ, through Jesus Christ alone, because nothing else is going to work. And that was the issue Christ proved in his own mission that religions , like JWs, merely end up obscuring. So it boils down once again to God, Christ and the person. There is no intermediary to that relationship, and we cannot allow men or organization to impose themselves between us and Christ.

    That connection by faith to Jesus Christ to God, as Christ is the intermediatorial living person God appoints alone for such purpose, will be shorlty examined in us all to the full. Since we are individually assesed we see the freedom we have. We see JWs for example should have stressed that individual nature of the reality of what Christ means as well, as the ONLY one to go through for a relationship with God that can only be true or false in the end, there is no middle ground at a certain period of one’s own awareness. Not all have had that awareness, but in the resurrection all will be given opportunity.

    So Jesus Christ was the ONLY person Jehovah’s witnesses should point to as God’s ONLY representative for that purpose. And in time o the judgment on that last point of clarification now obscured by apostate leadership, it has to be made known again, for the other organizations involved with the Bible have also obscured the reality as best they can, plain and simple.

    It must be an individual assessment, not some collective religious intermediatorial assessment, because human organization just amplifies what is already bad enough in individual Adamic man alone.

    CHRIST is the one to believe in, to consider REAL, and to consider who he worships, God ALONE. ANd this is because Christ will arrive on this world government of men when complete because that is the logical requirement already basic at Revelation 16:13-16. Christ is not the only “gatherer”, Satan is also gathering the nations for the “war of the great day of God the Almighty” and the Bible does not mince words. Christ is coming to save sheep, and remove the rival system when it is finally ready (Dan7:26) for removal.

    The removal of the JW “a system of things” will be an advanced warning in a preliminary judgment of world note to let us know the rest will soon follow prophetic suit of broader judgments guaranteed to come, that JWs already IDd in the early ministry, that need to be re-clarified for a second and final invitation and warning. Their literally are two distinct “witnesses” God will give concerning impending and inevitable Kingdom of God arrival. Matthew 6:10 is not some pie in the sky request, it WILL in time come true, plenty of milestone events will give indication when it is to arrive.

    Human world government will be one of the final global developments that will in time trigger the full response of God and Jesus Christ, the real and true rulers of heaven and earth. May we keep it in mind, these things must come. Continue with your faith in Jesus Christ to God. May we do all do likewise and consider it truth from God, in Christ and the Bible, the Word of God in both forms.

    Good Day

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