Jehovah’s Witnesses/Bethel – Beyond Reform, Requires Judgment

 Do you still feel that the wt is god org but just needs to be cleaned up
I know current jw who you could call reformers
They love the org and want to see it do better

That’s probably true even Stephen King has an editor I suppose, as do many writers. But in the case of Bethel an editor or a writer is not going to help. And even if they wanted God will not permit light into a UN agency present at Bethel. The place is profaned; (Zech3:3). This is spiritual, not a vendetta or ego trip. Plain and simple Jehovah’s witnesses are now ALL in major transgression before God, and it is 8th King related and serving in reality. A JUDGMENT (and an accounting) is required (Dan8:13 decree), there is no way out of it, after 10 years (since 10/2001) many JWs and Bethel have [known] about the UN NGO, the initial repentance period (Rev2:21) has ended (Rev2:22) in inspection completing; (Rev2:23; Zech3:1-3);

(Revelation 2:21-23) And I gave her (Bethel; Hos2:1-5)  time to repent, but she is not willing to repent of her (Bethel UN NGO) fornication. 22 Look! I am about to throw her into a sickbed (spiritually as is evidenced), and those committing adultery with her into great tribulation, unless they (individual JWs, and others believing) repent of her deeds. 23 And her (Bethel’s) children I will kill with deadly plague (Hos2:4), so that all the congregations will know that I am he who searches (Zech3:1-3) the kidneys and hearts, and I will give to you individually according to your deeds. (Obviously temple judgment; Dan8:13-14 is that “right condition”);

“Reform” is not a choice now, a divine judgment upon Bethel is required by decree of Daniel 8:13-14. The “transgression causing desolation” is the UN NGO and internal Bethel 8th King collusion required to place that Dan11:31b “disgusting thing” at Bethel as the final Matt24:15 signal. Jesus said “use discernment” regarding Daniel’s prophecy, because that is the “disgusting thing” UN NGO now applicable as Daniel has a few “disgusting thing” prophecies. Daniel foretells the 1st, 3rd and 4th UN placements. Revelation 17:8-11 foretold the second. That is why Bethel diverts the very prophecy of importance in Daniel 8 and 11 that is fulfilling even their involvement in that cover up as it fully fulfills since that 1990 UN NGO.

Therefore Bethel and JWs and importantly Christian anointed, are now in a serious situation. Internal Bethel could care less because they are the impostors foretold in numerous prophecies and are 8th King originating and have been drilling into Bethel for decades. Even Rutherford dealt with a corporate coup attempt being accomplished from within the “board of directors” of that time period, the same location of today’s “governing boy” location of subversion..

So please read this whole rationale. I agree we Jehovah’s witnesses have a Kingdom announcement and truth that deployed into WW1 as a warning ministry and that led to a globalist embryonic world government in the League of Nations. It is not just those globally significant anomalies for their own time and now that mark that approximate four years in 1914-1919 as unique. In fact that world-war-to-world-government pattern has been used 3 times now, and will repeat again in a world tribulation to a final 8th King world government. THAT is what Bethel covers up, the FACT the globalists have used a world war to present a UN rendition three times, and the final world government drive to completion is over a cycle coming up, that is upon the first JW ministry WW1 pattern of Daniel 12:7, the same thing, exactly repeating, but at far greater scale than WW1. The UN has FOUR foretold placements in the Bible, the final one will replicate Daniel 12, as the 8th King activates Daniel 11:42-45 over some final years.

THAT is the truth Bethel is now covering up, and has been covering up since the 3rd UN placement of 1990 after the Cold War was resolved. (Dan11:29);

So the “reform” is coming from God, as usual at a crucial time of also worldly transition. What is required is official and collective repentance. Of course true repentance is not a concept known by the infallible “Governing Body”, nor is admitting common error, apologizing to humanity and actual humility.

But rather than get frustrated as is the intention of the “lawless one” at Bethel, as if this magnitude of hubris and transgression is random and merely hypocrisy at work in Adamic flesh, we now know this is prophetic. The temple judgment WILL get the accounting from the JW worldwide organization due to it’s association with Christian anointed who are actually the target of this judgment. Christian anointed are also the ones in need of repentance. The role the Governing Body and Bethel has set themselves into, “lifting themselves over everyone”, is why their identity is the “befouling” “set in opposition” signal we have been waiting to recognize. That is why though lawless, the Bethel worldwide organization will be a symbol of the target of God’s wrath (Dan8:13-14; Rev8:2-5) and God will use the 8th King powers, as per the whole Daniel 8:11-14 and 11:30-35 parallels to that actual and very real development at Bethel internally 8th King connection to the Bethel apostasy and this well designed “operation of error”.

So though well meaning, “reformers” cannot alone dislodge expert subversion from a truly compromised corporate basis of a Kingdom ministry now diverted and owned by these actual internal Bethel powers in all of JWs finances, trans-national corporate networking, logistics, investment, teaching and so on. The “lawless one” now OWNS the Bethel system. Evidence such as WTS being involved in hedges and derivatives scale investment and the potential complexity of specialized corporate devices now installed fully in the Bethel corporate framework suggests the Bethel assets are already setup for final enemy seizure. Due to the international scale of the whole congregational system, they cannot get it all (Hos1:4-7), but we can expect the heart of Bethel is already set for transplant into 8th King control.

The Daniel 8:11-13 prophecy also details such seizure in principle. The parallel of that prophecy and developmental time period in Daniel 11:30b-31 internal apostasy principles since that 3rd global UN placement of 1990 (Dan11:31b) and the internal Bethel compromise that already had to be in position to result in a covert UN NGO first, required collusion of Bethel and globalist planners. (THEY will certainly place the disgusting thing” UN 3rd placement and UN NGO, TOGETHER; Dan11:31b). It is also more prophecy with INTIMATE globalist “small horn”, “king of fierce countenance” and “king north” identical 8th King involvement INSIDE of Bethel as per Daniel 11:41, Luke 21:20 and Matthew 24:15 signal connections.

The UN NGO is the single worst SIGNAL to EVER appear at Bethel. And if people think God has not been involved with this ministry or JWs think Christ accepts the “for a library card brothers!” excuse, both groups have another thing coming, and it will be a temple judgment and commencing world cycle that will end up becoming of “prophetic proportions”, and JW temple accounting of Biblical proportions is what will “trample” and desolate the JW organization.

It will not be “the end” JWs are now misled to accept and support, it will be Daniel 11:42-45 just beginning. And that is why this coming desolation will be a signal to more than JWs that something horrific has befallen the JW org, and it is fully prophetic. Of course Bethel, in it’s currently dishonest state, is NOT going to self-incriminate themselves in a prophecy requiring self exposure to interpret correctly in Daniel 8:11-14 and 11:30-32.

Rather than the end coming, the Daniel 8:14 YEARS will have to transpire with no JW expected “Armageddon. In fact it is logical, there is no complete 8th King world government, merely the UN “image”, for Christ to arrive to depose. Christ’s chief human world government enemy is not even ready for battle yet, hence Christ cannot arrive to depose a incomplete and in effect non-existent “8th King”.

And that is why that time period coming will allow a recovery and a final Kingdom warning.

As far as Bethel ever being used again by God is up to the remaining Christians in that system and their own repentance when finally the you know what hits the fan. This is a purging judgment coming up, no joke, and the attitude of the person is what will determine the weed or wheat, the foolish or wise virgin, the faithful and evil “slave” determinations BY CHRIST, not men, at that coming time period.

Today’s Bethel is worse than any other apostate system in all human history other than the Jewish system of Jesus day, because we JWs knew the faith and the truth and still this all developed right under our noses, so God had to permit that “operation of error” to go to us, and many JWs now believe the Bethel “the lie”. And it is indeed 8th King related, a source of transgression that only sinning against the holy spirit could be any worse than joining the UN as UN NGO co-promoters, whose co-promotions and advertising is easily seen from Awake! 9/8/1991 to 2001 and even today in the JW printed “constant feature”.

Plain and simple Bethel has to go down, and is going down first (1Pet4:17) before any reform will come and it will require full admission and public apology for all these sins even against mankind, not to mention God, Christ, the anointed, and all Christian.  So when the Bethel downfall drags on as Daniel 8:14, that “right condition” is temple purification that requires a “fire” temple desolation to accomplish that state; (Eze10; Zech3:2; Rev8:2-5 “fire of the alter”; Isa6:6-8);

In effect Bethel must account for the UN NGO in public view as a divine judgment some will perceive permitted by God by 8th King powers who plainly know they have a time period to attempt to wipe out or seize the org, and they plainly know the UN NGO will allow and even REQUIRE this desolation soon.

From those ashes (Ez37; Rev9), Revelation 8-11 begins replicating to a now JW recovery and clarification as the frauds are removed BY GOD (Isa66:6), not man, from the last location of prophetic truth and world warning. What applied to Israel in Isaiah, Amos, Hosea and Micah will now apply to JWs anointed and associated Christians. What applied from 1914-1919 and after to Jerusalem as apostate Christendom in Revelation 8, Ezekiel, and Jeremiah and others, will now apply to JWs. All the temple judgment illustrations, such as the 10 virgins, wheat and weeds, marriage garment fraud, and others will now apply to God’s judgment on Jehovah’s witnesses Christian anointed and associates. That can result in good or bad outcomes, but in comprehensive requirement of repentance; (Isa12; Hos6:1-3; Dan9:1-19).

That is the truth about us modern Jehovah’s witnesses. The Daniel 11:32a “apostasy” is “in the temple” as 2Thess2:1-4 fulfilling at Bethel as it’s associated signal relation to Christian anointed upon whom the actual judgment (1Pet4:!7) is falling.

There is no “reform” way out of that divine judgment coming. Desolation is the requirement (Dan8:13) from God (Zech3:2, 3:1-5) and the 8th King is in agreement on this issue – God will allow the 8th King a set time period for JW org “desolation”; of course it may be mostly legal and financial in nature of seizure. How far it goes (Isa36-37) is to the point of God’s decree (Dan8:14; Hos6:1-3; Isa37:30), NOT the 8th King desire to eradicate all JWs and our ministry, that attempt will be suspended; (Hos1:4-7; Isa31:8-9; Mic5:5-6.); It time it will be known to approved repentant JWs that 1. God judged and desolated the place; 2. God delivered the “log” from that Zech3:2, Rev8, “fire”;

And that will start the final cycle of Adamic history already previewed in the first Jehovah’s Christian witnesses ministry of 1914-1926 and Daniel 12’s first fulfillment that will repeat as Daniel 8:14 arrives in timing to Daniel 12:7 “during the time” of Daniel 11:42-45 final 8th King drive to world government.

Final Temple Judgment and Jehovah’s Witnesses


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