JW “Cognitive Dissonance”

JW “Cognitive Dissonance”

Apostates accuse JW’s from suffering with cognitive dissonance but the reality is it’s apostates that suffer with it.
Cognitive dissonance is having two contradictory beliefs at the same time apostates manifest it in many ways here’s just a few
They believe man’s opinion can’t bring about salvation yet they believe their opinion can. They don’t realize that their opinion is mans opinion too
They believe that man can’t publish God’s thoughts but don’t realize that every time they tell us their Bible beliefs they believe they’re publishing God’s thought’s
They accuse Jehovah’s witnesses of judging them without realizing that they are judging Jehovah’s witnesses
That’s just three of many.
So next time you see an apostate talking about cognitive dissonance either shake your head in disbelief or laugh

Dissonance = “lack of harmony”

Bethel is in a state of cognitive dissonance, in fact a signal spiritual dissonance.

How can a modern day Papacy (GB) at Bethel and Jesus Christ BOTH be head of the Christian congregation? (2Thess2:3-4);

How can Jehovah’s witnesses be “God’s organization” and yet a publicly known UN “non governmental”, or co-promotional “organization” AT THE SAME time? (Dan8:11013; 11:30-35);

How can the GB serve demonic hubris, sheep beating and stumbling, and literal and sexual sins as Bethel policy from the “table of demons” and also serve “food at the proper time” from Jehovah’s table AT THE SAME TIME? (2Cor11:13-15; 2Thess2:9; Zech3:1,3);

How can Jehovah’s witnesses shun and condemn to Gehenna their sisters and brothers with valid complaints (Eze9), “sighing and groaning” for justice and mercy, and yet say “we love our neighbor” while walking their neighborhoods from empty house to empty house, while the 2,000,000,000 person web field is set aside only for stumbling, all at the same time? (Isa1-5; Eze9; Eze33-34);

How can Jehovah’s witnesses claim to be upholders of truth, while at the same time continuing the USSR illusion of a final King North identity that can only be 8th King UN powers AT THE SAME TIME? (Dan8:12b);

Only engineered denial and persistent self-righteous focus on others is how JWs can be this blind at the same time claiming to be the ones seeing – making the condition far worse spiritually.

If you want to know the true state of modern JW’s spiritual state, take everything we JWs have ever written since 1917 “The Finished Mystery”, all of it, and swap out the word “Christendom” and their “clergy” with “Bethel” and their “Governing Body”, word for word, and you get God’s modern indictment of Bethel, the GB and JWs for the same spiritual adultery we accuse Christendom of being guilty of.

Just replace “clergy” with “organizational arrangement”. Just replace Christendom “spiritual adultery” with Bethel UN NGO. Just replace Christendom’s “loose conduct” with “Bethel’s pedophile paradise”, and so on.

Bethel Walks in the Christendom’s Footsteps; not Christ’s…

In fact Christendom’s initial “man of lawlessness” “apostasy” and signal League of Nations (1919) and United Nations (1945) endorsement is now REPEATED by the Bethel final “man of lawlessness” and his central organized “apostasy” UN NGO endorsement (and cover up; Dan11:31b; Dan8:12b) of the 3rd United Nation placement of 1990; (Matt24:15).

Thus at the same time, Bethel and Christendom are now one.

That is true spiritual “cognitive dissonance”. This lack of harmony is a spiritual hypocrisy that is worse than Christendom.

Some “opposers” and so-called “apostates” on the internet are the last vestige of thinking human beings associated with modern Jehovah’s witnesses merely pointing out Bethel’s own dirty laundry (Zech3:3).

Now the lead zombies are JWs for the final UN cycle that is beginning next (Dan11:42-45), NOT ending as per the Bethel central delusion now overtaking the collective JW mind for purposes of bewilderment and JW ministerial seizure. (The polluted JW “constant feature” will be removed fully soon, temporarily, for purification; (Dan8:14);

The real signal “apostasy” of Dan11:32a and 2Thess2:3-4 is at Bethel “IN the temple” not outside of it.


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