JW Judgment to Be Seen – UN 1-2-3-4 to be Known

Judgment to Be Seen – UN 1-2-3-4 to be Known

[QUOTE who=”Nedoba “]<quoted text>
I agree completely with the hideous way the GB has acted and has been forgiven for this monstrous and blasphemous act of “secretly hooking up” with the UN that it had vilified for many years prior to their alignment with them. It was around this time that I had MANY misgivings about the lies we as JWs had poured upon us by these men and it was when I chose to walk away from this deceitful and disastrous organization.
Vengeance is mine, says the Creator…..and I dearly hope that I am alive to see the WT leaders get their due for all those they have successfully duped..[/QUOTE]

It will be seen (Rev9 “smoke”, final fulfillment; Isa11:12 “signal”) and it will be soon because also the 8th King that Bethel now aids, also has intent of full world government and that will not come over night, but requires a final cycle.

Like WW1’s pattern leading to the globalist League of Nations, the temple judgment will mark a unique period of world history leading to final 8th King world government.

The UN is just an “image”, and “blueprint” of a real world government to finalize over the next approximate decade to be marked by God with a unique JW organizational desolation; (1Pet4:17 is Dan8:13-14 activating soon on JWs);

Thus FLEEING the org as per Matthew 24:15 “disgusting thing” UN NGO “standing where it ought not” (Dan11:31b), and other Bethel disgusting policies (2Pet2:1-3; 2Thess2:3-4, 11-12; Zech3:3), is Jesus COMMAND, for good reason, to any JW Christian “discerning” the meaning of that UN NGO “transgression causing desolation” of Daniel 8:13 as obviously connected to the “disgusting thing that causes desolation” (Dan11:31b 1990), and Bethel UN NGO is no laughing matter to God, because JWs at one time did have a valid globalist UN prophecy exposing and Kingdom announcing ministry.

The important thing is God and Christ do certainly exist, are bringing in a Kingdom, and the Bethel hypocrites and “GB show” is all now a vain and lawless distraction AWAY from the “faith of Jesus” (Rev14:12) and AWAY from undeserved kindness, and AWAY from God and Christ.

NO ONE has EVER gotten away with that kind of sin for long, especially not in a time period leading to actual world government that even many elements in the world are warning of and exposing in great detail. (Luke 21:25 “signs seen” prior to event)

The “New World Order” (world government meaning) intent on “changing times and law” worldwide (Dan7:25), is not a “conspiracy theory”, it is logical, historical and prophetic human world government development long known about to people taking the time to research it, and to those involved with it. The current growing massive world debt scenario aids the basic meaning of Daniel 11:42-43 finance and asset globalization to underlay the whole final process of world domination.

Globalization is not static, it must lead to world government. Globalization forms the administrative authorities of all “power and authority given to the wildbeast” of Rev17:11-18, and globalization is the central power consolidating power of the “gathering” of the nations in Revelation 16:12-16;

Bethel says NOTHING about 8th King globalization leading to world government OVER TIME, not over night, and that is also how they cover up 8th King final development cycle of Daniel 11:42-45 as a USSR is King North smokescreen. In fact the 8th King is the “north” apex of world power as that King North clearly seen from 1990 and the 3rd UN placement and in Daniel 11:30-45 as a REQUIRED, UNBROKEN, continuum of “successful” power development as per Daniel 11:36b.

Bethel breaks that awareness that Daniel 11:31-45 is the 3rd and 4th UN placement sequence that continued from the 1919 1st UN related placement of the League of Nations (Rev13:11-15) and the 2nd UN placement of the UN in 1945 (Rev17:8-11). Thus Bethel BREAKS the UN 1-2-3-4 prophecies that foretell all 4 of the 8th King placements by diverting Daniel 11:30-45 into WW2 and USSR fictions.

The 3rd and 4th UN placements of Daniel 11:31-45 are made known after the Bethel “lawless one” collective factional Rev8 “1/3” invasion (Dan11:41 as Luke 21:20) and profanation (Zech3:1-5) of the Christian ministry is removed; (2Thess2:8) Daniel 12 replicates to the final 8th King placement of Daniel 12:11 in the future; Revelation 8-11 and 15-16 will also repeat in a final and actual fulfillment of Revelation’s applicable “seven trumpets” and “seven plagues” as gauges to also 8th King world government, and Christ arriving AFTER that world government completes to depose the 8th King forever. Thus as the UN actually completes world government as Daniel 8:25, 11:45, and 12:11, Christ will arrive after the “tribulation” (Matt24:29) that will again result in a UN placement but in final form as “freedom from care” (Dan8:25), world “peace and security” (1Thess5:1-3) actual world government and world recovery (Isa41:1).

All that provable history and logic from (1.) THREE former UN developments using three world wars, including the Cold War (Dan11:29-31), to present a UN rendition each time, and prophecy as well, is also covered up that the UN 8th King has FOUR cycles in world history and (2.) Bible prophecy fulfilling and even repeating, describing it in detail, is all now covered up (Dan8:12b) by the Bethel 8th King annex (Dan11:41) to soon be desolated for this reason as the Daniel 8:13 judgment decree of God. (parallels in final form: Isa66:6; 2Thess2:8; Zech3:1-5; Rev8:1-6; Dan8:13-14);

The coming JW desolation is the signal it has begun, must drag on for the Daniel 8:14 phasing and timing of desolation “evening” and recovery “morning” and lead to a cleansed, valid, final warning of Christ’s Kingdom arrival as Daniel 11:42-45 merges into Daniel 12, FOR REAL, and underlays the repeating of Revelation 8-11 in also final and actual form ushering in Jesus Christ, the Messianic Lord of lords, into planet Earth; (Matt6:10), FOREVER. (Rev19:11-21 for real);

The JW downfall (and eventual cleansed recovery) will aid a final world signal (1Pet4:17) actually leading to actual Armageddon and actual 8th King world government, and final statement period; (1Thess5:1-3); The fact many elements and principles are repeating aids the understanding, it is now not “interpretation” it is merely all repeating, it is now intuitive that it is all climaxing over a final cycle marked by God, in detail. A global convergence of world power is forming, but takes time to finalize. (2Pet3:9; 2Pet1:19-21); The main pattern comes form JW Christian foundational truth up until the Bethel “gradual” corruption took over (Dan8:12), especially since the GB went into dictatorial full power (2Thess2:4) and Bethel coup in 1976, but was developing prior to that corporate seizure.



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