JW UN NGO Questions 1

 I have often wondered just HOW the signing of the annual UN-affiliated registration came about within the confines of the WT offices. Was this one of those matters where these men voted on the matter…..or did Ciro A whats-his-name take it upon himself to take this into his own hands?

Those of us that had been in the WT for decades prior to the exposure of the WT/UN liason…..all knew the harsh stance that the WT took against the UN and it’s policies. “Disgusting thing” and “enemy of God’s Kingdom” were names hurled at the UN and any religions that had anything to do with them…..and yet….lo and behold….the “only true Christians on earth” (TM) were under the covers snuggling up with whatever they could get from this organization. Note that a mere and innocent sounding library card was NOT one of the favors the WT leaders were aiming for.

So who authorized this nearly 10 years of annual registering?

WHY weren’t their devoted and obedient followers told about all this long before the news broke?

What ELSE has this spiritually dangerous and truly deceptive cult been hiding behind Bethel walls?

Why is ANYONE still emotionally or spiritually attached to this horrid cult and still depending on these dishonest and secretive men to deliver nuggets of “accurate bible knowledge” ?


We have to consider accepting that like Paul said “let God be found true”, but all men liars. The Bible is truly God’s Word in written form, the Kingdom i real, Christ is coming and so is God. They are not giving up this planet for a human folly but to the limit of the prophecy.

Jesus Christ is a very real person. The whole point of his arrival was to “break up the works of the Devil”. And Christ stated he would bring a sword, not peace, and part of that process is men using his own person and God’s Word for all sorts of evil purposes, but Christ is not evil, nor is God.

The fault will be found with a rebel angel and his followers, who include Adam and the woman. The sin in Eden is real, God has permitted the rest to unfold as per the first prophecy and set-up statements accompanying it a Genesis 3:14-17. That curse on Satan and Adamic man is very real. (Rev22:1-3)

So had it not been for sincere “Bible students” way back in 1880 to 1920, or so, no Kingdom announcement would have been put forth any better than the Catholic church. But as we see the League of Nations was the “Kingdom” the Pope and the federated church council was backing at that time while the Bible student exposed the League as the “image of the wildbeast” once all that opened up by the mid 1920s, maybe sooner, I am not sure.

The point is a Kingdom announcement deployed into WW1 and led to a globalist “League of Nations” counter claim in 1919 (Rev13:11-15; Dan12:11) that the majority of mainstream organized church cleric councils also backed.

We cannot blame the early Bible students for the Bethel of today’s UN NGO brothel any more than we can blame the first century Christians for the Catholic church. We just have to realize reproach comes in later (2Pet2:1-3; 2Cor11:13-15), to attempt to discredit the whole Christian message.

Now that Bethel has reproached all true Kingdom of God backers with that UN NGO (Dan8:13 at Dan11:31b timing, 1990+), truly all organized Christianity is now UN endorsing.

The churches are ready to say the “new world order” is what is fulfilling prophecy on fleshly Israel, which will climax at the end of this final cycle as the Crown Jewel of the UN 8th King crown at that time of complete world government, the ultimate “false prophecy” – and now even Jehovah’s Christian witnesses are UN endorsers at the 3rd United Nations presentation of 1990.


But early Bible students then to become Jehovah’s witnesses exposed the first two UN placements as prophecy in 1919 ((1) League; Rev13:11-15; Dan12:11) and 1945 ((2) UN; Rev17:8-11). Breaking awareness of the third UN placement of 1990 (Dan11:31b), breaks awareness of the four UN placements foretold in the Bible ((3) Dan 11:31b; (4) 11:45 as world government), so all Christians now have lost the continuum to Armageddon by this truncation that stalls UN tracking in 1945.

An that has been accomplished at the last point of exposure (1945-1969), in Jehovah’s Christian witnesses, by Bethel by covering up Daniel 11:30-45 as mostly USSR “King North” prophecy, when that is IMPOSSIBLE to fulfill in the USSR (Dan11:36). King North is the 8th King from Daniel 11:30, non-stop, to Daniel 11:45;

So in fact Daniel 11:30-32a is the developments that led to the 1990 3rd UN placement (Dan11:31b) after the Cold War (Dan11:29), and the Bethel apostasy that supported as UN NGO as Daniel 11:30b-31a and their collusion to aid that Daniel 11:31b “disgusting thing” placement as UN NGO. (Parallel Dan8:11-13 developments of subversion at Bethel).

Thus for the final cycle the Matthew 24:15 UN NGO “disgusting thing” as Bethel’s version of it is also identified. The “discernment” Jesus spoke of was the Daniel 11:31b UN placement 3, as Daniel 12:11 and Daniel 9:27 also have “disgusting thing” placements at other times of judgments, but it is the UN “new world order” placement of 1990, that Bethel joined as UN NGO, that is of special note.

Jesus Christ is showing up for planet earth as that Kingdom will come and do God’s will on earth. (Matt6:10)

The globalists also had a League of Nations foundation (1919) that has gone through two more UN renditions (1945; 1990) and a final global tribulation (Matt24:21, 29) will in time be resolved (Matt24:29; 1Thess5:1-3; Dan8:25) to bear a FOURTH AND FINAL United Nations “disgusting thing” placement as that “image of the wildbeast” AND it’s world government 8th King completion.

This last time the UN will become what it has “imaged”, 8th King full world government.

So to answer the question who placed the UN NGO at Bethel is impossible to know for now. WHY that Christian subversion as “those leaving the holy covenant” in anointed defection and the hole it opened for Bethel infiltration (Dan11:41; Luke 21:20), took place is so no one exposes the UN 1-2-3-4 placement schedule as a signal of Christ’s arrival.

Bethel is not an accidental hypocrisy, it is an internally compromised 8th King AGENCY to aid covering up the 3rd UN placement of 1990, as they did that as well as inject a major transgression (Dan8:13) into the former Kingdom ministry as UN NGO.

Thus the UN NGO is just the “tip of the iceberg” at Bethel.

They also joined the UN, and they also cover up King North as only possible as 8th King world government development from 3rd UN placement to final UN world government at Daniel 11:45, parallel Daniel 12:11 final fulfillment, because the final 8th King leg of Daniel 11:42-45 must merge into Daniel 12.

But this time it will be live and real-time when Daniel 11 culminates into Daniel 12. Daniel 8:23-25 is also 8th King as “King of Fierce Countenance”.

The fact is ALL the nations will capitulate to 8th King world government (Rev16:12-16; Rev17:12-18). And in so doing all those Daniel 8 and Daniel 11 “Kings” will also converge into final 8th King meaning.


Bethel cover up that globalized 8th King with national dead-ends that are NOT the end of the world government story. And Bethel covers up the UN “image” as if 1945 was the last rendition of that “image”, but in fact it will become the center of 8th King world government in about a decade after the Bethel downfall outlined in Daniel 8:13-14 as the judgment of Matthew 24:15.

By breaking awareness of the 1990 3rd UN placement of Daniel 11:31b, Bethel aids UN world government by truncating it’s exposure up to 1945-1969 Jehovah’s witnesses commentary.

And we know the 1976 “Governing Body” Bethel takeover is the point when the defectors and impostors started the stranglehold for a “rule by committee” collective dictatorship that looks like “business as usual’ but in fact the 8th King is who leads the apostasy INSIDE of Bethel as shown at Daniel 11:32a. (2Thess2:3).

JWs are now sitting ducks for an event that will be the Daniel 8:13 “trampling” also by 8th King powers, sold by Bethel to JWs as the “attack on Babylon the Great” and the “end of the world”. It is a cover up and diversion.

But in fact Daniel 11:42-43 is what will be activating in earnest, and that must take some years to culminate into Daniel 11:44-45. So JWs are being sold a hoax, for the 8th King to loot and trash Bethel’s billion dollar resource base, and sell it to JWs as a “self fulfilling prophecy” of the “end of the world” PREMATURELY.

Instead the Daniel 8:14 timing will activate with the 8th King finance and wealth monopolization of Daniel 11:42-43, and that must lead to Daniel 12:7 timing after the temple judgment.

It is not until after Bethel is desolated (Dan8:13), as decreed for the “transgression causing desolation” as the UN NGO, by God permitted 8th King coup, that the truth will come out, because the truth is Daniel 11:44-45 must culminate into 8th King world government.

That sovereign completion WILL trigger Christ’s arrival AFTER the “tribulation of those days” that bears that world government in it’s fourth cycle, it’s completion cycle, upon the same principle as WW1 (1919), WW2 (1945), and Cold WW3 (1990).

And that logic (and prophecy) and UN history is what Bethel seeks to conceal as “truth thrown to the earth” in the Bethel subversion of Daniel 8:12 that led to this condition in the Kingdom ministry.

That is why we will not be told the true UN NGO intrigues internal to the Bethel subversion. And Bethel will not tell all JWs about the UN NGO, so some Jehovah’s witnesses have no idea Bethel joined the UN, and thus cannot observe Matthew 24:15 upon personal “discernment” and get OUT of the JW organization before it goes into judgment to account for that transgression.

Incidentally the Daniel 8:11-14, 23-25 and Daniel 11:30-35, 36-45 prophecies that contain the details of the Bethel subversion, anointed defection and UN NGO 8th King collusion, lead, and alliances just so happen to also be the prophecies Bethel has hi-jacked with IMPOSSIBLE WW2 “fulfillments”. Today’s Bethel Daniel 8 and 11 commentaries are nothing but smokescreen “interpretations” of engineered deception to aid concealment of the Bethel true “operation of error” (2Thess2:11-12) as apostate “evil slave” (Dan11:32a), and “man of lawlessness” in terminal “lifting themselves over every one”, and in UN NGO transgression as 8th King servicers, all underground and undercover as Daniel 11:41 8th King Bethel “invasion”. Bethel is NOT what it appears to be, an it is full of 8th King intelligence, NOT Christian anointed. We are dealing with an expert infiltration and subversion operation right IN Bethel, hi-jacking the once Christian and approved Kingdom ministry and it’s tracking and exposure of UN prophecy, live and real-time, effectively aborted in 1945-1969.


When Christ comes he is not coming to join the United Nations, let’s put it that way. (Rev19:11-21; Dan2:31-45); But due to the Bethel subversion and judgment to come, enough time and a full explanation will come forth leading into the same period of tribulation that will result in 8th King world government, and in time Armageddon for real. Christ will secure all the sheep before the complete end, and a final witness will be given concerning this fact. (Rev10:11, Matt24:14). All the 1914-1918 relevant Revelation and Daniel 12 prophecy will REPEAT, but in final form, live and real-time. Plain and simple know this, as the UN prepares and starts announcing world government intention, that UN world government completion will trigger Christ’s actual arrival for real. That will take a number of years as Daniel 11:42-45 culminates Revelation 16:12-16 and Revelation 17:11-18 into 8th King world government.

Christ cannot arrive until there is actually a global sovereign to depose, the UN alone is not world government, nor that complete rival sovereignty, and that is what Bethel seeks to conceal as long as possible. The UN NGO is the big red flag of what Bethel really is, anti-Christian, anti-God’s Kingdom, UN 8th King allies.


Once Upon a Time JWs Tracked UN Prophecy Properly

Bethel Apostasy 1990 – Jehovah’s Witnesses UN NGO and the UN Prophecy Tracking Lost


Complete Report on UN Prophecy Tracking Lost



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