They Would NEVER Make You an Elder – Of Course, One Cannot Speak Truth at a Kingdom Hall

One Cannot Speak Truth at a Kingdom Hall

From as early as a kid you have always wanted to work in the Writing Dept. I bet
Be honest and tell the truth
Over the years i have never see a body of elders appoint a person like yourself to be an elder NEVER


Of course they are not going to appoint even Jesus Christ to be an anointed elder now-a-days. Bethel is rogue, UN-anointed frauds, defective apostates, misled vets and newbies, and in serious transgression with the UN “transgression causing desolation” of Daniel 8:13-14 temple judgment.

I love JWs personally, I still have many friends in and out of the org, and as a true elder I help and encourage “dfd” sheep who most need the aid, but I will not send them back to UN placed Bethel or congregations (Matt24:15) because that Matt24:15 signal disgusting thing, and the signal 8th King “army” (Luke 21:20) are AT Bethel, running the place and owning the place as per Daniel 11:41. It just needs to go into full coup soon;

Even Bethel waffles on it’s own Daniel 8:13-14 interpretation from the 1958 to the 1999 Daniel commentaries to make it appear as if a secular corporate adjustment was some Almighty purification to the temple “right condition”. Bethel cannot even discern a “right condition” Daniel 8:13-14 basic meaning is a temple judgment and purification, not some worldly corporate “voting” adjustment. In fact Bethel directly placing elders and other hierarchical authorities by their authority opens means of compromise and profanations even more fully. Those 1930s and 1940s organizational adjustments and their “proclamations” from the “pages of the Watchtower” in fact led to worse corruptions; (Zech3:1-3);

Of course that Daniel 8:13-14 interpretation by Bethel is now provable pure fiction. The only prophecies in this continuum that JWs are in error are now in Daniel 8 and 11, and are the very same prophecies that also foretell the compromise connected with signal UN activity AT THE SAME TIME. This is all beyond coincidence, there is simply too many concurrent anomalies, that Bethel is also a publicly known UN NGO from events of that time made known globally later. (Hence Matthew 24:15 “let the reader use discernment” concerning Daniel, of a number of Daniel “disgusting thing” references, Daniel 11:31b in 1990 is the one to discern at this time.)

The very context of TWO “small horn” detailed prophecies, as Daniel 7 and 8, means there is more detail in Daniel 8 for other reasons concerning the “small horn” globalist Anglos, and their “gradual” control of JWs. The very wording of Daniel 8:13-14 requires a full TRAMPLING of JWs like nothing in history so far, not even the 1914-1919 trials will compare to what is soon to come on the JW worldwide organization.

It is also obvious Daniel 8:11-13 and Daniel 11:30-32 have direct 8th King globalist and defective anointed connections (Dan11:32a), JW “army” and organizational profanation (Dan8:12; Dan11:30b), and it is ALL programmed into the prophecy’s own self-incrimination in the process of analyzing it. Daniel 8:12-13 and Daniel 11:30-31 are clearly about firstly, anointed defection, “those leaving the holy covenant” well after 1919 expulsion of Christendom’s already apostate state. Of course self-righteous Bethel and JWs, like Israel of old, will not naturally admit our error when confronted with it. JW denial aids the Bethel takeover. (Just like in Israel of old, or in Christ’s time);

Thus the obvious Bethel apostate and lawless state is first a test on us JWs as being honest or dishonest. (2Thess2:11-12) JWs accepting this apostasy from Bethel are dishonest, their is no two ways about it, and that is Zechariah 3’s meaning, a befouled JW Christian congregation living in UN and other Bethel hypocritical sins, while it is being fully made known globally. It is OBVIOUS Bethel is a center of UN, pedophile, shunning, prophecy cover-up and other stumbling and sheep beating lawlessness exploding in public view to potentially over 2 billion people on the web.

You bet today’s JW leadership would NOT listen to such truth if Christ himself came to the congregations, even in a fancy suit and tie. Truth is not a thing to be spoken in today’s congregations. Jeremiah and Paul would be dfd if they went to today’s UN aligned JW congregations. And that is all one really needs to see to see we JWs no longer represent God’s truth in prophecy or truth – period. It is all a sampling of former JW approved developments from 1940-1969, endlessly parroted to extend the delusion as long as possible.

Instead a judgment is what it is all indicating. JWs have lost all proper prophetic tracking since UN 1945 valid exposition. Daniel 8 and 11 purposeful error are the points of departure and current diversion aiding this process. It’s not that JWs were “always wrong”, but that the required continuation of valid teaching has now been suspended by purposeful Bethel subversion and a signal UN alliance that is no joke to God Almighty, or able to be covered up in His eyes by a “library card” excuse.

An accounting is due for serious transgression among us Jehovah’s witnesses plain and simple; (Dan9:1-19; 1Pet4:17) It will provide also a handy global signal that God has judged Bethel first (1Pet4:17), it is timed (Dan8:13-14), there is a UN reason (Dan8:13), and it starts Revelation 8:1-6 in the final Revelation 8-11 repeating prophecy. Revelation 8:2-5 is also a temple judgment purification “fire of the altar” meaning of pre-commission (Isa6:6-8; Zech3:4-7);
Once Upon a Time JWs Tracked UN Prophecy Properly



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