Your Own Organization is Up For Judgment?

 Your two posts here made vary interesting reading. It’s unusual to see a JW who believes his own organisation, if I have intrepreted you correctly, is up for judgement.


I sort of know what you mean…

The “organization” is not really what is at issue, Christian anointed judgment is what is taking place. But since the “Bethel organization” has in time eclipsed everything Kingdom ministry related, they are a good focal point for God to use to account for the UN NGO “transgression causing desolation” of Daniel 8:13. (it WILL in time be a global signal event when Bethel implodes as per prophecy – because more prophecy will follow over the ensuing decade enroute to UN world government in full form – not a UN “image”, but the real “8th King” thing);

So I can tell Jehovah’s witnesses plainly, we cannot be “Jehovah’s organization” and a “UN organization” at the same time. A UN NGO is a specialized vessel created by the UN for [[co-promotional services]], it has nothing to do with library access for books available globally.

But in retrospect the Bethel “organization” could not have joined the UN without some internal preparation. And lo and behold just 15 years prior to the UN NGO, in 1976, we had that Bethel “Governing Body” corporate takeover scandal that Ray Franz outlined. What came forth was NOT the routine way the ministry was guided: a collective dictatorship emerged, a Bethel collective “Papal” body.

And if we go back earlier we see when the actual cell of error was placed (and later accepted) in even considering a “governing body” was present in the one time council of Acts 15:1-33. It is not mentioned, EVER, in the Bible by name or by action or by divine placement – it is all contrived and rationalized into place.

And lo and behold the Bethel corporation “board of directors” just happens to be who this “governing body” label was pasted on to, from this preconceived Acts 15:1-33 mythology. All so very convenient.

What I am outlining is the FACT, very gradually (Dan8:12), the Jehovah’s witnesses “organization”, “body” and other clever idolatries were introduced that in time have eclipsed God, Christ, undeserved kindness and the prophetic truth in the final stage of world history. It is ALL collectively just a big distraction away from the actual lawless developments at work, at Bethel, live and real-time. (2Thess2:1-4; Zech3:3);

So as a true Jehovah’s witness, not a Bethel robot merely sweeping their spiritual turds under the rug (Zech3:1-3), I will say I care about the truth of prophecy (8th King prophecy in specific in this case) more, that Bethel’s own apostasy (Dan8:11-13; 11:30-35) fulfills like a mirror of the past to activate more repeating patterns soon, than I care about a bunch of celebrity CEOs in UN NGO collusion concealing the 8th King from his identity as King North from Daniel 11:27-45.

(The “governing body” neither frustrates me or fools me any longer, I KNOW they are UN affiliates, and when one knows this and that it is prophecy, the whole story changes as does the attitude)


So we see Bethel installs mythical authority, cleric hierarchy, and “infallible” “bodies” just like the Christendom relics we already exposed, yet removes the identity from prophecy of things that can easily now be ascertained since 1990 – all at the same time – from a formerly accurate prophetic commentary up to 1969. [1]

USSR Fails, Also Fails as King North, as UN Third Placement of 1990 Assumes King North Identity as 8th King!

Thus red flags like that, in a current global stage of predictable sovereign financial deposition in the making, that can have only one globalized “solution” over time, (Dan11:42-43), is but more evidence Bethel MUST be deluding JWs in an act, quite on purpose. No one is simply actually this backward.

No one now-a-days could run a globalized religious trans-national corporate network (like Bethel’s globalists do), and yet not read the financial writing on the national sovereign wall WORLDWIDE of what the next decade holds in store when 100s of trillions in debt and unfunded liabilities meltdown in engineered fashion and begin to ooze onto the fan in earnest, and still say NOTHING at all about it.

It cannot be accidental.

Bethel has obviously been now fully compromised. And it is all foretold. In fact the areas of strangest interpretive cover-up in Daniel 8:11-25 and 11:30-45 parallels, is where the prophecy that exposes Bethel lay hidden by a mental smokescreen also blown into the JW mind since 1958 and 1999. In 1958 things had not opened up in globalist and geo-political understanding like they did after 1990. Thus the 1999 Daniel commentary is a purposeful fiction, and Bethel’s GB knows it, they are a front group, an expert infiltration allowed by a Christian anointed defection of the past. (Dan11:30b).

At some point I can no longer defend Bethel and UN-so-called-“Jehovah’s” witnesses, but I do defend prophecy, God Almighty and Jesus Christ as the Kingdom coming soon after the 8th King UN completes world government a number of years from now. And I do try to get Jehovah’s witnesses and others to be aware of what is really going on in the “JW org”, a lawless operation; (2Thess2:1-4) – and that itself is also a signal in that scriptural “lifting themselves over everyone”.



Bethel Apostasy 1990 – Jehovah’s Witnesses UN NGO and the UN Prophecy Tracking Lost


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