Bethel JW UN NGO – FAQ – How can a non-sovereign entity like Bethel and the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society “join the United Nations”?

How can a non-sovereign entity like Bethel and the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society “join the United Nations”?

Yes that is a figure of speech, in a certain sense, but very real in another sense.

According to Jehovah’s witnesses, “spiritual Israel” is a super-sovereign state, and the “governing body” is it’s governmental authority, so in effect by JW rules, the UN NGO is just the tip of the iceberg, by endorsement they did “join” the UN spiritually. Bethel spiritually adjoined the anointed Christian “state”, by it’s governmental body, to the UN.

I am applying the JW rule book to the UN NGO endorsement and that Awake! (9/8/1991) that quoted George Bush Sr. UN “disgusting thing” world “placement” statements from before the UN General Assembly. (meaning a globally significant set of statements “placing” the UN in the world scene, again, as in 1919, and 1945).

By Jehovah’s witnesses own rules, Bethel did engage a “disgusting thing” co-proclamation of the 1990 United Nations post Cold War global campaign, the George Bush “New World Order” objective; US Congress, 9/11/1990; Bush Library. (UN NGOs are UN co-promoters)

So though not a UN defined sovereign state, to Jehovah’s witnesses their “nation” is a sovereign state in their belief system. If me being an outsider to the Bethel system, and I can see this, how can the so-called Governing Body of the apostles owns successors not see this? (WT 7/15/13) And if they could see it, would they say so, like the Pharisees before them, and admit it? “We have no king but Caesar”?

It is all really the exact same story, the GB and org have themselves replaced Christ in their own spiritual food chain as well.

If Christendom endorsed the League of Nations, and JWs call them on it as Matt24:15 in principle, what principle does the Bethel UN NGO honor? It would be the same one, so one could argue right at a Kingdom Hall or at Bethel, that Bethel does fulfill a modern manifestation of Matthew 24:15 in principle (one has to use their own discernment, for Daniel speaks of 3 “disgusting thing” prophecies, did Bethel fulfill one of them?, that is the discernment). They even made parroted UN world government supporting quotes, right from the GB’s mouth. (George Bush).

Anyone can research the UNDPI and UN NGO to see it is a co-promotional agency arrangement.

So, a Matthew 24:15 principle is publicly seen and understood in Bethel’s UN liaison for those with “discernment” to see it plain as day, UN NGO Bethel “disgusting thing”.



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