Bethel Middleman to God

Bethel Middleman to God

“Since GOD is the being we are to worship.. Why is it that the church ..has inserted themselves in his position?? And call leaving them …as leaving GOD.. IF in fact a person had left GOD..why… Pray tell would they be on here advocating that people draw closer to GOD..GO to his word and not listen to those that say you must be a member of their church to gain salvation.”

This is true and a signal seen at the last point of Christian clarification in Jehovah’s witnesses as the ministry that pointed out the League of Nations made the first “new world order” claim to a developing world government for planet earth.

Thus regardless of prophecy it is now world record that the Kingdom of God AND the globalist “League of Nations” system BOTH made a well known claim to world sovereignty.

In it’s very essence an astounding potential conflict for that sovereignty, that some like to call Armageddon, was laid out.

So it is no surprise people will generally avoid the issue of world government and try to ignore the globalist backed globalization process which must culminate into world government a number of years from now, and they will also ignore the Kingdom of God.

And the Bethel apostate “mediator” billionaires actually aid this ignoring of something that WILL have a culmination and a sovereign confrontation in the future. The whole point being sidestepped is that JESUS CHRIST is the King who will rule planet Earth, and when that 8th King complete world government JESUS CHRIST will show up to prove it permanently by war, the 8th King preferred method of domination.

But Christ will fight Divine War for God.

Now Jehovah’s witnesses have even forgotten the significance of that League of Nations 1919 and United Nations 1945 claims to global sovereignty.

How do we know? Because they treated the 3rd UN “New World Order” placement of 1990 as inconsequential and insignificant, and instead JOINED the global 3rd UN placement “New World Order” campaigning as UN NGO in their sector of global influence for endorsing the UN world government.

By Bethel lead JWs act like the USSR never fell so as to be a valid King North (Dan11:36, 42-43), and the UN NWO never arose.

In fact that 3rd UN NWO placement IS THE KING OF THE NORTH!!!

So JWs also cover up and divert prophecy to cover up their 8th King handlers and the real King North as Daniel 11:30-41 3rd UN and post 3rd UN placement developments that lead to Daniel 11:42-45 4th UN world government placement of the future.

Thus organizational distraction, GB “lifting themselves over everyone”, endless minutia of the JW past, scandal of all sorts, stumbling lawlessness, and more apostate prophecy fulfilling but unknown to JWs AIDS THEIR OPERATION AND CONCEALMENT OF THE TRUE ISSUE.


They have JWs acting as if the 3rd UN placement never occurred, and that it will not lead to the 4th UN placement of world government, and that it is “all done”, and none of it really matters! Well done! We are at apex!


But in fact it is that 4th UN cycle as Daniel 11:42-45 that is about to just BEGIN, not end.

In fact JWs will be under the Daniel 8:13-14 temple judgment desolation decree for that UN NGO, and this cover up, and all this brazen idolatrous lawlessness.

That is why the org inserting itself in place of Jesus Christ, and the GB word as more important than the Bible, gradually brought in (Dan8:12), will have disastrous results, because at one time old school Christian JWs DID EXPOSE THE RIVAL 8TH KINGDOM!

And now the national power progression to the 7th King is DONE. NOW the 8th King GLOBALIST system is what will supercede the 7th King nation-state system, including the US, Brit and EU national systems, ALL will be deposed by financial intrigues of Daniel 11:42-43 to 8th King global wealth domination.

With the wealth power will follow the sovereign power of world rulership, and that will take a final cycle as Daniel 11:42-45 converging into Daniel 12 final fulfillment to accomplish – and NONE of this is even slightly comprehended by the duped JWs.

THAT is what the modern final “man of lawlessness” does by “the lie”, and the “operation of error” right at Bethel, the last point of Christian ministerial validity until the GB coup of 1970-1976 developments.

The GB has a covenant as a “body” with themselves, and thereby lift themselves over the “body of the Christ” and left the “holy covenant” at that time, but the trend was heading lawless and apostate even before that time.

At least JWs exposed the first two UN placements. The Bethel downfall will create an accelerated final recovery ministry to warn of the 4th UN placement, and explain the 1990 3rd UN placement globalization developments WHILE a tribulation is active, just like WW1, and the Kingdom of God will give one final warning, as the second witness (Rev10:11), prior to 8th King world government completion.

Then the you know what will truly hit the 8th King fan. The temple judgment will start the final prophetic cycle taking a few last years to arrive at Armageddon, and 8th King world government, the rival sovereign completion God and Christ await for their own sovereign Kingdom of God Almighty response.

JWs who make the wheat cut, and others joining in, have a lot of work to get done in the final recovery, leading to the final 1260 days, but it will take place because it is God who “causes my two witnesses to prophesy” the final invitation and warning. (Rev10, 11:1-7).

The Bethel apostasy and downfall will just get the world’s attention as the context of the final Kingdom announcement that will come forth from that judgment, first. (1Pet4:17; Dan8:13-14; Rev8:1-6 replication final fulfillment) Zech3:1-5.

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